Star Wars Kid in Tony Hawk Underground 2

It may not be Episode 3, but the Star Wars Kid makes a cameo in Tony Hawk Underground 2. (Thanks to Dan Beckett for the tip and original video clip.) Update: Here’s a high-quality video of the appearance with audio, thanks to Erik:

tonyhawk_starwarskid_high.wmv (WMV, 5.5MB)

Here are instructions for finding him, courtesy of Travis Ogdon:

“On the Boston level if you ollie through the glass windows on one of the buildings (it’s one or two to the left of the one where Ben Franklin is hiding) you land in a living room with a flat panel tv on the wall. If you stand in front of the TV Ghyslain gets up and shouts something about watching Star Wars (which you’re now preventing). Hitting O (on the PS2) will result in him showing off his moves.”

October 13, 2004: Joe Ford confirms that you can unlock the “Geeky Kid” character by beating the all goals in all levels in Easy Mode. They don’t refer to him as “Star Wars Kid,” which indirectly answers the question about whether he was compensated for his likeness. (He wasn’t.)

October 14, 2004: The THUG2 SWK video was featured on G4TechTV’s Screen Savers show yesterday. Erik has the video of the Screen Savers appearance. No mention of my site, and they mistakenly assume that Ghyslain was paid for his appearance. Tacky!

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  1. I’ve been meaning to post an entry about the Afro Ninja (.MOV file), since I’m apparently a primary source of information about karate-related video memes… I’m offering $50 to anyone who can tell me who he is, but haven’t had any luck yet. If anyone knows, please e-mail me.

  2. I found SWK the other night while playing. I thought it was pretty funny.

    I will try and capture it tonight.

    Personally I think a much better job could have been done to make the game match the real SWK video…. the game doesn’t have him going all over the place or really looking clumsy. But a good little gem semi-hidden in the game anyways.

  3. afro ninja is hilarious. reason why is because of his attitude at the beginning when he smirks at the camera. otherwise i woulda thought it was sad.

  4. It’d B interesting 2 find out if Ghyslain (SWK) is eligible for any kind of royalties from the maker of the game …

  5. Technically it’s not “Star Wars Kid”, he goes by a different name in the game because of the royalties and what could have been an impending lawsuit. There is no mention of Star Wars. The kid says a few things, like “wanna see my moves” and “ok, now get out of here.”

    He’s located in the Apartment across from the Park with Statue of Paul Revere, opposite the Subway entrances on the right side as you are looking at the brick building. You can enter from different directions, one way is to ollie through the glass from the front of the building, or the courtyard and of course, you can grind the telephone wires then jump into the glass.

    In the other apartment is a kid with a goat. go figure that one out.

  6. Hey, I got sent to this site by a link from GameFAQs, but I couldn’t help but want to tell you about the SWK cameo in THUG 2 since I got the game like 2 days before it really came out. Yes, aside from the cameo in Boston, you can unlock the “Star Wars Kid”, but his name is “Geeky Kid” in the game, not SWK or anything related. I’m sure it’s because of issues with the whole controversy, but yes, you can unlock him. He even skates with his little wooden stick/sabre, but you can’t do anything with it, he just holds it in his right and as he skates. You can unlock him by beating the Easy Mode 100%(complete ALL goals in ALL levels). He is one of the 9 or so skaters you unlock by doing that. There’s nothing too special about him. No distinct Special Trick, no special actions, just his appearance, whatever tricks you assign to him, and his stick. If you had enough options in Create-A-Skater you could probably make him, so he’s nothing too special in terms of gameplay, but yes, everything I just said was true, go try it out. Your welcome.

  7. Damn, that would’ve been sweet in THPS3, since darth maul was unlockable….star wars kids with his moveset? fucking kick ass!

  8. I am going to try and make a SWK special trick in Create-A-Trick Mode. Then it will really make him seem like the SWK. If I make something worthy of mentioning, I will post what tricks and timings I used. Then everyone can assign that trick to their Ghyslains and it will really seem like a pre-assigned trick. And yes, that Sith Saber Spin would’ve been totally awesome on the SWK model in this game.

  9. does any one know cheats for tony hawk underground 2

    i have completed without cheats in one day i wanna see if thres any thing alse i need

  10. Whilst examining the files of the pc version of the game i found many things linking the character in the thug 2 game to the legendary “Star Wars Kid” in tony hawks underground two.


    The below folders/files have the “star wars kid” name.

    Tony Hawk’s Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKid

    Tony Hawk’s Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKidPed_StarWarsKid.cas.xbx

    Tony Hawk’s Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKidPed_StarWarsKid.col.xbx

    Tony Hawk’s Underground

    Tony Hawk’s Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKidPed_StarWarsKid.tex.xbx

    Tony Hawk’s Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKidPed_StarWarsKid.usg.xbx

  11. The Star Wars Kid makes a second apperence in the Triangle level.

    You find a helicopter with missiles. Grind the missiles. It should blow a hole in the side of the mountain. Go in. There should be a room with 4 windows. Look inside. The aliens are trying to stop the Star Wars Kid from ‘Showing his moves’ so they can disect him.

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  13. hey…

    does anyone knows how to change the textures on tony hawk’s underground 2???

    i need a program to open the .xbx files first!

    so can u help me?


    i’ll apreciate this…

    my email to send the program or just to help me:

    thanx a lot 🙂

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