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February 29, 2004
NES BitTorrent video downloads (more neat speed runs)
Mehack (Raffi Krikorian's new hardware hacking blog)
The Girl Who Feels No Pain (this is the most disturbing thing I've read in months)
When Journalists Blog, Editors Get Nervous (the NYT doesn't allow employees to have personal blogs?)
Balloons and Ribbon as Social Networking Visualization
February 28, 2004
Final Fantasy Online webcam (supposedly a live stream from inside the multiplayer game world)
Creative Commons Moving Image Contest Winners (wow, top-notch design from Justin Cone)
Last Panel, animated short film about an animator and his creation (an indirect tribute, only because Mickey's still in copyright prison)
NPR on the Grey Album (clips from all three albums, and an interview with DJ Danger Mouse)
February 27, 2004
Ninja Golf for the Atari 7800 (I thought it was an elaborate joke, but it's real)
Fun with MP3 and Perl, Part 2 (writing an autotagger for your MP3 collection)
Paul Boutin covers BitTorrent for Slate
Blogrolling acquired by Tucows (Joey has more info on the buyout)
Jeffery Veen's Webmonkey eulogy (this Atom writeup from the 24th may be their last article)
Audioscrobbler weekly charts (they've added excellent artist similarity and more plugins)
Will Eisner's new comic on the "Elders of Zion" forgery (not familiar with his work? you're missing out)
List of senators' positions on the gay marriage amendment (I love when bloggers do the footwork)
Crosswalk buttons don't actually do anything (at least in New York)
Smith & Wesson chairman quits over criminal past (did time for armed robberies and a bank heist in the '50s and '60s)
Playing with Time video clips (the time-lapse pregnancy and aging woman are amazing)
Video: Insane Russian talk show fight (the Russian equivalent of Jerry Springer, I guess (via b3ta))
Video: Raging Fred (pure genius, pairing Flintstones video with dialogue from Raging Bull)
New Super Mario Bros speed record (five minutes and 17 seconds, I want to see the video)
Oscar gift bags 2004 (probably around $50k of swag)
EA closes down Origin and Maxis (via Nelson)
Giant pandas roam Times Square (I'm guessing there's bamboo in the attache cases)
The Anti-Miscegenation Amendment of 1912 (history repeats itself)
February 26, 2004
1up's long piece on Interactive Fiction (including several great interviews)
Video: Japanese commercial for PS2 game Katamari Damashii (amazingly strange ball rolling video game)
Verisign sues ICANN over Sitefinder (Verisign is competing with SCO for Most Evil Company)
Apple v. Apple judge is an iPod owner
Program Andrew Grumet's TiVo (some badass TiVo hacking, from the RSSTV guy)
History of the telephone greeting rivalry (Bell wanted "Ahoy Ahoy," but Edison coined the word "Hello")
EFF's primer of the Grey Tuesday legal issues (does EMI have a case? not as strong as you'd think)
Rebecca Blood's 13 ways to save Orkut (great ideas, all of them)
Comparison of most trafficked sites from 1996 and 2004 (an .edu in the top 10? how quaint)
February 25, 2004
FeedBurner, RSS/Atom feed filter (stats tracking and other neat filters for your RSS feed)
Anna, an animated short film made with the Quake III engine (one flower's life story, very impressive work)
Atari 2600 Combat level design contest winners (the Adventure tribute is cute)
Orkut revealed to be a college thesis experiment (hmm, that sounds familiar)
How Californians see the U.S. (that map seems about right to me)
Goodle News (all good news, all the time)
Woman says 'I Don't' at NBA game, with video (update: it was a prank)
Snack Mascots Gallery (from the RSS-friendly snack review site,
Abcdefghi..., world's longest e-mail address webmail (they offer an unusual list of benefits)
b3ta interviews Orisinal's Ferry Halim (he makes lovely games)
Google redesign exercise (somehow, I missed this last month)
Yahoo vs Google search visualization (elegant way to compare results between engines)
February 24, 2004
Hilarious movie review of 2001's ".com for Murder" (starring Huey Lewis, according to the IMDB entry)
Image: This Sign Has Sharp Edges
Federal judge's Talking Heads tribute (this is not my beautiful house!)
NYT on Grey Tuesday (with quotes from EMI, Downhill Battle, and Zittrain)
Clips from all the animated Oscar nominees
Craig's List: will trade web design for massage (he's a great designer, and a handsome guy to boot)
FOAF added to Livejournal
Top Twelve Reasons Against Gay Marriage (dripping with sarcasm, but funny and poignant)
2004 demo award nominees (the year's best real-time, algorithmic art)
February 23, 2004
Slate dissects the Quizno's ads (they've got a pepper bar!) simulating Earth for the Department of Defense (so military personnel can chat and ride hoverboards)
New York Romscapes (where New York meets Nintendo)
EMI/Capitol e-mailing preemptive cease and desist e-mails to all Grey Tuesday sites (expect an e-mail, whether you're hosting the album or not)
MP3: The Orkut Song (Spatch's answer to Tapdance (The Friendster Song))
Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die (the Zen koan of interactive text games from 1996, requires Java)
UK thieves are mugging people for iPods (the white headphones are stylish, but a huge target)
Staten Island reporter writes about her appearance on The Apprentice (reality TV never ends up being very real)
GeoOrkut creator responds to spidering questions (by the way, here's my hood in GeoOrkut)
Evolution of orcs in video games (via my new favorite link log, Things Magazine)
Terrible celebrity impersonators from Amsterdam (the worst are Sarah Jessica Parker and Tom Hanks)
Rise of the Lost, iPod game (choose your own adventure for the iPod)
Google starts penalizing for blog spamming? (has anyone seen similar reports?)
February 22, 2004
The ethics of scraping Orkut (is it okay to violate TOS for research?)
Imaginary Girlfriends (filling the gap left by banned eBay auctions)
Washington Post goes to Jenin to track down Earth Station V (they can't find anyone)
Mydoom.F variation attacks the RIAA (idiocy disguised as advocacy)
February 21, 2004
Chicago Tribune falls for Denounce's Amazon-Orkut parody (user/pass: waxyorg/waxyorg)
End of four-month L.A. grocery strike may be near (I haven't had Apple Jacks in four months)
List of things that are the new black ("$noun is the new black" is the new black)
Virus distributors selling lists of infected machines to spammers (this is very bad, virus writing is a career for some)
Indie filmmaker Sarah Jacobson dies of cancer at 32 (she was a Gettingit contributor and friend of the staff)
February 20, 2004
Hamster Music (intelligent MIDI sequencing with hamster control)
Cute, but mildly disturbing, baby costumes (babies dressed as animals, dragons, fruit, and adults)
Student arrested for bringing Game Boy bomb to school (what a waste; I would've used an N-Gage)
Deaddrop and Moogle, two great ideas from Boogah (Google should start indexing all public discussion lists)
Nintendo Famicom 2004 calendar (it'll probably show up in Hot Topic any day now)
EMI lawyer sends pre-emptive Grey Tuesday e-mail to George (being listed first on the official site didn't help him any)
Tom Otterness' 9/11 Memorial (Metafilter has some other good ones)
8up, clever Japanese Flash game (reminds me of the Tapper mini-game)
Eddie Clontz, editor of Weekly World News, dead at 56 (all of the obits are great, but this one stands out)
February 19, 2004
Space Invaders gang render (my new desktop wallpaper)
Usenet kook, "FBI is torturing me for 2.5 Years" (the guy badly needs meds, his replies are depressing), free and public multi-feed aggregator (might be fun to publicly aggregate your feedroll)
Teen hacker triggered nuclear terrorism alert (by setting up an FTP site for music and movies, no less)
Make Your Own Pruno (a prison wine created from fruit, sugar and ketchup)
Analysis of the Beatles' Revolution 9 collage (or try the detailed timeline)
Personal e-mail networks to filter out spam (compile a list of From/Cc/Bcc addresses from good e-mail to build a whitelist)
Napster 2.0 is losing money, executives, and will to live (I can't believe they even pull in $1 million a month)
Zeldman on the current drop shadow and bevel revival (I'm waiting for page curls and Kai fractal backgrounds to make a comeback)
Steriogram's "Walkie Talkie Man" (stop-motion knitting music video directed by Michel Gondry)
John Hargrave orders Viagra online and reports the effects ( has been makng me laugh for almost ten years)
Verizon drops several binary newsgroups, blocks new binary groups (yet another reason to pay for a premium feed)
Video game to help UK flood planners (FloodRanger, the SimCity clone for earth science geeks)
Grey Tuesday, Free the Grey Album (post the album on your site for 24 hours)
February 18, 2004
Ben and Mena on Yahoo News Photos (cute AND famous)
Traffic Island art project (a tiny house and garden built overnight in the middle of a busy freeway island)
Wedding proposal casemod ("will you do me the honor... of hot-swapping that RAID?")
PocketSNES, first SNES emulator for the GBA released! (screenshots, confirmed working games and lots of discussion)
Hybrid, an insanely detailed role playing game (seems autogenerated, but only a real human could be this insane)
New Yahoo search returns RSS/XML feeds (and the option to add the feeds to My Yahoo!)
Autotrace, convert PNG bitmaps to vectors (output format can be AI, SVG, or more)
Lazy reporters lean on Google for meaningless statistics (it's the new Lexis-Nexis!)
Facebook, the Friendster clone for Harvard students and alum ("Hey, Iím your friend." "Are you joking me?")
How to find winning Pepsi iTunes bottles before buying (Gillmor calls it an analog hack)
Plink's "Photos of Andy Baio" (Plink apparently thinks I'm this young Asian girl)
Rubhub, the XHTML Friend Network search engine (the XFN counterpart to FOAF's Plink)
Kevin Fox on Yahoo's new search results (they're blending paid results with search results, a big no-no)
MP3: DJ Penfold remixes DJ Danger Mouse's remix (is this illegal too? probably, because IP law is broken)
February 17, 2004
Regional Baskin-Robbins flavors
"@" Symbol Added to Morse Code (dot dash dash dot dash dot)
Orkut Density Map (truly incredible geospatial visualization of Orkut users)
State of the Arcade Industry 2004 (the shift to player communities is exciting)
Mediachest (personal media inventory management goes social)
Missing for 14 years, teen finds himself on Internet (found his own photo on a Missing Children website)
Chad Oakenfold's Stabbing Machine (more photos on his homepage)
Yahoo Switched to Inktomi (and Google's index grew 25% to 4.2 billion pages)
Paul Boutin's Webmonkey eulogy on Wired News
Downhill Battle on the Grey Album (the best summary of the relevant copyright issues that I've seen)
February 16, 2004
WaPo's Future of Search feature
Edson cover of The Darkness' "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" (an acoustic, heart-warming love song)
Hacking Social Networks, pt 2 (discovering or abusing Friendster by last name, ZIP, and e-mail addresses)
Using video games to market new cars (what, no Volvo station wagons?)
Akimbo, on-demand TV over the Net (instead of buying another set-top box, TiVo should be offering this)
XFire, instant messaging for online gamers (I'd rather have this as a Trillian plugin)
K5 analyzes the leaked Win2k source (also via Boing Boing)
Polaroid's Outkast FAQ (do not shake it like a Polaroid picture)
Gum Blondes (100% chewed bubblegum portraits on plywood backing)
Reuters on the Grey Album (and it mentions my site)
Lindows uses BitTorrent for distribution
February 15, 2004
Canadian RIAA to launch dozens of Kazaa lawsuits (the ISPs are fighting it)
February 14, 2004
Slice City, play Simcity within The Sims (meta-Sims, via Wired News)
Phony LinkedIn account gets real links (very few people turn down friend requests)
Book Reader for the GBA (see also: E-Book Advance)
Flash: Grow (solution: cube, ladder, egg, ball, mountain, pipe, propeller, wind, gear, dish, rocket, tv)
Disinformation: The Complete Series DVD (did you know had a TV show in the UK?)
February 13, 2004
Signup no longer required to make Paypal payment (simpler online payments are a good thing)
Ben Goodger on the road to Firefox 1.0 ("I am steal as much market share from IE as possible")
FireSomething plugin for Mozilla Firewaxy (don't like the new name? change it to whatever you want)
Story of the Webmonkey layoffs from their former editor
Win2k and NT4 source code leaked online (confirmed by Microsoft)
February 12, 2004
Wargames Tic-Tac-Toe Screensaver (the only way to win is not to play)
iPodLounge tries to predict future iPod models (reasonably well-informed guesses)
The Magical Skillset of Elves (versatile pointy-eared little freaks)
Matt Webb's ETech presentation on Glancing (I'm looking at you right now)
Lycos lays off Webmonkey staff (sad, but it's amazing they survived as long as they did)
Elephant vs Bird game (13.2 20.2 seconds!)
February 11, 2004
The Back to the Future Tour (I grew up about a mile from Doc's garage)
Game pirate gets four years in jail, $700k fine (Breen led the infamous group Razor 1911)
NYT profile on BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen (using BitTorrent for illegal trading is "patently stupid because it's not anonymous")
Joshua "Praystation" Davis may appear on Queer Eye (this should be good)
Googledorks (exposing sensitive info with Google)
February 10, 2004 Forced Offline (teacher threatened to sue over student comments, via)
Democratic candidates quizzed on pop culture (Clark thinks Justin Timberlake is a Beach Boy)
Image: Technorati visualizes the power curve (rank vs inbound links on a logarithmic chart)
Reviewr, tying the Flickr API into Amazon API (a small step towards one distributed identity for social software)
Flickr, real-time picture sharing (Ludicorp's second product goes beta, after GNE)
Video: Why the Mars Rover Failed (by the guy who did the official MER animation)
MyDoom variant writes source code to infected hard drives ("andy" may be trying to cover his tracks)
Cinema Redux, more algorithmic video art (one 8x6 pixel thumbnail per second, one row per minute)
"No message please" iPod engraving (when usability errors attack)
Producer of Beatles/Jay-Z "Grey Album" mash-up gets a cease and desist order (from EMI, not Jay-Z)
P22 Type Specimen Playing Cards (close-up image of the entire deck)
Dolphin, experimental Gamecube emulator (very exciting screenshots)
Clever Paypal scam almost trips up Ev (keep an eye out for this one)
Julian makes about $85/hour in Ultima Online (not too shabby for playing video games all day)
Science Mag repeats Milgram's "Six Degrees" experiment by e-mail (most people were only four degrees of separation apart)
February 9, 2004
Dooce's Heartbreaking Work of Super Pooping Genius (baby Leta poops while Heather watches in envy)
"I Feel Great" Nutrigrain commercial (original was taken offline, so I'm mirroring it)
Background on the Firefox logo (the design team is dominated by bloggers)
Verisign considers relaunching Sitefinder "service" (widely despised, for many good reasons)
Technorati adds full-text searching (it's fast and surprisingly good)
Background behind the Firebird rebranding ordeal
Mozilla Firebird 0.8 renamed to Firefox (it's the most devastating killing machine ever built!)
Disney chooses Microsoft DRM for digital movie distribution (they plan to start releasing movies online late 2004 or early 2005)
February 8, 2004
Quiz: Bush or Palpatine?
50 Coolest Apes of All Time (celebrating the Year of the Monkey)
Gay Penguins in the Central Park Zoo (more gay animals from Salon)
LA Times on William Hung (makes inevitable comparison to Star Wars Kid, u/p: waxyorg/waxyorg)
February 5, 2004
Hacking Friendster, Part I (cross-site scripting to become anyone's friend)
Daily Cal interviews William Hung (yes, the "She Bangs" guy from American Idol)
February 4, 2004
Viacom's internal memo about the Superbowl debacle, the future of journalism (weblogs and message boards break stories before the press)
Video: Spoof of Pepsi's iTunes Superbowl commercial
Basecamp launches (gorgeously usable hosted project management)
Pizza Party U.S.A. (finally, someone's taking charge of this country)
Crowd Simulation Framework for Java (I'm off to reenact LOTR battles on my desktop)
Alternative Valentine's Day cards (with PDFs suitable for printing)
Zelda: History or Myth?
February 3, 2004
What's New in Firebird 0.8 (it'll be out on Monday!)
Microsoft security education posters (they should warn about the dangers of Outlook instead)
Half Life 2 sets a new release date (if you call "late summer" a date)
Li'l Gn'R, the junior Guns n' Roses tribute band
February 2, 2004
Profile of Snotty Richter, another big-time spammer (don't miss the punchline in the last paragraph of page 3)
Google Textads for "Orkut" ("can't join Orkut? try us at FriendSync")
Superbowl moment created biggest spike in TiVo history (180% increase in viewer reaction)
Xbox 2 specs leaked (three 64-bit processors makes for a badass machine)
NYT on outsider artist Mingering Mike (the original images were removed, but here are some hi-res scans)
Dave's Browser Support 2004 roundup (also: The Counter's global browser stats are back)
Video game tablature (written system for choreographing Super Mario Bros. moves)
February 1, 2004
Wired Reach (decentralized social networking app for Mac and Windows)
Video games predict the 2004 Super Bowl
Geek names baby son 2.0 (boy, you'd have to be pretty geeky to do something like that)