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June 30, 2004
Anti-Moore site urging people to download "Fahrenheit 9/11" (it's a low-quality video, which may encourage more people to pay for it)
Jabber support in OS X 10.4's iChat
Flash: Japanese counting game (click the numbers in order, as fast as you can) on Kazaa's declining popularity (eDonkey and BitTorrent are gaining)
Video: Talking dogs
MAME teaser for Konfabulator (screenshots and marquee slideshow from the original arcade games)
Apple's Rendezvous for Windows preview [via]
$130 homebrew PVC Flamethrower (highly dangerous, but the animations are stunning)
Second half of the "Fahrenheit 9/11" transcript (the first half, in case you missed it)
Stanford engineer says Orkut code was stolen (he claims that Orkut borrowed the code from a company they co-founded)
Flash: Michael Clague's AOOA (more inexplicable Flash toys) [via]
IGN buying Rotten Tomatoes (brace yourself for ridiculous advertiser tie-ins on RT) [via]
Flash: Color in Motion (excellent and fun animated guide to color theory) [via]
Mark Poyser's Threetwoone Diagrams (the connections between countries, Wall Street, descendants of Adam, and more) [via]
EFF decides on 10 patents to fight (they're fighting companies using their unfair patents to sue) [via]
June 29, 2004
Dance Dance Revolution leads to arcade heart attack [via]
First half of "Fahrenheit 9/11" transcript (Drew found a biased error in the transcript)
Friendster switches to PHP (much faster than JSP) [via]
Coudal redesigns (big headlines are a reaction to the tiny type trend) [via]
Altoids' weird Wario Ware homage
Video: 1939-1940 New York World's Fair (the screenshots alone look great) [via]
"How to Avoid Flamewars" by Dave Winer (coming soon: Courtney Love's "Guide to Responsible Parenting") [via]
City Pages interviews Plain Layne (so that's what Rex is doing instead of updating his blog)
New Jersey court says customers may take IP addresses away from ISP (that's like taking your ZIP code with you when you move)
Free frappuccinos at Starbucks tomorrow (well, free "samples" anyway) [via]
Lines on Paper's comic artist business cards (nine pages of goodness) [via]
Wired tracks the "Bill Gates" e-mail hoax to its origin (excellent detective work)
Free Wired magazine subscription (it doesn't even ask for your e-mail address)
Mario and Zelda Big Band Live (the full album for download from Phancy)
June 28, 2004
Top searches for Michael's anonymous blog (sadness and despair from anonymous posters) [via]
Command-line blog interface [via]
New Harry Potter book called "The Half Blood Prince" (from Rowling's official site, more instructions on viewing it)
eBay auction of Ashton Kutcher's screen name (Ashton gets punk'd) [via]
Apple Tiger server to include bundled blogging software (they're bundling Blojsom) [via]
Transform your toaster oven into a PVR (extreme(ly silly) case modding) [via]
Steve Jobs announces RSS reader for Safari (here's a Quicktime preview) [via]
117 kindergarten kids photograph the alphabet [via]
Mercury News on Plain Layne hoax (bugmenot) [via]
Video: Van Halen's "Eruption" on a violin (holy crap!)
Gmail notifier for Firefox [via]
Tokyo subway people packers
June 27, 2004
Anil on mob justice online (he's proposing more constructive action than a pile-on)
Kottke redesigns (new homepage, tour, and archives)
Universal Studios attraction videos (one megafan tapes all the rides and shows, back to 1990) [via]
Mountain Dew's Spy vs. Spy commercials [via]
Infocombot in the Boston Globe (ha, "Waxy Enterprises"!?)
June 26, 2004
"Fahrenheit 9/11" NFO file (the cammed bootleg is spreading online, fast)
Fahrenheit 9/11 set to become top-grossing documentary of all time (Justin Hall posted a good mixed review)
"Felix's Nephews Inky & Dinky" #1 (also, watch these vintage Felix cartoons from the 1930s)
Followup to the "Clueless Childless Couple" story (Alex does the research, finds it wasn't accurate)
June 25, 2004
Video: Heat Vision and Jack (I'm hosting the infamous Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Owen Wilson TV pilot)
Senate passes toughened copyright laws (including the anti-camcorder law)
Glassdog diagnoses Dave Winer (sociopath, or at least empathy-deficient)
Today's two NYT op-eds on file-sharing (here's the other one, both advocate blanket licensing) [via]
Nationmaster's Mortality statistics (the rest of the site's stats are amazing) [via]
Flash: Swinger game (left and right to move, space to jump) [via]
Flash: The Animal Alphabet (you know, for kids!) [via]
1000 Characters (obsessive doodling) [via]
Flash: J. Otto's "Alice in Wonderland" (more about the pop-up book) [via]
Bill Gates may start blogging [via]
Bearskinrug Compositionals (the submissions are nice) [via]
Update on the Plain Layne hoax (including the confession, inspired by Kaycee Nicole)
June 24, 2004
EFF's Prelude to a Fake Complaint (Induce Act makes the iPod illegal)
Chart of popular P2P artists with little or no radio airplay
Wired News on the "Inducing of Copyright Infringement Act" (it's inducing me to vomit)
Half Life 2 may arrive in August too? (Valve reacts to Doom III ship date) [via]
New Bjork album is entirely acapella [via]
Video conferencing at 35,000 feet (Kottke's worried about security) [via]
Mayday Mystery texts (read about the history of the weirdness) [via]
CMP blocks Google News referers (when corporate paranoia affects your readership) [via]
Flash: Die Wagenschenke game (try not to fall over while stumbling home drunk) [via]
June 23, 2004
Moblogging within Second Life (take "photos" within the virtual world and post them to your blog)
Drunk Driving Rampage (amazing gallery of destruction)
Election Night Drink Specials (get your local barkeeps added to the site)
Webcam Music Box (Lego webcam reads printed barcodes for playing MP3 albums) [via]
MP3: Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine," title track off her shelved new album (local mirror here)
AV Club interviews Nellie McKay [via]
Screen-scraping with PHP 5 (scrape any poorly-formed HTML using loadHTMLFile)
The Onion's Guide to Celebrity Weblogs (what, no Wil Wheaton?) [via]
GBAX 2004, Gameboy Advance coding competition results (the winner is an excellent TurboGrafx 16 emulator)
Comdex 2004 is cancelled (maybe they can team up with Lollapalooza)
Induce Act draws key support in Senate (the Act makes me physically ill) [via]
Get notified when Googlebot indexes your pages (neat and simple idea)
Spamassassin Beats CRM-114 in anti-spam shootout (here's a good summary of the results)
ASCII art conversion of "Deep Throat" (55 minutes of text-based smut) [via]
Early Xbox 2 spec leaked (could be fake, but appears legit) [via]
Google Pagerank Checksum Algorithm (if you want to port this to Perl or PHP, please contact me ASAP)
Kempa on more vinyl oddities (laser turntables, album scanning, human groove recognition, and DIY album pressing)
June 22, 2004
Punctuation errors in "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" (copy editing the copy editors) [via]
Rivers Cuomo's Myspace profile (it's real, he posts new MP3s like "Tomorrow" from Annie) [via]
Doom 3 release date set for August 3 (I can't believe it's going to beat Half-Life 2 to market)
T-Mobile Sidekick 2 preview (what, no Sidetalking?)
Image: Rob Conger's "Marshall McLuhan," anamorphous hook-rug portrait (view his entire rug portfolio and a short film about him) [via]
Lollapalooza 2004 cancels all dates (poor ticket sales, but I blame the String Cheese Incident) [via]
Zelda Classic (Zelda clone with better graphics and a mapmaking community) [via]
Google plans to reveal some of its code (also, they're tripling their staff in the next year) [via]
Spam forces blind users to give up on e-mail (they listen to subject lines one at a time)
NYT on David Huffman's curved paper structures (here's a nice gallery of modern origami) [via]
June 21, 2004
WiFi-blocking wallpaper [via]
Vivendi Games closes Sierra offices (death of another classic game company)
NYT on Imagination Environment (art project that searches Google Images for text found in closed captioning) [via]
Sorting Algorithm Visualizations (if you think this is cool, you're a nerd)
Snopes on those obnoxious "Word of Mouth" spams (someone is researching your background!)
Folderblog, drop-dead simple PHP photo blog or gallery (the default template is clean and simple) [via]
Werkkzeug, tool to create amazing real-time 3D graphic demos (see also: Conspiracy's Addict software and Moppi's Demopaja)
Ask Metafilter asks, "Why have kids?"
Michael Chabon's "Amazing Adventures of the Escapist Vol. 1" (B&N has Chris Ware's gorgeous cover sans watermarks) [via]
SpaceShipOne test succesful (first manned private space flight)
FCKeditor, inline DHTML text editor (works in IE, Netscape and Moz) [via]
Torrentocracy, a BitTorrent RSS plugin for MythTV (download new torrents with your TV remote control)
Bizarre Rev. Moon coronation ceremony held in Senate office building (I'm hosting the video on my BitTorrent tracker)
Scans of Scottish broadsides (the tabloids of the 18th and 19th centuries) [via]
June 20, 2004
The Daily Show provides better coverage than most "real" news shows (Aaron breaks coverage of one recent story down)
Video: Graphics Then and Now panel (Will Wright, Jordan Mechner and Rand Miller talk about graphics history and future) [via]
Looking back at The Lawnmower Man (in these gyrospheres, we wear full cybersuits)
NYT on fact-checking Fahrenheit 9/11 (Moore wisely hired outside fact checkers) [via]
Dooce's Father's Day tribute (this makes me want to cry)
Baby Formula Taste Test (we're using Horizon, which also smells funny)
New York movie piracy raid ends in cop shooting
June 19, 2004
Stamen Design's Google News Visualization (I missed this because it launched the day my son was born) [via]
Freed Go, 3D version of Go (play it on a Moebius strip) [via]
LA Weekly profile of under-21 bands in L.A. (I saw The Like play last year and was impressed)
June 18, 2004
Cory Doctorow's Microsoft speech on DRM (it's the best thing I've read all month, try the HTML or MP3 versions) domain held hostage by Canadians (everyone's favorite font blog temporarily moved to a new domain)
Anti-skateboard deterrants for cruel city planners (turns rails and curbs into faceplants) [via]
Bush Public Domain Sample Archive (every phrase from every major speech, chopped up and searchable) [via]
Video: Soldiers Under Command (57MB Quicktime documentary of 2nd Annual Stryper Expo) [via]
Flash: Robots Are Our Friends (but sometimes they slash human flesh) [via]
Boing Boing Lite (ditch the ads, guest sidebar, and filter out posts by author or keyword) [via]
Ebert on whether Fahrenheit 9/11 is a "documentary"
Inventory of crappy CDs sent to libraries for price-fixing settlement (bastards are sending garbage CDs sold in remainder bins) [via]
John Carmack's test liftoff a success (that explains the Doom 3 delays)
#1 Matt on the Internet (and he's following through with his promise) [via]
How to shut down a free website without hurting your users
Snopes update on the guy living in a Paris airport (The Terminal movie is loosely based on his story)
New Xbox Video Chat allows remote joypad vibration (Jane's going to have to pick one up)
Site Flavored Google Search (explicit categorization is not very useful, it should analyze my site content instead)
June 17, 2004
glambient, app that creates seamless tiles (exports to Flash) [via]
Yetisports 5 (yet another Yeti game)
Ben's research into a white supremacist ISP (scary stuff)
Chicago Trib's Top 50 Magazines (Wired, Real Simple, and Economist top the list) [via]
Om on Blinkx (I don't use IE, but I'll try the desktop search) [via]
Automatic wishlist purchases with Amazon's API (or "0-click shopping," as Erik calls it) [via]
Winer blog story hits the front page of Yahoo (I'm with Matt, this isn't front page news)
Wired on the TechTV/G4 merger (fans of both camps are annoyed)
Reality of Running Away from Stuff (top speeds of common Hollywood moving hazards) [via]
FDA History, The Case of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (with vintage photos and typography) [via]
Garfield Generator shut down by lawyers (it took three random Garfield panels for a Zen reading experience) [via]
Ask Mefi on the best way to kill somebody (Scarabic's answer is a bit too detailed) [via]
Andy Pryke's detailed meeting with Nanniebots creator (he includes transcripts of his chats, some background on the story)
June 16, 2004
Joel on How Microsoft Lost the API War (still catching up on my links since Baby Day) [via]
Sony to ship new PS2/PVR models next month (now creates DVD-Rs with graphical menus) [via]
Paul Boutin reviews Starz's new movie downloading service (of course it sucks, it's Real)
Metafilter goes social with Mefi Contacts (here's my growing contacts page)
Build a 1.2 terabyte RAID file server for $1600 ($33,400 cheaper than January 2002) [via]
New Scientist update on ChatNannies (still a hoax, Wightman showed off a modified copy of the Alice bot)
Retailers say Doom 3 for PC in late July (Xbox version following in October) [via]
Joystiq, new gaming blog by the Engadget folks (bringing the Weblogs, Inc. roster to 49 blogs)
3D FPS-style car navigation system in Japan (this is badass, but not a very practical visualization) [via]
RSS feed of Suprnova box sets (reminder: the RIAA monitors Suprnova)
Six Apart changes MT 3.0 licensing again (unlimited blogs is much, much better) [via]
Image: How not to check a diaper (if only someone had told me this four days ago) [via]
Pitchformula, crunching thousands of Pitchfork album review to write better songs (he includes all the Perl scripts he wrote for his BA project) [via]
Straight Dope on electricity failure after a zombie takeover (answer: scattered blackouts within 4-6 hours, complete failure in 24 hours) [via]
TuneTeller, MIDI search engine with a piano UI (focus the Java applet and play with your keyboard)
June 15, 2004
Boing Boing 2.0 (now with ads and a new layout)
Gmail scavenger hunt (find 15 items online, win a Gmail account)
Snopes on dollar store toothpaste (now with dangerously high levels of fluoride!)
Notlong, short URLs with subdomains (more readable alternative to TinyURL and their ilk) [via]
Disembodied hand in Victoria's Secret catalog (when Photoshop goes bad) [via]
Proof of concept Bluetooth virus (replicates on Nokia 60 phones) [via]
Transcript of Winer's audio announcement (Wired News on the shutdown, and more) [via]
Cuckoo for Coco Cox, rant on celebrity baby names (hard to pull off, unless your dad is Frank Zappa) [via]
Second Life upgrade adds XML-RPC, in-world marriage (you can blog from within the world) [via]
Plain Layne, another Kaycee Nicole? (Kottke rounds up other recent fakes in his comments)
Construction of a sand mandala (David Hirmes made an excellent animation of the entire thing)
Firefox open to malicious spyware installers (but don't let that stop you from using today's Firefox 0.9 release)
Fox News raves about Fahrenheit 9/11
Winer shuts down (leaves thousands of blogs offline without warning) [via]
June 14, 2004
Half-Life 2 moves to Autumn release? (seems unlikely that Vivendi would sit on it for a couple months)
June 13, 2004
Why WaxyLinks Isn't Updating (we had our baby!)
June 7, 2004
Snarkout on real-life superheroes and villains (not many wore costumes, though)
Image: Writers, Abandon Your Dreams
Amateur online film reviews predict box office success (the MIT paper is online)
Nucleus, automated torrent downloading from RSS feeds [via]
San Diego weekly publishes entire month of Brian Dear's weblogging (here's Brian's take on the $2000 check)
Mammatus Clouds Over Mexico (looks like a Kai's Power Tools texture)
US markets to close Friday for Reagan (yay, I get the day off!)
Pringles to print ads on individual chips [via]
Wikis are the next frontier for link spammers (Slashdot has more on the story)
Untold story of the Nintendo's censorship of Maniac Mansion (the changes made the port substantially worse) [via]
Live blogging of Reagan's funeral arrangements (photos of the funeral home right outside her front door)
Movie: William Shatner's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (ridiculous fan-made video, heavy on the Lucy) [via]
Thingster, geocoded content tool (it should integrate with [via]
Apple's Airport Express with AirTunes (standalone wireless adapter for any stereo) [via]
Apple iTunes Europe launch set for June 15 [via]
A personal remembrance from Ronald Reagan's costar, Bonzo
High-res photos of the retro NES-style GBA (I want this, bad) [via]
Sun introduces employee weblogs [via]
June 6, 2004
Reagan's Raiders, the Ronald Reagan comic book (more info about the first issue)
Damask Wallpaper Patterns (inspired by damask weaves) [via]
Samsung's Olympic reminder
Andrew Anker joins Six Apart (read about Andrew in Gary Wolf's Wired book)
How Copyright Law Changed Hip Hop (an interview with Public Enemy's Chuck D and Hank Shocklee) [via]
New default theme in Firefox 0.9 (people are getting worked up about it, for some reason)
Rebel Leader John Kerry action figure (face him off against the Bush action figure)
Google Answerer thoroughly debunks "stupid facts" e-mail (variations of the e-mail are all over the web) [via]
Super Mario War, deathmatch Mario for Windows (network play is in the works) [via]
Glassdog's "Worth Hating," a rant on criticism (don't miss Anil's excellent rebuttal)
June 5, 2004
Plague Cookies (mmm, boils) [via], free US geocoder (with a great web services API) [via]
Virtual real estate boom in Second Life (this virtual island sold for US$900) [via]
RIAA wants your fingerprints (biometric DRM for music is a truly awful idea) [via]
June 4, 2004
Yoshinoya restaurant game for the PS2 (the modern equivalent of Chase the Chuckwagon for the 2600)
Anil gets in the Nigritude Ultramarine game (the contest has revealed the deepest secrets of the SEO scumbags)
Video: Spelling bee competitor faints, recovers (he went on to spell the word correctly and take second place)
Experiments in riding motorcycles while drunk (with a heroic .247 blood-alcohol level) [via]
Slashdot discussion on programmer parenting
Story of getting mugged yesterday in Chicago (reminds me of Mat's similar story in SF) [via]
Seanbaby's Top 10 Internet Fads (memes, not trends)
2004 Spelling Bee scandal? (Coudal's research shows it's likely a coincidence)
First all-artificial feature film released (voices were synthesized, video was machinima)
Scientists delete huge chunks of mice DNA with no effect (they removed 2.4 million DNA bases) [via]
Homebrew network-enabled washing machine (more details about his badass new controller hack) [via]
How it feels to get shot [via]
Friendster appoints former NBC president as new CEO (Jon Abrams is just a mascot now) [via]
Bugmenot extension for Firefox (bypass obnoxious web registrations with one click) [via]
VisitorVille, bizarre SimCity-ish visualization for website traffic patterns [via]
Defective Yeti on Amazon's "plogs" (he's on their strange blog list)
Insects in album cover art (more obsessive and obscure list making) [via]
Cliche watch: My name is * and I approve this * [via]
Microsoft's "The Apprentice" E3 parody for the Xbox (starring Donald Trump and a cameo by Bill)
Simpsons torrents (nearly every episode, of varying quality) [via]
Gallery of movie copyright warnings (we'll be seeing these in the U.S. soon, I'm sure) [via]
June 3, 2004
Creed breaking up? (in other news: world rejoices)
Brainball, game controlled by alpha waves (the calmest person wins) [via]
Gawker Media available for contract work (they just launched a marketing blog for Nike)
Yoga training program for the Xbox (watch the video preview or visit the official site) [via]
Pine first-use statistics (nice charts showing steady adoption rates) [via]
PC World interviews the creators of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program (Bricklin, Frankston, and Fylstra reminisce and make new predictions)
Angela from "Spellbound" has a blog (don't feel bad, Google can't spell heleoplankton either) [via]
Movie List classic trailers (very high-quality videos, like Goonies, Wargames, and Alien) [via]
People I've Slept With (Harpers-style personal list making) [via]
Movies of levitating objects (floating in a magnetic field) [via]
OJR on Craig's List destroying print classified ads (and how newspapers could compete with social networking) [via]
NYT on vintage gaming getting trendy (here's a local MP3 of Lil' Flip's "Game Over (Flip)") [via]
Bram Cohen on BitTorrent 2 features (tracker redirection could be a very good thing) [via]
IMDB user ratings for Fahrenheit 9/11 (the film you don't need to see to review)
June 2, 2004
Unused "Curb Your Enthusiasm" footage frees accused murderer (Larry David saves the day) [via]
ForwardTrack beta test (Eyebeam's new e-mail tracking system)
Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer
Google upgrades the Google Search Appliance (with prices for the low and high end servers) [via]
Flash: Polyphonic Spree's "Quest for the Rest" game (from the creator of Samorost) [via]
Interplay closes office, lays off remaining employees (another classic game developer gone)
Video: Driving from LA to Oregon in six minutes (mirrors and torrent links in the comments)
Phone conversation between parents and their son, a few hours after his funeral [via]
June 1, 2004
Software hack turns Canon Digital Rebel into a 10D (turn your $1000 camera into a $1500 one)
Kempa on secret codes on album covers
Transcripts of Enron employees caught on tape (man, what a bunch of bastards) [via]
Video: God Hates Soccer (amazing footage of an instant tornado appearance) [via]
American Idol vs. Presidential election voting records (the fourth season of Idol could have a larger turnout) [via]
HDLoader, easily load PS2 games off any IDE drive ($30 for the CD and a spare hard drive)
The new Glassdog rips on Boing Boing (you gonna just sit and take that, Xeni?)
Excellent research trying to unmask Rance, the anonymous celebrity blogger (Alex's excellent research reveals a screenwriter named Keith Thomson)
Glassdog relaunches as a group blog (I have hunches about the anonymous authors) [via]
Speck, proposed localized IM handheld (Leonard's new project looks simple and functional)
First person account of the Kerry intern rumor (which turned out to be completely false) [via]
Today's Papers, news aggregator community (Cam Barrett talks about his new project) [via]