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July 31, 2004
JibJab files lawsuit for right to "This Land" parody
July 30, 2004
EmoteMail (e-mail client with subtle visual cues for facial expression and typing speed) [via]
Museum of Hoaxes on, the fake indie record label (elaborate prank, with MP3s from every fake band)
Toronto Star's entire 1945 archive (the comics archives are wonderful, but the interface stinks) [via]
Hilarity Ensues! (you'd think Fark would be the #1 result)
Young girl stumbles on Journals, hilarity ensues (they thought the posts were autogenerated by a Perl module)
iPod helps police nab car thieves
Wikipedia on l33t speak (pwnz0r3d) [via]
Battle of the Bugs (Newsweek's 1987 article about information theft) [via]
Video: Oh, Danny Bot (ode to a robot going off to war) [via]
July 29, 2004
Kokogiak's badass Amazon Kneejerk Contrarian search engine (whipped together with the Amazon API and some glue!)
Video: Return of the Jedi's new ending (I'm 99% certain this is not a hoax) removed from Google's index (a temporary bug, I'm sure, but curious)
Ed Helms Is Not Matt Haughey
Three new songs off Rilo Kiley's "More Adventurous" (only streaming, unfortunately)
O'Reilly's Make Magazine (Readymade for the geek crowd, edited by Frauenfelder) [via]
Cameron on a new comment spam tactic (promoting the Pagerank of an abandoned blog to promote other sites)
Doom 3 Hardware Guide (looks nice even at 640x480?) [via]
Woman handcuffed and jailed for chewing candy bar in D.C. Metro station [via]
Pirate Screenings magazine on film piracy from 1975 [via]
British RIAA going after MP3 blogs [via]
Gettingit's "Body Bazaar" from 1999 (people are trading kidneys in the comments)
GmailXP (Windows client that replicates every Gmail function) [via]
Top 10 Game Videogame Cover Art (some of my favs: Katamari Damacy, Ico, Maniac Mansion, and Bureaucracy) [via]
NYT on DIY drive-ins (with optional iPods for radio receivers)
vBlog Central (drag-and-drop Java client for easy videoblogging) [via]
Dynamism, imported next-gen Japanese gadgets (the Sony video/MP3 player, insanely thin notebooks, tiny subnotebooks, and a credit card-sized cameraphone) [via]
Paul Graham's wonderful essay on "Great Hackers" (Teledyn has a good rebuttal) [via]
Test your reading speed (I'm between 350-400 words per minute for both tests) [via]
July 28, 2004
Atari CX-2000 prototype (a failed successor to the Atari 2600) [via]
See What You Share (weblog of confidential photos found on P2P networks) [via]
Veen on the user experience of the new Sony Network Walkman (Mossberg's review says it's no iPod)
Transcript of Michael Moore's showdown with Bill O'Reilly (they're both acting like children) [via]
Snopes on the Paypal Class Action (get a piece of the Paypal pie)
Skin Bags (synthetic human skin purses and accessories) [via]
Terra sells Lycos for $95 million? (down from $12.5 billion in less than four years)
Detailed essay on how wireless P2P videoblogging could challenge TV network news (TV networks are just well-moderated video aggregators) [via]
Pitchfork's Top 50 Worst Guitar Solos of the Millennium (too many to choose from) [via]
RIAA raids Indianapolis music store for mix-CDs (triggering a chain of events that led to their closing) [via]
OpenEEG Project (open-source software for do-it-yourself EEG devices) [via]
White House West with Will Ferrell (I don't mind political propaganda, as long as it's entertaining) [via]
AOL to broadcast new TV show previews (they lost 668,000 customers last quarter)
Nintendo shows final DS design (still looks too much like a Game & Watch) [via]
Slashdot IT's radioactive beige (it is the beige of the end times) [via]
Image: Star Wars autograph prices (Mark Hamill seems overvalued) [via]
Supermarketing, classic comic book ads (another gallery, with gems like "Polio Precautions") [via]
Designing Games for the Wage Slave (summary: stop wasting my time) [via]
July 27, 2004
NASA's Cassini probe finds the Death Star [via]
Search engine results for "Revenge of the Sith" (Yahoo is more timely, but Google is more comprehensive)
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (gorgeously animated new show on the Cartoon Network) [via]
Four New Yorker essays on the 1992 DNC [via]
Steve Garfield is videoblogging the DNC [via]
Video: Segway Polo (equipment: a ball and $27k worth of Segways) [via]
Video: Hitchhiker's Guide teaser trailer (more mirrors in the Slashdot thread) [via]
Atari 7800 designers talk about Atari history (recordings from the Vintage Computer Festival)
Dave Shea on Design Theft (Zarquon's comments are worth reading)
Common practices between guru CSS blogs (an excellent survey) [via]
Redesigning a tableless (I'm with Matt, he should go on the road) [via]
Acme Novelty Archive (new design, new URL, and much more Chris Ware content!)
Fatal car accident may have been caused by dashboard DVD player (they were watching "Road Trip") [via]
Sifry's roundup of bloggers' unique coverage of the DNC (cameraphones, Photoshopping, and posting Gore's speech before he delivered it)
MSNBC Newsbot beta (Microsoft's answer to Google News) [via]
Turn your iPod into a Universal Remote (Phillip Torrone is the king of cool hacks) [via]
Simpsons film confirmed [via]
Movie posters for Frank Miller's "Sin City" (a comic book adaptation directed by Robert Rodriguez) [via]
July 26, 2004
webkit2png, automated screenshots and thumbnail generation (for Python and Mac OS X)
Apple to make iTunes for Motorola Phones [via]
Degrees of separation between bands (using their shared band members) [via] Is Giving Away Your Email Address
MovableType 3.1 announcement (adds PHP integration, subcategories, post scheduling, and the plugin contest winners) [via], personalized streaming radio using Audioscrobbler data (gorgeous interface, take a look at my user profile) [via]
Danah Boyd on the NYT's bias against blog journalism (I was surprised they called them "web diarists")
Making AT&T Text-to-Speech talk in foreign accents (the MP3 is funny, and a very cool hack)
Jenny18, a cybersex bot implemented in Eliza (you can win the Turing Test if your respondents want to believe)
Similarities between 1962's "Manchurian Candidate" and the 2004 election (screenshots further down the page)
Calculating the specs for id's next game after Doom 3 (great charts for CPU, RAM, and disk space) [via]
Lego Guitar (too bad the string tension would tear it apart) [via]
Real reverse-engineers Apple's FairPlay (expect the new iPod update to lock out all Harmony users) [via]
Tantek on the Technorati redesign and new politics site
WSJ profiles all the bloggers covering the DNC [via]
Boston Globe's profile of Blogdex's Cameron Marlow (I love when my friends get media attention)
Wired's summary of the BlogOn conference (though blogs are a better primary source for coverage of the event)
How to rip RealAudio streams [via]
Google Sets IPO Between $108-$135 a Share (placing them in the $2.6 billion to $3.3 billion range)
July 25, 2004
Kempa's MP3s of in-session mistakes (I wish I had more to contribute)
Nintendo Entertainment Console mod (hacking an NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube and GBA into a single box) [via]
Internet Explorer anecdote from BlogOn conference (could Firefox win the browser war?) [via]
Weather Channel webcam snafu (look in the bottom-right corner of the webcam)
Verbal and behavioral clues of liars (they don't mention facial expressions) [via]
Toys "R" Us' giant beach balls
Doh, the Humanity (amusing typos and gaffes on web pages) [via]
Guardian UK on OhMyNews, collaborative South Korean news site [via]
Adtunes, blog on songs in TV commercials (too bad they don't link the MP3s) [via]
Salon's guide to understanding Donnie Darko [via]
Battlefield 1942's Pirate mod (play as a pirate, or zombie pirate!)
July 24, 2004
Takase Revolution (2D fighting game based on Les Miserables!?)
ImageShack (free, simple, and anonymous image hosting)
Photos of things held together with tape (usually brown tape) [via]
Wonderful gallery of Japanese arcade games (highlights: the typing, instrument, and horse racing sims) [via]
Tapping on soda cans actually works? (shocking, I always thought it was an urban myth) [via]
Mystery reader censoring swear words in public library books (to be specific, the "Murder, She Wrote" series) [via]
GPS Coke can x-rays
Flash: Wordcount (English words, scaled to reflect popularity)
Fox News on Exxon gas pumps
Ballance, gorgeous marble game for Windows (try the demo, or at least watch the movies) [via]
Image: Ken Jennings' name variations (he writes his name differently on every Jeopardy episode)
Image: The Internet Has Spoken (nonsensical CNN quiz)
Bugmenot's mandatory registration form (don't worry, they're not serious)
July 23, 2004
Java: BitTorrent simulator visualization (add some seeds and peers to watch the bits fly)
Lot of 50 Plastic Fetuses [via]
Profanities made from corporate logotypes [via]
Microsoft selling (will it go the way of Suck, Stim, and Spiv?)
Halo 2's subliminal trailer and web game (from the people who made the AI Game)
A great story of racial harmony in the DC subway [via]
Total Asshole Compression (reverse compression, makes all your files much much bigger) [via]
Audio: William Shatner's "The Common People," Pulp cover [via]
Brooklyn Superhero Supply (Dave Eggers' new East Coast counterpart to 826 Valencia) [via]
KoalaRainbow, visualization engine for MovableType 3.0 (lovely examples) [via]
Oxymoron dictionary [via]
MovableType 3.0 Plugin Contest winners (congratulations, Jay! some of the others sound excellent) [via]
Snopes on the NOPLATE and MISSING license plate owners (they should just leave the field blank)
The KITT Dashboard Project (obsessive 20-year project to draw the Knight Rider dash) [via]
July 22, 2004
Dagwood on Detournement (1981) (also: Terry and the Situationists and more weirdness)
"Mortal Kombat: Deception" preview (it can't decide if it wants to be a fighting, adventure, chess or puzzle game) [via]
Guardian UK on Guerilla Gigs (flash mobs with a purpose) [via]
Industry group says pirate CD sales hit record 1.1 billion (as P2P usage increases in Taiwan, pirated CD sales have decreased) [via]
.htaccess Generator [via]
You Have Bad Taste in Music (personally, I wouldn't lump in JT with the others) [via]
Dancing with Myself, profile of Kansas City's DDR subculture (read the community's reaction to the article) [via]
MP3: Of Montreal's "Know Your Onion" Shins cover (many more on their official site) [via]
Kottke's HTML version of the 9/11 Commission's report (or download the lovely PDF)
Vintage video game commercials
Video: Iron & Wine, "Naked As We Came" (whoops, I think I took Todd's server offline) [via]
Verizon to introduce Net-based phone service (competing with Vonage)
Small California newspaper gives control over content to local residents (this is a brilliant experiment)
eBay auction for an original KITT car from Knight Rider [via]
GD graphics library supports GIF again (because the awful Unisys patent expired) [via]
List of sites with a Pagerank 10 (i.e. Google's highest-ranked websites) [via]
Retired carpenter rediscovers how the pyramids were built (with photos and video) [via]
Snopes on the five-year-old Peruvian mother (she gave birth in May 1939)
MPAA and NFL team up against TiVo's TV-to-PC plans (PVRBlog has good comments on the story)
July 21, 2004
Official Doom 3 benchmarks (I'll shut up about this game on August 3) [via]
Vintage 1960s TV clips about the hippie movement (highlights: discussions of the future and an unknown Joni Mitchell)
Monkey turns bipedal after near-death experience [via]
Technorati teaming up with CNN for on-air coverage of the Democratic Convention (the CNN press release has more info)
UK High Court rules modchips illegal
Krisky Kreme announces glazed donut-flavored drink [via]
Image: blocked by crappy SiteFilter proxy (Matt has a roundup of other blocked sites, including
Spamusement (cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines) [via]
Why did Microsoft buy Lookout? [via]
Four inmates escape, go on two beer runs (and they came back to the prison, twice) [via]
July 20, 2004
Censorzilla, dirty words in the Netscape source tree [via]
Platform Jumping, tiled animated GIFs (from the b3ta crew) [via]
BookMachine (kiosk to download and print books on demand)
Katamari Damacy coming to US! (September release and original soundtrack!)
Fast Company's excellent profile of Whole Foods [via]
Anil on leaving New York (San Francisco is the perfect median between LA and NYC)
Camera fiends (the reactions to the first cameras and cameraphones are identical)
Infoworld's RSS traffic resembled DDOS attack (on the hour, every hour) [via]
Doom III minimum requirements (with these, you can see the Doom III Interactive Slideshow) [via]
Verizon announces home fiber pricing (15Mbps for $50/month sounds good to me) [via]
Musical preferences of computer geeks (ridiculous study, but amusing) [via]
Trapped on a boat with Journey, REO Speedwagon, and Styx (what, no Hall & Oates?) [via]
Weblog Snapshots (with PyObjC and webkit, source code to follow)
All Music Guide Corrector extension for Firefox (brilliant, it fixes some of the crappy usability issues)
The Social Computing research lab list (interesting work coming out of these places) [via]
Eric's son was born 1 pound, 7 ounces (the brave man is posting daily updates) [via]
Silly pie charts (like the alphabet and empty supervillian threats) [via]
Lame hotel wifi uses censorware (and they're blocking my site!) [via]
July 19, 2004
Image: Google circa 1960
SharpReader 0.9.5 released (still my feed reader of choice)
Star Wars Galaxies expansion adds multiplayer space travel [via]
Ringo Starr's Japanese leisure suit commercials from the mid-1970's (with backing vocals by Nilsson and Davy Jones)
MP3Blogs Aggregator (the full-text feed is brilliant, but brings up ethical issues of hotlinking) [via]
The Hundred Thousand Gallon Restaurant (also: water-ghost Pac-Man maze, poetic Braille, Lego Tape, and more)
Daryl proves you should never talk politics with your parents (heartfelt story of a mother-and-son argument) [via]
Coffee Cup Watermarks (yet another Half Bakery idea is fully baked) [via]
Flash: Megaman vs. Ghost n' Goblins (perfect fan-made mashup of the two classic NES games) [via]
BLT-scented candles (I'm hoping for bacon-scented perfume next) [via]
Dunstan redesigns 1976 Design (awe-inspiring attention to detail) [via]
Obsessive collection of prop and scenery photos from David Lynch's "Mulholland Dr." (from this impressive fan site, including location renderings) [via]
Engadget on the survival of Netflix ("open up or die") [via]
MIT review of Japan and America as two "cultures of piracy" (you can rent CDs in Japan?) [via]
Flash: The Incredibly Evil Machine [via]
1961 monster-movie trading cart set (also: monster flip movies, Weird-Ohs, and many others) [via]
New Yorker on government-funded cosemetic surgery for soldiers (496 breast enlargements from 2000 to 2003) [via]
July 18, 2004
NYT on Jeopardy master Ken Jennings (also: the Christian Science Monitor on Jeopardy and pub trivia) [via]
Background on the Pioneer 10 probe's plaque [via]
Jon Haddock's "Cartoon Violence" resin figures (traumatic events rendered in the style of early 1930s cartoons) [via]
Doom 3 for the SNES (hmm, not as impressive as the preview screenshots) [via]
MMORPG subscriber growth stats (Final Fantasy XI is number one with a bullet) [via]
Video: Dance, Voldo, Dance (choreographed dance machinima performed with Soul Calibur) [via]
Eric Meyer on political parties (the flaws of a two-party, black-and-white nation) [via]
Artist paints giant Google screenshot (I like the idea of folding up web sites) [via]
The Chaos of English Spelling (or why voice synthesis is hard) [via]
Newsweek's profile of the new iPod (also: the companion puff piece on the iPod's success) [via]
July 17, 2004
Background on the immersive "A.I." movie net game (more information about the game) [via]
U.S. Orkut users upset at Brazilian takeover (there are nearly twice as many Brazilian users than American)
Image: Newsweek cover with Steve Jobs and the new iPod [via]
Trac, open-source project management (combined software tracking, revision control, and wiki) [via]
Apple rumored to launch new iPods on Monday (thinner and cheaper?) [via]
Ask Metafilter on Internet addiction (I'm addicted to information)
Wired profile of eDonkey
Electric Etch-a-Sketch hack (controlled by a PC mouse) [via]
An Artificial Brain with 20 Billion Neurons [via]
July 16, 2004
Toshiba to unveil TV-capable laptop (whoops, make that "labtop") [via]
I/O Brush, video-enabled drawing toy (watch the demo to see how cool this is) [via]
Hilary Duff prank calls your friends (choose a name, message, and phone number)
Blockbuster Rentals beta (the rental retailer takes on Netflix) [via]
IMWatching, stats on your buddy list (stalk your friends over time) [via]
Flash: Eskiv game (I got a high score of 140) [via]
271 UK TV commercials from the 1980s (download 'em all in one giant torrent) [via]
Wired News on Cameron Diaz's Fleshbot cease-and-desist (lawyers are the bane of the free Internet)
Tutorial to creating isometric pixel art (draw in the style of eBoy) [via]
Alice's Adventures Under Ground (Charles Dodgson's the precursor to Wonderland) [via]
Smoking Coins [via]
Debate on news website registrations (BugMeNot is just routing around damage) [via]
Video: Escher-inspired Audi commercial (read more about the production) [via]
Free Shell Accounts (learn Unix without a commitment) [via]
What the President is Not (as taken from his public statements, but one's missing) [via]
Microsoft buys Lookout (I'm with Sippey, this seems like an unusual buy) [via]
The Business of Social Avatar Virtual Worlds (problems with creating virtual worlds like Habitat, There, and Second Life) [via]
July 15, 2004
Matt's idea about letting friends correct your site (using trusted networks, why not?)
How to Sell the Same Startup Twice (sell for $80 million, buy back at $2 million, sell again for $70 million)
Ground Zero typo caught after two years (never forget) [via]
Possible Follow-up Songs for One-Hit Wonders [via]
Java: The Shape of Sound (neat visualization for any uploaded MIDI file) [via]
Ari Paparo on Evite 2.0 and (some interesting thoughts)
MP3: The Conet Project (legally download the entire collection of shortwave numbers stations)
Buck Truck, the Rappin' Trucker (oddball album from 1990 for download) [via]
Google to add audio and video search [via]
Gawker Media gets a C&D for Cameron Diaz sex tape (for simply linking to the video website; will they go after Google next?) [via]
Flickr and Feedburner to develope photo syndication standard (two great companies working together)
July 14, 2004
How to make a Firefox extension (also helpful: creating a Mozilla extension) [via]
Video: Cutie Honey trailer (I don't what the movie's about, but I like it)
BitTorrent beats Kazaa in traffic numbers
Snopes on the London see-through loo (the infamous restroom made of one-way glass)
DOOM 3 goes gold! (official street date is August 5)
Webcam foils Florida burglary (the teens were busted by a friend watching the cam in Kentucky) [via]
Golden Apples of the Sun (gorgeous compilation of indie neo-folk, listen here)
Wonkette prints all the Outfoxed "Fox News" memos (the basis for the upcoming documentary) [via]
Australian children survive six days as castaways (a tragic (and cinematic) story of survival) [via]
eBay to allow digital music downloads (only for approved sellers, though) [via]
Micro-Heros (comic superheroes in the style of Stor Trooper avatars) [via]
Internet Archive's RSS feed of all new additions (or by media type (audio, video, text) or collection name (feature films, etree))
Metafilter turns 5 today
Wired on NYT's poor web archiving policies (or: "why results will never show up in Google")
Andrew Anker joins Six Apart (and Mena steps down as CEO)
Tibetan mandalas, drawn by fifth-graders (don't miss Nick's inspired description) [via]
The history of [via]
Julie Fidler's transcribed teen diaries from the 1970s (on my birthday, she watched Sonny & Cher's "Good Times")
Jimmy Carter's diaries of daily minutiae (on my birthday, he watched Robert Altman's "Nashville")
Why Is Antifreeze So Delicious? [via]
July 13, 2004
Cassini, the open-source Sega Saturn emulator (new, powerful, and supports many commercial games)
Wizard of Oz world for Second Life (the game community is endlessly creative)
Blocking MT comment spam with mod_rewrite (spammers can spoof referers, but most probably don't)
Google Predictions (some great ideas here)
PHP 5.0.0 released [via]
Smarter Image Hotlinking Prevention (use PHP and mod_rewrite to redirect hotlinks to a targeted page) [via]
BBC on Poly Play, the Cold War-era German arcade machine (it's one of the few legal MAME ROMs) [via]
S&M Barbie (where's the Submissive Ken doll?) [via]
Sony to unveil Playstation 2 (sic) next May (whoops) [via]
MT-Blacklist v2.0 coming soon (Jay entered it in the MovableType 3.0 plugin contest) [via]
Google acquires Picasa (their foray into the online photo management and storage market)
Sony shows wireless multiplayer, Talkman translation software (16 person ad-hoc LAN play) [via]
Bitoogle, the BitTorrent search engine (public trackers aren't safe, but here you go) [via]
Flash: They Might Be Giants' "Experimental Film" (created by the Homestar Runner guys)
Video Game Breaks & Sound Effects Volumes 1 & 2 [via]
Register debunks the "1 in 4" movie downloader stat (huge problems with the study, and some good international stats)
July 12, 2004
Big list of MP3 musicblogs (use these links with Alf's MP3-to-M3U playlist bookmarklet)
Porno 8-Tracks (the audio companion to Custer's Revenge) [via]
Word Clock (clockbar that displays the time in plaintext) [via]
Passing Gmail's 1GB limit [via]
All Music Guide redesign is live (oy vey, read my critique)
National Lampoon's "Emergency Fathering" (from June 1979 ) [via]
Gawker Media traffic stats (Fleshbot is doing very well) [via]
Insane comic book collection for sale on eBay (Superman #1, Batman #1, and almost every Silver Age comic ever published) [via]
Michael Moore publishing his sources for Fahrenheit 9/11 (I'm sure that will satisfy all his critics) [via]
Delaware stoner gets lost in Connecticut (Dreamworks to option the movie rights) [via]
Profile of Williams Street and the success of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim [via]
The Man with the Head of Saturn ("worst. transportation device. ever.")
Playstation 3, new Nintendo set to debut at E3 2005 (related: Xbox 2 may be announced in September) [via]
Everything I Learned at MIT (insane course notes from four years of study) [via]
Flipped off by the President (the photo isn't very clear, but it's a good story) [via]
NYT's amazing profile on the modern graphic novel (with audio commentary by Spiegelman, Seth, Sacco, Chester Brown, and Chris Ware) [via]
Wired on Friendster's "Anchorman" campaign (with a quote from yours truly)
July 10, 2004
Nintendo Breakz, Volume 1 (40 short remixes of original Nintendo soundtracks) [via]
Gwyneth Paltrow's spotted back (ancient Chinese hickeys) [via]
Googlebot indexing unlinked URLs (like about, contact, and stats?)
Mozilla gains on Internet Explorer's market share (1% ain't much, but it's something) [via]
Pocketster, turn your iPod into a wireless file-swapping jukebox (requires a PDA with a host USB port) [via]
Homebrew Game & Watch-style games (for the new PDRoms competition)
July 9, 2004
Oddpost bought by Yahoo (Yahoo responds to Google's Gmail) [via]
Google Pagerank plugin for Firefox (unlike PRGoogleBar, doesn't rely on an outside server)
Post to from Sharpreader (Ilya wrote this in about an hour)
Video: Riordan's "Stupid Dirty Girl" video (it sounds worse in print than in person) [via]
Underbunny, amazing photos by a Seattle mortuary worker (upsetting, absorbing, and more)
Playstation 3 production starts in 2005 (shipping in late 2005 or early 2006)
Automatic blood donation booth (does it take your photo, too?) [via]
99 Luftballoons, side-by-side comparison
Another crash on Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain (Disney fans posted photos from the scene) [via]
PVRBlog on EFF's Stop the Broadcast Flag campaign (I guarantee it'll increase the free trade of TV shows online)
July 8, 2004
PVRBlog has the highest Pagerank of any blog? (there must be another blog with a PR9) [via]
Alien in 30 seconds, with bunnies (more 30-Second Bunnies Theatre) [via]
LA City Council votes to regulate cybercafes (or as Joystiq says, "regulating fun")
Image: 26 Alphabetized Terrors (more in the gallery)
Live as-you-type search results (type into the "blog search" box, slowly)
New All Music Guide redesign launching Monday (I have high hopes for this relaunch)
NYT on the return of "Family Guy" (along with "American Dad," a more political animated show) [via]
Action verb photos on Yahoo News
Random photos found on filesharing networks [via]
IDG published iPod-related magazine [via]
Video-equipped tombstones [via]
Wired on blogger burnout (some good quotes from Kottke, Kos, and Reynolds)
Wired on Anil's winning SEO Contest entry [via]
MTV hiring Wonkette's Ana Marie Cox to cover Democratic convention [via]
Gameboy Advance videophone (here's a Babelfish translation of the announcement) [via]
NYT on the Gotham typeface used in 9/11 memorial [via]
July 7, 2004
NYT on Webjay
"A Better Version of Me," another new Fiona Apple song (I wonder if these "leaks" are just a marketing ploy)
100 song mix CD ("I Like Short Songs") [via]
Keira Knightley's bust retouched for "King Arthur" poster (they gave her a tan and a tattoo, too) [via]
Veen's tutorial on scraping MP3 blogs with wget (is there already a site listing all MP3s hosted on blogs?)
FairKeys, retrieve your FairPlay keys from Apple's servers (DVD Jon strikes again) [via]
Video: Lego Spider-man 2 (very professional, commissioned by Lego and Sony Pictures) [via]
Josh Santangelo on Spiceplay, the social networking porn site (the site launches on Saturday) [via]
Wikipedia hits 300,000 articles
Bloglines redesigned (the best web-based feed reader) [via]
Pac-Mondrian (Rhizome's Mondrian art-style remix of Pac-Man) [via]
Technorati tracks 3 million blogs (15,00 new blogs created every weekday, 275k posts/day)
Snopes on terrible Ohio car crash video (watch the video)
Flickr adds moblogging (the site keeps getting better) [via]
Nintendo announces new classic NES reissues for the GBA (SMB2, Zelda 2, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Castlevania)
July 6, 2004, "In my Place" (upsetting personal blog from someone living with HIV) [via]
Powerpizza, pizza box-shaped laptop case [via]
Golfing across Mongolia, Par 11,880 (one man golfing across 2.3 million yards, 1300 miles)
Japanese open source company's oddball ads (don't miss the link to the video)
"Joey" pilot leaked online three months early (I saw the release on a BitTorrent tracker and assumed it already aired) [via]
New York Post publishes wrong Kerry VP pick on cover (a "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment) [via]
Blogory's personalized RSS feeds (interesting recommendation service) [via]
Kerry/Edwards news was leaked online last night (on an aviation message board)
July 5, 2004
PearPC co-author passes away [via]
NYT on the software politics of the 2004 presidential race (Democrats using open source software, Republicans using Microsoft) [via]
Evaluating Windows XP Service Pack 2 RC2 (new firewall on by default, IE addon manager, and automatic updates) [via]
NYT on Giant Robot (they're opening a restaurant, too?) [via]
New Yorker on radio payola and "spot buys" (record labels are gaming the Billboard charts) [via]
Bootleg RSS request service ($2 to get an RSS feed of any site) [via]
July 4, 2004
Audioscrobbler Weekly Charts (somewhat random, but should improve over time) [via]
RSS FedEx Package Tracker
Anil on track to win this month's SEO Challenge (he'll win a 17" flat panel on July 7th)
The Fray's "Fireworks" (anecdote from a politically-charged 4th of July)
LA Weekly rounds up media's treatment of Cheney's "fuck" quote (only the Washington Post spelled out the direct quote) [via]
Michael Moore approves of "Fahrenheit 9/11" downloads (spread it far and wide, but don't charge for it) [via]
Nintendo Famicom papercraft [via]
Video: Super Mario theme on piano, blindfolded (he tackles several other NES themes, as well)
Justin Hall's review of the "Brick Attack" retrogame concert and fashion show (the Minibosses concert at L.A.'s The Smell) [via]
July 3, 2004
City Paper on dying online (everyone on my buddy list is still alive, fortunately) [via]
Bead art of retro videogame sprites [via]
Suprnova mirror, ordered by subject (let the downloader beware) [via]
Getty Images' The Big Idea (short films made only from Getty's stock photos and video) [via]
July 2, 2004
Colin Powell joins the Village People (young man, put your pride on the shelf)
Google removes dictionary definitions from searches (never mind, they just added it back in)
Flash: Spark plugs? (prank phone call, turn up your volume) [via]
Rock, Paper, Saddam (caption silliness)
NPR Ombudsman on "Hip, but Inscrutable" music reviews (is he complaining about the reviews or the music?) [via]
Panasonic's vacuum-tube car CD/MP3 player (the Japanese homepage for the product) [via]
Browser exploits involving human reaction times (tricking users into executing malicious code with fake games and captchas) [via]
Marlon Brando died broke and alone (a tragic end to an excellent actor)
Facetop, desktops with webcam overlay (here are more photos and screenshots) [via]
Gmail as an online backup system (limited by the 10MB attachment limit, though) [via]
ASCII Rock (classic music videos converted to text and MIDI)
CAcert, free SSL certificates for everyone (I always wondered why certs were so expensive) [via]
July 1, 2004
New Chankast alpha supports Shenmue, Soul Calibur (amazing Dreamcast emulator gets even better)
ICO spawns Japanese novel (possibly the best game ever released for the PS2)
Photos of the Bodie Ghost Town (nicely preserved mining town from the late 1800s)
Gothamist launching LA-focused (finally, we'll have good L.A. events on [via]
NetNews Tracker, Usenet search agent (deliver daily search results from Google Groups by e-mail)
The source of the famous "My Pet Goat" story (as read by George W. Bush on 9/11) [via]
iPod Mini Wedding Cake (heh, a "cakemod")
Audio: The Delgados cover ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" (very pretty)
Google bans Gmail swaps and sales (this should still allow sites like Gmail Swap)
Gamecritics interviews E3 "booth babes" (the guys are generally scared of the women) [via]
Underdog Webloggers 2004 (list is too pundit-heavy, so I nominated five of my favs in the comments)
Flash: Titanic in 30 Seconds, with bunnies (not as good as The Shining or The Exorcist) [via]
MSNBC on the "Fahrenheit 9/11" BitTorrent leak (correction: it's terrible quality, by any standard)
Microsoft drops paid inclusion for MSN Search (it's still no Google)
NYT on political video games (including the best one of all time, [via]
Implanted device relieves man of hiccups (stimulates the vagus nerve to permanently stop hiccups)
Salon on the Photoshopping of the President (how a software application brought political satire to the masses)
Night vision goggles foil Chatsworth teen's effort to bootleg Spiderman 2 (despite this, the telesync was released yesterday) [via]
Chess Boxing (finally, a well-rounded sport) [via]
Newthings on STALKER and the wave of realism in games (3D modeling the mundane and the ordinary)
Erik posts the Tiger desktop widgets (some require Safari to run, though) [via]
Audio: new Rilo Kiley songs ripped from KCRW (these are so very good, thanks Leonard)