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November 30, 2004
Jonathan Franzen on "Peanuts" (also: the Peanuts box set is gorgeous) [via]
Screenshots of the new Netscape prototype based on Firefox (truly ugly, and forces users to choose between IE and Firefox rendering engines) [via]
Chris Ware and Ira Glass collaborated on a DVD/book (Lost Buildings is only available to public radio supporters)
Sony TV forces Jason Kottke to remove Jeopardy spoiler audio and transcript (even though the Washington Post ran the whole thing!)
Blogbox (like Konfabulator widgets for your blog)
Flickr's roundup of celeb photos on Flickr (the wallpaper tag is nice, too)
Rex kicks off his Best of 2004 List of Lists (like last year, this list will get huge; keep checking back)
Katamari Damacy sequel in development [via]
November 29, 2004
Google's big secret plans for video search (yeah, Yahoo and MSN are working on it too) [via]
Ask Mefi goes straight to the source (beat that, Google Answers)
New York Changing (then & now photos comparing 1930s to present day) [via]
NY Observer's profile of Pitchfork Media (they get 115k visitors/day, and pay $20 per review) [via]
Zach Braff confronts a critic (my God, his site gets a lot of comments) [via]
Flash: How To Kill a Mockingbird (brilliant and stupid)
Wikinews Demo (looks like a great start, like the Rachelle Waterman murder article) [via]
Hacking Wi-Fi on the Nintendo DS (they're trying to tunnel Pictochat online; more importantly, wireless multiboot from the PC)
November 28, 2004
G-Man Sightings in Half-Life 2 (it's details like these that make HL2 the best PC game of the year)
Image: Life Before the Internet [via]
eBay Pulse (like Google Zeitgeist for eBay) [via]
November 27, 2004
Teenage girl murders her mother (and posts about it on her Livejournal (screenshot))
November 26, 2004
Gilles Tran's 3D-rendered "Variations" (very creative rendering work)
DirecTV dropping Trio, which may kill it (too bad, they're an excellent channel) [via]
Pink Floyd pupils sue for royalties (we don't need no education; we need a cash settlement) [via]
November 24, 2004
Carmine Caridi fined $300k for leaking Oscar screeners (also: the owners of ordered to pay $23.8 million)
Veer's top 20 fonts are all scripts (surprising trend)
NPR's All Things Considered on BitTorrent (they talk to Bram Cohen and Lawrence Lessig) [via]
Video: Mariko Takahashi’s Fitness Video for Being Appraised as an “Ex-Fat Girl” (inexplicably weird; higher-quality video here)
Eponymous songs (songs named after the band name)
15 Megs of Fame (promoting indie bands with a CC license) [via]
Blog Torrent launches! (pretty impressive for a first release; some great ideas here)
Wired News on newpapers losing young readers to the Web (only 3% of 18- to 34-year-olds read a newspaper, compared to 46% online)'s new Citations feature ("Small Pieces Loosely Joined" cites 14 books, and 96 books cite Fast Food Nation) [via]
November 23, 2004
Looking back on Wired's "101 Ways to Save Apple" from 1997 (some great ideas, but also some terrible ones)
Dijjer, Ian Clarke's new BitTorrent alternative (um, except that it quietly downloads and caches files you never requested!) [via]
Playstation 2 Portable (badass homebrew handheld PS2!)
Help find Dan Clune (BookCrossing's lead programmer went missing 2.5 weeks ago in Idaho)
November 22, 2004
Metafilter redesign contest (fine with me, as long as it's #006699) [via]
Slate reviews JFK Reloaded (sickening, but well executed "game")
Downhill Battle on the Kleptones' Hip-Hopera ordeal (also, it's the first public demo of the Blog Torrent beta)
Disney paranoia at Life Aquatic screener (Defamer posted two other recent examples of screening paranoia)
Disclaimer stickers for science textbooks [via]
reBlog 1.0 released (reblogging tool comes with a neat web-based feedreader)
Google sets up shop next to Microsoft (it's fun watching the Google VP tapdance around their obvious motives) [via]
Derek Powazek joins Technorati (good, because it's ugly)
The Wikipedia Game (see also: Six Degrees of Wikipedia)
Origins of the Hopkin Green Frog meme (Mike tracks down the frog's owner; I love this kind of thing) [via]
November 21, 2004
Only 1/3 of Americans believe in evolution (this is extremely depressing) [via]
Autoportrait with grandfather (stunning example of expert Photoshopping)
Video game simulates Kennedy assassination (here are some screenshots from it) [via]
Radiohead, fair use, and the evils of copyright (an author's tale of meeting Radiohead and licensing their songs for his book)
November 20, 2004
Album: People Like Us's "Abridged Too Far" (remixed audio plundered from the Prelinger Archives, among other sources) [via]
Mom's Cancer (excellent autobiographical graphic novel) [via]
Paper CD Case (instantly generate a PDF label or origami paper case for your CDs) [via]
Complete Criterion Collection gift set (241 movies for $5,000, about $20 each)
November 19, 2004
Auto-generating a graphic novel from blog posts (this makes me miss Radio vox Populi) [via]
Flash: 12many, counting game (tonypa's other games are wonderful, too) [via]
Dave Winer on RSS advertising (also: George rounds up some of the current techniques)
November 18, 2004
Elvis Costello interviews Joni Mitchell (from the November Vanity Fair)
MPAA wants to monitor Internet2 traffic (this Slashdot comment sums it up for me) [via]
43 Things' Twinkler preview (when expanded to any topic, this will be very interesting) [via]
Blogging featured on the West Wing (the character may have been modeled after Wonkette) [via]
File Magazine's Screen Series (photos taken through screen doors) [via]
Knork, the spork-like knife/fork (yet another Half Bakery idea finally baked) [via]
Metafilter turns on new user signups (membership has been closed for two years!)
Debate about Firefox not supporting image tooltips for ALT tags (someone wrote an extension to emulate IE's behavior)
2.5 gigapixel photo (a busy city scene would've been more interesting) [via]
November 17, 2004
Strongbad gets an e-mail virus (lots of clever stuff here, plus a Livejournal reference) [via]
Flash: EPIC, a prediction of the Google-enabled future (if this is the dystopian future, count me in) [via]
Vicepoker, free strip poker game for the Gameboy Advance (possibly the first porn for Nintendo's kid-friendly handheld?) [via] gets a threatening letter from a catheter manufacturer (they want him to remove enema references in years-old BBS text files) [via]
Mash the Planet (Philip Torrone's onto something here)
Mark Cuban fined by NBA for a blog entry [via]
Library of Congress putting 30 million newspapers online (papers published from 1836 through 1922, and available by 2006) [via]
2004 Interactive Fiction competition results (Dan Shiovitz and Andrew Plotkin posted their reviews of all the free games) [via]
Second Life citizens create Neverlend virtual theme park (they continually impress me) [via]
TiVo to add banner ads when fast forwarding (as Matt said in the article, this is a slippery slope) [via]
November 16, 2004
Gamespot's Half-Life 2 review (the only review so far that's not a complete gush)
The Grey Video (amazing Beatles/Jay-Z video mashup for DJ Dangermouse's "Encore")
Edelman on Grokster's outrageous spyware package (no less than 15 bundled programs; some install even if you hit Cancel!)
PDF: Ben Edelman's economic analysis of Google Answers (many researchers answer questions at night, for around $8-10/hour)
November 15, 2004
The Sneeze interviews FedEx's logo creator (have you noticed the hidden arrow?)
Thoughts on BitTorrent usability (some interesting ideas, along with a nice mockup)
Bungie publishing RSS feeds for Halo 2 stats (get a feed to see all of your own games!)
MP3: Eddie Murphy's "Boogie in your Butt" (this should definitely be remixed on b3ta)
November 13, 2004
How to schedule TV downloads with BitTorrent and RSS (made possible by TVTorrents) [via]
US senator's portfolios beating the market by 12 percent (likely insider trading, but the SEC won't investigate) [via]
Did Clinton Gut the Military? (Gordon does some original historical research)
BBC's search engine shootout (not very scientific, but Google wins regardless) [via]
How It Works... The Computer (full scans of a computer primer from 1971 and 1979) [via]
BusinessWeek piece on corporate blogging software (KnowNow is charging $50k to $100k for blog software? insane) [via]
November 12, 2004
RoboDump (immature, but funny) [via]
Gamespot's 25-page "behind the scenes" feature on Half-Life 2 (I preordered the game last week!)
PocketBeeb, a BBC Model "B" emulator for the GBA (the screenshots are very neat)
November 11, 2004
Halo 2 sales break all entertainment records (between GTA, Halo 2 and HL2, it's a good year for games)
EB breaks Half-Life 2's street date (I'm sure it'll be on Usenet by tomorrow) [via]
Sex in Second Life (the adult clubs are the most popular locations in the virtual world) [via]
The Venn diagram of "getting it" (no relation to Getting It) [via]
Rich nutcase trying to collect an MP3 of every song ever recorded (I posted some thoughts in the Mefi thread) [via]
How ‘Balanced’ Coverage Lets the Scientific Fringe Hijack Reality (heavy-handed attempts at neutrality are distorting the truth) [via]
Usability and users as hungry mice, cheese, and electric shocks (or: people care less about usability as usefulness increases) [via]
NYT on San Jose PD's problems with user interface design (the Windows-based mobile dispatch was designed without officer feedback) [via]
Bright Eyes grabs the top two positions in the Billboard Hot 100 Singles!? (this is insane, especially for an indie artist)
Shaw Cable censoring Internet access (they're limiting the speeds of filesharing protocols and lying about it)
Alphabet of blog favicons [via]
Dragon optical illusion (make sure to watch the video) [via]
November 10, 2004
Cream reunion in the works
Microsoft launches Search beta (the site should be live tomorrow)
l33tspeak on Jeopardy College Tournament (just when you thought it couldn't get geekier than a Blogs category)
Video: Leaked Fantastic Four trailer (this movie will suck, badly)
Two new Pee-Wee Herman films in the works (I'm hoping they're more Big Adventure than Big Top) [via]
New PCSX2 screenshots (the best PS2 emulator now plays several games, albeit very slowly)
Video: Japanese McDonald's ad, with models dressed as Ronald McDonald (there's one for the ladies, too) [via]
Image: Wired's VoteStation mockup for e-voter receipts (very clever) [via]
Downhill Battle's proposal for a secure filesharing plugin for GAIM (their Blog Torrent project is getting closer, too) [via]
ICANN to make domain hijackings much simpler (update: the Netcraft article is inaccurate) [via]
The only negative review of Halo 2 (out-of-context quotes from nine different glowing reviews) [via]
Paul's daily links visualized (I'd like to do some infoviz with my own link history and vias) [via]
CiteULike (a bookmarking tool for academic papers) [via]
November 9, 2004
Video: Mark Osborne's "More" (astounding and moving Claymation short)
Nintendo DS hands-on review (tons of screenshots, and a quirky thumb stylus) [via]
How to play flipbook videos on the iPod Photo (it's like a $600 digital Mutoscope!)
Google hosting the new Firefox 1.0 start page (interesting move for Google)
Mozilla Firefox 1.0 released (the best consumer product out of the open-source movement)
November 8, 2004
Koders, a search engine for source code (search the source of thousands of open-source projects) [via]
Microsoft's Bedlam DL3 mailing list ordeal (15,000,000 internal "me too!" e-mails consumed 195GB in less than two days) [via]
Vintage snapshots from the '50s, '60s and early '70s (from the always-good Imaginary World)
Strongbad E-Mail DVD (the first 100 e-mails on three discs with lots of extras, buy it now) [via]
Imitating Flickr's annotations in DHTML (very impressive) [via]
Google Answers on the economics of coffeehouse wifi (plus, a good discussion of the free vs. fee debate)
DJ Riko's MP3 mashup mixes (the longer mixes, like "Latter Day Taints," are excellent)
Terrible "Six Feet Under" headlines (headline writers have a pun field day)
Celebrity candids on Flickr (nice recent shots of Peter Jackson)
Gmail snooping for illegal attachments? (rumor: one user's account cancelled for keygens and cracks in his inbox) [via]
IMSmarter, free IM enhancement proxy (I've been using the beta for months, very cool) [via]
Pricenoia, on-the-fly comparison of Amazon's global sites (with real-time currency conversion and estimated shipping) [via]
Adrian Tomine's New Yorker cover (Seth's cover was nice, too)
November 7, 2004
404 error in a textbook (common Microsoft Word error slips into print) [via]
Movie: Jon Udell demonstratesvoice dictation software (hypnotic demo of this software) [via]
November 6, 2004
Real-life landmarks in GTA San Andreas (I wonder if they modeled my office building) [via]
42 Entertainment (the company behind ILoveBees finally revealed) [via]
Reuters overview of BitTorrent (surprisingly, with links to legal torrent sites! yay!)
When web designers retaliate (the site was originally designed by this guy)
November 5, 2004
10x10, hourly snapshot of 100 words and pictures from the current news (well designed, by the Wordcount guy) [via]
Half-Life 2 SDK released (would someone please make a Disneyland mod for me?) [via]
Our Traditional Non-Traditional Wedding (Wired's Steve Silberman on being a married gay man) [via]
Tivo adds show permalinks (they coincidentally added it the same day George requested it)
Capture the Map (a strategic game using the Google API) [via]
Furdlog on the MPAA's new anti-piracy campaign (don't miss their delusional glossary)
Obesity raising airline fuel costs [via]
Blendie, the scream-controlled blender (also: ScreamBody, the wearable scream recorder) [via]
Cringely on TV2ME (is there an open-source howto for doing this?)
November 4, 2004
Improv Anywhere's Best Gig Ever (the guerilla improv troupe's other conquests are amazing, like The Hypnotist, Ted's Birthday, and Writers Against Piracy) [via]
How many cookies are inside Cookie Dough Ice Cream? (answer: two not very good cookies) [via]
2004 county election map, with proportional colors (a very different picture than this) [via]
Video: New Star Wars teaser trailer (currently "members only" on
Gamestop stop Nintendo DS preorders (also: DS games will be $30, cheaper than GBA games) [via]
More details on the MPAA's pending lawsuits against movie filesharers (they posted several press releases about the actions)
Sales in virtual goods top $100 million (Castranova added up auction sales to get the lowball estimate)
Postal Service agrees to cross-promotion with USPS (bizarre terms of the band name's settlement)
Fox reporting that Ashcroft is resigning (also, they're saying Colin Powell may be leaving too)
November 3, 2004
Mario Quilt
Canada 2.0 (this made me laugh)
Mikester's background on today's Boondocks strip (their long lead times cause them to sidestep timely news)
Electing to Leave (a reader's guide to expatriating on November 3) [via]
November 2, 2004
Visualizations of five years of Plasticbag blog postings (looks like Processing is a good environment for infoviz) [via]
Cartoon Network airing same Harvey Birdman episode 24 times tonight (to encourage people to watch something more important) [via]
Andy Baio hates Slurpees (he's referring to my very first entry; you should read the rest of Otto's site)
Eagle Scout shoots, kills atheist (don't miss the last sentence of the article) [via]
An hour-by-hour guide to election results (also: what to watch for on election night)
Eminem's Mosh video is hammering the Internet Archive's gigabit connection (it's been downloaded about a million times from them alone) [via]
November 1, 2004, login-free music database (a great alternative to the still-sucky AMG redesign) [via]
Asian Mack, iTunes Music Store-centric blog (good idea, also implemented here as a community site)
Spam torrents appearing on Suprnova (spammers forcing users to jump through hoops to unlock encrypted files)
Andy Tannenbaum built the Electoral Vote Predictor (wow, the Minix creator and tech legend is the brain behind the site) [via]
Tivo's Hot 100 of Season Passes (at the bottom is their weekly top 25 most-recorded shows) [via]
Flash: Hammond Flower (interactive Hammond B3 organ synthesis) [via]
Friendster Pachinko (try someone well connected like Xeni (023680)) [via]