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January 31, 2005
Coachella 2005 lineup announced (strange that bands like Sloan and Spoon are buried in the lineup) [via]
Charting the sharing frequency of links (raises the question of researching point of entry) [via]
Video: Mashup of "Paperback Writer" and "I'm a Believer" (fan-made music video matched to GHP's flawless mashup)
Register UK's interview with a comment spammer (nothing new here, but it's good to know thy enemy) [via]
TiVo launches Home Media Engine SDK (PVRBlog is hosting a gallery of apps, and TiVo is running a programming contest)
Make a Life Poster with iPhoto (a 20"x30" collage of 98 photos, printed by Kodak for $29) [via]
Video: Gene Kelly breakdancing in VW Golf commercial (great editing, but crass exploitation of the dead) [via]
Digg, community-moderated link blog (like Metafilter meets K5; how it works) [via]
Video: IBM's The Information Machine (animated film directed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1958, with an Elmer Bernstein score) [via]
Steven Johnson's semantic research system (desktop and web search tools need this functionality) [via]
Hands-on preview of Katamari Damacy 2 (with two videos of gameplay from the classroom demo) [via]
Del tha Funkee Homosapien performs at the Dreamcast launch party in 1999 (don't miss the video of Del performing the gaming-focused song "Proto Culture") [via]
Angie Hart on the bitter breakup and new reunion of Frente! (there's a new song up on Myspace, but it just doesn't have the same sense of wonder)
Matt Biddulph made two new hacks (a tool that detects similarly-named tags, and a Firefox extension that embeds into the BBC website) [via]
January 29, 2005
To Protect and to Rock (painting of Steve Perry as Robocop)
Image: Cigarro & Cerveja's Cookieright (cute independent comic strip on copyright) [via]
A9 CEO denies they paid for getting mentioned on The OC (does anyone really believe that?)
January 28, 2005
Pokemon causes cancer, literally (POK Erythroid Myeloid Ontogenic proteins) [via]
Livejournal circa 1945 (round-robin letter writing during WWII) [via]
Mikel Maron's A9 panorama tool (enter a Block Search URL, get photos of the entire street)
Credit card statement drawings (drawing each one until they're paid off) [via]
January 27, 2005
Amazon pays for A9 reference on The OC (it sounds awkward, but here I am talking about it; anyone have a clip?)
Flicker slideshow of A9 photos down Melrose (set the speed to high; thanks, Jonah)
Smoking Mickey Mouse t-shirt (order one before they're served a C&D) [via]
Adwords API launches (web services for managing, deploying, and tuning Adwords campaigns; congrats, Nelson!)
Homebrew code now running on the Nintendo DS (graphic demos will probably be next, as programmers learn how to code for it)
Interesting images found on A9 Local (Alan has more information; also, finding yourself in a photo)
New IE security newsgroup launches (the first comment made me laugh) [via]
Ben Folds releasing new album in April (Weird Al singing backup on one song?)
Panoramas with A9's Block View (anyone want to write a tool to automate this to get an entire block or street?)
Russell Beattie on A9's block photos (it's been done before in Spain and France) [via]
Image: MSN's new math (6 divided by 3 is...?)
January 26, 2005
Amazon/A9's amazing new Yellow Pages (with photos of 14 million storefronts across ten cities, like this one; walk up the block)
Yahoo moving up to 1,000 employees into new Santa Monica office (about six blocks away from my house) [via]
Craig's List traffic stats (1.7 billion pageviews per month, and 7 million uniques!) [via]
Why Your Pointy Haired Boss Is A Mathematical Certainty (three cheers for the middle manager!)
Downhill Battle's Eyes on the Screen campaign (excellent campaign to rescue the classic civil-rights documentary from copyright hell) [via]
Steve Martin's letter to Johnny Carson (very sincere) [via]
January 25, 2005
Turn your Mac Mini into a home media center (great howto by Engadget) [via]
AOL stops offering newsgroup access (the endless September finally ends!) [via]
New Google employee blogging about work (update: he took it down for a short time, but Dave cached the homepage before he did) [via]
CastleZZT's mirror-image Garfield (the most interesting Garfield strips in two decades; see also, the rest of the site) [via]
Flickr coincidence (it's not the only uncanny coincidence on Flickr) [via]
Ashlee Simpson's spamming message boards (maybe not her, but someone involved with her PR effort) [via]
Christie's The Origins of Cyberspace auction (historical documents galore; BUY IT NOW! NO RESERVE!)
January 24, 2005
Real-life tribute to Calvin & Hobbes' snowmen (here's one more example)
Audio: Staccato Music 7 (featuring an interview with Magnatune Records creator John Buckman) [via]
Google Video launched (search major networks, but no video clips are available!) [via]
Today, Some McSweeney's Lists (Olivia Newton-Tron) [via]
Unusual articles on Wikipedia (heavy metal umlaut is on there) [via]
Kottke on the maximum Starbucks density (current winner is downtown NYC with 169 stores in a 5-mile radius)
Bugs Bunny in drag (for those who were worried about Spongebob's pro-gay agenda) [via]
Long-lost video of Steve Jobs introducing the Mac in 1984 (taped off public TV, finally available online)
Google Video Search coming soon? (the directory and subdomain now temporarily redirect to the homepage)
Firefox's lead engineer Ben Goodger hired by Google (this suggests that the Google Browser is definitely a reality) [via]
Insecure vs. confident weatherman videos (both are painful to watch)
Street art in Counterstrike Source (anyone can make custom graffiti in CS:Source) [via]
Just A Plant, a children's story of marijuana (the next book should be "Poppies Are Pretty: A Children's Guide to Opiates") [via]
2005 Bloggies nominations (the Bloggies need a "Best Linkblog" category) [via]
CD Baby rewrite in Postgres and Ruby (one developer's move away from PHP and MySQL) [via]
Hurricane Electric ISP adds automatic BitTorrent hosting for clients (drop a file in a directory, and it's automatically tracked and seeded locally; wonderful!) [via]
Non-desktop uses for a Mac mini (some great ideas here for DIY projects) [via]
Google rumored to offer voice-over-IP phone service (a bold move, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Google buy a Skype competitor) [via]
Collaborative fiction writing with SubEthaEdit (I'll bet it would work great for screenplays and sketch comedy, too) [via]
Snarkout essay on Will Eisner (tons of great links about Eisner and the Spirit)
Are design contests worth the time and effort? (B. Adam Howell asks contest winners if they got any business after winning)
Washington school district bans Halo 2 tsunami fundraiser (they cited violent games and the Columbine shootings) [via]
January 23, 2005
Habbo Hotel gets $23m in funding (one of the most successful and profitable multiplayer worlds, despite its lo-fi approach) [via]
Flash: Jon Udell's Wikipedia case study on the heavy metal umlaut (this is essential viewing for anyone with any interest in Wikipedia) [via]
Darwinia demo released (a real-time strategy game with a completely unique look, independently published) [via]
Phrack to publish its last issue (publishing since 1985, I used to read the hacker e-zine religiously in my BBS days)
Google raises word limit to 32 (before, you were limited to 10 words in a single query)
MP3: Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright duet on Wham's "Careless Whisper" (the live version of Philosophy is nice, too)
Drivey, monochrome driving sim for Windows (also: history of driving games) [via]
Five terrible fake Livejournal memes (from Merlin Mann's 5ives) [via]
MoonEdit, multiplatform collaborative text editor (like SubEthaEdit, but for both Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD) [via]
Ivan Brunetti's Doodle-A-Day (his galleries of vintage postcards and art are good, too)
Wired cover story on Firefox (it's tempting for the media to put one face on a much larger project)
Target selling Mac mini (but only on their website, I believe) [via]
Johnny Carson passes away (even to the end, he was writing jokes and secretly sending them to Letterman) [via]
January 22, 2005
NYC radio station skit mocking tsunami victims (you'd think as New Yorkers, they'd empathize with the disaster) [via]
January 21, 2005
Exeem open beta released (yeah, but it has spyware with no opt-out; better wait for an updated ExeemLite) [via]
Google to provide AdWords API to advertisers (I could imagine uses for an AdSense API for publishers, as well)
Paul Ford's Three Favorite Computer Games of 2004 (the Will Oldham MMORPG should be called "Palace")
A post about Sally Forth, the main character in Sally Forth [via]
Video: Innernet, parody of Justin Hall's breakdown (some context; created by this guy)
Convert Tivo-to-Go to MPEG files (DRM, be gone!) [via]
Jacob Weinstein on the movie industry's screener DVDs (they're hassling award voters, or not sending out screening copies at all) [via]
January 20, 2005
Justin Foster signs up for free trade magazines (you, too, can get free subscriptions to Pig International, Aqua, Firehouse, and Tissue World)
January 19, 2005
Image: Sega's next football game (with EA's monopoly on NFL or ESPN rights, Sega doesn't have much left) [via]
mp3Blog Toplist, gauging popularity by multiplying users by Technorati inbound links (Alf also made toplists for blogresearch and games)
Sparklines for representing Wikipedia activity (a brilliant idea they should try to reproduce as soon as possible) [via]
NYT journalist's followup on two girls he freed from Cambodian sex trade (he purchased them for $450 in 2003, turning journalism into activism) [via]
Photographs of Signs Enforcing Racial Discrimination (boy, I'm glad nobody cares about race anymore) [via]
Ourmedia launching this weekend (platform for free hosting of personal video content, partnered with [via]
PubSub tracking over 8 million blogs/feeds (wow, that easily trumps Technorati's 6.2 million blogs) [via]
Geocities 1996 (the best CSS Zen Garden theme ever) [via]
Ta-Da Lists (37signal's free shared to-do lists; I've already set one up for
Metafilter Tags, 24 hours later (unbelievable explosion as Mefi users tag all their old posts)
Justice Dept. gets first two convictions in P2P piracy case ("felony copyright infringement" is an upsetting phrase)
Cory refuses to give up personal info to American Airlines (his letter to AA is a great read)
January 18, 2005
Movie: The Cyberpunk Educator (analysis of cyberpunk movies of the 1980s, full download with BitTorrent) [via]
Image: One does not simply walk into Mortor (mirrored locally)
Unintended consequences of "nofollow" support by search engines (legitimate linking in comments helped make Google relevant, but spammers ruined it for everyone)
Socialtext loses Disney deal to Jotspot (Mike downplays it, and he should know) [via]
Star Trek Enterprise not cancelled? (this sounds like a non-denial denial to me) [via]
Chris Anderson on the Long Tail applied to TV shows (the conclusion to his very good recent series)
Calculating the best albums of 2004 from 60 top ten lists (Franz Ferdinand firmly at the top) [via]
Comic: Perry Bible Fellowship's "Shotgun" (how do Rock, Scissors, and Paper settle disputes?)
Yahoo, Google, MSN announce "nofollow" support to combat comment and Trackback spam (more details about the spec that removes the Pagerank incentive for spammers) [via]
Dissecting the iPod Shuffle (not a bit of space is wasted) [via]
New Yorker on (four guys in their early 20s, 8 million unique visitors and $400k/month) [via]
Matt adds tagging to Metafilter (hopping on the tag bandwagon)
David Galbraith on search ordering by date (I've been wanting this for years; it will be increasingly essential as the web stagnates)
Blinx Video Search signs major networks (you can search the archives of BBC, Fox, Sky, and more) [via]
Michael Wolf's photographs of Hong Kong high-rises (from a distance, resembles random noise or UPC barcodes) [via]
"Legend of Zelda" upper back tattoo (in the style of Wind Waker, from this Gaming Tattoos community)
Video: Justin's dark night (the web's first blogger has a very public nervous breakdown; lots of questions here about the personal costs of posting your entire life online) [via]
FreeMe, remove DRM from Windows Media files! (never mind, this is really old news; Microsoft released a "fix" for it)
Ripshark will convert your CDs to MP3 (at less than $1/album, cheaper than RipDigital) [via]
Craig Robinson's What If? (illustrated with Minipops) [via]
January 17, 2005
PS2 brute force hacking of GTA San Andreas cheat codes (he connected his PS2 controller to his PC to step through every button combo)
Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers fan fiction (Mikester says, "No slash, I think, I hope.") [via]
Moistworks MP3 blog shut down by British RIAA (they contacted the host directly to shut them down; some commentary about the closure) [via]
Drunk Men Work Here's Blacklist log (an automated list of scumbag comment/Trackback spammer activity on DMWH's random weblog service)
EA teams up with ESPN for sports games (after the exclusive NFL deal, this clinches their monopoly on sports gaming)
January 15, 2005
Image: Katamari Damacy cosplay (damn, I was hoping they'd dress up like the King of All Cosmos) [via]
Technorati Tags (turn MovableType extensions to Technorati tags)
January 14, 2005
Overriding site-wide CSS styles at the page level with PHP (a nice hack)
Dream World, Thailand's cheap Disneyland knockoff (complete with fake Space Mountain, Fantasyland, and bootleg Disney gift shop) [via]
MP3: Nina Gordon's "Straight Outta Compton" (some other offbeat covers on her official site) [via]
Patrick Nielsen Hayden criticizes Boing Boing's "Copyright Communist" parody propaganda (outstanding comments by Cory Doctorow, Charlie Stross, and more) [via]
January 13, 2005
Marcus Arnold aka "LawGuy1975," dead at 19 ('s #1 legal expert at age 15, he was featured in Michael Lewis' Next) [via]
Spam Assassin plugin for MovableType (very neat) [via]
Will you still need me, will you still feed me? (my mom overhears a conversation)
Technorati introduces tag searching (searches Flickr, Delicious, and category-tagged blog posts) [via]
BayTSP's FirstSource anti-piracy software targets first uploads (find the first instance of a file online, verify it, and capture the IP addresses of the initial seeders)
Blogpulse charts of blogger meals ("breakfast" and "dinner" references go up every Sunday, while "lunch" references go down)
Ocean-related keywords recede and then sharply rise after Indian Ocean tsunami (blog keyword frequency as a strange, but coincidental, predictor of tsunami activity) [via]
Jennifer Garner's Awesome Great Workout Mix! (I'm not sure what's worse, her comments or her taste in music) [via]
Gizmodo grills Bill Gates about his copyright communist remarks (read his earlier remarks for some background) [via]
A World of Invisibilia (photos with the people replaced by line drawings) [via]
Pac-Man Game Over (game ova, holla)
iTunes update breaks anti-DRM Hymn utility, again (and JHymn has the workaround and recovery procedure) [via]
Joey DeVilla's guide to writing interactive fiction with Inform (this is an impressive overview with tons of great references)
Blizzard orders World of Warcraft pulled from shelves? (the rumor is their servers can't handle the insane growth and demand) [via]
Gamasutra's excellent overview of emulating the Atari 2600 (it's one of the hardest and most CPU-intensive to emulate) [via]
Waxy Links Statistics (here's the background, for those of you that don't read the main weblog)
Hong Kong makes first file-sharing arrest (he should've been arrested for bad taste)
NYT on the style guidelines of Google AdWords (Google reviews and edits text ads for spelling, grammar and clarity) [via]
Google Mini (hopping on the "mini" bandwagon with a $5k Google search appliance) [via]
Video: Bizarro iPod World (very, very weird) [via]
First issues of JPG Magazine released (Derek and Heather go print and bring Flickr users with them) [via]
January 12, 2005
Harvard Crimson interviews Think Secret's Nick Ciarelli about Apple lawsuit (Apple is suing the formerly-anonymous 19-year-old Harvard freshman) [via]
TKPal plugin for MovableType (easy micropayments at the post level with MT, Paypal, Typekey, and PHP) [via]
Wired's Top 10 Vaporware of 2004 (topping the list is Longhorn, CherryOS, and the Phantom console)
Comic: Derek Kirk Kim's "Same Difference" (All Things Considered just interviewed him)
Making ASCII stereograms with Javascript (my eyes hurt) [via]
Video: The Uncle Liam Show (Liam Lynch's music video for his nephew Arlo's first birthday)
Beatles Anomalies (obsessive list of Beatles oddness; see also, background noises in Led Zeppelin songs) [via] Inbox is back (one of my primary sources of linkage is back) [via]
Hacker penetrates T-Mobile systems, fails to notify customers (he monitored Secret Service e-mails, and took cam photos from Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and Paris Hilton) [via]
Guardian Angel bags (handbags built with the outline of a gun or knife; laptop bags with the outline of groceries) [via]
January 11, 2005
Justin Frankel's Assniffer for Windows and Linux (network sniffer that automatically saves files of transferred data)
Early '90s Predictions Database (4,200 predictions made between 1990-1995; also, some new predictions) [via]
Justin Hall stops publishing (this was his last entry, also found in the source code of his homepage) [via]
OJR on tsunami video hosting on blogs (organized mirroring is great, but isn't BitTorrent a better long-term solution?)
iPod shuffle differences between US and UK (apparently, we eat gum in the US, while the Brits chew it)
Decentralized BitTorrent with Kenosis (more information in the Slashdot thread) [via]
Verizon blocking e-mail from the UK (as an ISP, Verizon has a responsibility not to have any false positives) [via]
The Words of Albert Spamus (spam poetry for the ages)
Mac mini, official homepage (do not taunt Mac mini)
iPod shuffle, official homepage ("do not eat iPod shuffle")
Video: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians on (also: most popular feature films for download on [via]
New iPod Shuffle, the Flash-based iPod (really tiny, no screen, weighs under an ounce; $99 for 512MB, $149 for 1GB; shipping today; photo)
Mac Mini, 2" tall headless Mac for $499 (Think Secret was right! more details coming; photos of box and product)
SQL Injection Attacks by Example (a great starting point to securing your own code) [via]
Rodeo in Salem gets unexpected song rendition (Ali G strikes again) [via]
TowerSeek (a prototype BitTorrent search crawler, with estimated speeds and file listings) [via]
An analysis of BitTorrent distribution and centralization (the long tail is very long; 87% of trackers have less than 100 torrents)
January 10, 2005
The Unicorns break up (looks like Mclusky broke up, too)
eBay: Sub Pop Singles Club (over 125 records; the complete collection, worth seeing just for historical value) [via]
Audio: Inside look at NPR's audio editing practices (removing "um" and "uh," ambient audio, and off-site interviews) [via]
Ming's page of Googleable webcams (he performed geo-lookups of the IP addresses, and made a nice UI for browsing) [via]
Face Transformer Java applet (excellent and bizarre algorithmic morphing)
Second Life's changing culture (the shift from innovation to 200 strip clubs)
Feedburner's list of the top 20 RSS readers (may be skewed by default feeds that ship with readers) [via]
Think Secret's top Macworld Expo rumors (even Cringely thinks the sub-$500 Mac is going to happen) [via]
Snopes on anti-seat belt law advocate killed in car accident (he wasn't wearing a seat belt, while two other passengers were and survived) [via]
TKPal implemented for Grouphug comments (interesting to see how it's getting used)
January 9, 2005
CodeCon 2005 Program (all sorts of interesting new projects) [via]
Salon feature on the death of the payola system for radio (Eliot Spitzer started cracking down in October) [via]
McDonald's Israeli "Pulp Fiction" commercial (very surreal, with dead-on impersonations of Travolta and Jackson)
Taggregator (combined display of Flickr and tags; try apple, disneyland, and, of course, mathowie) [via]
Matt Haughey reports from CES on TiVo's new features (they're opening it up to developers, and linking it to portables)
Mathowie Lookalike group on Flickr (it's Matt Haughey day on!)
Matt Haughey on Bill Gates's anti-copyright comments (plus, he rounds up Microsoft's Internet-related failures)
Penny Arcade rips into "Non Sequitur" artist Wiley Miller's attack on web publishing (more background on the ongoing feud between Wiley and PvP's Scott Kurtz) [via]
Matt Haughey on Internet-wide comment tracking (Andre has a similar idea involving Typekey)
Leslie Orchard on General Motors' new blog (a major corporate blog, with comments and Trackback)
January 8, 2005
Robin Good on Loki Torrent's battle with the MPAA (they're taking a hands-off ISP-like stance; their users have donated $40k to the legal fund so far)
Untouched comment spam breeds more spam (comment spammers search for vulnerable sites in Google) [via]
Andre Torrez's TKPal (pay for access to webpage content with Typekey and Paypal; understated announcement, but could have huge implications)
January 6, 2005
LA Times drops Garfield from comic pages ("a strip cynically designed to be inoffensive and bad, on the theory that public tastes are insipid") [via]
Bram Cohen points to increased BitTorrent usage despite tracker shutdowns (people are using it for more than just pirating)
Camera Mail (cameras mailed with instructions asking the USPS to snap photos with it) [via]
Rumor of the day (you didn't hear it from me) [via]
Sims 2 hacks spread like viruses (magic espresso, teen pregnancy, and washing machines named Candace) [via]
January 5, 2005
Livejournal confirms the rumored sale to Six Apart (Mena discusses the purchase, and Six Apart's Livejournal FAQ and press release)
Apple suing Think Secret over Mac rumors (they want them to name names and stop leaking again) [via]
New Yorker on the mashup scene (and the recent attempts to cash in) [via]
Shirky's response to Danah Boyd on the recent Wikipedia debate (Clay on Danah on Clay on Sanger; a great debate)
January 4, 2005
Six Apart to buy Livejournal!? (holy crap!) [via]
Johnny Ryan's comic parodies of indie comic greats (he's been making fun of all the biggest names)
Angry dad blames Disney for profanity in pirated GBA game (The Sun and the Inquirer both uncritically reported the claims) [via]
Historical reenactments with the Half-Life 2 engine (made with Garry's Physics Mod)
Will Eisner, dead at 87 (a huge loss; one of the most important and influential artists in comic history)
Calgary Herald runs two-year-old tsunami photo on front page (even Snopes is still unsure about this one) [via]
January 3, 2005
Khoi Vinh redesigns (possibly the best designed blog I've ever seen; many nice touches throughout) [via]
BBC News article talks about "dooced" bloggers (but makes no reference to Dooce herself!?) [via]
Guy calls every 867-5309 in America, reports on results (the 678 guy is cranky) [via]
250 covers of "House of the Rising Sun" (this site has descriptions of each MP3, in Russian) [via]
Videora, the BitTorrent RSS reader (with "Season Passes" and "Wishlists") [via]
Workflow plugin for MovableType (and he started a Dropcash campaign to fund it) [via]
TivoToGo launched, with sucky DRM (plus, no Mac support and you won't have it for weeks! yay!)
Video: How Dylan Verdi got on TV (I'm partially to blame, apparently)
Video: Amateur Eye of the Tiger (this made me laugh) [via]
January 2, 2005
Lazyweb request for Taggle, a search engine for tags (please, someone do this and make an API)
Katamari Damacy 2 screenshots (much better pics than the first preview)
Meta Mammon (an options market for trading high scorers from Media Mammon)
January 1, 2005
Adam Mathes' thesis essay on Folksonomies (Adam should build tags into Organizine!) [via]
PuppetTool (old, but new to me)
43 Things Zeitgeist (what do people want to do?)