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June 30, 2005
Cockeyed's 24 Hours of Foo (Dave Grohl is a fan of Rob's site and sent him to NYC to appear on MTV2)
Num Sum, social spreadsheet for sharing data (more on the advantages over Excel from the creator) [via]
Video: Stella Artois' "Bench" commercial (quite possibly the strangest commercial ever made) [via]
James Burns' "Detached" (comic about the author's surgery for a detached retina) [via]
Pirated movies hosted on Google Video (by offering unlimited video storage and bandwidth, this was inevitable; could be a legal disaster) [via]
Microsoft to buy Gator adware? (a match made in hell) [via]
CNN begins podcasting (why do I feel like there are more people creating podcasts than listening to them?) [via]
TiVo announces Developer Challenge winners (some great free apps written with the HME SDK)
Horse Hater (best blog ever? offensive language) [via]
iTunes 4.9 also supports videoblogs (news to me) [via]
June 29, 2005
Video: Spoiled rotten kid fights with mom on Xbox Live ("Mom! You said you'd bring me some chocolate milk!") [via]
Defective Yeti's crush on Kanga (perfectly normal) [via]
Yahoo Maps API (you can pass it a street address, in addition to a lat/long pair)
Geotagged Flickr photos mapped in Google Earth viewer (some screenshots of it in action) [via]
A9 redesigns map pages (very Google Maps-ish, but with their excellent storefront photos; update: they removed it) [via]
MAME ported to the PSP (well, with one game only for now) [via]
Insanely huge eBay lot of vintage 45s (a 60-year-old record collector sells his entire collection) [via]
Google Maps API (this is a huge relief for every Google map hacker) [via]
Ernest Miller on BitTorrent and the Grokster decision (would Bram Cohen's statements open the door for a case against BitTorrent?)
DVD Jon cracks Google Video restrictions (cracking an open source project isn't quite as impressive) [via]
June 28, 2005
Waxy Links' third-busiest day ever (geez, 25 links is just silly; and why do I link the most on Tuesdays?)
NYT on My Web 2.0, Flickr, and user content (it's almost quaint that they punctuate "R.S.S.")
Canada legalizes same-sex marriage (sad that Canada understands equal rights and the pursuit of happiness better than my own country)
Yahoo launches My Web 2.0, social bookmarks plus search (I was part of the private beta, here are my comments)
Unofficial ad-free versions of Gawker, NY Post launched on Blogspot (creator claims it's "performance art meets media")
Salon on Tom Cruise and the new public face of Scientology (speculates that he's OT-VII; first in a four-part series on Scientology's PR campaign)
Video: OK Go's "A Million Ways" (the guitarist of the band is blogging, too) [via]
Developer asks city to seize Supreme Court justice's home to build new hotel (a response to the Court's recent unraveling of property rights) [via]
What does it take to "induce" infringement? (an excellent example from the Betamax era; Sony would've failed the Grokster test) [via]
Google Press Releases for 2006 (more search engine humor from Philipp Lenssen)
A Cynic's Guide to Videogame Politics (what the key players in game legislation have to gain, from the excellent Game Politics blog on (gasp!) Livejournal) [via]
House of Cosbys publisher cease-and-desisted by Bill Cosby!? (the short films are brilliant; "I like to sue people! I'm litigation Cosby, you see.") [via]
Wil Wheaton interviewed by Slashdot (as always, he's witty and humble and essential reading)
The Entrepreneur in a Post-Grokster World (blurring the lines of the Betamax decision) [via]
Monkeys, Ninjas, Pirates, and Robots in Safari's RSS database schema (very funny, I wonder what the unused fields are for)
World of Warcraft player stumbles on unfinished area (I've always suspected places like this exist in the real world, too) [via]
Extracting video from cat brains (Strange Days, indeed) [via]
Bloggers accepting payment for blog mentions without disclosure (commentary from Rebecca and Matt, and a list of other blogger shills; even USWeb's blog got in on it) [via]
43 Places goes live (the wanderlust is a great snapshot of where people want to visit)
Yahoo to relaunch Yahoo Mail with Oddpost features (expect a very GUI look and feel to try to outshine Gmail) [via]
Google relaunches personalized search (reorders search results based on past searching history; a step in Google's plan to fight spam) [via]
Google Earth launches (the massive Keyhole upgrade with businesses, driving directions, and 3D buildings) [via]
Connect Draw Remix, interactive CD sleeves (plug the CD box into a USB port, remix tracks with a pencil) [via]
iTunes 4.9 ships with built-in podcasting support (their Podcast Directory is very impressive)
AMD files antitrust lawsuit against Intel (claims Intel coerced hardware industry to avoid AMD) [via]
June 27, 2005
Flash: Michael Jackson Famicom (essential Japanese weirdness)
Gmail blocking Greasemonkey users? (several other people confirmed this behavior)
The Bad Review Revue: Burned At The Stake ("Critics are enchanted with Bewitched!")
Men that voiced Tigger and Piglet die one day apart (they both played the characters since Disney's first Pooh short in 1968)
Corporate album cover remixes (brilliant Photoshop thread inspired by Nike's borrowing of Minor Threat album art)
Supreme Court rules against Grokster (unanimous decision finds technology services liable for its users' infringement)
Flash: Tetka.swf (human body falling through a bubble landscape)
Robot Co-op announces 43 Places (I've tried the beta; great design and fun to use)
Google launching online video playback today (based on VLC, no less)
AudioFlickrscrobbler (retrieve photos tagged with the last five artist names listened to) [via]
June 26, 2005
USA Today on Andy Milonakis Show (web meme gets own MTV show, and it's surprisingly funny)
Insanely great history of (interviews with nearly everyone involved; so very good, read this now)
NYT profile of Party Poker (online gambling is technically illegal in the U.S., but nobody seems to mind their $600m earnings in 2004)
June 25, 2005
Top 10 beams, lasers, and death rays in film (they left out the death ray from Real Genius) [via]
NY Times promotes Bugmenot (very strange; refers to "newspaper marketers" and "those annoying site registrations")
Jason Scott's update on his podcast collection project (he's collected about 700GB of podcasts so far)
Katamari Damacy cosplay (some of the best I've seen) [via]
Another World homebrew port for the GBA (free conversion by the original author; found on 1UP's great feature on console emulation) [via]
June 24, 2005 Director (gorgeously designed Ajax-style browser for [via]
Hacking the flag-burning amendment (using legal loopholes to make a statement; you can't keep a good dissident down) [via]
Joe Gregorio's Sparklines web service (the code is available, too) [via]
Report finds most people don't consider downloading digital media as theft (technically, it's not theft; it's illegal duplication) [via]
Data Munging with Sprog (Perl scripting from a GUI, without even knowing Perl) [via]
eBay launches open-source Community Codebase effort (more importantly, they're allowing 10,000 API calls monthly for individuals) [via]
Crying While Eating creator discusses the rise of the meme (they say that I linked to it first; go me!)
Behavior Javascript module (keep your code clean by using CSS selectors to apply JS functions)
Scientology's Nut Job Founder (The Smoking Gun digs through L. Ron Hubbard's FBI file)
June 23, 2005
Empire State Building vs. 100 billion hot dogs (it's like the MegaPenny Project, only delicious!)
Gizmodo's history of the Scientology E-Meter (never trust a religion that hooks you up to lie detectors)
Annalee Newitz on stringent new porn recordkeeping laws (won't somebody think of the children?) [via]
Live webcam from within Second Life (yeah, it's about that strange) [via]
Mad Hot Ballroom documentary markers encounter with the music copyright cartel (egregious examples of copyright hell; one publisher asked for $10k to clear a ringtone)
Google Sightseeing points out new highlights to Google Maps (finding the neat stuff in their newly expanded global satellite photos)
First look at Apple's Intel Macs (Windows XP installs fine on them, but OS X for Intel won't install on generic PCs) [via]
Neopets sold to Viacom for $160 million (the kids' gaming site is one of social software's biggest successes, but nobody's paying attention) [via]
Katie Holmes' Missing Days (Fox News conspiracy theory implies brainwashing)
June 22, 2005
Nerds Make Better Lovers (Slashdot commenter on the reality of this story) [via]
Jason Kottke on G4's "Attack of the Show" in about 30 minutes (update: Haughey has the video)
PSP no-swap homebrew loader released (no more swapping memory sticks! huge news for the PSP homebrew scene; more mirrors; how it works) [via]
Google not competing with Paypal (Eric Schmidt said it won't involve direct user-to-user payments) [via]
Flickr Montager (automated photo mosaics using Flickr; it must be hammering their servers, though) [via]
First look at the Nyko Movie Player (plug your iPod into this weird portable video add-on) [via]
YubNub's most popular commands (quite a community has popped up around the Rails Day contest entry)
Flickr banned by United Arab Emirates ISP (the nudity debate on Flickr rages on) [via]
Foxit, freeware Windows alternative to Acrobat Reader (Acrobat sucks so bad, nearly anything else is better ) [via]
Reblg, universal "Blog This" button generator (not to be confused with the outstandingly awesome reBlog project) [via]
Playlist Magazine interviews Evan Williams about Odeo (recording in the browser is the best feature, I think)
June 21, 2005
The Onion 2056 (a special issue transported from the future) [via]
Odeo launches quietly (if you signed up for the announcement, you should get an invite soon)
Lonely Google searchers form ad hoc community (where people that type "i am lonely" into Google find solace) [via]
Typepad integrates Kanoodle text ads for its users (turn on ads, and let the pennies roll in)
Tristan compares how Yahoo and Google index the blogosphere (surprising results: Yahoo is indexing blogs better than Google)
Universal adapting American McGee's Alice game to the screen (starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as the goth Alice in Wonderland, this could be awful) [via]
Video: Tom Cruise Kills Oprah (he's coming after your children next)
Ilya's thoughts on his involvement with the LA Times wiki project (though it failed, this kind of media experimentation should be commended instead of ridiculed)
Bram Cohen slams Microsoft's BitTorrent clone (an entertaining read)
June 20, 2005
Movie industry cracks down on copyrighted pinatas (fasinating article about L.A.'s homebrew pinata cottage industry) [via]
Snopes on the Ketchup Trousers e-mail (he's rumored to have resigned because of the notorious e-mail forward)
Real Simple's list of product expiration dates (very handy; honey lasts forever) [via]
MIT Weblog Survey real-time results (fill out the survey to view all the lovely charts) [via]
GoDaddy president condones military torture tactics (it's linked from the front page of GoDaddy, too) [via]
AOL blocking all e-mails with links (part of AOL's antispam blacklist, apparently)
Website Payments Pro (accept website payments without ever redirecting to Paypal) [via]
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (Cory Doctorow's new book, licensed for reuse and available in multiple formats) [via]
Flash: 3wish (short and lovely adventure games without words)
Howto: Watch BeyondTV video on your PSP (great tutorial for moving any video to the device) [via]
Alcoholix, social software for drunks (and it uses the API, too)
Interview with creator of Gametap (with tons of high-res screenshots of Turner Broadcasting's upcoming on-demand gaming service; lots of emulated old games) [via]
CommonTunes (a directory of organized, freely-available music)
Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein is back online (hopefully, this will be a bit more permanent mirror) [via]
Xoc's full album of Super Mario World covers (made with diverse instruments; highly recommended) [via]
LA Times removes Wikitorials (they weren't prepared for wiki abuse, apparently) [via]
June 19, 2005
Yahoo closes user-created chat rooms (related to a lawsuit surrounding ad-sponsored pedophilia chat rooms) [via]
June 18, 2005
Google to launch Paypal alternative (it'll be hard for Google to compete with Paypal's ubiquity, unless they drop fees) [via]
Roundup of sexy podcasts (every new technology finds an application in porn)
Zellestyle (jewelry made from electronics and computer components) [via]
Eclipse, free and gorgeous Half-Life 2 full conversion (third-person mod built by students in five months of spare time) [via]
Fail Math's Video Game Quiz (fun with the cliche of gritty realism) [via]
June 17, 2005
Video: Ural 13 Diktators' "Name Of The Game" (excellent 8-bit music video, reminiscent of Junior Senior's Move Your Feet) [via]
June 16, 2005
Video: Surprise (I won't ruin the ending for you)
Jorn Barger debates with a misguided Wikipedian about the definition of "weblog" (this kind of debate is part of what makes Wikipedia so entertaining)
Microsoft readies BitTorrent alternative (yeah, but BitTorrent is a protocol, not an application)
Clay Shirky on copyrighted cakes (the chilling effect hits a Brooklyn bakery)
Brian Dear on more non-sequiter blog spam (Technorati is inundated with garbage blogs)
Wikipedia Animation bounty up to $150 (code a useful app, make a decent chunk of change)
Livejournal adds tags (the LJ community seems to like it, too) [via]
Onion A.V. Club's roundup of video game-related songs (the Pixies covered the theme song from NARC?!) [via]
June 15, 2005
Odeo beta screenshots (I got an invite, and the site is nicely done)
Video: Triumph vs. the Michael Jackson supporters (incidentally, iFilm's weekly top 100 is an good mish-mash of viral video)
TiVo demos beta of on-demand video downloading (also, appears to be playing videos from the local network)
Flickr to add photo book printing (though from a different company than their photo printing announcement) [via]
House subcommittee votes to eliminate funding for PBS, NPR (Sesame Street is on the chopping block; an ironic update to this classic e-mail petition) [via]
Casino carpet gallery (obsessive collection of bad carpeting from casinos) [via]
Phillip Torrone's excellent HOWTO on running homebrew code on the PSP (the best tutorial, by far)
Yahoo Change Map (heatmaps of Yahoo homepage changes over time)
MyBlogLog adds support for multiple blogs and referral program (I've been using this on Waxy Links for months and I love it; a simple app designed to do one thing perfectly)
mp3act, streaming MP3 jukebox (free and Ajax-enabled, but not as feature rich as Zina; requires PHP and MySQL) [via]
Anarchist Cookbook author disowns book on Amazon (but can't pull it out of print because of copyright quirks) [via]
Sony PSP 1.50 firmware swap trick (works fine, but requires two memory sticks; a good step, but not ideal) [via]
Target phases out VHS (a nail in the coffin of analog video; update: Wal-Mart still in the VHS game) [via]
Andre Torrez joins John Battelle's FM Publishing (welcome to the Boing Boing empire!)
June 14, 2005
$100,000 Poker Bot Tournament (finding the Deep Blue of Texas hold-em) [via]
PDF: Continental Airlines complaint (Snopes has more info about it)
MyScreencast (growing collection of screencast software demos) [via]
First thoughts on Odeo private beta (I have a good feeling about it) [via]
jwz switches from Linux to Mac (the Slashdot comments are entertaining, as usual)
Top Three Things Q*bert Is Pissed About Today (what a mouth on that guy) [via]
Flickr photos lead to Secret Service investigation (collage apparently isn't art, especially if you're a sysadmin) [via]
Yahoo acquires (a good deal for everyone involved)
Yahoo News beats Google News on Michael Jackson trial (Google could solve this with a single employee devoted to picking featured news stories) [via]
MIT Weblog Survey (aka: Help Cameron Marlow graduate)
Financial Times website using link spam (this is getting ridiculous)
Drug traffickers hiding drugs in printer cartridges (ironically, they still cost more when purchased retail) [via]
Homebrew cassette tape DJ (DJ Aptem from Russia built his own custom mixing deck)
YouTube (like Vimeo, wants to be Flickr for video) [via]
L.A. Times to introduce "wikitorials" (strangely, for their editorial page; oh well, there's always Wikinews) [via]
Video: Live-action Tetris (a lonely L block tries to find a fit; silliness from the Mega64 crew) [via]
Katie Holmes embraces Scientology ("she digs it," says Tom "Level 6 Alien Destroyer" Cruise) [via]
Wikipedia and the social construction of knowledge (also: I'm offering $50 to anyone able to automate the animation of Wikipedia revision history) [via]
Rumor: Latest PSP firmware cracked (PS2NFO has more info; they're saying the hack works on 1.50, but not 1.51 or 1.52 firmware) [via]
Video: Andrew Raff's commentary on an Arrested Development indecency complaint (great use of video for online commentary) [via]
Gamepal (rent leveled-up MMO characters, but the terms of service are bizarre) [via]
Technorati beta launched (no longer ugly! nice work, Derek and company) [via]
June 13, 2005
Ian Rogers on Yahoo Music Unlimited's "Mojo Filter" test (I've heard great things about this service, despite the limitations) [via]
EFF's Legal Guide for Bloggers (I could've used this at least five times last year) [via]
Contagious Media Showdown winners (6 million pageviews to all the entries; I look forward to this again next year)
Lost Garden explains why Nintendogs is so innovative (the game's driving DS sales in Japan, and should be a huge hit here) [via] adds MP3, podcast support (a brilliant, built-in extension of Eric Rice's DIY podcasting tutorial) [via]
gCensus (Google Maps hack with US Census data down to the city block; how it works)
Tristan Lewis on the relationship between Technorati Top 100 and Google inbound links (Tristan's been doing some fantastic research lately)
June 9, 2005
Cringely thinks Apple and Intel are merging (wild speculation that they'll try to dethrone Microsoft) [via]
FeedLounge alpha announced (tagging feeds is brilliant and the UI looks like it blows away Bloglines and Rojo; I can't wait to try it) [via]
MP3s of ice cream truck music (keep an eye out for special treats this summer) [via]
Video: New "We Love Katamari" trailer (very entertaining Japanese trailer; here's the box art) [via]
Lego concept models on Flickr (I love this one, but they're all great)
OC Register on Jason Cosper and Preshrunk (boogah is one of my favorite blogger underdogs)
The RU Sirius Show (my old boss gets the podcasting bug)
Axing corporate graffiti (don't miss the building owner's rant in the comments)
Worth1000 photoshops MC Escher (worth seeing for the Munsters image alone) [via]
Greasemonkey script to turn bookmarklets into Greasemonkey scripts (self referential goodness) [via]
Video Game Sprites (excellent for use with Pixelblocks)
Transl8it (kewl srvic 2 cvert frm txt msgN shrt& 2 pln eng)
Wikipedia's lamest edit wars ever (hit the Discussion page for each topic to see how it played out and was resolved) [via]
Disgruntled brit hacks cable company's on-hold message, gets sued, and wins case (offensive, but not illegal) [via]
June 8, 2005
Interview with Leeroy Jenkins (never heard of World of Warcraft's biggest meme? watch it now)
Merholz on designing for the sandbox (nice thoughts, and a mention of
Real-time Wikipedia changelog (watch the encyclopedia get better with every second) [via]
Real-life Super Mario power-up blocks (for best results, fill with giant gold coins) [via]
Inline hCalendar editing with Greasemonkey (watch the neat screencast)
Google orders gMerge offline (first takedown request for a Google Maps hack) [via]
NES characters with Pixelblocks (very fun; someone should make pixel diagrams to reproduce them)
Harry and the Potters (Potter-themed tribute band, a bit Jonathan Richman-esque) [via]
Tom Cruise's Medical Forum (Dr. Cruise cures the ill with anything but psychiatry) [via]
Logo trends for 2005 (trendy today, cliche tomorrow) [via]
Vader on Wheel of Fortune (warning: audio; the collection keeps growing at YTMND) [via]
Steven Johnson comments on his Daily Show appearance (download the whole episode, courtesy of Matt Haughey; get yer hot brains!)
Wired News on the BBS Documentary (mine's on its way; have you bought yours yet?)
June 7, 2005
Crappy bootleg DVD covers on Flickr (I love this kind of thing) [via]
Naked and Angry launches (new from skinnyCorp; like Threadless for neckties, but way too expensive) [via]
Press release announcing Slashdot DayPass (view an ad to get access to the Slashdot queue; um, that should be a big hit with their audience) [via]
Justin Frankel developing music software for real-time online jams (Winamp creator using actual instrument audio instead of MIDI; could be very fun) [via]
Black holes on Google Maps (quirky satellite imagery) [via]
1and1 ISP changes its mind about BitTorrent (Dreamhost did, too; that's the power of Boing Boing)
Classic Nintendo games not free on new Revolution console (contrary to rumors; here's the list of Nintendo's back catalog) [via]
iTunes more popular than almost every P2P services (they compete with free on ease of use, reliability, and legality; cost isn't everything) [via]
Magnetic Ajax Poetry (reminds me of Just Letters, but with Ajax instead of Flash)
59 Bloggers documentary withdrawn by ranting lunatic (for some context, see Chuck's original entry)
Bait Car Videos (Canadian police trap thieves and tape the results; I love the irony of the music in this video) [via]
The Woolworth Card (how the number on a sample Social Security card came to be used by thousands of people)
Free Flickr Schwag (just send a self-addressed stamped envelope)
Dance Dance Immolation hack (when you mess up, it shoots you in the face with a flamethrower) [via]
High-res scans of an Episode III bootleg bought in L.A. (also: Fantastic Four and another Episode III bootleg) [via]
"Vote for Lunch" market roundup (we use every day at work)
Secret locations of MPAA cameras revealed (Xeni Jardin and Sean Bonner head to downtown L.A. to report on the bootleg DVD spy cams)
Slyck interviews The Pirate Bay (probably the biggest torrent site that hasn't been shut down (yet); their Top 100 is a great snapshot of piracy zeitgeist)
Bzzzpeek (how do you say "meow" in Chinese? audio clips of onomatopoeia around the world; old, but good) [via]
China orders bloggers to register with government (sad and hopeless attempt to control online dissent) [via]
UK considers doubling copyright term for pop music (more copyright idiocy) [via]
June 6, 2005
Wal-Mart and other photo labs won't develop professional looking photos (the whole world is going copyright insane) [via]
Google vs. Yahoo! Interface Design (less a review, and more of a handy list for your own judgment) [via]
Jason Scott responds to a school district's Media Resource Specialist (depressing state of affairs)
Judgeing the Webby Awards judges (Steve Baldwin reviews the websites of the Webby's 500 judges)
Spelling Bee contestant does a Napoleon Dynamite impression (with audio! we'll make an exception to this for nationally-broadcast media pranks) [via]
Video: Murderball trailer (I love documentaries about fringe competitions, like Scrabble, spelling bees, and krumping) [via]
Blentwell (niche social bookmarking for DJ mixes only) [via]
Gizmondo acquires modeling agency (to help find booth babes for launch? this baffles me) [via]
Shipment of 12,000 iPods heisted in Los Angeles (a guy convinced a clerk to let him walk out with a $2.6 million delivery) [via]
Goonies sequel stuck in development (also: Chunk did the Truffle Shuffle for the fans at the Goonies festival)
Gutenbomb, harvesting out-of-copyright text for pagerank and profit (I think running Wikipedia mirrors with ads falls under the same shady realm) [via]
TagCloud (automated weighted tag lists using Yahoo's Content Analysis web service) [via]
Intel's press release on the Apple deal (by the end of 2007)
Mac Observer's live WWDC updates (yes, the Intel rumors are true; MacNN is also posting updates)
Five Movies I Wish People Would Stop Quoting (sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays!) [via]
Google Maps wallpaper maker (generate images up to 2048x1536) [via]
June 5, 2005
The rise and fall of Krispy Kreme (the donuts are only good within two minutes of leaving the conveyor; anything else is mediocre, at best) [via]
GBAX 2005 contest entries released (homebrew games and software for GBA, DS, PSP, and GP32; some amazing stuff here) [via]
NYT profile of Music for Robots (this bookmarklet is handy for MP3 blogs)
The Case Against Coldplay (ouch) [via]
The Monster Engine (what would children's art look like if painted realistically?)
Rapid color afterimage optical illusion (this broke my brain, but not as much as the Best Optical Illusion Ever)
Cockeyed's oversized "Support our Troops" ribbon ("4.8 times more patriotic") [via]
Episode III: The Pirate DVDs (Tama reports on the bootleg DVD found in Bali, with timecodes removed and laughably bad menus)
John Gruber on the Intel/Apple reports (in the last paragraph, an interesting lead points to PowerPC emulation)
Rails Day is over (contest to write a Rails app in 24 hours; my favorite entries include Clockwork, Tackboard, Friendr, Space Tag, and Nutrient)
June 4, 2005
Penn Jillette names daughter Moxie CrimeFighter (Teller had no comment) [via]
New version of Microsoft's web feedreader released (looks like Scoble is the only individual blogger in their default feeds)
Laptops outsell desktops for first time (also, 95 percent of laptops now support wireless) [via]
X-Rom GBA flash cart reduced to only $69 (the X-Rom isn't as good as the EZ-Flash II, but it's well worth the money) [via]
Ghosts of the Webby Awards (which sites are dead from the 2000 Webbies?) [via]
June 3, 2005
1and1 ISP thinks BitTorrent is for piracy only (they sent a C&D to a guy hosting a movie that he made) [via]
Meetro (proximity-aware IM client for Windows laptops with wifi) [via]
Apple to switch from PowerPC to Intel x86 chips?! (might threaten hardware sales once someone gets OS X running on cheap PCs) [via]
Human-flavored tofu pressures Museum of Hoaxes to remove blog entry (Halfbakery came up with the idea in 2001, with a better product name)
Burglers using virtual real estate tours to find targets (they can use the photos to see all furnishings and alarm systems) [via]
Cloudalicious, tracking tags over time (see also: Pietro's excellent tag cloud analysis using the tool) [via]
Video: Working for the Weekend (everybody's goin' off the deep end; I'm mirroring the video.) [via]
Paramount considers dropping Mission Impossible 3 because of cuckoo Tom Cruise (they report Cruise is an Operating Thetan 6, meaning he can leave his own body and read people's minds) [via]
Phone phreaking with your iPod (useful if you can travel back in time to when blue boxes worked) [via]
Video: Fast Film (short film created from 65,000 photocopied screenshots from 300 feature films; from the creator of Copy Shop) [via]
b3ta stories of mistakenly sent IMs and text messages (offensive, but funny)
Video: Insane daredevil stunt (tries to launch a flare, lights parachute on fire instead; more here) [via]
CNET thinks next-gen consoles will kill PC gaming (eh, PCs will always be better for certain game genres) [via]
Coudal's Filmstrip Poker video contest (the original 1953 film strip is great, too)
Rilo Kiley sign to Warner Bros. (one of my favorite indies goes super mainstream)
Subway ends coupon cards because of Internet counterfeiters (there are still books of 1000 stamps on sale at eBay)
June 2, 2005
Why the BBS Documentary is Creative Commons licensed (read this immediately)
Google Sitemaps (like a reverse robots.txt, tells Google what to index and what's been updated recently; also, note the Creative Commons license)
phpMMORPG, roll your own massively multiplayer game (very early, but a great idea; could be used for community building) [via]
Cell phone for 3-year-olds ships (it could couble as a baby monitor for parents on vacation without their kids)
Customizing MovableType's interface (good for hiding advanced functions from clients) [via]
80 years of the New Yorker to be offered on DVD ($100, cheap) [via]
Webolodeon (Greasemonkey script to help you stop mindlessly web surfing) [via]
Flash: Poom (frustrating, but addictive bouncing game) [via]
Google's secret lab (a look at Google's internal tools for evaluating their search results quality; Flash movie) [via]
Video: Celine Dion is bad (um, err)
Anil Goatse'd the New York Times (photo of the article and the article online)
ICANN set to approve .xxx top-level domain (might as well add it to your e-mail and comment blacklists now) [via]
The Freaky Universe of McDonald's Advertising (history of bizarre vintage McD's ads, with video) [via]
Ten interesting ideas in videogame construction (themes bubbling under in indie gaming projects) [via]
pbWiki (instant, free wiki spaces for groups or individuals)
June 1, 2005
Is Trixie written by Microsoft? (other interesting information about the Greasemonkey clone for IE) [via]
Conversations with Anna, IKEA's helper bot (don't miss Pulp Anna)
SBC to drop DSL prices to $14.95 (perfect for low end, while the high end moves to fiber)
Who Owns Culture? (video and audio of the Jeff Tweedy/Larry Lessig talk) [via]
NeoGeo CD and Sega Genesis emulators released for PSP (sadly, still only works on the Japanese 1.0 firmware)