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July 31, 2005
ScummVM emulator ported to Nintendo DS (it plays all the classic Lucasarts adventures, like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle)
Did Penn Jillette invent the Aristocrats joke? (fun conspiracy theory; the earliest I could find was in a Jackie Martling book from 1998) [via]
Deviant Art co-founder Scott Jarkoff involuntarily forced out (some serious drama, leading to a pro-Jark backlash on the homepage) [via]
Video: Mega64 takes on Paperboy (hilarious riff on the classic arcade game) [via]
Great photos of the SF zombie flashmob (they hit the Apple Store up for "genius braaaains")
Justice, Cole Valley Style (Derek Powazek's vigilante justice against a hit and run)
Jon Stewart and Tucker Carlson rematch on August 8 (this should be good; this article is deceptive, only saying the shows will be in competing time slots) [via]
Video: The Story (short film by Matt Groening's dad from 1969?) [via]
Gelf Magazine on Google News' treatment of satire (they spoke to several of the satire sites, as well) [via]
CmdrTaco says Slashdot going CSS in next two weeks (it's up and running on Slashcode) [via]
July 30, 2005
Wired News on hotel hacking at Defcon (using Linux and IR to expose billing systems, read other guest's e-mail, and open the minibar)
Business Week on the Google/Yahoo brain drain (everyone wants to work at the two big search firms, affecting the rest of high tech) [via]
Kevin Shay's BigPAPI for MovableType (extends the API to modify the UI; check the growing list of plugins) [via]
Tapwave closes its doors (their Zodiac gaming PDA was a wonderful platform for open emulation)
July 29, 2005
Daniel Burka on the Digg redesign (one of the best redesigns in recent memory) [via]
Flash: Stackopolis (addictive and cruel building game) [via]
Inside the PSP's new web browser (Javascript, podcasts, and an on-screen keyboard)
Kevin Kelly on the people powered future of the web (great article, but I spotted one small goof; there was no "www" when he met with ABC in 1989)
David Bau teaches his 6-year-old game programming in Python (he'll be the most marketable 10-year-old ever) [via]
Ice lake found on Mars (here's a high-resolution photo) [via]
Flickr hits 1 million members (congrats!)
Michael Lynn's Cisco flaw presentation from Defcon (his talk lost him his job, launched an FBI investigation, and could cripple the Internet; more on Wired News)
Is LimeWire closing down? (one of the biggest of the old-school Windows P2P apps)
Testing P2P apps on Windows Vista beta 1 (not very detailed, but sounds like some serious network issues) [via]
July 28, 2005
New version of Sharpreader released!? (I gave up waiting months ago and switched to the fabulous Reblog, and I don't regret it one bit)
Lego Katamari (I wish they were doing a Katamari Brick Flick)
July 27, 2005
AOL partners with Feedster to launch "My AOL" feed reader (it's public, so give it a try)
Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men (NFL defensive lineman's crafting book from 1973) [via]
Guide to migrating web apps from IE to Mozilla (great intro to cross-browser differences)
Steven Johnson on the Grand Theft Auto controversy in the LA Times (a letter to Hillary Clinton) [via]
Firefox extension to automatically update Adblock blacklist (like most blacklists, you end up placing a lot of trust in the maintainer) [via]
RIAA shuts down machinima site (stifling the world's creativity, one takedown at a time)
July 26, 2005
Black Diamond (possibly the best black Neil Diamond impersonator ever; don't miss the MP3s)
Editorial layoffs hit Wired News (no more staff writers) [via]
Yahoo 360 adds Flickr integration (though I'm still getting prompted to log in when reading any blog entry)
Kottke's having linky acid flashbacks (looks like he pushed the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe into Delicious' most popular)
Escapist's profile of Derby Owners Club addicts (more fringe sports, it's a cult of multiplayer videogaming) [via]
NYT on professional mini golfers (I love mini golf, but I didn't even know this existed)
Mark Pilgrim says Greasemonkey 0.4.1 alpha fixes all known security holes (and works with complex user scripts; here's Aaron's announcement)
Blinksale, lovely online invoicing (heavily inspired by the 37signals school of design)
Hacker unlocks all weapons for 5 million Battlefield 2 users (and announces it on EA's official support forums) [via]
July 25, 2005
Inside look at the Adobe headquarters (I love this kind of thing; reminds me of the recent Pixar photo tour)
Google adds RSS reader to personalized homepage (not as elegant as My Yahoo, but it's a start)
JSAN, CPAN for Javascript (great idea)
Blind teen can beat you at Soul Calibur 2 (I'd love to see video) [via]
Yahoo! Widgets (the announcement on Konfabulator's site is fun, see the full comic)
Cory Doctorow on Promise TV (new PVR records a month of TV on all channels at once)
Daily News sends five reporters to NYC subway system with stuffed bags (the Egyptian reporter was stopped, twice) [via]
Indie rock band Karate breaks up (depressing news; Unsolved is still my favorite mix of indie rock and jazz)
Video: Family Guy, Take on Me (made me laugh; hosted locally)
Flying Omelette's Top 50 Videogame Ending Songs (mostly NES and early PC, with MP3s for each!)
July 24, 2005
Yahoo buys Konfabulator (they're releasing it for free) [via]
Family Guy movie leaked two months before official release (it's DVD quality, too) [via]
WikyBlog Maps (interesting wiki-style annotation for Google Maps) [via]
Glamestris, AI algorithm for Tetris for Windows (I have this running at 370 rows per second right now)
Lussumo Vanilla (gorgeously designed forum software, open-source PHP/MySQL) [via]
Video: Max Fleischer's "Now You're Talking" from 1927 (education film about the telephone mixes live action and classic Fleischer Brothers animation) [via]
Mario Battle No. 1 (homebrew NES ROM with all enemies and goals removed) [via]
Cover story profile on Perry Bible Fellowship’s Nicholas Gurewitch (the best comic around has interest from MTV2 and HBO) [via]
MSN Virtual Earth (Microsoft's answer to Google Maps; also: Google adds a hybrid map view) [via]
Flash: Avoider (don't let the little guy grab your cursor) [via]
July 23, 2005
Orkut used as Brazilian drug network (an innovative new use of social software!) [via]
Types of Stories My Mother Tells (funniest thing I've read in ages)
July 21, 2005
c|net's Top 10 web fads (many more documented on Wikipedia)
WFMU's American Song Poem MP3s (two outstanding albums worth of vintage songs-for-hire, ready for download with cover art)
Japanese bank adds slots game to ATMs (if you win, you get cash or your withdrawal fee waived) [via]
Sony updates PSP to surf web, download TV shows (and, incidentally, lock out all homebrew code again) [via]
Rob Dobi cartoon on MySpace's sale to Fox (oh, man)
July 20, 2005
Greasemonkeyed (newly-launched repository of Greasemonkey user scripts)
Help test the new Greasemonkey security release (I can't imagine browsing the web without Greasemonkey again)
Weblogs Inc. close to $1M/year in Adsense revenue (that's a whole mess of ads)
AIM Fight (I defy anyone to beat my "infocombot"; may the most connected buddy win!) [via]
Blurb Racket (weekly column of movie review blurbs quoted out of context) [via]
Can a spam filter play chess? (insane hack with the dbacl Bayesian text classifier)
New Bloglines statistics (1,121,655 feeds have at least one subscriber) [via]
New Yorker profile of Roald Dahl (excellent read)
How to make a 13-pound gummi bear (disgusting, but strangely compelling) [via]
Anecdotal Leads for News Stories Reporting the End of the World (closed for good) [via]
300GB Seagate hard drives for $99 (from Circuit City after a $90 mail-in rebate) [via]
Design the winning UI for Internet TV, get $1000 (help the next-gen video player powered by BitTorrent)
Google Groups Alerts (keeping tabs on Usenet, now much easier)
How a Seattle Times reporter handled a bestiality death story (Washington man died while having sex with a horse) [via]
July 19, 2005
Google Moon (try zooming all the way in)
Digg Spy (by the powers of Ajax!)
John Dvorak rants on Creative Commons (here's one debunking of his moronic column; I love this Slashdot comment)
Video: Infinite Flickr (morphing recursive photos of people looking at Flickr screenshots)
How Google Maps helped someone evade a traffic ticket (with wifi kung-fu in court) [via]
July 18, 2005
Associated Press misrepresents BitTorrent in Opera article (Corante is blaming bias, but I think it's just deeper problems with public perception)
Terrible security hole found in Greasemonkey 0.4 (a malicious website could retrieve any local file and send it to any other server; uninstall or downgrade ASAP!)
Finding Nemo swimming pool mosaic (built custom for Pixar president Ed Catmull) [via]
Video: Potter Crash (drive-by spoiler at a midnight Harry Potter line) [via]
Domains by Proxy reveals whistleblower's personal information (Jason Levine found the clause that lets them revoke anonymity if you're trying to embarrass someone)
News Corp buys MySpace for $580 million (holy cow)
Fold n' Drop (innovative UI technique; don't miss the video) [via]
Naked Mr. Burns on Flickr (unblurred animation cel from the Simpsons) [via]
July 17, 2005
Bootleg Harry Potter NES game review (it's as bad as they say, but I'm mirroring the ROM anyway) [via]
Find the Landmark (another Google Maps game)
New Harry Potter scanned and OCRed by e-book pirates (a distributed effort ended up in a text and audiobook release within 12 hours) [via]
July 16, 2005
Daddy Types on parents reading their nanny's blog in the NYT (with a link to a long response by the nanny in question)
Review of Japanese PSP porn title (the game mode is very Mystique) [via]
Video: 7 Words You Can't Say in Kindergarden (man, Nat's kids are adorable)
July 15, 2005
Video: Something Awful interview on G4 TV (read the backstory and watch the video; a must see)
Django, like Rails for Python (outstanding new web framework by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison; read the overview)
Tripods, a multiplayer Google Maps game (not too fun to play, but a great concept)
July 14, 2005
Vintage arcade photos on Flickr (rescued from the trash bin; also, see the same photographer's arcade tokens and electronic games)
Secure RSS syndication with Greasemonkey and Bloglines (very neat hack for encrypting your feeds) [via]
TorrentFlux (server-side BitTorrent download manager in PHP) [via]
Optimus keyboard (jaw-dropping keyboard concept with each key as an LCD display) [via]
Flash: le Pate a Son (ethereal interactive music maker) [via]
MovableType 3.2 beta released (tons of good stuff in this release)
Forbes' 10th anniversary profile of Netscape (also: MP3 turns 10 years old today) [via]
July 13, 2005
Justin Frankel releases Ninjam (real-time music jamming over the Internet) [via]
JD Lasica asks movie studios for permission to use movie clips for personal, non-commercial home video projects (out of seven requests, only one agreed, kinda) [via]
Google Video adds "playable video" filter (using it, I found these guys plugging Waxy Links at the 7 minute mark) [via]
Google Answers on the history of the laugh track (shows still use laughter taped from the Red Skelton Show in the late 1950s)
Video: A Few Good G-Men (machinima remake of "A Few Good Men" courtroom scene with Half-Life 2 engine)
Defective Yeti's excellent primer of the Valerie Plame scandal (I hereby demand that Matthew summarize all major news stories for me)
Replacement Docs (over 2,700 game manuals, scanned and archived for posterity) [via]
Hyperlinks in Print, part 3 (ongoing look at visual representation of hypertext in print; parts one and two) [via]
tag(1), file tagging in Unix (this is weird, but could be a useful view) [via]
July 12, 2005
This Spartan Life (live talk show using the Halo engine) [via]
Internet Archive sued for archiving copyrighted content (raises all sorts of depressing intellectual property issues; nice debunking) [via]
"Real-life" VR inside Second Life (very meta; visiting a busy SF city street from within Second Life)
Audio: Teller reviews a magic biography on NPR (the smaller, quieter half of Penn and Teller speaks!) [via]
Classical labels attacking BBC for free Beethoven downloads (they're in the public domain, so it's fair game) [via]
XHTML quick start templates (brilliant set of bare-bones templates to get a design off the ground) [via]
Image: Love Your Job (just one of those days; more by the same author)
July 11, 2005
Glitch exposes Netflix Player (glimpse into downloadable movies through Netflix?) [via]
Paul's Personalized Google News (Google News circa 2031) [via]
VNC for the PSP (control your desktop remotely from your PSP) [via]
Wikipedia list of Price Is Right minigame (includes a link to this collection of game screenshots) [via]
July 10, 2005
Flash: Planarity game (for people who detangle Christmas tree lights for fun; I got to level 9) [via]
Nat rounds up new map hacks (the legal geocoding extension to Google News is interesting)
Flash: Chaos Theory (addictive and simply chain reaction game) [via]
2005 Web Cartoonist's Awards winners announced (lots of good work here) [via]
Newsweek reveals Karl Rove was Matt Cooper's source (is it selfish to be excited that is mentioned in the same issue?)
Battlefield 2 player statistics (the average player has 30 deaths/hour; download the Python code)
Flickr plugin for Xbox Media Center (you'll need to chip your Xbox, but it's worth it) [via]
Namco kills Pac-Man dashboard widget (it's available here, so get it quick)
July 9, 2005
Tim O'Reilly on Perl's relevancy (his trend analysis of the programming book market from last month is a great read) [via]
ESPN reporter tracks down infamous Cubs fan Steve Bartman (I tracked the the Cubs Fan meme back in 2003, but most of the links are dead)
July 8, 2005
Does A Duck Have A Soul? (the controversy over delicious, but extremely cruel, foie gras) [via]
First-hand account of the London train bombing (don't miss the followup)
London Tube logo reworked as protest image (striking design)
Yahoo testing blog/RSS searching (ideally, I want to filter on blog-only posts with a date sorting option)
Research shows lab-grown meat possible on an industrial scale (Stem Cell Steak, here we come) [via]
Yahoo Video Search out of beta (unlike Google Video, crawling the web and for video)
Psychedelic Christian Radio MP3s from 1967 (these are ridiculously good; a genre I never knew existed)
David Lee Roth to replace Howard Stern? (only right here on Dave TV)
Australian ABC News creates Google World map of London bombings (pretty geeky for a mainstream news source)
July 7, 2005
Quicktime links to every Live 8 performance (great quality) [via]
New BASIC compiler for the Atari 2600 released (make new games for a decades-old console) [via]
Podcasting Juice, Japanese podcasts (I like Better English with Catherine; "I'm choking!")
Google Extensions for Firefox (an official Google Toolbar, Google Suggest, and a neat way to send webpage text to phones) [via]
Greasemonkey script to add My Web 2.0 links to Google (I'm sure Google will love that one)
PSPKick (homebrew drum machine for the PSP)
Livejournal mood tracker (spikes in "sad" and "angry" since the London attacks) [via]
Onion AV Club interviews Negativland (on copyright, process, and trying to make money from illegal art) [via]
Wikipedia article on London bombings (as always, they're doing an excellent job of tracking news and links)
London Bomb Blasts pool on Flickr (mostly TV screen caps, but some original photos are coming in)
Dear Annie Dish (in response to Anil's letter to PR flaks)
Jason Scott on the death of a Teletype art collector ("we stand on crumbling sand")
July 6, 2005
Video: The Chalets' "Feel the Machine" (plays with the idea of GUI elements interacting with real-life) [via]
1UP editor discusses walking off CNBC show on gaming violence (common in confrontational talk shows, they lied to him about the show's subject) [via]
Crates and Barrels (user contributed game screenshots of the inescapable gaming cliche) [via]
Channel 101 fights the "House of Cosbys" cease and desist! (also, this is a good writeup of how Channel 101 works and their recent shows)
Join the Eyebeam Open Lab (they'll pay you $30k/year to contribute whatever you want to the public domain)
Bad Day LA (bizarre game by American McGee with art by Kozyndan) [via]
Video: Voltron Gets Served (from Adult Swim's Robot Chicken)
NYT's Judith Miller jailed for refusing to reveal source (a federal shield law would be handy in times like these)
1UP's feature on MMORPG sweatshop farms (dirt-cheap overseas workers hired to earn in-game credits)
Dreamhost adds Ruby on Rails support (possibly the first big host to support it officially)
Wikipedia's history of the Goomba (did I mention I love Wikipedia?) [via]
Google Video, search playable videos only (filtering Google Video to find the good stuff; why isn't this an option yet?) [via]
RSSContact, simple contact sharing (from the creator of RSSCalendar) [via]
Gmaps Pedometer (great Google Maps hack to track traveling distance or creating custom routes) [via]
Opera embeds BitTorrent client (great news; every browser should support the BitTorrent protocol natively, as they do with FTP)
July 5, 2005
Fiona Apple rerecording Extraordinary Machine (rumors that she was unhappy with Jon Brion's production?) [via]
Halfbakery idea for McAmbulances (Starbucks Medical would work, too)
Google releasing toolbar for Firefox (the Googlebar extension is still far more flexible)
Blake Ross on the new Firefox tagline (an anecdote about his grandfather) [via]
Van Gogh's Starry Night photomosaic (composed of 210,000 photos in a 1.5 gigapixel image)
GUIdebook's new history of the Photoshop GUI (over 1000 screenshots from versions 1.0 to CS2) [via]
Yahoo News mapped onto Yahoo Maps (using the new maps API) [via]
Lord of the Bings (one bing to rule the mall) [via]
Video: World of Warcraft Coke commercial from China (awesome)
File-sharing defender fired over TV show appearance (he's publishing more info on his own site) [via]
July 4, 2005
Rails Day 2005 winners announced (impressive work for an overnight hackathon) [via]
Ricky Gervais' Live 8 videos (Phil Collins in a catapult to NYC) [via]
Chris Anderson compares pre-filters and post-filters (publish it all, let the filters sort it out)
Lost memorabilia (I think someone will do Kozmo again someday in big cities, and it'll be a huge hit) [via]
The Online Life of Joseph Duncan (convicted sexual predator and accused kidnapper was a blogger; this is insane)
CNet launches Shoebox photo sharing app (I'd link to the actual site, but they don't explain well what they do)
Online retailers using blogs to bring back customers (I predict advertising sideblogs on popular sites by the end of the year)
Paul Boutin reports Robot Wisdom's Jorn Barger living homeless in SF (Jorn responded on Wikipedia, saying the Wired piece was complete fiction) [via]
July 1, 2005
Sparkler fun on Flickr (perfect for the 4th of July; Pac-Man is my favorite) [via]
PSP HTTPD (web server running on the Sony PSP) [via]
c|net turns ten years old (funny, I won a copy of OS/2 Warp in their launch contest) [via]
Unreleased "Destroy All Humans" viral videos (including a Star Wars Kid remix; I doubt Lucas was involved, though) [via]
Video: Harlan McCraney, Presidential Speechalist (Comedy Central on the President's secret speech writer) [via]
MP3: 3-year-old covers Van Halen's "Get Me A Doctor" (this made me laugh)