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September 30, 2005
NYT on the remixed Shining trailer's creator (I burned through 560GB today after USA Today, Fark, and Aint It Cool News all hotlinked it; don't miss Tattered Coat's updates on the story)
Trulia (commercial mashup mixing real estate and Google Maps, with stats and great design) [via]
Video: Westside Story as a horror film (from the same group that made Shining)
Google Calendar close to launch? (like with Google Talk, the domain is resolving but not yet live)
PervWatch (creepy Google Maps mashup with sex offender data)
Steven Levy profiles Tim O'Reilly in Wired (he's one of the kindest and wisest people I've ever met) [via]
eHub (constantly updated list of new Web 2.0-ish projects)
Openomy, open file system (not much to look at yet, but open data stores have huge potential)
September 29, 2005
AJAX using only an image (crazy ass technique that doesn't use XMLHttpRequest, and works without cookies) [via]
MP3: George W. Bush covers "White Lines" (from the guy who made the amazing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" remix, also on that page)
Yahoo! Site Explorer beta (explore every page and inbound link, manually or with an API; for example, [via]
Van Morrison's Contractual Obligation Album (MP3s of 31 songs improvised to get out of his record deal; related: Ben Folds' "One Down" MP3 and lyrics)
Pixen (open-source OS X app designed for creating pixel art) [via]
Howto: PSP 2.0 to 1.5 downgrade (at least until homebrew can run under the 2.0 firmware)
eDonkey P2P network to close under Grokster ruling (following the closure of WinMX last week) [via]
Harvey Danger releases new album as DRM-free MP3s (I'm surprised more indie artists haven't done this) [via]
September 28, 2005
TGIF, the Ballad of Jesse Frederick (obsessive tribute to the guy who wrote the "Full House" theme, with tons of MP3s)
Rollyo (create custom searchrolls, powered by Yahoo search)
JotSpot Live (real-time collaborative text editor, like SubEthaEdit for the web)
Video: The Shining trailer, remixed (one of the best video clips I've seen all year; local mirror) [via]
NYT on the rent/buy debate (in California, it's far more cost-effective to rent these days)
Video: Napoleon Dynamite ads for Utah State Fair (I'm not a fan of the movie, but these are great)
MySQL 5.0 release candidate available (finally, shutting up other DB zealots about views, stored procedures, and triggers) [via]
September 27, 2005
Wikipedians edit Esquire article (the before and after will be published in an upcoming issue) [via]
Jen Carlson asks indie bands if they'd appear on The O.C. (poor, poor Lou Barlow) [via]
CNET talks to Google CEO about search engine size (notable only because Google apparently lifted their CNET ban)
iTunes Music Video Gate (paste in an iTunes music video link, get the unrestricted Quicktime download; with an XML feed of new videos)
Video: Everybody Hates Chris season premiere (Google Video legally hosts the first episode of Chris Rock's new sitcom)
How to download complete music videos from iTunes (great quality Quicktimes)
September 26, 2005
Cameron Marlow joins Yahoo Research Berkeley (Simon Willison joined Yahoo last week, too)
Penny Arcade on the SkyMall catalog (cover up unsightly snakes)
September 25, 2005
Armed dolphins released into Gulf of Mexico? (oddball Katrina story reported by the Guardian UK) [via]
DragonCon costume photo gallery (dear Lord, that's a lot of crazy cosplay)
Wordpress' plans to incorporate put on hold (and their reported first employee no longer involved)
September 24, 2005
Rock Paper Scissors 15 (insane RPS variation with 105 outcomes)
September 23, 2005
Madden 2006 bug shrinks player to 7 inches tall (careful not to squish him) [via]
Six Apart's Project Comet (more on their new hosted blogging service from Mena)
BitTorrent raises $8.75 million funding (isn't this like investing in FTP or HTTP?)
Flash: Hyper Frame (addictive rotating 3D maze game) [via]
Video: Review of the POPStation Portable (a PSP clone that plays very differently from the real thing) [via]
September 22, 2005
Slashdot's CSS redesign goes live (still ugly, but much cleaner source)
Jet Blue disabled showed DirecTV during problem flight (CNN corrects the earlier incorrect report)
September 21, 2005
Kevin Burton announces TailRank, his new startup (ranking system for weblogs, posts, and people)
Ziff-Davis buys Gametab (congrats to my favorite gaming meta-news site) [via]
High school band plays DJ Shadow's Endtroducing (now mirrored at; direct download)
Andrew Raaff's roundup of legal reactions to the Google Print lawsuit (amazing set of analysis on both sides; I'm strongly in Google's camp here)
Indie Rock Fantasy League (I'd love to see which bands scored the best/worst for this year)
Steve Jobs says OS X pirates will burn in hell (the road to hell is paved with bootleg software)
The Music of New Orleans (a brief aural history sampler with MP3s)
Video: Adult Swim on Frogger (short and funny; 1.8 MB)
Mini-Microsoft (anonymous blogger dishes dirt from within Microsoft as they try to reinvent themselves)
Video: Grandaddy's "Jed's Other Poem" (don't miss this one; fan-made video programmed on an Apple ][+)
September 20, 2005
Loomia, podcast and videocast search engine (another Odeo competitor)
Populicious is back (yay!)
Google Secure Access beta (Windows client for secure wifi through a Google VPN; privacy issues ahoy) [via]
September 19, 2005
Plague strikes World of Warcraft (contagious disease infects players, leading to quarantines and panic)
Flash: JCB Song (from the brilliant animator of Low Morale's Creep video) [via]
Adam Kempa obsesses on comic artist Jason Shiga (great collection of links, with original video)
September 18, 2005
Lost Garden on the Nintendo Revolution (long and fascinating read about genre specificity and casual gaming)
Video: Nintendo Revolution controller teaser (huge gameplay possibilities)
September 17, 2005
How We Got Engaged (Dave and Raina's adorable collaborative comic) [via]
Onlife for OS X (fascinating tool to visualize and search all your computer activity)
Video: Fabulous Secret Powers (nice retro homepage, too)
NetVibes (well-designed all-Ajax personalized launch page, with a nice built-in feed reader)
September 16, 2005
Computer programmer uses Google Maps to discover Roman ruins (next, finding Jimmy Hoffa's body) [via]
Indie bands move closer to mainstream (AP news takes on Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, and Arcade Fire)
Nintendo Revolution controller revealed (a motion-sensitive remote control device, instead of a gamepad!?) [via]
September 15, 2005
Tech Memeorandum (it's grown on me since the redesign launched earlier this week) (very neat multi-service Ajax instant messaging) [via]
Video clips of The Simpsons for the blind (the sight gags are still funny, but in a very different way)
Flickr Framer (instantly add a frame for your Flickr photos)
Populicious closes up shop (one of my favorite link sources! fortunately, the Delicious New Popular is pretty good)
Japanese magazine scan of Katamari Damacy for PSP (wifi battle mode!)
Video: Bill Gates goes to college (shakycam footage of the Napoleon Dynamite skit at Microsoft's PDC conference; local mirror)
September 14, 2005
Wells Fargo buys island in Second Life (cheesy edutainment, but innovative and weird use of the game world)
Gillette unveils 5-bladed razor (notable only for this Onion parody article from 2004)
Image: George Bush asks Condi Rice for permission to pee (best Reuters photo ever; zoomed out view of the same moment)
Audioscrobbler web services (tons of fun potential uses for this data) [via]
X-Wing papercraft from a Paris Metro ticket (step-by-step photo tutorial)
Weblogs Inc reviews Google Blog Search (partial text for many blogs, and blogs without feeds aren't represented at all) (oddball social Monopoly-ish game with Ajax goodness)
September 13, 2005
Tommy Westphall and the Multiverse of TV (or: why Jack Tripper and Maxwell Smart live in the same universe) [via]
Google Blog Search (here's the FAQ, and Technorati CEO Dave Sifry's thoughts)
Documentary about deaf musicians released without closed captioning (movies about the deaf, not for the deaf) [via]
The Work Blind curtain ("wow, he's barely moved since February!" )
TiVo adds copyright protection, blocks transfers, and auto-deletes some shows (a glitch, but a foreboding one; I'm upset this functionality even exists in the OS)
Building a Smarter To-Do List (an essential two-part article)
Wired News on the Summer Founders Program (Y Combinator's Summer Camp for young geek entrepreneurs; no mention of Kiko, though)
Video: Fifth graders perform Devo's "Whip It" (including homebrew energy domes) [via]
September 12, 2005
Leo Burnett (abnormally clever corporate Flash site)
Liberal Comedian Sues Blogger (Garrison Keiller vs. my friend Rex in a clear-cut case of parody)
September 11, 2005
Pocketmod (great UI for creating a disposable one-page organizer) [via]
eBay to buy Skype for $2.6 billion (holy cow)
The Ten Stupidest Utopias (a great read, from Plato's Republic to the Internet) [via]
NYT on's Ajax redesign (I don't care how much the backend changed, that's no excuse for shuttering a site for two weeks)
Video: Yahoo! goes hard gay (oddball Japanese variety show visits Yahoo's Tokyo offices)
Ben Goldacre on bad science in the media (coverage of authority figures, instead of tangible evidence) [via]
Firefox 1.5 developer highlights (not just making the best browser around, but setting the tech agenda)
September 10, 2005
Java: Cyboman 2 (classic PC demo from 1999 ported to Java; all effects are real-time 3D, not pre-rendered)
Neja (insane Javascript graphic demo from Assembly '05; runs in Firefox!)
NeighborNode uses wifi to build local community (redirects free wifi users to neighborhood homepage on first connection) [via]
Digital camera turns 30 (how Kodak buried their prototype camera in 1975) [via]
Google Maps with 2000 Census data (very well done; the average income in Malibu is over $200k/year!)
Five days with Katrina (amazing slideshow and story from a survivor)
Ado's ultimate weblog API primer (long, but surprisingly readable)
September 9, 2005
Second Life membership now free (brilliant move on their part)
Microsoft tries to recruit Eric S. Raymond (hilarity ensues) [via]
Huffington Post has a 15,000 comment backlog (the downside of comment moderation) [via]
Super Mario Bros. clone in Javascript (insane Japanese hack, fully playable or with a speed run demo) [via]
Official U.S. site for We Love Katamari (including some nice new wallpaper; release on Sept. 20!) [via]
Wolfram Tones (fun with generative music, but actually listenable)
Gametap full launch game listing (subscription retro gaming service for $10/month) [via]
Common Bits video roundup of Daily Show's Katrina coverage (tons of essential commentary) adds badges (post your events on your own site; here's an example)
September 8, 2005
Rolling Stone publishes Hunter S. Thompson's suicide note (along with a strange eulogy)
NYT on News Corp's buyout of IGN and MySpace ($1.5 billion on three Internet companies in the last two months)
Katrina conspiracy theories (plenty of great stuff on Snopes news page recently, too)
Evil Interiors (Unreal 2003 recontructions of classic movie sets; don't miss the screenshots) [via]
Sploid redesigns (like The Onion's redesign, very busy but somehow fitting; more info) [via]
Vinton Cerf joins Google (though I'm sure people will balk at him remaining ICANN chairman) [via]
Kanye West remix, "George Bush Don't Like Black People" (very professionally done)
Wired on the Paypal vs. Something Awful fundraiser controversy (Paypal locked SA's account, but I can't really blame them for vetting suspicious fundraisers)
Astrodome radio station blocked by local officials (meanwhile, FEMA is blocking pancakes, milk, and jailbreaks)
ROKR iTunes phone limiting song uploads with bad DRM (limited to 100 songs, whether they fill up the storage or not) [via]
National Geographic article predicts Louisiana disaster in October 2004 (yet another example of extremely accurate predictions in the mainstream media)
September 7, 2005
Apple announces iPod nano, iPod Phone (pencil thin, color display and 80% smaller than the 5GB iPod)
Alex Chilton found and other music-related Katrina news
Robert Cringely's NerdTV (weekly one-hour geek interviews licensed under CC)
Paypal offers micropayments pricing (five cents plus five percent for transactions under $2; not completely micro, but a nice effort) [via]
September 5, 2005
Conspiracy theory that Hurricane Katrina was a guided weapon (many more related crank links in this Metafilter thread)
Flickr photos from the Houston Astrodome (photos from a volunteer wiring the Dome with computers and wireless) [via]
Ajax IM (browser-based instant messenger app with PHP backend; doesn't work in IE yet) [via]
September 4, 2005
Greasemonkey M3U Generator (nice!)
September 2, 2005
Dan Kaminsky's Best of Siggraph 2005 roundup (tons of nifty tech)
Steve Ballmer threatened to "fucking kill Google" in 2004 (amazing piece of gossip leaked in a legal brief)
What if Hurricane Ivan Had Not Missed New Orleans? (unbelievably accurate predictions from October 1994)
Tale of dead soldier and his little girl was elaborate hoax (the Iraq war's own Kaycee Nicole) [via]
Video: Mr. Bill and Hurricane Sluggo (disturbing wetlands preservation ad from last year; mirrored locally)
September 1, 2005
DIY GTD Planner Hipster PDA templates (very professional collection of PDF planner templates, ready for printing)
Fake screenshots of a Google OS (amusing predictions from Future Feeds, but the UI is ugly enough to be real)
The Interdictor (liveblogging, photos, and interviews from an ISP in New Orleans)
Big Star's Alex Chilton missing in New Orleans (Fats Domino was reported missing, but found today)
Trapped in the Superdome (extremely difficult to read) (a nicely-designed niche news aggregator for musician news; crawls tons of band sites)
8 million UMD movies sold for the PSP (this is surprising to me; pretty great for a DRMed format that can only be watched on a PSP)
Cash donations relicense Eyes on the Prize (this actually just makes the copyright problem worse, as Stay Free points out)