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October 31, 2005
Sony CD installs DRM rootkit? (malware that hides itself and impossible for almost everyone to remove) [via]
NBC News to broadcast online (for free in its entirety, with past shows archived historically) [via]
Apple sells 1 million videos in first 20 days (considering the limited library, this is impressive) [via] on the TiVo (using Galleon, a wonderful open-source media browser)
October 27, 2005
Archie goes goth (totally dismal and excellent)
Flickr adds photo printing! (by mail, or pick them up at your local Target store for one hour printing) [via]
October 25, 2005
Google Base launching soon (an open database of structured content)
October 24, 2005
President Bush cease and desists The Onion (for using the presidential seal)
Newsweek on the Boondocks animated series (the Adult Swim premiere is on November 6; here's an early review) [via]
Katamari Damacy individual level speedruns (video runs for every main level of the game)
October 23, 2005
Video: Do They Know It's Hallowe'en? (follow along with the indie rock all-star lineup)
Video: Romance of the Jedi (Episode III remixed as a gay love story)
October 22, 2005
Paul Stamatiou's good review of Flock (learn about the developer preview before you try it out) [via]
8-Bit Star Wars (Episode IV as a pixelized animated GIF) [via]
Details on Jason Scott's next documentary about text adventure games (from the creator of the wonderful BBS Documentary)
October 21, 2005
Ask Mefi finds an address in 1939 Vienna (within minutes, Ask Mefi finds grandfather's Nazi-era apartment and hand-written documents) [via]
Matt Mullenweg leaves CNET (he'll be working on Wordpress full-time; congrats!)
October 19, 2005
AMASS, permanent storage for Ajax apps on the client side (store 100k without user permission on the client using Flash) [via]
DVD Jon joins Michael Robertson at new startup (nicely timed with the WSJ profile earlier)
October 18, 2005
Time interviews tech pundits on future of technology (Tim, Esther, Clay, and a host of other familiar names; I like Moby's closing quote) [via]
Video: First music video shot on cell phones exclusively (they recorded footage at half-speed to work with the 10 frames per second limit) [via]
WSJ profile on Jon Johansen (Wikipedia has a nice list of DVD Jon's projects) [via] on (disturbingly accurate pitch from October 1996, just over nine years ago) [via]
October 17, 2005
Fortune's long profile on BitTorrent (history and some details about the new business)
Jib Jab cease and desists website for borrowing 9 seconds of Flash animation (completely hypocritical, considering their history with fair use) [via]
Readable explanation of how the Myspace worm worked (if you missed it, read the great story by its creator)
Matt Haughey on this morning's massive Blogspot spam flood (Chris Pirillo is covering it closely, with a response from Google)
Screenshots of the Nintendo DS wifi interface (Joystiq explains some of the security issues) [via]
Video: My Successful Friends (many more videos on Tales of Mere Existence) [via]
Brian Wilson's drunk dad on the Help Me Rhonda session (the edited version is enough to hear what an ass Murray was)
October 16, 2005
Tom Coates leaves BBC for Yahoo! (Yahoo continues the trend of hiring people I genuinely admire)
NYT on life hackers (an essential read on the most important emerging technology trend: beating interruption overload)
October 15, 2005
1UP's Shadow of the Colossus review (with a 9.5 score, this sounds like an essential new PS2 game)
MTV buys iFilm for $49 million (will this affect their viral video section and its grey area copyright violations?)
October 14, 2005
David Cross, Subpop sued by Nashville nightclub owner for prank video (the guy put the very funny video clips on his site)
October 13, 2005
Subscribe to video in iTunes (very neat)
How to Make 1 Million Friends on MySpace (outstanding story of the creation and spread of a MySpace exploit)
McSweeney's lists the Presidential cabinet by the etymology of their first and last names (The Fierce Warrior With Sweetness) [via]
My Outsourced Life (Esquire writer hires two Indian firms to manage his personal and professional life) [via]
Pez MP3 player (finally available for ordering) [via]
October 12, 2005
3D Duck Hunt model in real-life (like playing with giant Pixelblocks) [via]
MC Hammer visits Google (please Hammer, don't hurt him) [via]
ABC TV shows for sale in iTunes Music Stores ($1.99 for an episode of Lost or Desperate Housewives)
Engadget reports on new video iPod (the rumors were right; 2.5" screen with TV-out for $399)
Jeff Veen on Measure Map (they're letting people into the beta slowly, so sign up now)
Blockbuster missed chance to buy Netflix for $50 million (Blockbuster’s now worth about $850 million, while Netflix is at $1.4 billion) [via]
This Is How I Roll (designed to appeal to people like me, and it's working)
Remember the Milk (nicely-designed, feature-rich to-do lists) [via]
October 11, 2005
Hackaday severs ties with Weblogs Inc (because it could be another Justin Frankel situation)
Microsoft, Yahoo to link IM networks (to compete against AIM, Google, and Skype) [via]
Video: Hard 'n Phirm' s"Pi" (with digits of pi sung in harmony to the 190th decimal place) on the Snakes on a Plane meme (the Delicious community has been covering this one closely) [via]
Commodore Music Store (very bizarre; too bad, I was hoping for something like this) [via]
Verisign buys Moreover for $30m (Kottke points to thoughts by co-founders Denton and Galbraith) [via]
Google adds tagging to search history (no social aspect yet, but I bet it's coming)
Heatmapping Google Earth (dynamic data viz using Django and Google Earth layers)
October 10, 2005
Video: Charade, full-length film from 1963 (Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn thriller slipped into public domain because of a clerical error) [via]
Oracle's purchase of InnoDB affects MySQL users (catching up on news I missed while at Web 2.0 last week)
VGMaps, Vector Overlays for Google Maps (fusing Flash and GMaps; try the subway maps example)
Video: Rhythm of Life (excellent Guiness ad) [via]
Doctor Doom's Top Ten Euphemisms for Sex (Mike should be writing for McSweeney's)
Stanford wins $2 million DARPA Grand Challenge (more importantly, five teams' robot cars crossed the 135-mile finish line) [via]
Yahoo! Podcasts (thus marks the point where nobody trusts what I link to)
October 9, 2005
Kotaku's rant on Arnold Schwarzenegger (blocks the sale of violent video games to minors, in contrast to his history of movie violence)
International coalition of government poised to take control of Internet from U.S. (dissolving ICANN and handing the root servers over to the UN)
Cool musicians who blog (an excellent roundup) [via]
Marios 64 (64 pixel Marios in famous costumes)
MySpace user found dead (final blog posts on LJ and MySpace usually get thousands of comments by mourners and onlookers)
October 7, 2005
Adam Kalsey's Tagyu (utility to auto-discover tags from content or websites; click a tag to view suggested tags for Delicious pages)
Google Reader (Google launches their web-based feed reader)
Tristan runs the numbers on the Weblogs Inc sale (breaking down value by blog and sector)
October 6, 2005
Mark Pilgrim writing Greasemonkey scripts for every microformat (I love that guy) [via]
LiveMarks (viewing popular in real time; Joshua must hate this, though)
Salon redesigns (it reminds me of Slate) [via]
Kottke says Verisign bought for $5M (a match made in hell) [via]
How many blogs did AOL buy? (85 total, but only 31 are active) [via]
HBO poisoning BitTorrent downloads with bad seeds (their time would be better spent working on a distribution model instead of fighting it) [via]
First PSP trojan found in the wild (not a virus, just malicious software) [via]
AOL buys Weblogs Inc., including Engadget (I heard $40 million, but take it with salt; seems like an unusually expensive content play)
October 5, 2005
Synchroedit, open-source real-time multiuser web editor (whew, that's a mouthful; sounds like the open-source version of Jot Live)
Yahoo buys! (have you heard the news? Waxy is going to Yahoo!)
October 4, 2005 goes live! (24 Hour Laundry's stealthy startup is an oddball social software playground; like Second Life for web apps, this is mind blowing geek cool)
October 3, 2005
Gametap goes live (two week free trial to play hundreds of retro games, from Pitfall to Myst) [via]
October 2, 2005
PDF: Towards Decentralized Recommender Systems (good thesis on an interesting topic)
Interactive Fiction Comp 2005 entries are available for download (or just wait for me to link to the winners in a few weeks)
37 Signals' Writeboard launches (nicely designed wiki with clean change tracking, but I'm surprised it's not real-time like Jot Live) [via]
October 1, 2005
Comment spammers linking to innocent blogs to discredit spam blacklists? (an excellent example of how blacklists fail as spammers adapt)
Tim O'Reilly tries to answer, What Is Web 2.0? (trying to wrangle an amorphous blob)
Metroblogging gets ripped off by scam artists? (designed by a Romanian IT company that makes Texas Holdem clones)
Google confirms plans to offer free San Francisco wifi (expect the cable/DSL companies to retaliate by pushing legislation) [via]