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March 31, 2006
Video: Nintendo Sixty-FOUR! (everyone remembers their first console)
Myspace removes 200,000 objectionable profiles (sounds like a lot, until you realize it's less than one day of new signups) [via]
Bill & Ted's Excellent Musical Adventure (with MP3s of the soundtrack)
Zug's Michael Jackson prank (I've been reading John Hargrave since the dawn of time, and he's still entertaining)
Interesting Facts About Domain Names (now that I'm at Yahoo, I should try to score the complete domain list to rerun my dictionary domains) [via]
Birdy Namnam (four French DJs that treat each turntable as a discrete instrument and play as a band; watch the videos)
March 30, 2006
Study fails to show healing power of prayer (from strangers, anyway) [via]
iGoatse, the Goatse inspired iPod holder (safe for work, and I hope it's real) [via]
March 29, 2006
AllofMP3 launches allTunes (the notorious Russian download service expands with a Windows client)
YouTube adds 10 minute duration limit to prevent piracy (expect people to start splitting large videos into multiple parts)
Lazybase, easy database creation and sharing (badly needs an API, but brilliantly lo-fi)
Star Wars Kid case goes to court on April 10? (interesting news buried in 10th paragraph; anyone have more info?)
Batman onomatopoeia (screen grabs of the visual sound balloons from Batman's campy fight scenes) [via]
March 28, 2006
Steve Ballmer "brainwashed" his kids to avoid Google and iPods (and I'm sure they use MSN Spaces instead of Myspace or Livejournal?) [via]
Kotaku finds sponsored editorial previews on Gamespot and Gamespy (yay, investigative game journalism!) [via]
Tiltomo (browse Flickr by color, texture, or theme) [via]
The Great Outdoor Fight (unbelievably elaborate fan-written backstory to this excellent Achewood story arc)
Phil Torrone on real-world credit cards for earning virtual currency (brilliant idea) [via]
Plaxo apologizes for contact spam (he links to the Techcrunch entry on Jigsaw for his contact info, which is cute)
Digg Soundboard (-1 duplicate, no Digg)
Google deletes official Google Blog (yeah, I've had days like that) [via]
March 27, 2006
Brandon Hardesty's Re-Enactment Series (remaking scenes from classic movies with a camcorder and himself in every role) [via]
Stewart and Caterina on the cover of Newsweek! (the photos throughout are hilarious)
ajaxWrong (Alex Russell on ajaxWrite, which isn't actually an Ajax app)
The Movie Timeline (does for film what Tommy Westphall's Mind did for TV) [via]
The Last Record Shop (Austin music collectors buy Ohio record store that closed in 1970, frozen in time; don't miss the photos)
March 26, 2006
37 Signals responds to Caterina Fake (David says it's a great time to start a business, as long as you're not playing the Web 2.0 Lottery)
March 25, 2006
The Tuttle Conspiracy (e-mail hilarity between CentOS developers and the city manager of Tuttle, OK) [via]
March 24, 2006
The Dent shuts down after 10 years (one of the longest-running fan sites, and the winning logo I made in August '97 is still there)
Caterina says it's a bad time to start a company (when the barrier to entry is low enough, anyone with a little skill will have at least one startup) [via]
The Kleptones' 24 Hours (new album by the genius behind Night at the Hip-Hopera and Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots)
Pandora/ (submit your real-time Pandora activity to, find similar sites (it uses EasyUtil as its recommender engine, which is a great first test case)
March 23, 2006
Socializer (spam your links to 18 different social bookmarking sites)
EarthTools Web Services (free APIs to get, for example, timezone from a lat/long)
Is Amazon S3 the first Tier 0 Internet Service? (along with EasyUtil and the Mechanical Turk, I sense an important emerging trend)
Gordons united against the band "Kill Gordon" (Gordon is as Gordon does)
NitroTracker, music sequencer for the Nintendo DS (make your own old-skool chiptunes with the touchscreen)
March 22, 2006
Video: Scrambled Hacks (real-time video plunderphonics; don't miss the live performance)
Paypal goes mobile (back to their roots with
Flash: Don't Shoot the Puppy (a zen game; mirrored here) [via]
PS3 games will be region-free (hopefully, the death knell for a stupid idea)
Backing up Flickr photos with Amazon S3 (outsourcing storage with 25 lines of Python and $0.15 per GB/month) [via]
Video: Don't Fuck With Love (lovely music video by the Sad Little Stars)
Video: Other Music (Aziz Ansari and Andy Blitz comedy short on indie record store clerks) [via]
March 21, 2006
Another day at Yahoo... (just like any other day; more surreal photos on Flickr)
Metalog's Most-Linked Blogs from September 2000 (that's basically my daily reading list from 2000) [via]
Danah Boyd on Myspace vs. Friendster (is Myspace a fad?) [via]
March 19, 2006
Katamari team disbands (interesting to hear Takahashi was coerced into making the Katamari sequel) [via]
Xbox 360 DVD firmware hacked (no homebrew yet, but bootlegs are now playable four months after the 360's release) [via] adds private bookmarks (this must have been their most demanded feature)
TV and movie set locations in Windows Live Local (including the Back to the Future town square and the Bluth banana stand) [via]
Odeo adds embedded recorders for blogs (like voicemail for websites, I predict this becomes way bigger than Odeo's podcasts) [via]
South Park's pulled Scientology episode is on YouTube (challenged by Tom Cruise, who will incidentally be speaking at Yahoo next week; don't miss the closing credits)
EasyUtil (finally, a recommender web service! if it works, I expect this to be massively huge) [via]
March 18, 2006
Math for Programmers (read the comments for views from other disciplines) [via]
March 17, 2006
Videogame Theater, Pac-Man as an alcoholic has-been (more from their official site)
Howto install Windows XP on an Intel Mac (read the FAQ for details of what works and what doesn't) [via]
NetNewsWire adds sorting by attention (did reBlog's Etech presentation jumpstart feedreader innovation?) [via]
Thomas Hawk reviews CozmoTV (opt-in TiVo integration for sharing and recommendations, but miserable full-screen Flash UI)
Video: Snakes on a Plane trailer (and an oddball contest soliciting music from Tagworld-hosted bands) [via]
Gawker Stalker Google map (someone needs to do a Dodgeball mashup for real-time mobile stalking)
Video: High Score trailer (documentary about beating the world record for Missile Command, last set in 1982) [via]
Digg used for stock market manipulation? (the Google/Sun rumor is being spread by a particular cabal on Digg) [via]
March 16, 2006
Rojo adds feed sorting by relevance (the screenshot looks like a personalized Digg)
CNET acquires Chowhound (social experiment: can they change the archaic software without killing the community?) [via]
Lifehacker reviews reBlog 2.0 (the only RSS reader that's innovating for power users; try the new hosted demo or watch the screencast)
Isaac Hayes quits "South Park" (great comments from Parker and Stone cite their Scientology parody as the cause)
Antville Videos available as a video podcast (nice hack to subscribe to great music videos)
SXSW to MPAA: STFU (great Powazek rant started by a SXSW panel gone awry)
March 15, 2006
Top designers redesign Craig's List (the Javascript sparklines are a bit much, but everything else is gorgeous) [via]
Rogers Cadenhead gets a letter from Dave Winer's attorney (also: Winer's side of the story)
Gamespy's long roundup of the Independent Games Festival finalists (including Dofus, a full-blown MMORPG in Flash) [via]
Flash: Flow in Games (lovely experimental toy lifeform)
Video: Hard Candy trailer (I hope they met on Flickr)
March 14, 2006
Google buys SketchUp (I've been a huge fan of the natural 3D drawing app for years)
Techcrunch on Amazon's storage web service (the first serious implementation of an essential idea)
March 13, 2006
Wired on the Pirate Bay (their political party could very likely get seats in Swedish parliament)
March 12, 2006
LiveJournal punches the monkey (adding a third member option with premium features, but free and ad-supported) [via]
Digitize Textfiles, vintage computer ephemera (also: see the flaming conversation that inspired the scanning project)
The Earth Is Not Moving (finally, someone who isn't afraid to speak the truth)
March 11, 2006
EvokeTV, sharing your TV habits with the world (why doesn't TiVo do this?) [via]
Judith got her lost camera back (the authorities retrieved it from the selfish Canadian family) [via]
The Torn-Up Credit Card Experiment (Chase issues a Mastercard to taped-up card applications for another address) [via]
Techcrunch reviews DabbleDB (replacing Microsoft Access with simple builder tools)
NBC launches "web favorites" viral video (insulting the people who made them popular)
Trixie Tracker launches (a long time coming for the insanely detailed baby log) [via]
March 8, 2006
Sean Bonner finds censorware director's infantilism past (dating back to 1996, Usenet never forgets)
iPodMAME, arcade games on the iPod (I'll bet Asteroids would play well with the wheel) [via]
The Logos of Web 2.0 (I used Ballpark Script for the logo) [via]
Techcrunch gets exclusive screenshots of Google Calendar (not as nice as 30 Boxes, but good enough to kill off most every Ajaxy calendar startup)
March 7, 2006
Stamen's Backchannel (real-time infovis of the #etech IRC channel)
Negativland interviews U2's The Edge in 1992 (great prank right after U2's label sued them for copyright infringement; he's very gracious under pressure)
March 6, 2006
The Aural Times, singing the news (sounds like a good job for failed American Idol candidates)
Oscar winners popular on BitTorrent (I skipped my Oscar bootleg roundup this year, but run it yourself on VCD Quality)
AIM releases developer SDK (they're also releasing an Open Bots program soon)
March 5, 2006
NYT on the House of Cosbys fight (any article that mentions "Data Analysis Cosby" is a good one)
Video: Natalie Portman rap on SNL (they've found a niche; update: NBC gets them all removed from YouTube, but posted an official version)
Wizard of Oz-themed Annie Leibovitz photoshoot for Vogue (Keira Knightley as Dorothy, posing with artists like Jasper Johns, Jeff Koons, and Chuck Close)
March 4, 2006
Kleptones release new EP from upcoming album (from the Night at the Hip-Hopera creator)
Video: Real-Life Simpsons Intro (amazing attention to detail)
March 3, 2006
Peanut kiss did not kill Quebec teen (followup from sad November 2005 story) [via]
StationRipper for Windows (rips music from Shoutcast streams into individual MP3 files; yikes!)
Bill Cosby's lawyers threaten (I'm going to fight it; House of Cosbys deserves to be seen, far and wide)
Lilly's yearly roundup of the Oscar gift bags (spoiled brats (I'm just jealous))
Newsweek asks "Is YouTube the Napster of Video?" (Fred von Lohmann nails it; when they get profitable, there will be big problems)
March 2, 2006
Video: Chris Bliss juggles Golden Slumbers (let it never be said that juggling can't rock) [via]
Slashdot added tags for subscribers? (I love their criteria for forcing standardized tagging)
Newsvine launches publicly (don't miss the article-specific chat rooms) [via]
Wikipedia User Edit Counter (for example, Jimbo's been busy editing lately)
Penn Jillette responds to Smoke and Mirrors bootleg (he talked about the game in today's podcast; I posted the MP3 clip)
March 1, 2006
Danah Boyd on Myspace and the disappearance of two girls (Myspace was blamed, but now that they're back home, nobody's correcting the story)
37 Signals on the original iPod announcement thread at MacRumors (the Slashdot thread is classic, too; "No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.")
Wikipedia reaches one million articles (Squidoo came very close to getting a ton of free publicity) [via]
What if Microsoft designed the iPod? (created by Microsoft marketing for an internal meeting, as confirmed by Scoble)
iPod Encyclopedia (800MB snapshot of Wikipedia for the iPod) [via]
Video: A Meditation on the Speed Limit (moral: speed limits should be a guideline, not a ticketable offense) [via]
CBS demands YouTube remove autistic basketball player video, and 11 others (I'm expecting a Napster-like battle as these sites grow in popularity)
Flash: Domino Pressure (squish the tomato without missing any dominoes)
Massively Multiplayer Pong (brilliant online version of this classic hive mind experiment)
Jenny Lewis' "Rabbit Fur Coat" album for free download (full albums from her label; more albums here) [via]