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August 31, 2006
WOXY Internet radio calls it quits (97X, bam! the future of rock n' roll)
Two tourists crash the Lost set in Hawaii (and post all the photos to Flickr) [via]
Video: Frank Lloyd Wright's Kaufmann House modeled in Half-Life 2 (deathmatches in famous architecture; download it here) [via]
Video: 49 Up trailer (the ongoing UK documentary series interviews the same group of adults every 7 years since age 7)
Comcast blacklists e-mail from The WELL (at my last job, dealing with mistaken Comcast and Verizon blacklists were the norm)
Queen's Brian May slams Myspace for "pirated identity" (he doesn't want to do the Myspace salute; won't somebody think of the children)
August 30, 2006
The Dial-Up BBS Revisited (amazing story of calling ghost BBSes, and a great tip for using Vonage for dialup) [via]
Business Week on the LonelyGirl15 conspiracy (here's a good overview;s is YouTube's biggest star a viral marketing effort or just kids havnig fun?) [via]
August 29, 2006
Jeremy Bogan irritates telemarketers with random recorded responses (this is brilliant and cruel; what else can you tell me about this offer?) [via]
August 28, 2006
Evhead on why pageviews are an obsolete metric (part of Myspace's big numbers are attributable to terrible site design) [via]
Flickr adds extensive geotagging and maps support (and, surprise! two-way integration with Upcoming) adds Flickr and Yahoo! Local integration (increasing the number of events by 3000% overnight, plus pretty pictures and nicer event pages)
NYT tracks down "Canon Rock" YouTube star (the original video, and its many, many imitators) [via]
August 25, 2006
Video: Ricky Gervais at Microsoft UK (shut down by Microsoft on Youtube, now living on Google Video for the moment)
Review of Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (create and destroy a virtual server farm in seconds with an API call; Amazon is doing the most innovative work in the entire industry)
L.A. Weekly on the gentrification of Los Angeles (also, five warning signs; most interesting are gelato and the flight patterns of visual artists) [via]
Nintendo Wii to limit wifi for third party titles (no non-Nintendo launch titles will have online play?)
Video of self-parking Lexus (I'd be terrified of crushing someone's legs)
Stephen Colbert rips off Ze Frank joke? (hard to believe it's a coincidence; maybe a staff writer watches The Show) [via]
August 24, 2006
Dev-Scene Nintendo DS homebrew portal (outstanding index of available homebrew apps and games for the NDS) [via]
Myspace considers print magazine (a possible partnership with Nylon) [via]
Fluid dynamics physics toy (not unlike Sand) [via]
Long New Yorker article on the recent Poincare Conjecture battle (a fascinating story of two very different mathematic personalities; more from Kottke) [via]
37 Signals on the Long Road to Simple (this basically summed up my day)
August 23, 2006
Phoenix Wright fan t-shirts (obscure Nintendo DS references on t-shirts make me happy)
The Evolution of Speech Balloons (from scroll-like "labels" in 12th century paintings to modern comic strips; also: the Early Comics Archive) [via]
August 22, 2006
Visualizing Gamespot review scores by platform (reviewers avoid 7.7 and 7.8 scores)
Weird Al's "Don't Download This Song" ("We Are the World"-style commentary on music piracy; "even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong")
Video: The Party Party's "God Made Me Do It" (video mashup of Bush singing "Imagine," with a nod to Lou Reed)
August 21, 2006
Parallels plans to offer full Windows gaming support by end of year (full speed OpenGL/DirectX running natively on the Mac would mean I'd never buy a PC again) [via]
Turner Broadcasting removing smoking scenes from Hanna-Barbara cartoons after UK complaint (removing positive portrayal of cigs in Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, and The Flintstones)
August 20, 2006
Video: MTV's Game Makers Roundtable (bad UI, but great conversation with Will Wright, David Jaffe, Cliffy B, and Harvey Smith)
GopherNow, late-night eats finder (which restaurants are open in your area, right now?)
August 19, 2006
Video: PES' "Game Over" (stop-motion animation of retro arcade games played out with household objects)
Interview with Mike Frumin from Eyebeam (people like Mike inspire me; Fundrace, OGLE, Pizza Party, VGMap, and reBlog are all wonderful)
August 17, 2006
Dappit (visual tool for screen scraping websites into XML and doing neat things with it)
Wired News on Jason Scott's text adventure documentary (even more than Arcade, I'm eagerly awaiting Get Lamp)
RU Sirius show on reunion, part one (I'm interviewed along with the rest of the staff; follow along on the archives)
August 16, 2006
Video: Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown (hyperviolent fun with copyright violations circa 1986; cameos by Mickey Mouse, Blondie, Nazis, and Richard Simmons) [via]
Dreamhost gets some angry voicemails (I love that company; how many other businesses would write a public expose on payola review sites?)
Nethack for the DS (also: ColecoDS now has sound and saving)
Bruce Schneier Facts ("Bruce Schneier can straighten out an elliptic curve with nothing but his teeth")
August 15, 2006
Microsoft to enable homebrew content on Xbox 360 (sharing the games will be challenging, but it's a great move that other consoles should try to top)
Real-time Flash visualization of songs on the radio across the U.S.
YouTube visualization of submission growth (using the Youtube API) [via]
Internet Soul Portraits (famous websites without identifying text or graphics; how many can you name?)
AOL's Weblogs, Inc. gaming Digg (AOL employees digging Weblogs, Inc. stories in a coordinated effort to get to the frontpage)
Barry Diller buys majority stake in Connected Ventures (College Humor, yes, but also Vimeo, Busted Tees, and others) [via]
Steely Dan vs. Wes Anderson (there's a fine line between eccentric and insane) [via]
Apple making huge social software push? (the Teams feature is the most interesting; social networks will eventually be built into the OS) [via]
August 14, 2006
First Nintendo DS emulator to play commercial games released (compatibility list with some screenshots; also, you'll need to dump your BIOS) [via]
Full-motion 3D posters (don't miss the soccer video; estimated to cost $200-500 per square foot)
MP3: Sprites, "I Started A Blog Nobody Read" ("I started a blog and nobody came; no issues were raised, no comments were made")
August 13, 2006
Video: Coca-Cola's Grand Theft Auto inspired commercial (this could almost be Sims 2 machinima) [via]
Second Life closes forums (a truly awful move that will damage the community) [via]
August 11, 2006
coComment's Firefox extension (instantly makes the service seamless and invaluable)
My 12 favourite demos (reminding myself that I need to do this someday, too)
Interweb Medley (so obnoxious; I'd love to hear a version using only the original samples) [via]
Video: Telling It All, Part 1 (78-year-old man vlogging on YouTube; watch his first video to see how quickly he's evolved in six days)
Beating two SNES games at the same time (wiring a single controller into two SNES emulators, and recording the results)
Top Web 2.0 Apps in Russia (continuing his great series of Web 2.0 apps around the world)
August 10, 2006
Video: Clell Tickle, Indie Marketing Guru (Aziz Ansari comedy with cameos by Tapes 'n Tapes, Pitchfork Media, and Ted Leo) [via]
Video: Ze Frank on terrorism ("leveraging our inability to understand risk") [via]
Creating in-cell graphics with Excel (very neat use of old tech) [via]
Endgame, the Google Maps real-time strategy game (like the Goggles flight simulator, why aren't Flash developers making games with the Yahoo Maps Flash API?)
Video: YouTube founders on Charlie Rose (uploaded by Charlie Rose! I like picturing him sitting on YouTube moderating the spam comments)
upcalendar (Aaron releases his Python hack for syncing Upcoming events to Series 60 phones)
Tom Coates on World of Warcraft addiction ("are we as a culture starting to construct toys that are too effective and end up hurting people?") [via]
August 9, 2006
Myspace asks for "Salute" for verifying identity (it's a good thing there's no way to fake photographs on a computer) [via]
Seth Godin created a series of Nintendo fiction books for kids? (the excerpts and reviews are hilarious) [via]
Spam Stock Tracker (updated yesterday; too bad it's nearly impossible to short penny stocks)
Tales of the telegraph (great bit on "hog-morse" and the origin of "hams")
August 8, 2006
Search engine for released AOL logs (my God, the search logs of anonymous user 711391 is an unbelievable epic; Philipp has many more) [via]
AOL search data shows users planning murder? (I'm just catching up from a short vacation, and the AOL blunder is blowing my mind; I'd do some crunching if I had time)
Surviving Sudoku (article about sudoku backlash from the crossword community ) [via]
Youtube Trends Report #2 (I love this kind of thing; 86 out of the top 100 are user created) [via]
August 5, 2006
Urban Counterfeiters (major chains are plagiarizing designs from indie artists)
August 3, 2006
Coudal's response to the video (made me laugh)
August 2, 2006
Video: Leaked pilot of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (Aaron Sorkin's new show starts with an amazing Network-style rant by Judd Hirsch) [via]
Send a "Snakes on a Plane" prank call to your friends (for example, I had Samuel L. Jackson call Matt Haughey earlier today)
Nintendo DS MIDI Port (I'd love to see Elektroplankton controlling other devices)
WorkFriendly (safe-for-work proxy formats websites to look like Microsoft Word) [via]
Stephen Colbert gets banned from Wikipedia (he made edits and encouraged others in this episode; they locked the article)
Bill to ban social networking sites in schools and libraries moves to Senate (overly broad and completely unnecessary, it affects commercial sites with profiles and private messaging)
Analysis of Digg's top users and the impact of Netscape's attempt to poach them (top 10 users responsible for 30% of front page stories, while top 100 goes up to 55%) [via] posts Subway pitch video online (if we roll, we roll big)
Homeowner tracks down toilet-paper prank suspects (mom finds the jerk kids with grocery store receipts, surveillance tapes, yearbooks and online databases; with video) [via]
August 1, 2006
Sweater Girl, Peter Pan, and Tron Guy sing for net neutrality (where's Mahir, Star Wars Kid, and Numa Numa?)
Assembly 2006 game competition entries released ("Racing Pitch" controls cars by mimicking engine noise into your mic, "TattooFrenzy" draws tattoos with the PocketPC touch screen, and a free Guitar Hero clone)
Wired typo leads to Insta-pundit parody blog (the typo domain in this Wired article now leads to a bizarro world mashup of Daily Kos in the Instapundit design)