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February 28, 2007
Sprout (lovely entry in the Casual Gameplay competition)
February 27, 2007
Video: Background ephemera from "Children of Men" (including commercials, billboards, and interface design) [via]
Maps from Memory (more in the Flickr group)
Ning relaunches with new focus ("Clone this app" replaced by "Create your own social network"; watch Gina's demo) [via]
February 26, 2007
History of Minesweeper (including an overview of the modern remakes and variations)
54 of Pitchfork's 100 Awesome Music Videos were removed from YouTube (as Rex notes, everyone loses here)
February 25, 2007
Google testing in-line video results in main search (moving to a plus box world)
The Merlin Show (starting tomorrow, Merlin Mann goes video)
Rainn Wilson on Saturday Night Live (both clips are great; "Captain Pajama Shark!")
Six cool things you can build with OpenID (great list; the biggest hurdle is getting developers to understand what OpenID isn't)
February 22, 2007
Guitar Hero hack for the Commodore 64 (don't miss the MP3 sample of the output) [via]
Drunken Jedi Trailer Trash (Star Wars for the MySpace crowd)
February 21, 2007
Video: Teaser trailer for This American Life, the TV show (my favorite radio show comes to Showtime, premiering March 22)
February 20, 2007
New Barenaked Ladies video stars YouTube celebs (I must be an addict; I recognized all but one person) [via]
Evan Williams looking to sell Odeo (as Anil points out, Ev's freedom leads to interesting moves)
SXSW Music releases huge showcase torrent (739 MP3s from 739 artists)
February 17, 2007
Matt and Jessamyn launch a weekly Metafilter podcast (I'm interested in the potential impact of this as a reinforcement for good behavior)
February 15, 2007
Omninerd on the accuracy of Internet weather forecasts (tracking a month of weather predictions on the top 10 weather sites )
February 14, 2007
Uniqlo Explorer (insane Flash photo mosaic work; click the "Uniqlo Explorer" box and start clicking around)
Macrochan, the 4chan image browser (culls and tags meme images from 4chan forums; beware, some tags very NSFW)
Jason Scott on Computer Camps in the 1980s (Computer Tutor sounds like heaven on earth; many similar camps continue today, but avoid this one)
February 13, 2007
Video of 12,000 foot skydiver accident and post-landing interview (hit the ground at 80 miles an hour and survived, with cameras recording everything from two angles)
Michael Crook settles out of court (and rescinds his false DMCA notices)
Video: Osama Team Hunger Force ("we will disrupt their workday with a mildly offensive blinking neon light!") [via]
Schwarzenegger & Chan Terminate Piracy (I don't know how I missed this PSA, mentioned in the Vanity Fair article)
Pirates of the Multiplex (the Pirate Bay make Vanity Fair) [via]
February 11, 2007
You've Ruined Everything (Jason Scott's archetypes for online community members and the critical events that shape it)
Oscar Torrents (arrogant, but a good companion to my article)
WFMU's Ten Albums in Ten Minutes contest (don't miss Nevermind on 45; see also: Sixty-Second Song Remixes)
February 9, 2007
RU Sirius interviews Cory Doctorow (Cory may be a zealot, but he's my kind of zealot)
February 8, 2007
Guitar Hero coming to the Wii (I think Guitar Hero DS would be funny; see also: M-06, the Nintendo DS guitar)
Video: Adventure Time ("your mind has been transported back in time... and to Mars!") [via]
February 7, 2007
Long exposure photos of '80s arcade games (Tempest is gorgeous)
Yahoo! Pipes, like Unix pipes for the web (Tim O'Reilly nails why this is so neat)
Outstanding Metatalk post from a former engineer at Data General (also news to me from that thread, Jessamyn is the daughter of Tom West) [via]
February 6, 2007
Steve Jobs argues against DRM for the music industry (wow, Cory Doctorow must be in hog heaven)
Microsoft to support OpenID (wonderful news)
February 5, 2007
Gizmodo's Superbowl ad roundup (Robert Goulet and Mr. Turkey Neck were my personal favorites, but overall, nothing too exciting)
February 3, 2007
Cyclowiz, the first real Nintendo Wii modchip, hits market (here's a video of the installation process)
Waiters Who Are Nauseated by Food (Carell and Colbert from the underrated Dana Carvey Show, which also had Robert Smigel and Charlie Kaufman as writers)
Bram Cohen vs. Marc Cuban (low blows from both sides)
February 2, 2007
Video: David Sedaris on the Stadium Pal (the testimonials have many happy NASCAR fans; see also: the Beerbelly)
February 1, 2007
Mooninites LED bomb scare on eBay ($2000, cheap! )
Boston ad prank suspects talk about hair (best press conference ever; is it somehow illegal to create LED displays in public?)