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August 31, 2007
Flight simulator easter egg in Google Earth (with joystick support and two types of planes) [via]
Twitter Blocks (Stamen's new visualization of network activity)
August 29, 2007
Michael Arrington's CrunchFood (biting parody of Techcrunch style; "Fondue Joins the DeadPool") [via]
August 28, 2007
Fun with the iPhone accelerometer (now with source code!)
Boing Boing redesigns with comments (and a new gadget blog by Joel Johnson)
August 27, 2007
dyeSight, $2 Multi-Touch Pad (building a tabletop multitouch display with a plastic bag, some blue dye, and an iSight)
August 23, 2007
CBS 5 on the Faceball "Craze" (local news visits the Flickr office, complete with goofy news anchors and weatherman) [via]
Video: Extra TV profile of The Spot from 1995 (dig that mid-'90s web design and postage stamp video clips)
August 22, 2007
Should Do This (Robot Co-op's new baby, a very lightweight suggestion board for the world)
The journalism that bloggers actually do (NYU professor responds to idiotic anti-blogger op-ed citing strong examples of blogger journalism) [via]
Video: Content-Aware Image Resizing (incredible technique to identifying seams in images and modify only the boring parts) [via]
August 20, 2007
Schulze and Webb on Olinda, their digital radio for the BBC (not a concept piece, but a "standalone, fully operational, social, digital radio")
iPhoneFrotz (Z-Machine interpreter for the iPhone; also: MAME!)
Brad Fitzpatrick's Thoughts on the Social Graph (this nicely articulates the problem and leaves me hopeful)
August 16, 2007
Google Maps Streetview, circa 1907 (see also: MIT's Aspen Moviemap from 1979)
August 14, 2007
MIT's Scratch project (not sure how I missed this lovely programming learning environment and community)
MovableType 4.0 released (out of beta with native OpenID and memcached support, among other changes)
Why Did Google Answers Shut Down? (appropriately answered by a former GA researcher, now answering on UClue)
Jason Scott releases arcade manual archive (1,700 vintage game manuals as watermark-free PDFs)
Wired News on Wikiscanner, tracking anonymous edits by sneaky organizations (several outstanding spin jobs were found and submitted by readers) [via]
August 13, 2007
Massive warez NFO database released publicly (MySQL dump covering 2.6 million releases back to the '80s; mixed quality, but could be fun for data mining) [via]
August 9, 2007
Thoughts on Facebook's new Data Store API (they may be the new AOL, but their tech is undeniably cool)
August 7, 2007
iPhoneNES, first NES emulator for the iPhone (next stop, Doom!) [via]
August 6, 2007
Comic: iPhone Trauma (also: iPhone oversight) [via]
August 5, 2007
NYT unmasks Fake Steve Jobs (spoiler warning) (FSJ isn't happy; here's how they found him) [via]
August 3, 2007
Image: Digg circa 1995
Yelp launches API (looks great, but no XML response?) [via]
August 1, 2007
Anymails (visualization of email as microbes; don't miss the movies) [via]