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September 29, 2007
Rsizr, intelligent image resizing (complete Flash implementation of the content-aware seam carving demo)
September 28, 2007
San Diego mayor announces change of heart on gay marriage (a Republican strong enough to admit he's changed his mind) [via]
September 26, 2007
Eric Clapton shreds (mocking guitar wankery with overdubs; don't miss the angry fanboy comments to every video in the series)
September 21, 2007
Google to open social network on November 5? (I love how Arrington talks to people "off record," and then completely spills it)
Fun with Robots.txt, a survey of 4.6 million domains (if you like that, try Andrew's Fun with HTTP Headers survey from 2005)
September 20, 2007
$1 US = $1 Canadian for the first time since 1976 (for a brief moment, the Canadian dollar was worth more) [via]
Lev and Thumpbot play "Crazy" (theremin-playing robot built from a floor lamp, plumbing supplies, and some microprocessors)
September 19, 2007
Flickr community responds to pirate easter egg (many hilarious responses from the clueless and/or humorless; some of my faves)
Flickr's Arrrr! localization for Talk Like A Pirate Day (hurry, the amazing easter egg's only up until 9pm tonight; don't miss the "Pirate Code," "Poop Deck," and "Land ho")
Hearst buys RealAge, acquires medical background of 8 million people (voluntarily provided in the form of an online quiz; be grateful it wasn't acquired by a life insurance firm)
Chief of the U.S. Copyright Office doesn't own a computer (how can a self-proclaimed luddite make policy decisions involving copyright in the digital age?) [via]
September 18, 2007
Joni Mitchell discusses each song on new album (first album of original songs since 1998, but her production's stuck in the Geffen era)
Online couple cheated with each other (if you like Pina Coladas...) [via]
Multiplayer Asteroids back online (it was down for months and can now support thousands of users)
September 17, 2007
Ponoko (on-demand, social manufacturing; design, share, and buy laser-cut products from a variety of materials)
September 14, 2007
Double-Toothpicks (funny, we used to say "kick-ass" on the Upcoming homepage until we got complaints from prudes)
MediaDefender's internal emails leaked to BitTorrent (the last six months of emails expose every project to track P2P activity and snare pirates)
Cringely on Google's master plans for the 700mhz spectrum (some fascinating speculation, with some rumored iPod classic problems thrown in)
September 13, 2007
John Gruber on the Ringtones Racket ("the distinction between ringtones and songs is an artificial marketing construct")
Satisfaction launches (lovely people-powered customer service, like Ask Mefi for every community)
September 11, 2007
Amir escalates the Prank War by forging a marriage proposal in Yankee Stadium (the latest in an increasingly uncomfortable high-stakes prank war between two College Humor employees)
Leaked Google video discusses Google Reader, social efforts (I feel guilty reading this, but the info about activity streams is very interesting)
September 8, 2007
Tobi's Timemachine (Firefox extension makes the web look like the amateur web of 1996) [via]
September 6, 2007
Video: Internet People (I'd seen all but two, the Kid from Brooklyn and psycho bride; don't judge me!)
CoScripter (Firefox extension for automating repetitive tasks, and sharing the most useful)
The Onion: "Missing Girl Probably Raped" (disturbingly accurate satire of big media's coverage of small-town tragedies) [via]
Zero Punctuation's review of Bioshock (his reviews are extremely entertaining, while still insightful; it's like Ze Frank on games)
Google Reader adds search (by far, the most requested feature)
September 5, 2007
Secrets of the Perry Bible Fellowship (10 Zen Monkeys interviews the oddball comic creator)