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June 30, 2008
Netflix team decides to keep Profiles after community backlash (good move, the users are rejoicing)
Aza Raskin announces Algorithm Ink and ContextFree.js, making art with Javascript (Resig mentioned this a couple weeks ago, but Aza's video demo is a must-see)
Chuck Klosterman asks 100 German college students to name the most interesting 20th Century American (wide range, from George Gershwin to Jared Leto) [via]
Anil Dash on Bill Gates and The Greatest Tech Hack Ever (still catching up from vacation, this hit Digg but worth reading if you missed it)
Josh Harris tells Boing Boing that was conceptual art (don't miss Douglas Rushkoff's comment about his Pseudo investment)
Habbo Hotel may soon overtake World of Warcraft's total subscribers (then again, it's free to register and there's no client) [via]
GlaGPS, GlaDOS voice for the Garmin Nuvi (how about a JOSHUA voice pack next?)
Visualizing 4.5 years of Flickr with code_swarm (see also: Federated Media and Django) [via]
No Country for Raising Arizona (deliberately or not, the Coen Brothers quote from their early work) [via]
LA Times on YouTube's Fred (insanely popular with tweens, he has 242k subscribers and a sponsorship deal; here's an interview)
There's No Such Thing As New Wave (animated type) [via]
Sound Chaser (broken vinyl used as train tracks; don't miss the video) [via]
Tom Taylor's Delighting with Data (presentation about clever parsing hacks, several oriented around Twitter) [via]
Electronic Arts veteran starts iPhone-only gaming startup (some insights into what's attractive about the platform for game developers)
June 29, 2008 launches new public API (a huge upgrade, with write support and many new methods)
One Post Wonder (collection of blogs who never got past their first post) [via]
Google releases data dump of US copyright renewal records (Jarkko Hietaniemi, you're my hero)
Nintendo DS homebrew music apps (I hope niche apps like these move over to App Store) [via]
Winners of the Procedural Generation Game competition (Rescue: The Beagles looks like fun, and some of the other entries are intriguing) [via]
Boing Boing removes over 100 70 posts linking to Violet Blue (whether this was a glitch or vendetta, some sort of response would be nice) [via]
Biotech firm Analtech creates viral video to attract the youngsters (they spent $60,000 and had 44 performers, including a congressman; sounds like a massive train wreck)
Anonymous Yahoo employee snarks on the re-org (pure sarcasm, but sums up the shuffling as viewed from the ground) [via]
June 28, 2008
Kevn Kelly on brute-forcing science (an excellent companion piece to Chris Anderson's Wired cover story)
Wall-E's easter eggs and inside jokes (with more unconfirmed ones listed in the comments)
June 26, 2008
Waxy on Vacation (or: why I'm awfully quiet this week)
June 25, 2008
The Paper Version of the Web (early paper prototypes for Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, and others) [via]
Exaggeration with Maps (in one example, one pixel represents 114 miles) [via]
June 24, 2008
Metafilter's Guide to Indie Platformers (a brilliant primer with some familiar names to Waxy readers, and plenty of new ones)
June 23, 2008
The Simpsons map for Quake III Arena (incredible detail, including the Simpsons house, Moe's, and much of Springfield) [via]
June 22, 2008
Perfect game of Peggle, 18 million points (the amount of planning in the how-to is staggering)
Gamasutra on Nintendo DS piracy in South Korea (media piracy of all kinds is pervasive and not stigmatized) [via]
Jim Le Fevre's zoetrope built from a Technics turntable (like a real-life animated GIF) [via]
Kanye West on Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy (hip-hop rivalries in the YouTube age) [via]
"Where the Hell is Matt?", the 2008 sequel in HD quality (exactly two years from his first video, Matt returns from a 14-month journey around the world)
Study: Most Children Strongly Opposed To Children's Healthcare ("the majority of respondents shrieked 'NOOO!'") [via]
June 21, 2008
Simple Truths, a quiet video of parkour training (more discipline than sport, this seems truer to parkour values than the over-the-top highlight videos)
June 20, 2008
Ian Rogers unveils Topspin, his digital music marketing startup (one of the smartest guys I know, I'm keeping a close eye on this)
History of the TiVo peanut remote control (story of the design process with several photos of prototypes) [via]
Chop Shop's The Internets meme t-shirt, annotated (all the memes are found, thanks to help from ChopShop)
Limbo Of The Lost - An Astonishing Tale (full list of plagiarized works; don't miss the Photoshop competition, including this one)
The Onion AV Club interviews Jonathan Coulton's iPod (this is a great format for interviewing musicians) [via]
Penny Arcade on Lego fruit snacks (unfortunately, the bottoms are flat so they don't stack nicely) [via]
Edith Macefield, Ballard woman who refused to sell her home, passes away at 86 (wonderful story; I'm not the only one who was reminded of The Little House)
June 19, 2008
Girl Talk's Feed the Animals, outstanding illegal mashup album (I gave $20 towards the inevitable legal costs; preview it on Hype Machine, partial sample list on Wikipedia)
First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival from 1979 (MP3s for the entire vinyl LP; I love hearing digital through an analog medium)
Earliest recordings of computer music revealed (on an Ferranti Mark I in 1951, before Bell Labs and Daisy but after the CSIRAC)
Firefox 3's robot easter egg (if you don't want to be spoiled, just type "about:robots" in the location bar)
Kevin Kelly and Brian Eno predict unthinkable futures from 1993 ("it costs half a day's pay to drive your car into the downtown area of a big city")
Twittering Teddy, Teddy Ruxpin modded to speak real-time tweets (a fun hack, equal parts terrifying and irritating)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The Abridged Script (brilliantly funny rewrite of the screenplay)
Researchers cure skin cancer with 5 billion of patient's cloned cells (the NYT has the best coverage, cautioning that the other eight patients in the trial weren't affected)
Puzzle Farter (great audio; I finished it)
June 18, 2008
A Beginner's Guide to Spore Porn (that Goatse monster is going to give me nightmares)
Brand New on McCain's logo redesign (from Optima to Eurostile) [via]
Stewart Butterfield's resignation letter (best resignation ever)
June 17, 2008
Tumblr, the Documentary ("a blog website for idiots and assholes") [via]
George Dyson's The Birth of the Computer (TED talk from 2003 but just posted online; includes a very funny tour of engineer's logbooks)
Kevin Kelly on the extinction of edge-notched cards (there must be some modern application for this for the GTD crowd)
Stewart and Caterina leave Flickr (hug club 4eva)
The Industry Standard's Where Are They Now? (following up on big dot-com busts like Kozmo, Boo, and Webvan)
Alex Wright on Paul Otlet and his Mundaneum proto-web (I adored Alex's talk at SXSW; the video is great)
Spore Creature Creator trial now available for PC/Mac (there's also an awkward, half-broken Flash site to vote on celebrity Spore creations)
Teach the Controversy t-shirts (their Science! shirts are all great, too)
June 16, 2008
Quirks, the 1980 board-game equivalent of Spore (see also: Evo, Animality, and other games not to play with Creationists)
Assassin's Creed in real-life (the lead character's very touchy-feely with strangers) [via]
MagCloud, magazines printed on demand from PDFs (Derek Powazek's new venture with HP Labs; upload a PDF and you pick the markup)
Pentadact highlights some Spore Creature Creator creations (the app was leaked and SomethingAwful's been having fun with it; official trial's out tomorrow)
FlowingData on using RescueTime to stop procrastinating (the app works perfectly, if you can get past the potential privacy issues)
June 15, 2008
Montage of girls giving the "Myspace salute" to verify their identity (Myspace's official policy requires girls to submit visual proof to remove impostors) [via]
IMDB Film-Length Project (charting length of the top 50 films for each decade)
June 14, 2008
Tron Guy on his disappointing nomination for Bravo's A-List Awards (his category was cut from the broadcast and he lost to Perez Hilton, who didn't even show)
code_swarm, animated visualizations of major open-source projects (see contributions to Python, Apache, Postgres, and Eclipse over time) [via]
Verizon offers details of Usenet deletion (not only are they removing alt.* entirely, but they're only keeping seven hierarchies)
Afro Ninja: The Movie (starring Mark Hicks himself; the first meme to become a full-length film?)
June 13, 2008
Jonathan Coulton's Washy Ad Jeffy (clever mnemonic for remembering the US presidents with syllables for the number of terms)
Garkov, Garfield plus Markov chains (reload for more; related: complete dialogue of over 10,000 Garfield strips) [via]
Neave Analglyph, doodle with 3D glasses (one of seven new Flash hacks on Paul Neave's redesigned site) [via]
The Right Hand Didn't Know (J.J.B. Buckmaster's enormous left hand) [via]
Smashing Magazine's free fonts of the month (abnormally high-quality typefaces this month) [via]
June 12, 2008
NYC architect turns apartment remodel into an elaborate 18-clue puzzle (this guy is the best architect ever)
Another Dang Garfield Cartoon (from the always excellent Katie Beaton) [via]
Yahoo! testing a redesigned logo (truly hideous, I hope this doesn't stick)
Office worker freakout was a viral video fake (as suspected, it was promoting a Russian film)
Stabilized video collages on Flickr (more "long photos" and a brief how-to in the full set) [via]
June 11, 2008
Gummi Lighthouses (when candy design goes horribly wrong)
How many sequels were there? (spoiler: don't forget about Lep n' tha Hood)
An animated meditation on Procrastination ("it's trying to avoid the inevitable") [via]
Wordle (lovely word clouds generated from supplied text)
Insane News Man (remember to pause between sentences)
Algorithm Ink in Javascript (see also: the Bomomo drawing toy)
The Onion on "World of World of Warcraft" (play a character playing the game; related: The Sims Playing The Sims) [via]
Phillip Toledano's portraits of Phone Sex Operators ("things in society that are in plain sight, but still remain hidden") [via]
Design Patterns for Reputation (nicely summarized research on feedback and incentives in online communities) [via]
xkcd's Fields Arranged by Purity
June 10, 2008
BMW's GINA concept car, with a flexible fabric skin (if you rip your car, just get it a change of clothes)
Scribbls, very funny drawing community game-thing (for example, Kitten Bacon, Peace Accord, and many more) [via]
Spammers using pump-and-dump stock spam to short Amazon (sending out mass emails about their downtime) [via]
2D Google Maps driving simulator (built with the Flash API) [via]
Is Google Making Us Stupid? (inflammatory headline aside, some thoughtful paranoia from Nicholas Carr)
June 9, 2008
Apple posted video of the WWDC keynote (don't miss Band at the 40 minute mark; also, Sippey hits the big time showing Six Apart's killer Typepad app) [via]
Live streaming audio of the WWDC keynote (holding up surprisingly well, better than refreshing MacRumors or Engadget)
June 6, 2008
Age of Conan griefing fun and games (some good comments about the ethics of griefing in the comments)
Case study of redesigning the new Wells Fargo ATM user experience (Pentagram did nice work, though the buttons seem a bit too low contrast) [via]
McDonald's Line Rider commercial (hard to believe it's real, but multiple confirmations that it's aired on TV) [via]
June 5, 2008
Every brand and company mentioned in the Sex and the City film (impossible to tell which were paid placement, but this is an impressive list)
What Newspapers Still Don't Understand About the Web (great post about the Washington Post being held back by their print editions and mindset) [via]
Radiohead's "Nude" performed by a ZX Spectrum, dot matrix printer, scanner, and hard disk array (starts at about 1:10; best remix ever)
RepRap prototyping machine achieves self-replication (it built a child, and the child built a grandchild; more on the project) [via]
Nielsen chart of American video game console usage (360 users are most hardcore, playing an average 2.7 hours daily, but everyone else is close)
Video tour of Disney World 3D in Google Earth (the most elaborate models available so far)
June 4, 2008
Wired interviews You've Been Left Behind creator (he insists the post-Rapture email service is real, and their blog backs up the claim)
Washington Post profiles one superdelegate's experience in the Democratic primaries (for everyone wondering why many wait to commit, this is some great context)
Gal-Moji, l33t speak for Japanese teen girls (they use Roman, Arabic, Greek, or Cyrillic letters resembling the Japanese characters)
Kottke on TBS's annoying interstitial promo ads (smells like desperation)
Vanity Fair's nine-page oral history of the web (some great quotes from big names, but only scratches the surface; also, I hope they fix the broken MP3 links)
June 3, 2008
YouTube adds annotations (for creators only, not commenters; they also upped the video limit to 1024MB, but still only ten minutes)
[k]okogiak announces's The Big Picture (a photo blog featuring huge imagery from the news wire)
"Pork and Beans" acoustic with Tay Zonday (they're getting quite a bit of mileage out of this shoot)
EveryBlock's "special report" on Operation Crooked Code (taking Chicago Crime to the next level)
June 2, 2008
NYT's ombudsman on their controversial op-ed stating Obama's Christianity was apostasy (also, wouldn't it be great if every major tech company had a blogging ombudsman?) [via]
Scaring people with Flash's fullScreen (distracting from the "hit escape" text is surprisingly effective)
Read at Work (classic novels in Powerpoint form, courtesy of the NZ Book Council) [via]
NYT interviews Jim Davis about Garfield Minus Garfield (great article, but no link to the site?)
UK police arrest six former OiNK users (they're accused of uploading pre-release albums)
June 1, 2008
Coco Wang's Earthquake Strips (true, heartbreaking stories from the China quake in comic form) [via]
Back to the Future courthouse square destroyed in Universal Studios fire (this is heavy)