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April 29, 2010
How To Draw God-Man (related: Molly Norris redacted her cartoon; paintings were pulled from the Met)
Irish music blogs under attack (they may try to demand money from MP3 blogs outside of Ireland, too)
Know Your Meme's guide to challenging YouTube takedowns with fair use (your video will be immediately viewable after submitting)
Getty Images Graffiti (a real-life watermark)
Steve Jobs' Thoughts on Flash (or if you prefer: Thoughts on Flash, In Flash)
April 28, 2010
War and Peace: The Missing Footnote (tracking down a profanity that Tolstoy censored)
John Goerzen's downloadable archive of Gopherspace circa 2007 (780,000 documents, 15GB compressed; sadly, Firefox is the last popular browser with Gopher support) [via]
Food, Inc. now available for free online viewing (great documentary about the food industry, 97% positive on Rotten Tomatoes) [via]
Happy Birthday, Kickstarter! (one year old! also, Neil Gaiman and Scott McCloud said nice things)
2 Girls 1 Cup: The Infographic (tracking the volume and video movement of 20 reaction videos; don't miss the collage) [via]
Ze Frank's Chillout Song (this story made me tear up at SXSW)
Super Mario Crossover (loving tribute to NES history, play SMB as Link, Samus, Mega Man, Simon Belmont, or the Contra guy)
Indianapolis Star reporter researches a teenager with no official identity (a journalist, a staff librarian, and Facebook rewrote his entire life) [via]
April 27, 2010 threatens Plenty of Fish over growth stats (hmm, this sounds familiar) [via]
Sydney's Siberia (Jason Nelson's infinitely zoomable poem; related: his Rubik's cube poem)
Obama Nails the National Anthem (shades of Kaufman) [via]
Spotify adds social features in newest version (not available in the U.S. yet, so very jealous) [via]
Mr. Spastic's Lo-Fi Version (too-short mix of chiptune versions of reggae/dub riddims)
Agenda Circling Forth, first-place demo at Breakpoint 2010 (everything's a particle; don't miss the video if you can't run the real-time demo) [via]
Transmit 4 released (their interactive feature guide is very slick)
Laptopograms (developing photosensitive paper exposed to a digital negative on a laptop screen)
April 26, 2010
Waiting for Bieber (beiliebers begging to be followed by him on Twitter)
The Geocities-izer ("make any web page look like it was made by 13-year-old in 1996") [via]
Apple //t, Twitter display for the Apple II (everyone's favorite tweeting cat makes a cameo at 1:46 in the video) [via]
Police seize Gizmodo editor's computers (the plot thickens)
April 24, 2010
Enough Plumbers (expanded version of Enough Marios) [via]
April 23, 2010
YouTube explains "fair use" option for disputed videos (publishers can then decide to file a DMCA request; apparently not new, but new to me) [via]
April 21, 2010
Android OS running on the iPhone (impressive hack)
White House releases open-source code (their contributions back to Drupal; I love this)
Useless Fliers (related: Josh Millard has ideas) [via]
Testing the limits of YouTube's fingerprinting system (research from April 2009) [via]
April 20, 2010
Akihabara, open-source HTML5 pixel game toolkit (the demos are an impressive range of genres and all work on iPad/iPhone)
April 19, 2010
How an Apple employee lost the iPhone 4G prototype (I feel bad for the guy; no mention of who found it, how Gizmodo acquired it, or media ethics)
Poto & Cabenga (clever one-button game for the Gamma 4 design compo)
New York Magazine's cover story on the NYC tech scene (Kickstarter featured on page 5 and the slideshow)
April 17, 2010
PlayPen (like a wiki for pixel art, evolving into a collaborative adventure game)
Roger Ebert believes videogames can never be art (I completely disagree with him, along with nearly every commenter)
April 15, 2010
Will It Metablend? (don't try this at home)
Hey, Guys! (related: We've Got Company) [via]
DAN the MAN (platformer-inspired animation, but the stereotypes sparked some debate) [via]
April 14, 2010
Library of Congress acquires entire Twitter archive (related: Google adds Twitter archive search)
April 13, 2010
Stupid Fight on Twitter (compare the language skills of the last 100 replies to Twitter celebs) [via]
Nieman Lab on the results of Gawker's comment moderation experiments (hiding less trusted commenters leads to higher quality comments and more activity)
Nate Silver takes on NYC neighborhood livability (like his election work, distills an incredible amount of data into something readable)
April 12, 2010
Google to open-source On2's VP8 codec for HTML5 video (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera will support; Safari and IE are less certain)
I Am Free Enterprise (shoot for your dreams, everyone)
Star Wars Uncut's "The Escape," five-minute teaser (first look at the finished project to remake Star Wars in 15 second increments) [via]
April 11, 2010
Flash CS5 to support limited HTML5 canvas export (outputs in Adobe's SVG-like FXG format, with a JS library to display in a canvas element) [via]
April 9, 2010
Phil Gyford's "Infographic" (the new animated GIF)
Giant Bomb adds elaborate quests system (nicely done, though it's having some unintended side effects; I made a screencast of a simple subquest)
April 8, 2010
Katsu's virtual tagging of Picasso's Girl Before A Mirror at MoMA (related: F.A.T.'s iPhone app for virtual graffiti overlays)
Pixels by Patrick Jean (8-Bit NYC is contagious) [via]
South Park takes on Facebook and Farmville (Chat Roulette makes a cameo)
April 7, 2010
Penny's Computer Book, Inspector Gadget wallpaper for the iPad (a close runner-up to Fingerspoo)
Gizmodo's iPad review as a personal journal (the best I've read so far, with a great video by Joel Johnson closing it out)
April 6, 2010
Particle You (like a digital pin art toy, requires Flash 10) [via]
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game (amazing 8-bit remake)
April 5, 2010
2D Boy's Ron Carmel makes a "Suck Goo" level for WarioWare D.I.Y. (the creation tools are powerful, but sharing is limited; friend codes and only two slots)
Hunch's Twitter predictor game (forgot to link this when it came out, it uses your Twitter network to guess your preferences)
The GET LAMP interactive fiction panel at PAX East (incredible lineup of text adventure history and modern IF)
Math teacher's April Fools day shadow prank (more live/recorded video interaction in his Halloween lecture) [via]
Wikileaks releases classified US military video (American air strike killed 12, including two Reuters reporters, leading to a military coverup)
April 3, 2010
"Hello, My Future Girlfriend" AMA on Reddit (all grown up, insight into what it feels like to become an unwilling meme)
April 2, 2010
pCubee (head-tracked, perspective-correct cubic display)
Gizmodo's list of essential iPad apps (I really had no idea the launch lineup was this strong)
Heather Champ leaves Flickr (end of an era, she's starting a community consulting company with Derek)
John Gruber on open vs. closed tech culture and the iPad (a response to some of Cory's concerns; Joel Johnson takes on the rest)
How a Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood (from Hyperbole and a Half, one of my favorite new bloggers)
April 1, 2010
Play Adventure with voice recognition (works over phone or Skype) [via]
Quake 2 ported to HTML5 (compiled to JS with Google Webtoolkit, uses WebGL, Canvas, HTML 5 audio, local storage, and WebSockets )
Thinkgeek's iCade prank arcade for the iPad (particularly cruel, because it's an awesome idea that needs to exist)
Bieber or Die (Justin Bieber buys Funny or Die)