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November 30, 2010
BitTorrent-based DNS to counter P2P domain seizures (creating a .p2p TLD, with free domains administered by OpenNIC)
Behind-the-scenes profile of recording Kanye West's new album (an alternate world in a Hawaiian recording studio) [via]
Deconstructing Gimme Shelter (or play all five at once for a chaotic remix)
November 29, 2010
Indie Game: The Movie team talks to Derek Yu about Spelunky (with the first video of the XBLA version)
Bygone Bureau's Best New Blogs of 2010 (great picks from Robin Sloan, Brandon Boyer, and more)
November 28, 2010
Ken Jennings' list of fake Walt Disneys (the diabolical dreamer archetype)
November 27, 2010
NYT covers an eyeglass retailer antagonizing customers for SEO (it would've been nice if they'd used rel="nofollow" on links to his site; update: they removed the links)
1993 NPR show on the future of the Internet (early live streaming experiment featuring Carl Malamud and Brewster Kahle) [via]
November 24, 2010
FoxTrot's Bill Amend guest-draws xkcd ("an inspiration to all us nerdy-physics-majors-turned-cartoonists")
Hurt Locker creators sue lawyer who helped downloaders (they're trying to stop a lawyer who sold self-help forms for $10 each)
November 23, 2010
Erin McKean on "but-heads" (no offense, but I honestly hate to tell you this) [via]
Metafilter on the exposed identity of a fake sex blogger ("Alexa" referred sex workers to sleep with the man behind the blog)
Give Me Something To Read's Best of 2010 (great long-form essays culled from Instapaper users)
Mashup Breakdown (a better Girl Talk visualizer with three sources of sample metadata)
Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit (added to the supercuts list) [via]
November 22, 2010
Pixar's It Gets Better (have tissues ready)
CandyBar for the Atari 2600 found (Panic's retro Atari covers inspired an actual Atari 2600 game)
Boilerpipe (boilerplate text removal and fulltext extraction, open source or as a free API)
How 7,000 Twitter users balanced the budget (NYT crunches the results from their interactive budget puzzle)
flight404's real-time body distortion with Kinect (built with Cinder, a new framework for creative coding) [via]
November 21, 2010
Jonathan Koshi's Mexican sugar skulls (Pac-Man, Spy vs. Spy, Cthulhu, Lego, and more)
Glitch launches new website and trailer (ten kinds of madness; don't miss the faces of the giants)
NYT on teen distraction by social media (end of civilization, news at 11)
November 19, 2010
Vanity Fair profiles a hotel detective's quest to find a serial rapist (tools: a telephone, video footage, Google, linked DNA databases, and obsession)
November 18, 2010
Nate Silver on the hidden costs of increased airport security (people may claim to feel safer, but it creates a culture of fear that impacts willingness to fly)
From Robocop, With Love (Peter Weller sends a photo to Detroit's newest crime fighter)
20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web (gorgeous HTML5 book by Google and Christoph Niemann)
Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving (another gem from Hyperbole and a Half)
November 17, 2010
'T' Shirts
Real-time samples from Girl Talk's All Day (using data culled by Wikipedia users) [via]
Minecraft CPU map released (the first programmable CPU with embedded livestock)
The Theory of Hipster Relativity (or are they dilettantes? NY Mag published a great postmortem by n+1)
Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) and Bruce Springsteen cover "Whip My Hair" (taking on Willow Smith's unavoidable hit) [via]
November 16, 2010
9eyes, a tumblelog of Google Street View photography (I linked to Jon Rafman's work last year, but he's been busy)
The World's Biggest Harry Potter Fan (levitating the camera was a nice touch)
Results of Wikipedia's fundraiser A/B banner testing (a personal photo and appeal was far more effective than alternatives)
IFComp 2010 results released (play the winner online)
Google Refine (awesome open-source desktop app for cleaning and filtering big datasets) [via]
November 15, 2010
PokerStars investigates a human that plays poker like a machine (a detailed Turing test including in-person observation) [via]
Facebook announces email support, social inbox (real-time, less structured, and much more social)
Girl Talk releases All Day (questionably licensed under Creative Commons; sample list, and mirrors at Sendspace and Mediafire)
November 14, 2010
"You Look Like Shit" (added to the supercuts list) [via]
Roundup of open-source Kinect hacks (my personal favorite, so far)
NYT's You Fix the Budget (clever work from the NYT's interactive team)
November 13, 2010
If We Don't, Remember Me. (Tumblelog of subtle animated GIFs from film)
GIFSoup (created animated GIFs from YouTube videos)
November 12, 2010
TextCaptcha Breaker (how it works) [via]
#mathowielove (archive of the tweets from Matt Haughey's brain tumor scare)
Mob (Tom Scott's dystopic scenario of a meme gone awry)
November 11, 2010
Andy Rehfeldt's metal rickroll (love the solo at 1:45; I'm also a fan of The Grand Following's instrumental hard rock cover)
First programmable 8-bit CPU built in Minecraft (input binary machine code, output to a line of redstone torches) [via] (Aaron Meyers' project lets you make three-frame animated GIFs with your webcam) [via]
Cory Doctorow on the cosmopolitan fanboy (what Rule 34, foodies, and the Amish have in common)
Kutiman's Blog Party (he's been publishing new mashups weekly, an informal followup to Thru-You)
Cindy Royal on Wired's cover treatment of women (Wired editor Chris Anderson responds in the comments) [via]
"What The Old Timers Used To Call Cabin Fever" (illustration of Jack's clothing changes in The Shining) [via]
Open Kinect drivers released, wins $3k bounty (plus, an additional $2k for the EFF; Microsoft won't be happy)
November 9, 2010
Playable Zork easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops (the developers also included an ELIZA clone named "alicia")
November 8, 2010
danah boyd on teens' unorthodox use of Facebook (deactivating accounts or deleting every posting regularly, persistence isn't vital for participation)
textCAPTCHA (180 million simple logic questions, an accessible alternative to image CAPTCHAs)
AviGlitch (a Ruby library to destroy video files in interesting ways)
Universal Subtitles (brilliantly done subtitling platform built on open standards)
November 7, 2010
node-canvas (server-side implementation of canvas for node.js)
Beautiful Modeler (multitouch gestural 3D sculpting with the iPad) [via]
Gameboy Emulation in Javascript (eight-part series on JS emulation)
Testing the myth of the 12-year-old McDonald's burger (in short, even homemade burgers will dry out and retain its appearance)
Mad Men meets Nat King Cole (clever mashup, performed live with no cuts) [via]
TorrentFreak rounds up record-breaking BitTorrent files (the biggest, oldest, most seeded, most files, and most data transferred) [via]
November 6, 2010
Wired's behind the scenes profile of Phineas and Ferb (a geeky, anti-snark hit cartoon show that breaks cliches)
The Real Life Social Network (great presentation on social network design by Paul Adams, a senior UX researcher at Google)
Midwest Mom Mistakes Neil Gaiman for Neil Patrick Harris (yet another reason to love Neil)
Bing, amazing Groundhog Day mashup (inspired by Pogo and Jack Conte's VideoSongs)
Pogo's Wishery (my favorite since Alice, and his first Disney mix since his year-long contract ended)
November 5, 2010
John Hodgman solves violent videogames (with help from Ira Glass in a motion capture bodysuit) [via]
How Twitter was used by media orgs on election day (it's become a vital visualization tool)
November 1, 2010
Your Fucking Polling Location (also: What the Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?)
Automatypewriter (Arduino typewriter that plays interactive fiction games) [via]
TweeQL (a SQL-like interface for Twitter)
Geocachers celebrate the ten year anniversary of New Hampshire's first cache (Paul Lamere didn't intend to make history)
MapCrunch (teleport to a random Street View location)
His Face All Red (a comic by Emily Carroll) [via]
Blekko goes live (power searching with slashtag filters)