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November 30, 2011
Matt Haughey interviews Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda (my big take-away: don't sell)
US judge orders hundreds of domains "de-indexed" from Google, Facebook, Twitter (who needs SOPA? truly horrible ruling)
The Willard Asylum Suitcases (several more here) [via]
Spotify adds apps (download the preview release here; MoodAgent and SongKick are both brilliant)
November 29, 2011
Gregg Gethard recounts the story of his painfully awkward Carmen Sandiego appearance (how awkward? watch his intro) [via]
Taco Fiction (cleverly-written heist comedy, winner of IFComp 2011)
BERG's Little Printer (ridiculously adorable network-enabled thermal printer)
November 28, 2011
Jamie Zawinski on Mike Arrington and the myths of startup success (Arrington responds)
Hacking carbon emissions into Minecraft (burning objects creates virtual air pollution)
David OReilly's The External World (from the surreal mind behind Please Say Something, and more) [via]
Every Beatles song, played at once (all 226 songs synchronized so they end simultaneously; see how long you can take it)
November 27, 2011
Feast (a video tribute to food in film)
The Karate Kid Rehearsal Movie (shot on cheap camcorders, it has the feel of 1980s home movies) [via]
November 24, 2011
SiriProxy (hacking Siri without jailbreak; watch the video demo) [via]
Prelude of the Chambered in Minecraft (sheer madness, porting Notch's pseudo-3D FPS Ludum Dare entry to redstone circuits)
November 23, 2011
Alex Howard's comprehensive overview of SOPA and PROTECT IP (long, essential coverage of who's against it and why)
November 22, 2011
UMG sues Grooveshark for 100,000 uploaded songs (including 1,791 songs uploaded by the CEO himself)
Gawker on Megyn Kelly downplaying pepper spray as a "food product" (only linking to this for the comments, which slayed me)
Paul Motian, dead at 80 (loading up my playlist with his Frisell and Evans collaborations in memory) [via]
Sophia Grace and Rosie interview celebs at the AMAs (110% unadulterated cute; odds are you've seen their 22M views video and Ellen appearance)
DARPA Shredder Challenge (try your hand at five of the hardest jigsaw puzzles ever)
Address Is Approximate (touching stop-motion animation story using Google Street View)
NYT on NYPD's mistreatment of reporters covering Occupy (the NYPD is refusing press passes to anyone covering Occupy, and no passes at all until January)
Occuprint (posters from the #occupy movement)
GQ takes Aziz Ansari, David Chang, and James Murphy to Tokyo (I want to try that gnarly ramen) [via]
xkcd's Money chart (insanely comprehensive visualization of what things cost and where money goes)
Desert Bus ported to iOS (Penn & Teller gave permission for anyone to port it at the Comic-Con 2010)
Idea Lab on the web's political movement against SOPA (making some progress, Tumblr sent an average of 3.6 calls per second to Congress) [via]
Facebook shows 4.74 average distance between users (updating Migram's six degrees experiment, down from 5.28 hops in 2008)
The Atlantic's online ad revenue exceeds print (proof that innovative, experimental reporting done lean can be sustainable) [via]
November 21, 2011
Occupy Lulz
November 20, 2011
Jim Romenesko on his resignation from Poynter (the sordid details)
November 19, 2011
Occupy Wall Street as Pong [via]
November 18, 2011
Arrested Development returning as a Netflix exclusive in 2013 (reviving dearly-loved shows canceled by idiot TV execs sounds like a plan to me)
Minecraft 1.0 launched at MineCon (in Minecraft style, a barebones iOS version came out Wednesday with future updates promised)
November 17, 2011
A History of the Sky (time-lapse mosaic of 360 full days in chronological order; more on the project) [via]
November 16, 2011
Nintendo Preview Music Jam (hour-long VHS tapes of NES gameplay with '80s dance music; Maniac Mansion and Janet Jackson, anyone?)
November 15, 2011
Vines, a flipbook love story from Paul to Anna (related: Johnny Chung Lee on technology as a story)
Google adds verbatim search mode (I like to think I had something to do with this)
November 14, 2011
Irina Werning's second Back to the Future series (taking Young Me Now Me to the next level)
Visualization of 11/11/11 11:11 activity on Twitter (love the second wave isolated to countries that use 12-hour time)
November 13, 2011
Cave Story tool-assisted speedrun (the annotations are fantastic, it took nearly 270,000 reloads to finish; uses Hourglass for recording)
November 12, 2011
Jailbreak the Patriarchy (Chrome extension gender-swaps pronouns on every webpage) [via]
November 11, 2011
24 Hours of Flickr (artist prints out every public photo uploaded to Flickr in a 24-hour period)
The Awl profiles the creator of Is Anyone Up? (posting identifying nude photos without permission; amazing the commenters aren't anonymous)
Olly, the web-connected smelly robot (beats the vaporware Digiscents iSmell, which didn't give you control over which smells were emitted) [via]
November 10, 2011
Parallel Flickr (Aaron's work-in-progress tool mirrors your Flickr photos, retaining permissions and URL structure)
Abobo's Big Adventure trailer released (I'm excited about this platformer that remixes NES history)
Bil Keane's dysfunctional relationship with the Internet (the Gettingit article from 1999 still holds up)
Novelist interviews reviewer who hated his book (love the moment the critic talks about seeing the email arrive in his inboc) [via]
November 9, 2011
NYT Magazine on Internet satirists in China (using carefully-veiled humor to work around the eye of government censorship)
Mixel (Khoi Vinh's collaborative drawing and remixing app for iPad; his thoughts on the app)
Canvas community reinterprets memes (doubles as an excellent meme IQ test)
What I Didn't Write About When I Wrote About Quitting Facebook ("But I had to come back. That's where all the people are.") [via]
The GAG Quartet's le Internet Medley (loving the Reddit vs. 4chan arguments in the comments)
Kinect BeatWheel (quick, someone show this to Gregg Gillis)
Zorba, a game by Pippin Barr ("Dance? Did you say dance?")
November 8, 2011
PoleRiders (new game by Bennett Foddy, the creator of GIRP and QWOP; meant for two players, but the training mode is fun)
Adobe ends development of mobile Flash player, refocuses on HTML5 (a good time to re-read Steve Jobs' thoughts on Flash)
The Social Graph Is Neither ("we have tasted of the blogroll and the lolcat and found that they were good")
November 7, 2011
Meanwhile released for iPhone/iPad (Jason Shiga's mind-expanding puzzle comic ported to iOS by interactive fiction legend Andrew Plotkin)
Story of Genki (from Tim and Eric's Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax ) [via]
November 6, 2011
Bohemian Rhapsichord (try holding shift to auto-trigger clips, or ctrl to queue them) [via]
86th Birthday Rage [via]
November 3, 2011
Chris Wetherell on dreams, discernment, and Google Reader (thoughts from its founder; related: Mihai's history of social features in Reader)
Skinemax ("Koyaanisqatsi for a generation raised on late night television and B-movie VHS tapes")
November 2, 2011
PETMAN (future killing machine from Boston Dynamics, the creators of BigDog) [via]
November 1, 2011 (I redesigned the site as a community-driven database; related: I did some analysis of the meme in my new Wired column)