Every Beatles Song in Alphabetical Order

Five days after the assassination of John Lennon, radio engineer Rob Grayson compiled a montage of every Beatles song in alphabetical order and aired it following a ten minute period of silence.

MP3: Rob Grayson’s “Beatles A-Z” (16 minutes, 9.1MB), from December 13, 1980.

The production effort involved is impressive, done entirely on tape. You can read more about it on the Rob Grayson Collection. Some of the comments are good, as well.

The Lennon tribute is a small part of Reel Radio, a massive archive of pre-1989 Top 40 Radio audio clips. Many are hour-long unedited radio broadcasts, like this Alan Freed broadcast from March 23, 1955, or these two Don Steele broadcasts from a couple months after I was born. Try using the search engine to find a clip from your year of birth.

Unfortunately, the clips are all in RealPlayer format, so be sure to install Real Alternative before you go, so you don’t have to deal with that bloated piece of crap.