Every Beatles Song in Alphabetical Order

Five days after the assassination of John Lennon, radio engineer Rob Grayson compiled a montage of every Beatles song in alphabetical order and aired it following a ten minute period of silence.

MP3: Rob Grayson’s “Beatles A-Z” (16 minutes, 9.1MB), from December 13, 1980.

The production effort involved is impressive, done entirely on tape. You can read more about it on the Rob Grayson Collection. Some of the comments are good, as well.

The Lennon tribute is a small part of Reel Radio, a massive archive of pre-1989 Top 40 Radio audio clips. Many are hour-long unedited radio broadcasts, like this Alan Freed broadcast from March 23, 1955, or these two Don Steele broadcasts from a couple months after I was born. Try using the search engine to find a clip from your year of birth.

Unfortunately, the clips are all in RealPlayer format, so be sure to install Real Alternative before you go, so you don’t have to deal with that bloated piece of crap.


    The Mac version of RealPlayer doesn’t have the bloatware & nastiness of the PC version — it just makes one little .app package that you can toss away if you don’t like it, Scott. No muss, no fuss.

    Was “Free as a bird” around back then? As far as I know it was just a personal demo of John’s until it was redone in 94 or 95… And the version on that mix sounds like the redone version?

    A friend mentioned that “Real Love” was the same…

    Always happy to hear people still love the Beatles and John Lennon my childhood love.

    I really loved the tapes and it’s always make me

    feel good to hear those song’s again!

    I just wish there were some band like that today.

    What is funny is that after so many years there isn’t one band that had came close to the Beatles success!.

    Huh, “Free As A Bird” is in there. I thought that had only been officially released like 20 years later, when the surviving ones recorded backing tracks for Lennon’s vocal.

    Played name that tune by myself listening to it. was rather easy for beatle-head myself but couldn’t figure out some though. I think my memory’s failing moi.

    Across the Universe

    Act naturally

    A day in life

    A Hard day’s night

    all I’ve got to do

    all my loving

    all together now

    all you need is love

    and i love her

    and your bird can sing


    another girl

    any time at all

    ask me why

    a taste of honey

    baby its you

    babys in black

    baby you’re richman

    back in the ussr

    bad boy

    Ballard of john and yoko


    being for the benefit of mr.kite


    black bird

    blue jay way


    can’t buy me love

    carry that weight


    come together

    continuing story of bugallow bill

    cry baby cry

    day tripper

    dear prudence

    devil in her heart

    dig a pony

    dig it

    dizzy miss lizzy

    doctor robert

    don’t bother me

    don’t let me down

    don’t pass me by

    do you want to know a secret

    drive my car

    eight days a week

    eleanor rigby

    everyboyd’s got something to hide

    everybody’s trying to be my baby

    every little thing

    fixing a hole

    flying ?

    fool on the hill

    for no one

    for you blue

    free as bird

    from me to you

    get back

    getting better


    glass onion

    gold slumbers

    good day sunshine

    good morning good morning

    good night

    got to get you into my life

    happiness is a warm gun

    hello goodby


    helter skelter

    here comes the sun

    here there and everywhere

    her majesty

    hey jude

    hold me tight

    honey don’t

    honey pie

    i am the warlus

    i call your name

    i don’t want to spoil the party

    i feel fine

    if i fell

    if I need Someone


    I’ll be back again

    I’ll cry instead

    I’ll follow the sun

    I’m a loser

    I’m down

    I Me Mine

    I’m happy just to dance with you

    I’m looking through you

    I’m only sleeping

    I’m so tired

    I need you

    In My Life


    I saw her standing there

    I should have known better


    Its only love

    It won’t be long

    I’ve got a feeling

    I’ve just seen a face

    I wanna be your man

    I wanna hold your hand

    I want to tell you

    I want you, shes so heavy

    I will



    lady madonna

    let it be



    little child

    long long long

    Long tall sally

    lovely rita

    the long and winding road

    love me do

    love you to

    lucy in the sky with diamonds

    maggie mae

    magical mystery tour

    martha my dear


    maxwells silver hammer

    mean mr mustard



    mr moonlight


    mother nature son

    the night before

    no reply

    norwegian wood

    not a second time


    nowhere man

    obladi oblada

    octopus gardun

    oh darling

    old brown shoe

    one after 909

    only a northern song

    paperback wirter

    penny lane


    please mr postman

    please pleas me

    polythene pam

    ps i love you




    revolution No 9

    rock and roll music

    rocky raccoon

    roll over beethoven

    run for your life

    savoy truffle

    sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band

    sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band(reprise)

    sexy sade

    she came in through the bathroom window

    she loves you

    she said she said

    she’s woman

    she’s leaving home

    sie lieb dich

    slow down


    strawberry fields forever

    sun king


    tell me what you see

    tell me why

    thank you girl


    theres a place

    things we said today

    think for yourself

    this boy

    ticket to ride

    till there was you

    tomorrow never knows

    twist and shout

    two of us


    we can work it out

    What goes on


    what you’re doing

    when I get home

    When I’m 64

    While mY guitar gently Weeps

    Why don’t we do it in the road

    wild honey pie

    With a little help from my friends

    within you without you

    words of love

    Yellow submarine

    Yer Blues

    yes it is


    You can’t do that

    You Know My Name

    You like me too much

    You never give me your money

    You really got a hold on me

    You won’t see me

    you gonna lose that girl

    You Mother should know

    you’ve got to hide your love away

    the end

    god – lennon

    filling in the ???s above:

    inner light (B side Lady Madonna)

    it’s all too much (magical mystery tour)

    kansas city (beatles for sale)

    komm gibt mir deiner hand (german release)

    leave my kitten alone (anthology- beatles for sale sessions?)

    like dreamers do (decca audition, from anthology)

    not guilty (george: anthology)

    real love (anthology)

    that means a lot (unreleased except anthology?)

    what a shame mary jane (anthology, maybe a B side)

    filling in the blanks…

    cayenne (instrumental on 1st anthology)

    hey bulldog

    the inner light

    its all too much

    kansas city

    komm gib’ mir deine hand

    leave my kitten alone

    like dreamer’s do

    not guilty (?)

    real love

    that means a lot

    what a shame mary jane

    not all of em, but most

    that was totally awesome!

    Whoops – sorry Andy, I should have read all the comments before asking about “Free as a Bird.” Thanks for putting the song up! It’s great.

    it’s not cayenne , it’s cry for a shadow (the first instrumental , also on teh first anthology)

    “Hey Bulldog” is missing from all those lists! Its on Yellow Submarine album and the film.

    WOW!!! This is possibly the best thing to ever happen to me. My life is complete!! Thanks for the music John, George, Paul, and last but not least Ringo!! Make sure to buy George’s last CD brainwashed.

    P.S. And so dear friends you’ll just have to carry on……..

    i love the beatles and iam 12 years old but all the people just about all the people at my school hate the beatles but i dont care cause i know they are wrong and i have been listening to the beatles since i have been borning. my whole family loves the beatles.

    the beatles are my all time favorite ive never heard a band that come close ill love them forever and im only 14 🙂

    hi the beatles are my all time favorite and you know what i have ever heard a band come close to the beatles.Whats wrong with kids now a days cause all my friend sayed that the half-time for the super bowl sucked cause not alot of kids now a days like the oldies like the beatles.i like the half-time for the super bowl cause one of my favorite songs is Hey Jude and beacase i like the beatles alot.iam only 12 years old and i have been listening to the beatles since i was boring. so, let the beatles live on !!!!!!paul mccartney,john lennon,richard starkey(ringo starr), and geoge harrison like them live on and ever and i mean ever forget the beatles.

    Search engines are apparently rating this entry very high for queries like “mp3 beatles,” so the comments are getting pretty silly. The Beatles are a great band and I’m glad all you kids are discovering them again. (“Abbey Road” is probably my personal favorite.)

    There’s not much more to say about The Beatles that hasn’t already been said, so I’m closing comments.

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