, Gone for Good?, one of the most important and influential webzines, appears to be offline permanently, replaced by a porn search portal.

The strangest part is that the domain continues to belong to Lycos, with Hotwired acting as the nameservers. If you query for the domain, it returns, an IP address of a Verio server currently hosting over 36,000 domains. The server is owned by a company called, which seems to be hosting nothing but affiliate search portals.

It also appears that there’s no complete archive of remaining anywhere online. Because the new owners have blocked web crawlers, has purged blocked access to the archived version of the site. (Last year, expired and was snatched up by a squatter.)

If permanent, this is a tragedy for anyone who cares about the web’s history. Does anyone at Lycos know what’s going on? Also, if anyone out there has a complete copy of the Suck archives, please get in touch. (If you need to submit it anonymously, that’s fine.)

Update: Interesting stuff in the comments below. Greg Knauss, himself a contributor, is proxying requests to the old server through his own server at Also, Mike at posted a 200MB torrent of the entire archive. Update: Boy genius Aaron Swartz is mirroring the snapshot from Mike’s torrent. Nice work!

This doesn’t change the fact that every link to a article is still broken, but at least the articles aren’t lost.

January 2, 2006: is back! Someone out there must have the inside story of what went on over the past few days.

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Dogwelder's "My Humps"

When Luke Gattuso isn’t putting bananas on his head, he’s busy making wonderful things that make me smile.

His latest is a cover of Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps,” a song that represents a low point not only for popular music, but for humankind.

The only thing that could possibly be better than his MP3 version is syncing it with the original video. Download this now.

Quicktime: (11MB)

XviD: dog_eyed_welders_-_my_humps.avi (10MB)

(Thanks, Chrominance!)