Dogwelder's "My Humps"

When Luke Gattuso isn’t putting bananas on his head, he’s busy making wonderful things that make me smile.

His latest is a cover of Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps,” a song that represents a low point not only for popular music, but for humankind.

The only thing that could possibly be better than his MP3 version is syncing it with the original video. Download this now.

Quicktime: (11MB)

XviD: dog_eyed_welders_-_my_humps.avi (10MB)

(Thanks, Chrominance!)


    I just heard the Peas’ version yesterday for the first time on Sirius. Interesting song. (I’ll leave it at that.)

    A parody/mashup was definitely imminent. I’m almost surprised that it took this long.

    By the way, that 10mb vid downloaded at about 900KB/sec–what kind of connection do you have this thing hosted on?

    That… was utter brilliance.

    If we don’t get this to the top of TRL, there’s something deeply wrong with American pop culture.

    (Well, I mean, aside from the obvious.)

    Wow, that was really, really funny. I can only imagine how good it would be had I actually ever heard the song.

    The funny thing is, my friend Kasey and I used to drive around singing to it JUST LIKE THAT GUY.

    Only, we’re girls, so….it’s….different…that that…uh.

    Guys, I don’t know what you are talking about but

    THAT IS THE BEST SONG EVER!! The pop culture has changed over the years and that is what cool people such as myself listen to. So you need to get over it and move on with your life!! BTW, the video was cool.

    Hi, Black Eyed Peas. I listen to all of your songs and I hope it keeps going on, for what you guys got. Bye

    Thank you so much for informing us what is and isn’t funny, James. I often make the mistake of laughing at unfunny things, but fortunately, there’s an entire generation of anonymous Internet users out there willing to correct me at every turn.

    And that’s how I can tell it’s time to close comments. My guess is that people are finding this by just searching for the song now, which really isn’t the target audience for Dogwelder’s version.

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