Averaging Gradius — overlaying 15 game runs of Gradius into a single video; I want Pac-Man next! (via)
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Nick and Amelia's Lazy Sunday

My 9-year-old nephew and 7-year old niece perform “Lazy Sunday.” (Watch the original.) Need I say more?

Download: Nick and Amelia’s Lazy Sunday.mp3

January 21 Update: I just received an e-mail from NY Daily News reporter Julian Kesner, who wrote a profile on Andy Samberg and “Lazy Sunday” last month. Julian heard about Nick and Amelia’s MP3 and sent it to Andy Samberg. Andy wrote back and said, “That might be my favorite thing of all time ever.”

January 22: ADM of the excellent Amy’s Robot blog remixed the original video with Nick and Amelia’s audio. The results are surreal, and iPod-compatible!

January 24: Two 11-year-old boys recreated the video, with the help of their dad. Apparently, there’s a market for SNL Kids.