Nick and Amelia's Lazy Sunday

My 9-year-old nephew and 7-year old niece perform “Lazy Sunday.” (Watch the original.) Need I say more?

Download: Nick and Amelia’s Lazy Sunday.mp3

January 21 Update: I just received an e-mail from NY Daily News reporter Julian Kesner, who wrote a profile on Andy Samberg and “Lazy Sunday” last month. Julian heard about Nick and Amelia’s MP3 and sent it to Andy Samberg. Andy wrote back and said, “That might be my favorite thing of all time ever.”

January 22: ADM of the excellent Amy’s Robot blog remixed the original video with Nick and Amelia’s audio. The results are surreal, and iPod-compatible!

January 24: Two 11-year-old boys recreated the video, with the help of their dad. Apparently, there’s a market for SNL Kids.


    That’s friggin hilarious.

    Mr. Piss and Red Vines equals crazy delicious.

    You could call us Aaron Bull for the way we’re droppin Hamiltons.

    Priceless. I certainly hope you can get that into Parnel/Samberg’s hands.

    very funny. thanks for the pick-me-up. Just a little question, do they know what they’re rapping about?

    Andy, why do you not license your content under Creative Commons? Or, alternatively, if you do, why can’t I find the place where it says so?

    I see that joke was completely lost on you… the man that dropped alexander hamilton was aaron burr, and thats what they said in the song.

    And, by the way, Mr. Deaf: it is Mr. Pibb… not mr. piss. Please upgrade your language decoder to version 1.0.

    Talent. They have some skill. At least they’er better than 50 Cent.

    Now I have teach my kids to rap. I’m gonna start them off light. Maybe some NWA should get their foot in the door.

    Andy & Logan – Before you criticize people for writing things like Mr. Piss and Aaron Bull, maybe you should pay attention to the song. Of course Parnell and Samberg said Mr. Pibb and Aaron Burr, but in this kids’ version they do say Mr. Piss and Aaron Bull. Just a couple of reasons why this is so funny. So try to pay attention next time.

    An absolute masterpiece.

    Thanks for putting it online, it’s a little bit of genius.

    Nick and Amelia are destined for internet stardom!

    The comments are even more funny…they go from glowing to dark. I’ll repeat what I said earlier…it was great. The fact that they made a couple of mistakes is even better. Definitely Web 2.0: a parody of a parody that became famous on the web.

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