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March 28, 2015
nine animators take on the afterlife">Dan Deacon's "When I Was Done Dying" [via]
March 27, 2015
Cassetteboy's Emperor New Clothes rap (this duo's remix work is absolutely next-level)
March 26, 2015
Pitchfork on the unbearable whiteness of indie (if you don't agree there's a problem, check out the responses on Twitter)
Twitch Plays Pokémon captures all 151 monsters (completed the Pokedex after 39 days)
Dashcam video of teen drivers crashing while distracted ("Self-driving cars can't arrive fast enough.")
Offworld on Jason Shiga's comics (one of my favorite comic artists, I've backed his Patreon since day 1)
Seven on Seven 2015 (incredible lineup; I participated with Michael Bell-Smith in 2012 and it was a blast)
The User Is Drunk (pay a drunk guy to test your UX)
Tinder API prank connected bros with bros (this is kind of cruel, but the screenshots are hilarious)
Twitter launches Periscope app for live streaming (unlike Meerkat, it supports archiving, but only for 24 hours and not available on the web)
Kickstarter Spotlight (huge redesign for successful projects, shifting focus to the work that happens after funding ends)
Spielberg to direct Ready Player One (Ernie Cline is pretty excited)
Matter on the Shut-In Economy (replacing disappearing manufacturing jobs could be a good thing, but needs to be done responsibly)
March 23, 2015
AV Club's oral history of UHF (I had no idea it was a box office failure, but then again, I was 12 years old at the time)
Making Care of Business (interviews with small business owners weekly; see also: The Distance)
Little Party (weird and beautiful game about your daughter's all-nighter art party)
Warp Door (great blog of experimental games)
March 21, 2015
Explorable Explanations (also worth checking out: literally everything else Nicky Case has ever done)
March 20, 2015
PDX carpet named as Grand Marshal in Starlight Parade (god, I love this city)
National Corndog Day (but, but, *every* day is corndog day!)
March 18, 2015
The Last Mile (Ondi Timoner's short doc on a tech incubator in San Quentin) [via]
No Small Parts (a documentary series on character actors by Brandon Hardesty)
Sext Machine (see also: Sext Adventure)
Stop Robot Abuse (these guys will be first against the wall when the robot revolution comes)
Model View Culture on cultural bias in the Unicode standard (voting rights costs $18,000 per year)
Atari blocks gaming legend Jeff Minter from releasing new game (continuing to dismantle their legacy)
March 17, 2015
The Worst Internet Things bracket (the March Madness of garb)
March 16, 2015
Punk Games (Zoe Quinn's manifesto for altgames as punk rock: anyone can do it, and that's great)
Vulture on the mystery of The Immortal (ostensibly the worst fanfic ever made, but seems like a deliberate parody to me)
The Book of Shaders (in-progress project to explain the dark art of shader programming)
A Poem Composed Entirely of SXSW Panel Titles (Driving to Retention: a Simple Roadmap; Is Social Good the Next Killer App?)
Patreon acquires Subbable (Jack Conte joining forces with Hank and John Green seems like a solid move)
March 15, 2015
Ami Yamato (cheeky vlogger that rarely acknowledges she's digital) [via]
March 13, 2015
Twitter cuts off Meerkat's access to their social graph (gross and disappointing)
Rolling Stone interviews Chris Poole on why he left 4chan (Gamergate and the Fappening in the same week)
March 12, 2015
Fusion on VCs investing in their partner's startups (the invective from pointing out a potential conflict-of-interest is curious)
Google Code to close (remind me why it isn't standard practice to send archives to the Internet Archive on shutdown?)
Medium launches custom domains for publications (the experimental student magazine that my mom runs is in the beta test)
March 11, 2015
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (epic fanfic novel written by an AI researcher, half the length of the whole Potter series, ending this Saturday)
Danny Sullivan on growing a media business without outside funding (sad to see GigaOm shut down this week, but that's lot of VC)
Reply All on swatting (it's amazing nobody's been killed yet)
March 10, 2015
Jury find Blurred Lines infringed Marvin Gaye's copyright (garbage ruling with a dangerous precedent)
Motion sensing with the doppler effect (using your microphone to detect motion in the browser)
The Intercept on the CIA's attempts to hack Apple products and developers (disgusting new revelations courtesy of Edward Snowden)
March 9, 2015
Offworld relaunches (headed by Leigh Alexander and Laura Hudson, with a focus on diverse games writing)
Facemoji (emoji on your face, a side project from cacheflowe)
March 7, 2015
unindexed (a small online community that deletes itself once it's indexed by Google)
March 6, 2015
Unboxing a tortoise after four months in a fridge (so adorable)
The Dancing Man (I secretly hoped this was how the Star Wars Kid story would end, but no such luck)
March 5, 2015
#Gamergate is now literally an industry joke (Tim Schafer's been trending on Twitter all day because of this)
Will Hall on Pinterest (spelling bee eliminations, movie theater carpets, and sexy Chewbaccas)
ASCII fluid dynamics (from 2013, but new to me) [via]
March 4, 2015
Matt Haughey retires from Metafilter (16 years is a long time, and he's handling the transition in the best way possible)
The Web's Grain (it is what it is)
Double Fine Adventure documentary goes public (I've seen every episode, and it's a supremely watchable journey of making a game)
The Cartoonist Has No Idea How Net Neutrality Works (tortured right-wing metaphors for making people angry at the FCC)
March 3, 2015
Forbes profile on Notch after Minecraft (you know what they say)
XOXO 2015 (announcing the fourth festival this September)
March 2, 2015
#HYPERREALCG (David OReilly's Tumblr of photorealistic CG art, with one small caveat)
March 1, 2015
Wired redesigns for the first time in eight years (the tech notes are worth reading)
Super Hexagon Bot (OpenCV image processing to play a brutally hard game)
February 28, 2015
User Onboarding (breaking down the UX of first-time users, and archiving site/app history in the process)
Omni Verse's insane movie/TV collages (every couch gag at the same time, Star Wars in 60-second clips, and many more; Fusion dubbed them "superfuses") [via]
February 27, 2015
How BuzzFeed handled #TheDress (worth it for the GIF alone)
Nightline on VR from 1993 (with the requisite Jaron Lanier appearance, I love how he pronounces "2007")
February 26, 2015
What Color Is This Dress? (bizarre illusion that's split my Twitter stream in two)
Blogging on Medium ("The fundamental unit of the blog is not the blog post. The fundamental unit of the blog is the stream.")
Internet slang in American Sign Language (the difference between a student and teacher of an evolving language) [via]
New Yorker on Google DeepMind and games (the Breakout demo mentioned in the article) [via]
Killing Time at Lightspeed (reading Twitter on a journey where years pass every time you refresh your feed) [via]
Net neutrality wins (go, Team Internet! also: what the rules mean in plain English)
Sans Bullshit Sans (using OpenType ligatures to replace buzzwords with censor bars)
February 25, 2015
1,000 Chrome Experiments (love the timeline view)
February 24, 2015
Vicemo (see who's buying drugs on Venmo)
"Stranger danger" is vastly overstated (irrational fears over child safety are skewed by media and bad stats)
Jay Smooth on the craft of being good (assuming you're good and fair and make good, fair decisions can perpetuate the status quo)
"FYI I'M A GRAPHIC DESIGNER" (the portrayal of graphic designers in film and TV) [via]
Craig Hockenberry on Chinese DNS poisoning (well, that explains the DDoS I've been dealing with for the last 12 days)
Ev Williams on Medium's new support for shorter-form articles (a hybrid of Twitter and blogging)
February 23, 2015
Audiogrep (automatic audio supercuts from the creator of videogrep)
February 22, 2015
Andrew B. Myers's surreal wallpaper-esque photography (photos that look like vector illustrations; more on his portfolio)
February 19, 2015
Fusion on tweet deleters (adding automated ephemerality to Twitter)
Lenovo's installing adware, MITM SSL proxy on new laptops (don't miss this fun breakdown of extracting and cracking the SuperFish certificate)
Oliver Sacks on learning he has terminal cancer ("I have to live in the richest, deepest, most productive way I can.") [via]
Unhappy Hacking Keyboard ("Real programmers only need a 1 and 0 key.")
February 18, 2015
Googlifier (Chrome add-on adds googly eyes to photos, or tries anyway)
I Know This (game inspired by Jurassic Park's Unix GUI, hold onto your butts)
February 17, 2015
Parker Higgins on how the Blurred Lines lawsuit could impact music copyright (musical influence is not infringement)
Places I've Never Been (John Green realizes he's selling posters with a quote he never said, and makes it right)
February 16, 2015
The Ghost in the MP3 (the Tom's Diner video and audio with only artifacts remaining)
February 15, 2015
HeartForth (emoji-based stack programming language; see also: Emojinal)
InstaDoom (Doom mod adds Instagram filters and a selfie stick)
February 13, 2015
Vice on Casanova, the 1980s Hollywood party robot (related: Two Panda's robot waiters)
February 11, 2015
February 10, 2015
Automating Tinder with Eigenfaces ("Admittedly, it worked too well and started to conflict with work.")
The Citizen Kane of Supercuts (finally)
Amelia Greenhall's resources for starting a collaborative publication (tons of great advice in here that goes far beyond feminist/tech pubs)
February 9, 2015
Watch People Code (pulled from the subreddit)
Backchannel tracks down a DARPA challenge troll (from the 2011 un-shredding competition) [via]
February 7, 2015
I'm an Anti-Braker (I'm so sick of Big Automotive hiding the truth)
February 6, 2015
Kashmir Hill's CAPS LOCK EXPERIMENT (HACK MAN, the SYSOP of my favorite BBS, used all-caps well into the mid-'90s)
Two Trains (auralization of income equality along NYC subway stops)
Sarah Jeong on the Silk Road verdict (Today In Tabs explainer on the Dread Pirate Roberts)
Make on Katy Perry's Left Shark takedown order against Shapeways (points out that it's a C&D, not a DMCA request, and why that matters)
Jay-Z and Alan Lomax (bizarre copyright story from 2011, new to me)
February 5, 2015
Way to Go (beautiful web-based art/game pairing video with animation)
Mein Coke (Adam Pash wrote a script to convince Coke's automated campaign to tweet Hitler)
February 4, 2015
The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence (eminently readable discussion of artificial superintelligence) [via]
How Cards Against Humanity bought, and gave away, a private island (complete with its own secret treasure)
Mallory Ortberg on the Harper Lee interview (the To Kill A Mockingbird prequel is being released under very shady circumstances)
FCC will seek to reclassify the Internet as a utility (this is huge, but I don't expect Congress to swallow it lightly)
Stupid Tricks with Promoted Tweets (I was surprised to learn about "nullcasted" tweets, a way to post semi-private messages on Twitter)
February 3, 2015
The Creepiest Things You Can Do on Facebook (these are more playful; the creepiest things happen there when people speak their minds)
How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps (you may know the author from the Clueless Gamer series on Conan)
White House's 2016 budget data on Github (not a Python script? try reading it on Medium instead)
You Are Not A Content Creator (Jonathan Mann rants on a term that's always bugged me)
Amelia Greenhall on Vivek Wadhwa (or: how to be a fake ally to women in tech)
February 2, 2015
The curious case of the disappearing Polish S (story of a crazy internationalization bug on Medium)
Ian Padgham's stop-motion films (not clear from the headline, but he made all ten of these)
Plug & Play (surreal iOS game/film about sex and love)
All My Blogs Are Dead (The Awl's Carter Maness on ephemerality in corporate blogs)
SIMPSONS PIXELS (gorgeous pixel-art/chiptune work from Paul Robertson, Ivan Dixon, and Jeremy Dower) [via]
January 30, 2015
saved by the bell hooks
The Gap Between What the Public Thinks and Scientists Know (progress is slow, but the rest of the country will catch up eventually)
Spotify announces Chloe Weil Scholarship (in honor of my friend, Chloe)
Song Exploder examines The Long Winters' "The Commander Thinks Aloud" (from a list of very good episodes, maybe my favorite episode so far)
The Kinspiracy (my little sister spotted a trend on Instagram)
Kill Screen on the return of Grim Fandango (considering its complex history, it's astounding the remastered release happened at all)
January 29, 2015
MTV wants to go seapunk (leaked design brief from David OReilly)
The Queen of Code (FiveThirtyEight short doc on Grace Hopper, directed by Community's Gillian Jacobs) [via]
Andrew Sullivan to quit blogging (after 15 years and a successful switch to subscription)
January 28, 2015
Never trust a corporation to do a library's job (my ranting about Google and the Internet Archive for the Message)
January 27, 2015
Erik Helwig's alternate TV themes (I'm partial to the Friends and Simpsons themes myself)
The Horse Raised by Spheres (finally online, the short films by David OReilly that debuted at XOXO)
Predominantly (color picker meets album finder; try hacking the URL for a cute 404)
This American Life on Internet rage (Lindy West's interview with a troll is remarkable)
January 26, 2015
Vine Is A Window (the Vine Year 2 roundup is excellent, just like last year)
Elevator Saga (the elevator programming game)
Beastie Boys musicless party (also great: his MacGyver remix)
January 25, 2015
Hank Green on interviewing the President (the legacy media reacted with widespread disdain)
January 23, 2015
BusinessTown (gorgeously-illustrated, worth it for the Nathan Myhrvold parody alone) [via]
Buzzfeed answers a reader question about feminism (refreshing)
Zoe Keating on YouTube strong-arming musicians to join their streaming service (put your full catalog on Music Key for free, or you can no longer monetize your own channel)
The Emularity (surfing the web with Netscape 1.0 on Windows 3.11 and Trumpet Winsock, all from a browser window)
Hacking Super Mario World from inside the game (first time running the insane credits warp glitch on an actual console)
January 22, 2015
The return of Kottke's remaindered links (it's long past time for me to redesign my site for very similar reasons)
Pirating the Oscars 2015: HD Edition (pirates are now regularly releasing films in higher quality than screeners sent to Oscar voters)
January 21, 2015
Gizmodo on Oregon's dark, racist past (and, sadly, it's homogenous present)
Next on Black Mirror... ("what if phones, but too much")
Alex Leavitt's GDC talk on Twitch Plays Pokemon (accessible analysis of the crowd-based gameplay phenomenon)
Pitchfork's conversation with Bjork (don't miss the last part on female authorship and credit)
Moot retires from 4chan (he did it for free)
Paul Ford on the infrastructure behind PAPER's Kim Kardashian stunt (the untold story: Greg Knauss built the whole thing)
January 20, 2015
Slackbot Bot (every office needs one)
pplkpr (Black Mirror-style art/tech project uses your physical responses to change your social activity)
Matter on the Chaturbate community (mildly NSFW photos; a community with its own currency and cultural norms)
January 19, 2015
Darius Kazemi on aphorism detection (a momentary glimpse into how he thinks)
Estimating Google+ activity (reading the tea leaves from Google Profiles sitemaps)
Commodore Clicker (deceptively simple incremental game hides a functional C64 emulator)
January 16, 2015
Tetrageddon Games (the last, best reason to install Flash) [via]
January 15, 2015
Yo dawg, I heard you liked web browsers (Arachne running in EM-DOSBOX)
Be My Eyes (Jeffery Bennett's dream realized)
What They See (side-by-side shots of figures in artworks and their sightlines) [via]
January 14, 2015
Backchannel on the future of the blockchain (don't make the mistake of conflating the blockchain and Bitcoin)
Dillon Markey's stop-motion animation with the Nintendo Power Glove (rewired as a Bluetooth keyboard) [via]
Twitter Sort (the latest entry in a long line of terrible sorting methods)
Chris Poole on shuttering DrawQuest (donated remaining capital to charity, gave user archives to
January 13, 2015
Choose Your Own Adventure game on Twitter (how it was made)
January 12, 2015
Forgotten MS-DOS Games (a spoof, but I'd totally play any of these: see also: Viscera Cleanup Detail)
Novice Art Blogger (a bot tries its best to describe art)
January 9, 2015
Talib Kweli on how and why he left the major label system (brilliant writeup of the benefits and compromises of going indie)
Scroll Slow → Have Fun [via]
January 8, 2015
Warby Parker's Make Your Own Annual Report (surprisingly light on glasses-related information)
Anxiety Box (Paul Ford on the new episode of Reply All, my favorite podcast)
January 7, 2015
TASBot runs IRC on an unmodified Super Game Boy (batshit insane hacks; turning Super Mario World into Super Mario Bros)
inflorescence city (I don't know what it is, but I like it)
Attack on Charlie Hebdo (12 journalists murdered by deluded assholes over some goddamned comics)
Big Boring System (the BBS is Edna Piranha's new project after Meatspace)
They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song (a song a week all year, or get it direct from
IGF 2015 finalists announced (a bright and beautiful snapshot of modern indie gaming)
January 6, 2015
We Used to be Friends (every episode of the first season of Friends, averaged together) (emoji drawing tool) [via]
Augmented Hand Series (deform a hand in a box with machine vision)
Excuse-A-Day (great story of a guy who parodied Jonathan Mann, with a surprising ending)
Ev Williams on metrics (measuring views, users, and time are all proxies for value)
January 5, 2015
The Internet Archive adds 2,300+ MS-DOS games (stunning work, all playable in the browser; Jason Scott wrote about the project)
On Optimism (I consider myself less an optimist and more a magical realist) (very interesting, O'Reilly is experimenting with alternative funding models)
Zoe Quinn wraps up her weird year (the initial focus of #Gamergate's wrath looks forward)
"Choose Your Own Adventure" as live poetry (reminds me of ACTION CASTLE!)
The 2014 Panic Report (great post, but my favorite part is the second-to-last sentence)
AdVenture Capitalist (got hooked on this minimalist incremental game thanks to Notch) [via]
The Year in Kickstarter 2014 (in its fifth year, continuing to seriously impact culture; dig into the numbers)
December 31, 2014
The First Bad Man Store (Miranda July promotes her debut novel by auctioning items mentioned in it)
If Only Once, If Only For A Little While ("a comic about loss, coping, and the ways we deal with grief")
December 30, 2014
Yahoo directory shuttered five days early (sad end to the index that opened my eyes to the wonder of the web)
Laurie Penny on nerd entitlement (the difference between nerd bullying and structural oppression) [via]
Solving the Holiday Bullshit 2014 puzzle (massive group effort to open a safe located on a Hawaii 2)
December 25, 2014
Reply All on Keith Calder and One Direction shippers (consistently my favorite podcast)
December 24, 2014
Eric Meyer on Facebook's inadvertent algorithmic cruelty (their Year in Review app is a source of misery for several friends this year; don't miss his followup)
December 23, 2014
Supercut of Darlene Love on Letterman (28 years of Letterman performances, her final appearance was last week)
Who invented the fake Ayn Rand film review? (I wrote a thing on plagiarism, comedy, and multiple discovery)
Updog (a revolutionary communications platform)
Jason Scott on DOSBOX in the browser (try ZZT, GODS, SEADRAGON, BREEZE, and many more)
Brandon Boyer's 20 Games You Shouldn't Miss in 2014 (every game I've played here has been gold, and the ones I haven't are high on my to-try list)
December 20, 2014
Sam Biddle on stirring and receiving Internet outrage (a rite of passage for every outgoing Valleywag editor, until Gawker stops funding their miserable behavior)
December 19, 2014
cinimated (animated remixes of scenes from live-action films) [via]
Said the Gramophone's Best Songs of 2014 (ten years of badass year-end mixes)
Notch outbids Jay-Z and Beyonce for $70M Beverly Hills mansion (indie 4 lyfe)
Yule Loggins (happy holidays from the Danger Zone) [via]
December 18, 2014
The Awl on Shitpics (the artifacts of any media format define its aesthetic like a cultural permalink)
Max Temkin on the logistics of Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday Bullshit (the scratch-and-sniff poop button is an especially nice touch)
December 17, 2014
Reply All podcast tracks down Jennicam (don't miss the supplemental blog post)
NYT Mag on Yahoo under Marissa Mayer (worth reading if only for the "Bobbie Had a Nickel" anecdote)
The Nib's The Year in Garbage 2014 (so many of these are related to our ever-increasing interconnectedness)
O Human Star (this ongoing webcomic about robots and love is really, really good)
Lego Friends (how to make Lego sets more appealing to girls) [via]
December 16, 2014
Alexis Madrigal on Uber vs. Portland (compare that to its relationship with Airbnb)
Content, Forever (Darius Kazemi's thinkpiece generator powered by meandering Wikipedia entries)
Punch A Monet (interactive tool for game-making resources, built in Twine by Zoe Quinn)
Unedited Footage of a Bear (ask your doctor if Claridryl is right for you)
Motherboard on Computers Are People, Too! (bizarre Disney documentary on computer art from 1982)
December 15, 2014
Auralnauts take on Terminator Genisys (every line of this slays me)
Decade-specific words in Billboard popular song titles, 1890-2014 (uses the pop spreadsheet from the Whitburn Project)
December 14, 2014
What colour is it? (time represented as hex color; also: 1,000 Colours jigsaw puzzle)
December 13, 2014
The Old Pirate Bay (IsoHunt archived TPB for posterity after its seizure; Peter Sunde's thoughts on the closure)
December 10, 2014
Submarine Sandwich (amazing work by PES, as always)
Computers in Crisis (Perry Chen's archive of Y2K books and materials, presented at the New Museum this Friday)
December 9, 2014
Playing With My Son (before I let Eliot play any modern games, we worked our way through 25 years of gaming history first)
December 8, 2014
Sony, You Have The Wrong Dakota (Dakota Smith gets lots of entertaining misdirected email)
Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea (hour-long documentary narrated by John Waters)
Entire Screen of One Game (my brain hurts now)
City of Portland sues Uber (they launched here illegally three days ago)
Parable of the Polygons (interactive visualization of segregation by Vi Hart and Nicky Case)
December 6, 2014
Casey Johnston on the vanishing Comp Sci classroom (she's been smacking down mansplainers on Twitter)
WNYC analyzes NYC police data to spot problem-prone officers (should probably factor in percentage of all arrests, since the dataset might include desk jobs)
Deb Chachra on the 25th anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre ("I don't think being a woman in technology is worth dying for, but I learned early that some men think it's worth killing for.")
The Doom that Came to Puppet (the Puppet documentation meets H. P. Lovecraft)
December 4, 2014
How anonymous chan culture shaped Gamergate (a collision of two sets of widely-different online community norms)
December 3, 2014
All the Minutes (like Christian Marclay's The Clock for tweets; compiled as a book for NaNoGenMo)
December 2, 2014
Comparing the UX of Apple vs. Google Maps on iOS (incredibly detailed breakdown of different tradeoffs)
November 26, 2014
God's Lonely Programmer (Vice digs into TempleOS)
PBS analysis of the Michael Brown shooting witnesses (16 out of 18 witnesses said Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot)
Berta Lovejoy And The Trolls Of /r/RedditArmie (seeing these goobers more and more often in YouTube comments)
November 25, 2014
One Day I Will Die on Mars (Paul Ford's near-future fiction where Uber rules the world) [via]
Pixel Pioneers: A Brief History of Graphics (five-part video series on the history of game graphics)
I Will Only Bleed Here ("I finally saw the value of my life as others saw it: a cheap thing, so easily discarded between muzzle flash and hot asphalt")
The rarity of a grand jury not indicting (from federal cases only, state data isn't available)
Darren Wilson's testimony is literally unbelievable (the mass of conflicting evidence so clearly should have led to a trial)
Reply All (first two episodes of the new podcast from the creators of TLDR)
November 24, 2014
Pomplamoose releases 2014 tour financials (a reminder to financially support artists you love, beyond just seeing them live)
Charted (Medium open-sources their internal charting library)
Highway at Night (crazy 1k JS demo, how it works)
November 20, 2014
Bay Area hip-hop dance veterans show off their signature moves (this should be a documentary)
Computer Engineer Barbie, remixed by an computer engineering student (a zillion times better)
Grandmas smoking pot for the first time (and playing Cards Against Humanity)
Crossy Road (addictive endless Frogger game for iOS)
November 19, 2014
NYT Mag on the Twine game scene (better tools for design and distribution lead the way to more diverse, interesting voices)
The Oral History of the Poop Emoji (💩)
Let's Encrypt (can't wait for this free, dead simple certificate authority from the EFF, Mozilla, and more)
The Good Web Bundle (I already pay yearly for four out of the five, and they're all worth supporting)
November 18, 2014
Twitter's complete archives now available in search (official clients only, though; hope it makes its way to the API)
Steve Albini on the past and future of the music industry (this is all so great)
Protracker .MOD player for the Web Audio API (hit "load song," pick a song, and "play")
Barbie's "I Can Be A Computer Engineer!" (prepare to be enraged)
November 17, 2014
Stupid Projects from the Stupid Hackathon (so much stupid)
The Sponsor (James Sturm's comic for The Nib stirred up some interesting debate)
The Bike Horn Collection Volume 1 (Careless Whisper is particularly touching; from April, but new to me) [via]
The Last Time (a musicomic from 2008 about time travel and love by the multitalented Lucy Knisley)
Handmade Hero (creating a game from scratch and streaming the process on Twitch, weeknights at 8pm PST)
November 15, 2014
0h h1 (like Sudoku stripped down to two colors)
Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (lyrics) (Neil Cicierega's brilliant send-up of YouTube lyric videos)
November 14, 2014
Desert Bus VR (simulate the thrill of driving from Tucson to Vegas at a blistering 45 miles per hour)
November 13, 2014
Museum of Selfies [via]
Yelp Prison Review Faxbot (another quality project from Sam Lavigne)
Stupid Hackathon (my kind of hackathon, like an extension of Worst Website Ever)
Space Age released (Neven Mrgan and Matt Comi's new iOS game inspired by classic point-and-click adventures)
November 11, 2014
Visual Orgasms (safe-for-work GIF metaphors)
Cabel Sasser on making the Space Age soundtrack (the 1992 article with a 15-year-old Cabel is just adorable)
November 10, 2014
A Birth Story (the funniest, most visceral story of labor I've ever read)
Peter "brokep" Sunde released from prison (never should've been there in the first place, a goddamned travesty)
MozVR (coming soon: the first VR rickroll)
Results of Offscreen's name-your-price experiment (a little above break even)
They Might Be Giants' Instant Fan Club 2015 (interesting direct-to-fan experiment, and a crazy deal)
Random Darknet Shopper (bot that randomly spends $100 in Bitcoin from Silk Road-like marketplaces)
50,000 Meows (convert text to meows, keeping its original punctuation and word length; here's Moby Dick)
Seraphs, Liza Daly's algorithmic Voynich Manuscript-inspired book (part of NaNoGenMo, a contest to algorithmically generate 50,000-word novels; more entries)
Corpora (JSON datasets for algorithmic play, like lists of sandwiches and rich people)
Generated Detective (comic algorithmically generated from public domain detective novels)
President Obama says FCC should reclassify Internet access as a utility (still a long road to net neutrality)
Holiday Bullshit 2014 ($15 for ten envelopes of randomness in December)
HarmonTown documentary for sale (the deluxe version is a whole lotta Harmon)
November 6, 2014
Oculus Rift 1980s arcade simulator (next step would be hooking it up to MAME, currently Game Boy Color only)
The Great Bitcasa Purge (just evil)
New Bee & Puppycat episodes debut (if you've never seen it, watch the pilot first)
Twemoji (Twitter open-sources their emoji icon library)
The Stewart (in which Matt Haughey commissions an oil painting of Stewart Butterfield from China)
Too Many Cooks (this is the greatest thing ever, hyperbole be damned)
November 5, 2014
Kim Asendorf's CSS Compositions [via]