Substation from the co-creator of CASH Music, spin up your own free paid subscription service on Glitch (via)
Listen Together communal music listening, like rebooted for Spotify
Steam Game Festival preview 50+ new and upcoming indie games, available through the weekend
together. John Green on how we'll get through this, with some useful links in the doobly-doo
Our Plague Year new podcast from Welcome to Night Vale's Joseph Fink; first episode features Cory Doctorow and Nisi Shawl
The Green Fog Guy Maddin's experimental recreation of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo from found footage (via)
#Coronamaison French cartoonists and illustrators are drawing cozy rooms to shelter in
Glitch unionizes the first modern tech company to voluntarily recognize an employee union, I believe
The Uncensored Library Reports Without Borders built a massive open library in Minecraft to bypass government censorship (via)
Quarantine Book Club virtual book events over Zoom with a $5 cover, upcoming authors include Heather Armstrong and Michael Bierut
Pluralistic Cory Doctorow's new daily digest of interesting links, also available as an email newsletter
Facemesh and Handpose uses Tensorflow.js for face and hand tracking in the browser, and performs well on mobile
All The Streams MSCHF's new hyper-infringing drop lets you channel surf Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Prime Video, and Showtime
New York Apartment every NYC real estate listing combined to make one 65,764 bedroom/55,588 bath $43.9B apartment; don't miss the virtual tour (via)
Subpar Parks one-star reviews of U.S. national parks, lovingly illustrated and hand-lettered by Amber Share
Election Profit Makers returns for the first time since the 2016 election, David Rees, Starlee Kine, and Jon Kimball are back to their bullshit
Mazeletter a collection of nine infinitely-tiling maze pattern fonts (via)
Google cancels I/O conference despite TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Intel, and Mashable dropping out, SXSW is continuing as planned