Not for You an "automated confusion system" for Firefox that randomizes TikTok viewing behavior (via) #
The Art Of “Cool As Ice” if there was an award for worst movie with the best cinematography, Vanilla Ice's feature film debut would clinch it #
Contrapoints on voting Natalie takes on some common leftist critiques of voting for Biden, or voting in general #
Inside the Fall of the CDC ProPublica's comprehensive report on the Trump administration's catastrophic interference in public health policy # machine-generated collage portraits composed of shapes derived from GAN-generated images made by Artbreeder #
Library Takeout a surprisingly catchy song about Covid-19 library safety protocols #
GANksy 256 GAN-generated Banksy artworks, with the purchase price increasing one pound for each sale #
The Swamp That Trump Built NYT investigation reveals over 200 companies, special interests, and foreign governments that paid him for favors and access #
Mattis Dovier stunning monochrome pixel art animation #
Telemelt web-based NES/SNES/Sega/GB emulator allowing up to 8 remote players to share a single controller with zero latency (via) #