Absorber weirdly addictive idle game where you absorb the powers of the enemies you kill #
Kagi Small Web another reason to love Kagi is their effort to promote blogs and other smaller independent websites #
Postmarks Casey Kolderup made a single-user bookmark sharing app with ActivityPub support that's easily hosted on Glitch #
Wavacity Audacity ported to the browser #
DJ Phonetic make beats with drum sounds found in phonemes from audio clips of public-domain historical speeches (via) #
Mr. Platformer VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh's latest is a free Pitfall-esque platformer that quickly turns masocore #
Dungeons & Dragons on Death Row heartbreaking story of how a group of Texas prisoners awaiting execution found escape and therapy in role-playing #
EXPI by @p01 astounding graphic demo in 1024 bytes of Javascript, it won the Assembly 2023 1kb compo (via) #
The end of the Googleverse Ryan Broderick interviewed me and a bunch of others about the decline of Google's usefulness for The Verge #
404 Media launches four of my favorite Motherboard journalists started a new indie media company and it's already great, I subscribed instantly #
Good Tape free secure audio transcription, up to three 90-minute recordings per month or pay for more features #
Little Rat Chrome extension that monitors and optionally blocks other extensions' network calls #
TextFX Google Labs collaborated with Lupe Fiasco on a series of LLM-based tools for exploring text and language (via) #
Elon Musk’s Shadow Rule Ronan Farrow reports on the U.S. government's unpredictable and dangerous reliance on Musk and his companies #
Clone-a Lisa paint a terrible forgery of the Mona Lisa in 60 seconds; my high score is 75% #