Squares in Squares trying to optimally pack squares into a square leads to some surprisingly deranged results (via) #
Double Fine PsychOdyssey new documentary series follows seven years of Psychonauts 2 development, 6,000 hours of footage edited down to 32 episodes #
touchHLE new open-source project to emulate early iOS apps, starting with App Store launch title Super Monkey Ball from 2008 #
CatGPT an AI chatbot that won't confidently lie to you #
DONKS new animation from Felix Colgrave, "an exploration of ocean plastic, avatars and adaptive bottom feeders" (via) #
MusicLM new AI model from Google Research generates music from text prompts, like "accordion death metal" (via) #
TET a short free game about cooking Vietnamese food from Swiss-Vietnamese illustrator Charlotte Broccard #
Summer Afternoon charming short multiplayer WebGL experiment, try to find the five secrets (via) #
Copy Dennis a fed-up web designer publicly shames the people who cloned his distinctive portfolio site (via) #
The Garden of Blogs charming reimagining of an RSS reader as a little garden; Waxy is the eyeglasses #
10 Typos new daily game to spot typos in a news story every day as fast as possible (via) #
RIP Jeff Beck one of my all-time favorite musicians, I'm absolutely crushed #