emu-coop — SNES hack makes single-player games into two-player games by sharing inventory over IRC
The Evolution of Trust — Nicky Case’s interactive explainer on how trust or distrust evolves in groups
17776 — SB Nation’s experimental mashup of football sportswriting and speculative sci-fi
Gun Emoji Pairings — analyzing 100k tweets to understand how people use the gun emoji (via)
The Deleted City 3.0 — stunning interactive visualization of Archive Team’s 650GB GeoCities backup
Notes from an Emergency — Maciej Ceglowski on how five American tech companies built a toolkit for authoritarian movements
Beaker Browser — experimental browser distributed openly in a peer-to-peer mesh with revisions and forking
Real Press Sec — Twitter bot turns every Trump tweet into the correct Presidential statement format
c0m3w/m3 — an “infinity poem” composed of 62,000 internet-connected cameras
Convenient Friction — Christina Xu on human interaction and trust in China’s online-to-offline platforms