Anonymous Camera free iOS app to anonymize, block, or blur auto-detected faces and bodies from video footage real-time
13th Ava DuVernay's Oscar-nominated documentary about racist policing and mass incarceration is streaming for free (via)
How Do We Change America? "the quest to transform this country cannot be limited to challenging its brutal police alone" simple way to email government officials to urge them to defund and reallocate police budgets
The 3.5% Rule a study of hundreds of political protests found that "no government can withstand a challenge of 3.5% of its population" (via)
Mapping Police Violence "99% of killings by police from 2013-2019 have not resulted in officers being charged with a crime"
Image Scrubber a privacy-aware tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests
Wholesome Direct starting tomorrow 10am PT/1pm ET, a streaming showcase of upcoming adorable indie games
Jazz Keys turn typing into solo piano jazz; click the note for other songs, including Bill Evans' Blue in Green (via)
MSCHF Magazine handy tools to defraud Spotify, Uber, and pretty much any big corporation
Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage a restauranteur finds a way to capitalize on a delivery startup's underhanded business tactics
The Miracle Sudoku I never thought I'd watch a 25-minute video of a guy playing Sudoku, but here we are (via) make a virtual ecosystem with its own self-contained food chain (via)
Shelter In Place Gallery a dollhouse-sized Boston art gallery exhibiting artwork at a 1:12 scale, or 1 inch to 1 foot
Anomalous Materials Graham Dunning replaced every sound in Half-Life with samples from '90s rave tracks, letting him play it like an instrument (via)