Peeled Maps community-contributed images of tattoos stitched into surreal explorable landscapes (via) #
Noto Emoji Jennifer Daniel and her team at Google turned 3,663 emoji into an open monochrome typeface with multiple weights #
Plan C up-to-date information about accessing abortion pills online #
God Damn America "a brief and incomplete list of the people and institutions that can go fuck themselves this morning" (via) #
Knotwords like Wordle meets crossword puzzles, another brilliant iOS game from the creators of Good Sudoku #
the html review "an annual journal of literature made to exist on the web" with contributions from Everest Pipkin, Nick Montfort, May-Li Khoe, and more #
Earth Reviews review everything on Earth to help improve the simulation (via) #
Are You The Asshole? pose scenarios to three AI models trained exclusively on YTA, NTA, and hybrid answers from Reddit #
Redactle incredibly challenging daily browser game to determine the subject of a random redacted Wikipedia article #
Harder Drive Tom7 turns the internet, Tetris, and fancy covid tests into hilariously inefficient hard drives #