Wandaland animated student film about a fictional animation tycoon (via) #
Winamp Skin Museum over 60,000 interactive skins from the Internet Archive's collection (via) #
walk cycles a Tumblr of rotoscoped videogame walking and running animations (via) #
Lo-Fi Player an 8-bit room that builds a custom chill beats melody and soundscape based on your interactions (via) #
microCOVID Project Calculator estimate infection risk for common activities factoring in location, ventilation, speaking volume, mask type, and social activity (via) #
Capturing the Police The Verge launched a project documenting how people use technology to document police brutality and racism #
What They Saw 28 ex-prisoners detail the horrors of China's detention camps #
On all that fuckery Kat Fukui writes about the coordinated harassment she received on GitHub from 4chan anons working in tech (via) #
Nour TJ Hughes just announced his delightful upcoming food videogame will be published by Panic, and got a new trailer and website #
Superheroes the first edition of The Mail newsletter is an impassioned love letter to the USPS #
Eve Ewing on police unions "The Fraternal Order of Police has told us candidly what they are—that they are not a union, but a fraternity. A brotherhood. We ought to believe them." (via) #