Light Commands — inject unauthorized voice commands into Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple voice assistants with lasers! (via)
Hellvetica.ttf — for designers, a typeface scarier than Comic Sans and Papyrus (via)
Ugly Gerry — typeface made from gerrymandered districts
Run Your Own Social — Darius Kazemi's guide to running a small social network for your friends; emphasis on "small"
User Inyerface — frustrating and funny interactive dark patterns (via)
Kickstarter turns 10 — with a retrospective and a bunch of easter eggs across the site
Neuhaus — participatory music video where visitors upload images that make up the world
GB Studio — a free visual game builder for making Game Boy games
Baba Is You — the IGF-winning puzzle game is out today for PC/Mac/Switch, and it's stunning
Endless Jeopardy — a new Twitter bot/game from Neil Cicierega