Badness 0 in which Tom 7 develops a system for writing fully-justified text in papers in the most convoluted way possible #
Walnut and Me Sam Anderson writes about what his dog taught him about mortality, with animated illustrations by Gaia Alari (via) #
Tiny Awards is back! go nominate your favorite non-commercial indie website launched in the last year #
&udm=14 "the enshittification Konami code" #
Ten Blue Links single-serving site with instructions for switching your browser to Google's AI/clutter-free search results #
The Graying Gig Workers Rest of World's series of articles reporting on the pros and cons of gig work for older workers around the world #
Retro tech in anime supercut a compilation of camcorders, VCRs, floppies, cassettes, arcade games, and more from '80s and '90s anime (via) #
OpenAI announces GPT-4o they're really tripling down on acting like a human, these live video demos are clearly inspired by Spike Jonze's "Her" #
Food for Fish a browser game with lots of underpants, made with WebGPU so try it in Chrome, Edge, or Safari Technology Preview (via) #