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October 31, 2003
Obsolete games exempt from copyright (most ROMs are now legal?!)
Boing Boing's new IP address (domain will start resolving correctly soon)
CEO Halloween Masks (Forbes has the most annoying video ads)
And Microsoft wants to buy Google
Friendster rejects Google's $30m buyout bid (I can't believe they turned it down)
October 30, 2003
Death notice of Gertrude M. Jones (unusual obituary, more from Snopes)
Sonic Wire Sculpture (3D rotating sketchpad translates lines to sound)
New Kazaa beta attempts legitimacy (download it from their site, if you don't mind spyware)
Soda's Moovl (like a very intuitive version of Sodaplay)
Entire contents of S.F. apartment stolen (after cleaning it out, they cleaned it up)
Cory explains Boing Boing's downtime
Insanely great pumpkin carvings (the best I've seen)
Pac-Man for Excel 97 and 2000 (also: a flight simulator for Excel)
Microsoft Wallop (intelligent microcontent client for Longhorn)
Neat Expose/Ctrl-Tab idea (Windows should adopt this, as well)
October 29, 2003
Lafayette Project renamed to Kinja (supposed to go live in the next two months)
2600 on the White House robots.txt (the excluded files were available elsewhere on the site)
Build your own tail (sure, but is it prehensile?)
October 28, 2003
Microsoft temp fired for blogging (the offending entry)
End of the World (Flash, one potential scenario)
How not to advertise on the Internet (via Michel)
Draft Wesley Crusher (the other Wesley)
Feedroll javascript includes (add arbitrary RSS feeds to your site via Javascript includes)
Google interested in creating a book database (wants to compete with Amazon?)
Worst infographic ever (you'd burn to death while trying to interpret this map)
TinyURL whacking (someone there has a sense of humor)
October 27, 2003
Man's self-written obituary contains grandiose lies
VH-1's "I Love 6 Months Ago"
The White House's robots.txt (why hide so much from Google?)
First-hand blogging of the SoCal fires (another list of San Diego bloggers)
Your Own Dot Org (Shannon's tribute song to Ben & Mena)
Cher anonymously calls C-SPAN (I'd love an audio clip of this)
Sidetalkin' (mocking the Nokia N-Gage) officially launches online world (with virtual Nike product tie-ins)
Fox News threatened Simpsons over parody (Fox News vs. Fox Broadcasting)
Analog music library at MIT
October 26, 2003
In-car device changes stoplights from red to green (cause traffic accidents for only $300)
Jack Valenti stepping down (replaced by Billy Tauzin, who took $99k from the media industry last year)
MyTunes, cheat for Windows iTunes (save shared music on your network to your hard drive)
October 25, 2003
Amazon's Book Search threatened by Author's Guild (they bring up some great ideas, like searching cookbooks and reference materials)
Sand applet (left-click to draw, right-click to erase)
Power Filesharer (23 200GB drives is 4.6 terabytes)
October 24, 2003
Toilets in video games (Ignore the Russian text (via Kafkaesque))
The Aeron wheelchair (who needs a Segway?)
Dan Engor's GPS Tron (run around with your friends and trap them in your path)
"Blogs: Fad or Goldmine?" (Ciaran Buckley: clueless or inept?)
AOL software silently disables Windows Messenger service (most people don't use it, but it's a dangerous precedent)
Highly addictive SnakeJump game (old, but good Java applet)
What's the Diff: the MPAA's new anti-piracy curriculum for classrooms (with fun activities like "Starving Artist")
eBay affiliates spamming Google (I expect Google to retaliate any day now)
October 23, 2003
Google considers online IPO auction
"I want to be an engineer... Sex can wait!" (if you're an engineer, you're probably involuntarily abstaining anyway)
Text editor for the Gameboy Advance (interface input optimized for joypads)
Jason Salavon's amazing portfolio (don't miss Song of the Century, Late Night Triad and Every Playboy Centerfold)
Dartmouth's wireless setup and the wireless future (via Matt)
Wired on Amazon's full-text searching and the Internet Archive (possibly the first time Wired has published a story online before printing it)
Bloggers Vol. 1 (I just ordered this Japanese magazine about Mighty Morphin' Power Bloggers)
Mat Honan on latest anti-spam bill (why the Burns-Wyden bill is thinly-veiled pro-spam legislation)
Amazon adds full-text searching of 120,000 books (requires a valid credit card to view pages, though)
Malcolm McLaren on the Gameboy music scene (people are still making MODs, too)
Spin magazine's media kit (PDF, targeting the 25-year-old, $60k/year male demographic)
7th grader's Internet research gets red-flagged by FBI (also: the Transportation Authority are a bunch of squealers)
iTunes 4.1.1 for Windows ("Keep iTunes Music folder organized" preference is now turned off by default)
Florence Lawrence, the first movie star (careers ruined by the introduction of sound in movies)
Why Moreover was an innovator
October 22, 2003
Fred "Rerun" Berry dead (will he be buried in a red beret?)
16oz Jamba Juice for $1 (Thursday 3-6pm, not really prime smoothie time)
Todd Rundgren commentary on the music industry (argues that labels have mishandled music downloads)
Dave Winer: don't comment on my site (he removed the entry shortly after posting it)
Britta's notes from the Lessig/Rosen debate
Ann Coulter talking action figure
Elliot Smith, dead at 34 (so very sad)
October 21, 2003
Leonard's writeup of tonight's Larry Lessig/Hilary Rosen debate (more info, audio should be forthcoming)
New Fiona Apple album due in February (four years in the making)
Webcam Painting Tool (paint with live webcam images around the web)
9/11 Survivor game (morbid Unreal mod lets players escape before towers collapse, Mefi)
ABC's Saturday Morning Fall Preview Special from 1983 (Rubik the Amazing Cube, Pac-Man, and the Monchichis)
Light of Other Days (Slow glass, ten years thick [indirectly via Ming])
History of Joe Portman Sand Worm Infection
rssWeather (local weather reports via RSS)
NYT gets a facelift (headlines all in Cheltenham typeface, example)
October 20, 2003
The Inner Lives of Fonts (Aimee Bender's very short stories about typefaces)
This Is the Title of This Story (Self-referential goodness)
Pongomania (fun with modeling clay, via Mefi)
Beanie Baby Meltdown on eBay (or brilliant ruse? it sold for $860)
Mobile gaming ideas (Ghostbusters for GPS-enabled devices sounds fun)
Statistical Analysis of the World Series (Game 7 occurs much more often than simple probability would suggest)
Outside the Inbox (songs inspired by spam)
Washington Post pulls week of Boondocks comics about Condi Rice (read the pulled strips)
The nTag Sleep Attack (tech conference attendees hack their "smart" badges)
Turn your Nokia cellphone into a Gameboy
How to render the Segway obsolete (they'll architect cities around it)
Amazing video of Ohio school bus rollover accident (mirror, no serious injuries)
Student fools international newspapers with spoof story (story behind the fake CNN "fellatio cures breast cancer" article)
Princess Diana predicted own death in handwritten letter
One million songs sold since Thursday's iTunes for Windows launch (14 million songs sold since April launch)
Jesus teething ring
New Google feature: "define" (retrieves definitions culled from the web)
Fear to Fear (Leonard's short film about the dangers of p2p)
Mandy Moore has decent taste in music (covers XTC, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens on new album... who knew?)
October 19, 2003
New Strokes video for "12:51" (WMV, heavily Tron-inspired)
Original Albini mix of Nirvana's "All Apologies"
McLuhan's Medium Is The Massage (explains the origin of the book's title)
October 18, 2003
Foo Camp interview videos (that's me walking behind Ben and Mena)
Britney Spears look-alike (don't forget to scroll down)
CSS art, no images (like ANSI art for the new millennium)
October 17, 2003
PSA: iTunes for Windows moves and renames MP3s (looks like Adam got burned, too)
Winamp 5 Beta
Banned Schwarzenegger mural (and you thought L.A. traffic couldn't get any worse)
Website users legally changing names to match usernames (it'd be nice to write "Wax Pancake" on my tax forms)
Tall people earn more ($789/year per extra inch)
ESPN Sportcenter pranked by "Cubs fan" impersonator
Baton Teleplay Modem (unreleased 2400 baud modem for the NES, SNES and Genesis)
Time Warner's new logo (the usage guidelines are cute)
iTunes Link Maker (search the store from the web)
Free web hosting for 3 years (500MB space, 5GB/month transfer, no credit cards, no catches)
Black Like I Thought I Was (take the test yourself for $158)
Social Software Mind Map (messy, but shows how far it reaches)
October 16, 2003
iTunes for Windows (and it's not crippled at all)
Subjecting today's children to yesterday's gaming classics ("I'm sure everyone who made this game is dead by now.")
GBA adapter for NES cartridges (includes authentic "blowing in cartridge" action)
October 15, 2003
Arcade Ambience MP3s (1-hour-long collages of arcade sounds created with MAME!)
Lady Liberty and the Three Impossible Dreams (101-chapter fan-fiction epic, a Buffy/Harry Potter crossover set during the American Revolution)
Bayesian spam filter for MovableType
Great profile of Linus Torvalds (Touches on the SCO lawsuit, but mostly about his personality)
Bit Spirit, new BitTorrent client (Powerful manager for serving/downloading multiple BitTorrent files)
Cubs Fan identified by name (coming soon: Chicago man torn apart by wild mob)
Yahoo Serious resents Yahoo website (he made the cover of Time!?)
Firebird 0.7 released (nasty font treatment, though)
Salon on the "dolling" subculture (I have one too)
October 14, 2003 (a work-safe alternative to
Every Second Counts (Flash, try to meet the target time)
The Clay Eaters (Pregnant women compelled to eat dirt)
The Woman Who Vomited Frogs (Compulsive swallowing and eating habits)
CNN covers darknets like Waste and Freenet (Ian Clarke looks sad)
Six degrees and the Bacon/Erdos number
Danny O'Brien on Foo Camp and the death of the private register (Also: Andrew Orlowski pokes fun at us)
October 13, 2003
Amazing treemap of Usenet (or delve into the rest of the data)
Massive collaborative hypercomic (featuring 20 great artists, including Chris Ware)
St. George, Patron Saint of Photo Opportunities (Strange caption... Is he appearing on BET and the Food Network?)
Sony may drop PS2 price to $99 in mid-November (Target in-store advertisements reveal possible price cuts)
Open Video Project (2,000 videos and growing, similar to's movies library)
Justin Hall's gallery of emerging Japanese cellphone tech
Bio-chips for detecting dengue fever in South America
Stupid Dreams (Exploding Dog on The Morning News)
NYC city guide written by people on PDAs
Clay Shirky on file-sharing and darknets (The move toward trust-based P2P)
Prince wants his music back (Asks for fans to send him unauthorized recordings)
Gizmodo on uLocate (GPS cellphone service tracks your friends and family location on a map)
MT-Blacklist coming later today (Robust solution for defeating weblog comment spam)
Oddball CPAN modules (Perl programmers get bored too)
Re Rill Not Forget (September 11 remembered, Scooby-style)
October 10, 2003
Waco Resurrection (3D multiplayer game/art project that reenacts the 1993 Branch Davidian stand-off in Waco, Texas)
Napster 2.0 won't work with iPods
October 9, 2003
North Korean anti-American propaganda (Bizarre, head-bangin' music video)
Sign added to Disneyland's Tower of Terror
Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies (Quantum physics meets Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey)
Deleted political cartoons from Al-Jazeera (removed at State Department's request)
Photographic Chinese Whispers
SunComm sues Princeton student over "shift key" workaround (Expose obvious flaws in crappy DRM, get sued by clueless company)
Universe may be finite
Miracle Berries transform sour tastes into sweet (drink vinegar like grape juice)
Ben Affleck's L'Oreal commercial (banned in the US to protect his image)
iTunes for Windows (available next Thursday)
Mark and Carla leave Rarotonga (Ringworm no more)
Dancing Eyes, bizarre Japanese arcade game (Like Amidar meets Qix, but undressing schoolgirls and cows. Now in MAME)
Hands-on with the PSX Playstation/PVR (Don't miss the UI screenshot)
Vatican vs. condoms (Spreading lies to AIDS-ravaged countries)
Simpsons movie references quiz (I got 17)
Orrin Hatch introduced constitutional amendment to allow foreign-born presidents (Get ready for President Arnold)
New iPod commercial
eMusic cancels unlimited downloads (via Slashdot)
The Playmate Financial Index
October 8, 2003
Smoking gun found (Video of Powell stating Iraq had no WMD before the war)
Robert Smith's Friendster profile (Xeni must be a Cure groupie)
Fresh Air Interview with Bill O'Reilly (Bill cuts off the interview)
FCC indirectly authorizes the 'f'-word (FCC says "fuck" is okay when not referring to sex)
Two Californias (via Merlin via Kuniavsky)