Kids Show

The following 14-minute masterpiece is the pilot for “Kids Show,” a deranged version of Sesame Street developed by comedy writers Vernon Chatman and John Lee for USA Networks, but recently sold to MTV for a six-episode contract. The quality of this video isn’t very good, but it doesn’t matter. (Warning: Not for the easily offended.)

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    Far and beyond the sickest TV show created. …FUNNY! The fact that Vernon Chatman worked for South Park and Late Night with Conan O’Brien is a telling sign of the nature of this show — extremely warped and even nightmare-inducing but also hilarious. Somehow I thing that the network TV version might be toned down a bit. ::understatement::

    Bits of this are funny — I loved the “let’s look at a hot dog factory” thing, and the on-the-spot reporter outside the public restroom, though they both went on far too long — but much of it is sophomoric. “Let’s show a horse shitting!” “Yeah! That’s hilarious!” It seems aimed squarely at junior high school boys.

    Still, there is potential here for great satire.

    Some of this = very funny, other parts = not so much. Call me old man serious, but I probably would have found this much more hilarious a few years back – when I didn’t have kids of my own.

    this promises to be one of the greatest shows on mtv or any other type of comedy channel of that sort. although its juvenile it would be impossible not to laugh at that stuff.

    download it give it a try it flies right through leaving you wanting more.

    Humorous. Some parts get to long and some are just dumb. However, the fact that they take these kids and get them to say or do outrageous things is hilarious. I loved the the beginning (See: Where do babies come from? – Albania!) and the girl interviewing people outside a rest stop bathroom (See: How was it?).

    Eh. It had its moments, but a lot of it didn’t quite work. But, I do see reason to like the premise and the basic ideas the creators are working with. This is a show that will benefit from some network intervention just so it doesn’t get too off the mark and has to make the effort to try to be funny within the concept. Kinda like Ren & Stimpy back in the day. The clearly have the Kids Show concept down pat. I found the cartoon utterly hilarious. Especially the notion of the pony riding off on a Unicorn. The Hot Dog factory was a hilarious idea, but they should have played the voice over more straight and let the video be the joke, so they could save up for the best lines at the end, “Hotdogs give me the energy to fight off my daddy!”

    Wow im shocked after watching that. Some of it was really funny and then some was just plain Facked up!! Wonder if this will even make it all 6 eps.

    I loved this, it so needs to be a real show. The “ignored prayer” statement was classic as was the “that’s the dark nature of capitalism”. i laughed the hardest at the end with the string of “buh-bye”‘s followed by the decapitation. this needs to be put on the air post haste.

    PLEASE let this become a show on MTV… I’ve had this video for about 3 weeks now and I still watch it. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    FUCKING GAY! That was a waste of bandwidth. Not that I was offended by this piece, it’s just that it wasn’t as funny as everyone says it is on here. I don’t which TV shows came first versus this peice, but alot of “similar ideas” have been done on different shows. I guess be open minded if you download this.

    Peace in the middle east.

    Jim Van Bebber

    Well, that was nice. Amusing, well-balanced, educational…….umm….yeah.

    Excuse me a sec, I’ll just nip off and gouge out my eyeballs with a rusty grapefruit spoon…..

    Although there was a very cynical humour in this, the purpose of the video seemed to be outlashes at steadily decreasing quality of family life and the meat industry. Anyone who just looked at the disturbing images without thinking about it and stated simply it is funny or not, is stupid.

    handled it like a catholic uncle…holy shit jesus christ himself would have laughed at that. i think i shit my pants i laughed so hard.

    Mostly nausious, barely amused. But im not a fan of shock humor. It does shoot down one thing. Kids saying unexpectly crude things does not equal comic gold. Well not always, hot dogs give me enrgy to fight off dad was pretty funny.

    I guess you have to lack a sense of humor to find it funny. Whoever made that is a fucking idiot and should retire into being an alcoholic

    Glad you like it! I loved it too.

    Until Dec, please use the mirror if possible, my bandwidth for the month has almost run out.

    Who knew 700GB could vanish so fast?

    I can’t believe it will make it on the air!

    The only thing I thought was funny was that they named that news segment “beat kids”, otherwise, not very funny.

    I can’t believe that someone was able to shock me.

    I mean I thought about this recently. I felt like comedy and shock jock things were so done over that I’ve seen most things that someone would throw at me. I don’t know if you guys feel that way.

    But when I saw this video, I was very impressed, lol. It caught me way off guard and made me say, “holy shit” and “omG” several times.

    Thank you so much Vernon Chatman and John Lee for your psychotic and twisted minds.

    Finally something on par with TV Funhouse. I like it.

    Too bad MTV has the contract. Nobody in their right mind watches MTV anymore. Maybe this will be the one show worth watching.

    The issue of it being funny or not doesn’t particularly concern me. We each have our own opinions. I find it strange that there are quite a few comments on the apparent “agenda”. I wonder about this. If the agenda is merely an outlash against the strictness of media programming, emphasized by its use of similar forms, or outlashes against the decreasing quality of family life and the meat industry, this work is very shallow. What do you think?

    That chopping off the chicken’s head was so disturbing. And the maggots eating the fox. And some parts were so crude, they make this video NOT FUNNY. This is a show for sick pedophiles.

    This kind of humor is an acquired taste, and I love it. But if this does get aired, I guarantee it won’t last long. Brilliant shows never do. But that’s why we have online video piracy!

    Some bits were just… disturbing. but the “oh wow” bit was funny. The turkey bit, however… :S

    wowsers. that’s some twisted stuff. it’s bound to make some people queasy if they don’t tone it down for tv.

    i never verbally laugh out loud for ANYTHING on the internet.. before this video.

    “every ten seconds a wife is abused by her man, but not tonight.. it’s ladies night”

    pure gold.

    Dear god almighty that shit was funny.

    I personally loved it, thought it was amazingly edgy and fearless.

    my favorite part has to be the big redheaded dorky guy coming out of the bathroom.

    “Weeell i wouldnt say it was fun, I didnt meet a blonde or a brunette—”

    Matrix effect kicks in to emphasize dorkish nature


    “Saaaay mang, dat wolf was BUGGIN”

    hilarious. i’ve already watched it about ten times. humor is all about mocking pain, to make it less threatening. the show crosses the line once or twice (IMHO) but everyone has a different threshold. the closer you get to that line, the funnier things are, until you cross it… its a pity few shows are as daring, but those spineless advertisers and network executives would never let something like this even get a chance. pity, because there are a lot of people who would enjoy this stuff!!

    all I know is that my friends and I are obsessed with it…

    The video is funny, but it’s the writing that makes this show, the fact that they use original video segments along with what is practically found stuff makes it so great…that’s real way long time ago hotdog factory footage, that’s a real turkey, yes somewhere somehow there’s a picture of a kid in a wheelchair.

    we love absurdist humor (Wet Hot American Summer- is great for it), but I love this video not just because it rides that line and goes past it for a lot of people, but because it does make some social commentary- at the expense of less openminded people I think.

    The lesson here is to never take anything too seriously that doesn’t demand it.

    “That man has a cold heart/That’s the dark nature of capitalism.”

    I hope to god this comes out on tv for real or at least video. What’s great about this (and it slipping out) is that people love it, but no one would dare just go and air this stuff without fearing LAWSUITS…I think there’s a real backlash on overdone self-censorship coming. There are some ignorant bigots, racists,in this country but not many people are anymore. and extreme people that yes, for the good of society promote family values and what have you. But seriously, we don’t even know what’s good tv anymore- originality, daring, we can admire that. regurgitation is getting hard.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m all for “Casual racism” if you take things too seriously of COURSE they’ll be offensive. Laugh and love people.

    That’s insane. I watched the movie KIDS for the first time before I was shown this and wonder if there was any relation. The N and S having sex defiantely reminded me of that movie. And the fact that their baby created the word SIN is hilarious.

    But I must say the hotdog section was a bit too long.

    It’s like Jackass meets Crank Yankers than joins up for Sesame Street. I would like to see what the critics will say.

    Who has more alcohol!! *gulp* ok dealing with this much easier… WE loved it! Crazy Sh*t… Yeah i think you need to get this out there …..

    A truly awesome trashterpiece. I will definitely watch this series unless they’re asked to neuter it…

    “oh wow” has made it into my everyday vocab.

    I wanna go swim in the meat poolie!

    I really can’t believe people are saying it was funny, and how they could say that it’s a “quality product”. What exactly is the target audience here? I mean, to find any of it funny, you would have to be a complete moron in regards to comedy.

    Maybe it’s just me, but ‘poop jokes’ do not strike me as being funny, and if people find it shocking, then they really haven’t been around in the world… a fox dies… that’s life… pigs are slaughtered and made into food… happens every day… wow… funny stuff there.

    Some parts were funny, some were train-wreck entertainment (you don’t want to look, but can’t help yourself) and some parts – like the girl interviewing the people coming out of the bathroom, the hot dog factory for the most part, and the two letters – were just plain dull.

    Yeah, I’d just like to say it was hilarious. I find stupid jokes pretty damn funny cause they catch you off guard. It’s more fun and shocking than regular television crap comedy.

    What did the gay man say to the donkey farmer?

    I wanna fuck your ass.

    I made that up just now.

    Just because you don’t understand the sardonic humour in this video doesn’t mean that it isn’t a quality work. To those people who simply stated “Stupid” or “it’s dumb” without stating why I think should be thrown into the meat grinder in the video. It’s the dark nature of capitalism to keep the ignorant uninformed. Go back to your Mtv you cretins and leave this masterpiece with people who ‘get’ it.

    Twisted humor, I can’t get enough of it though, watch it baked and try to figure out what the hell the message is. I wanna see some more work. Genious shock and awe writing.

    This is so frickin funny! Some of it is a bit long, but it’s a pilot, so I don’t hold it against them. Half of this has made it into my daily vocabulary (“Oh wow!”), and the other half won’t leave my head. My friends either think I’m a head case or they laugh just as hard. 🙂 It has room for improvement, though, so I’m glad that it’s going on the air for us to see a more produced product. Hopefully it’ll last longer than Sifl & Olly did.

    high-larious, my friends. anyone know where i can find other episodes? the only one i can find is #2, with the meat factory and the funny/not funny bit and everything.

    i really liked the idea of this show. and the funny not funny thing was hawt to def..showing the cow shitting, then a few clips later showing it backwords… …brilliant.

    the hotdog thing was ok (best line = “save me the forehead”)

    the rest of it was good…chucle material…

    all you people hating on this show are just jealous that you aint gonna get rich off it.


    um…the only funny part of that whole thing was the letters…everything else was just stupid. my 13 year old brother would probably enjot it though, if you’re aiming towards that audience…

    The humor’s there, and I laughed a little (I like sparkles! And porno!), I just don’t like the show. It seems perfect for MTV, because only 12-year-old boys wanting to be cool and teenage boys who act 12 would really like the show enough to watch it on a regular basis.

    I had to stop after about 2 minutes. It’s an extremely stupid video. Who in their right mind could make something like this?

    OMG POOR PIGS AND TURKEYS!!!! I feel so bad for them 🙁 but the rest was pretty funny. Really I didnt think it was that offensive.

    Some Sik Shiet on it man… some parts funny some are just plain sik. There is more chance for a Reality Show on Playboy Mansion being aired on MTV then dat fuking sik ass video

    OMG funny as hell. I hope it will be produced but too bad MTV has it now. It’s raining meat. Just like my nightmares.

    Sick and twisted but in a clever way. I laughed my ass off.

    Best part was the hot dog factory; best line was “they’re going through hell, but my taste buds are going to heaven”.

    Wow, it’s like funny comming from the other side. You know like brutal prison rape is funny, with broom handles. Makes me think of a “Fathers From Utah” convention.

    I got a few chuckles out of it, but it was pretty boring. The kid outside the bathroom was funny because of some people’s reactions.

    great. just amazing. i got the same feelfing as watching a kids tv show from the early 80’s, when i ws growing up. nobody mentioned the music! the music was awesome!, so old, so amazing,

    high quality production right here folks. PEACE~

    this is really weird. how did they get those kids to say that stuff? how did they do that s & n thing?

    This is some origional, funny sh*t that I would watch more than one episode of. If you do not find this funny you are either, A) Too serious about your pathetic, meaningless life. Or B) Just some poor lost soul whose life is void of laughter, a void that can only be filled with self hatered and degrading fantasies of your wife’s sister. I can believe people find stuff offensive just because they don’t see stuff like this every day. Word!

    If you want humor like this that consistently works – go check out Avenue Q on Broadway or get the cd – 100 times better then this.

    that was so fucking stupid. not funny at all. completely fucking gay.everybody who watched that is now dumber than before. I lost time in which I will never gain again. sucks for putting a link to this on their website, Damn those stupid college pricks

    definitely a low budget pilot, but if this show was tightened up it would alter the image of american TV forever (provided some network could pick it up without losing their license).

    takes my hatred of children and love of feces to whole new levels. though, i did find the bits particularly long at spots, it was all in the name of vileness, which is acceptable. what makes it work is the unfazed responses of the children, like they were pumped full of ritalin and fed potatoes for breakfast. when the responses were forced, they didn’t work all that well, but then again, they are kids, right? they should be forceably molded to our standards. good clean fun all round!

    Stupist thing I’ve Ever seen, definetly belongs on MTV. Reading all the comments I’m guessing this is a teens messageboard.

    i love the part where the letter n just sits there going “oh wow…” that was great. the “funny, not funny” segment was really just disgusting. and the fox corpse rotting was really disgusting too. i would laugh more if there was less gross-out humor. gross-out humor is not funny at all.

    It’s kinda funny, but unfortunately they “adult- themed kid’s show” idea has been done at least 4 times already: Robert Smigel’s TV Funhouse from Comedy Central (of which I was a huge fan), Greg the Bunny, Sifl and Ollie, and even Crank Yankers to a certain extent. The only thing they can try to do is out-gross the others (hint: they will never top TV Funhouse). Strictly a me-too show in this genre, probably won’t last.

    Many think it’s funny (me included), some were offended, many made it a point to declare how “above” the humor they were… what we have here is the trappings of something completely ridiculous and worthwhile. Not surprising that these guys wrote for Conan O’Brien. Those that felt they were too smart for it are probably more comfortable with Letterman or Leno’s watered-down humor.

    That clip made absolutely no sense, it was pointless, a waste of time and money, and everyone who viewed it is now dumber for having done so. It was not funny at all and the maker(s) of the clip should be hung from a tree by their balls until they have thought long and hard about how insanely fucking retarded that video was.

    Can I get 14 minutes of my life back?

    Really, really, really, lame to anyone who graduated 8th grade.

    Thats one of the dumbest stupidest things I ever saw.Made me laugh so hard I crapped my pants. Funny indeed.

    That show breaks new ground. It is the most educational program ive ever seen. My kids would love to see it, and Id love them to see it.

    the way everyone was describing this, I was expecting something along the lines of Tromaville, but this is particularly mild stuff. There were a couple funny bits, but offensive? not at all. As far as the poop and the dead fox, that’s just gross and not funny, but not shocking. And the girl questioning people outside of the restrooms seems like something you could actually do on Sesame Street, so what’s the big deal about that? This seems like a show that belongs on Nickelodeon rather than MTV.

    What utter fucking garbage, not offensive, not funny, not intelligent. Whoever made this needs their balls removed, hastily, and with a rusty garden hedge clipper.

    Beat kids. Are you serious? How do you not laugh at that. People that don’t like this are the same type that have never created anything worth a shiit. Funny

    That video clip was by far the most inane, vile, offensive and pointless thing I’ve been subjected to in a long time. I laughed so hard my bowels let go. Pure gold.

    Damn dude, why dont you just take a vote, FUNNY OR NOT> cause see, I havnt even seen it yet and it been built up too big.

    Im prolly going to watch it now and think. Why the fuck cant I get rich wharping the minds of little kids? This cartoon is going to inspire me. I love america.

    I take it back that was just fucking gay. Dude, if you dont know real humor dont ty to take up my time. Satire? The people who like this dumbass show are probably hukt on heroin. HAHA and yes im going to get rich doing the same exact thing.

    Not Funny at all. It was funny at first, but its way too long and the humor is rather dry and typical. Why try to be funny if all you can think of has already been used before

    these guys have something and are way ahead of their time. they’re all set. a little bit of genius. a little bit of balls. definitely innovative. 🙂

    Best. Clip. Ever. If you said NOT FUNNY, I’m sorry sir, you have no sense of humor.

    Ride the black horse,


    I really regret the download. Totally uninspired, unfunny, garbage. Kids with obvious forced responces and repetitive poop jokes might be funny to some teenagers but I think it’s pretty damn lame.

    The joke about the man with no arms or legs is pure genius. Not perfect but show has loads of potential. More!!!

    Lame. Went for shock value, but it wasn’t, and besides a few short moments it wasn’t very funny. Other stuff like family guy or south park is much funnier. Maybe I’ve just seen enough f’ed up stuff, that this just fell short. Or the delivery wasn’t very good. Whatever it was, I’ve seem stuff similar but much better than just about anything in this show. Interviewing people outside a restroom? How about when they capped some guy in a Italian Restaurant on Trigger Happy. If you thought this was funny, then you’ve prob. been pretty secluded from other stuff out there. How do you make a dead baby float? (2 answers) What’s the difference between a pile of dead babies and a cadillac?

    If you are offended or shocked you obviously need to lighten up. As a television show, it is very entertaining, especially if you are familiar with the type of show this parodies and remember them growing up. As an artwork, it is very successful.

    Don’t go off about being shallow or inappropriate for the art world, because that idea doesn’t exist anymore.

    To think that it took someone this long to create such a wonderful bit of programming…….What can I say, I laughed, I cried, I freed the black man…harvey was delicious…FUNNY!!!

    This is just really weird. There’s a few funny parts, but nothing really hilarious. And the rest of it is just weird. Not funny, not dumb, just weird. But that’s just the first impression I got.

    nothing about that was funny. it tried to hard to be offensive and forgot to bother having anything actually funny. that 14 minutes would have better been spent scratching skin off my nut sack. it seemed like the type of thing a kiddie-porn director would make on his day off.

    I watched it with my husband; and we had a good laugh. I loved the line “I like sparkles, and porno” that was the best. For a pilot it wasn’t too bad; if this was too twisted and f***ed up for you check out Puppets who Kill on Comedy Central; maybe that would be a little tamer for ya. One must be open minded when it comes to meaningless drivvle. I thought it was brilliant.

    WTF? I would watch this video every day and die laughing, but the website has been down for the past few days

    wha happen?

    I dont know what you people were thinking, that was un-fucking-believable!!! SO FUNNY!!! i thought that i had a sick sense of humor, but this just out did it. ALL HAIL JOHN LEE AND VERNON CHATMAN!!!

    There are 160 comments, with the main arguments being “this is stupid and/or offensive” and “this is the best thing ever.” 160 comments! I’m turning comments off now, since all that can possibly be said about this video has already been said.

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