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May 31, 2004
Sony shelving Fiona Apple's new album? (they don't know how to market the album, five years in the making)
Video: The Hitman, funny short film (more videos by Mary Lynn Rajskub, including Girls Guitar Club) [via]
Night vision goggles given to Harry Potter theater ushers (I guarantee it'll be available the same day of U.S. release, or before) [via]
Chankast 0.1 released, first working Dreamcast emulator (huge news, here's a compatibility list, screenshots, and FAQ)
Dale, "Meet You at the 7-11" (more found sound from and Comfort Stand)
Paper arcade game models (the templates are at the bottom of the page) [via]
NYT on Microsoft's spam detectives [via]
"Stairway to Stardom" Appreciation Page (video and audio from a long-running NYC cable access show)
May 30, 2004
Walken's "Gold Watch" monologue from Pulp Fiction
NYT profile on Christopher Walken (he's an excellent cook)
Photos from the Mario vs DK ad shoot [via]
Japanese collection of jazz album covers (also: vintage hi-fi magazines, mod interior design, and more) [via]
Photo gallery of Tokyo store window displays
Flash video for the Beatles' "Come Together" (by the French geniuses at Melon Dezign)
Eye tracking videos (including tracking eye movements on Google results)
May 29, 2004
U.S. missiles in the 1960s had a default launch code of 00000000 (and everyone knew the password)
Lushe, search only the sites you like (build a list of sites, search within it) [via]
Mocky's "Mickey MMFRS," music video made entirely with Google Images [via]
Colecovision emulator for the GBA released (download the beta) [via]
The Daibijin, Japanese PS2 game (defend Okinawa from a giant girl in a bikini)
Tutorial to searching and downloading files on IRC (using the IRCSpy search engine) [via]
Teen plots his own murder in chatroom (he created eight characters to convince an older boy to kill him) [via]
Interview with Will Harvey, founder of
CSS naming conventions on the websites of the pros (read the complete table) [via]
Audio tour of the Mac Plus
Strawberry Saroyan on Apple Martin and other fruity name
May 28, 2004
Image: Brandon Bird's "Lazy Sunday Afternoon" (my new Walken wallpaper, plus many more paintings)
Hasselhoff denies rap album rumors (Ice-T was joking about Hassel the Hoff)
Memory Hole website banned on U.S. Army PCs in Iraq
Warren Spector leaves ION Storm (many laid off, and they're switching to PS2 only) [via]
Google responds to the Gmail privacy issues (Battelle says Google smartly gave Gmail accounts to a bunch of journalists) [via]
Alien Swarm, a top-down space shooter mod for Unreal 2004 (reminds me of the side-scroller Quake 3 mod) [via]
Java: The Ladybug Game (fun, but aggravating, tile game) [via]
Chalabi's ancestry and Chalabi numbers (he received degrees from MIT and the University of Chicago)
New version of Netscape based on Mozilla 1.7 (finally, they made the switch) [via]
May 27, 2004
Brooklyn Camera Stores (documenting the fly-by-night storefronts advertising online)
iTunes Alarm Clock (trigger MP3s or playlists at particular times)
Rodeohead, bluegrass medley of Radiohead songs (here's a much faster local mirror) [via]
California Senate approved anti-Gmail bill (read the text of the bill)
Pros and Cons of John Kerry's Top 20 Candidates (I'm looking forward to a Kerry/Kutcher ticket)
New Yahoo toolbar removes spyware (for Internet Explorer only, though) [via]
Wired's profile of Nick Denton and Gawker Media (they pay their writers $2000 per month and a pageview bonus)
May 26, 2004
MTV won't air "Supersize Me" ads (there's another side to the story, though)
Alexa's popularity rankings of top U.S. sites dropping across the board (Alexa responds, explaining it's because of global competition)
Dave finds Washingtonienne lied about college degree and age (small stuff, but is she lying about the big stuff too?)
NYT reporter Judith Miller led the flawed Iraq reporting (she wrote or co-wrote 10 of the 12 problem articles cited by the NYT)
Flash: Bush Game, very entertaining political propaganda (NSFW) (Hulk Hogan, Mr. T and He-Man vs. Bush, Rumsfeld and Voltron) [via]
Grand Theft Auto phone conversation leads to bomb threat evacuation (don't talk and play, or get a 2nd degree felony) [via]
News coverage of the NYT Iraq retraction (the Times makes the news with the broadest retraction I've ever seen)
Ex-Nickelodean stars relate horrors of Green Slime Syndrome (punished for having the courage to say "I don't know") [via]
OJR on bloggers influencing mainstream newspapers
Gish, original Windows platform game (watch the gameplay video and try the demo)
Rezedents Rights & Rispansabilities (withdrawn 1999 pamphlet by U.S. Department of Housing)
Why "American Idol" is always oldies night (because of royalties and clearance, of course) [via]
May 25, 2004
Gmail to POP3 converter (check your Gmail account with your e-mail app of choice)
Breedster Symposium (charts and animation analyzing trends in the unusual game community) [via]
Creative Commons 2.0 licenses released
Thursday's Frontline on the death of the music business [via]
Strongbad Themepark (wait a few seconds at the end for the Jungle Cruise parody) [via]
MP3s of dental surgery sounds [via]
Jason Gulledge needs a job in Little Rock (he's a smart guy, go hire him)
Did Rumsfeld really ban cameraphones? (original source may be a news satire site)
Iraq Authority website hijacked from think tank's design (compare and contrast)
List of all popular googlebombs [via]
Video: Cooking and eating cicadas (the poor guy can only eat every 17 years) [via]
Die Duckomenta, German art gallery of Disney-centered pastiche art (mock historical artwork centered around Donald Duck)
P is for Programming Your Kid (from Greg Allen's blog for new dads) [via]
Trixie Tracker (hosted version of the baby analytics software powering Trixie Update) [via]
May 24, 2004
Gilligan's Island, the reality show (I wish this was a joke)
Flash: Spiral Motion Aftereffect (good explanation of the effect) [via]
McDonalds tries out DVD rental kiosks (they tried this before, but it didn't catch on) [via]
Book agent seeking out bloggers [via]
European P2P users unfazed by lawsuits
Downhill Battle Labs (the software arm of the copyright activism group)
May 23, 2004
Ringtones and Torture Pictures Want to Be Free (Jeff Veen weaves a common thread between two weekend stories)
Futurama Panoramas (stitching still frames together, like robot porn)
Simpsons finale pokes fun at blogs, indirectly
Dave on the Washingtonienne [via]
GeekMan action figures (where's GeekGirl?) [via]
Rumsfeld bans cameraphones in Iraq (fighting weapons of mass photography) [via]
Maniac Mansion Deluxe (Windows 256-color remake of the classic Lucasarts game)
O'Reilly's Inside the Atari 2600 Homebrew Scene (the second page has interviews with five 2600 gods) [via]
May 22, 2004
Abandoned japanese island of Gunkanjima (many interesting photos) [via]
Windows 95/98 emulated on Pocket PC [via]
PS2 device adds MP3, DivX, CD-R and emulation support (unapproved by Sony, but sounds like an essential add-on) [via]
Wordpress 1.2 released (tons of new changes, fueled in part by the MT licensing changes) [via] scaling back consumer service, ending updates (I wrote about them six months before their beta launch) [via]
IGN's Best of E3 (their platform-specific lists are better than the overall) [via]
USA Today on album royalty rates (the excellent sidebar breaks down all record costs) [via]
May 21, 2004
Wonkette interviews Jessica Cutler aka Washingtonienne (it's a long story, that the media is picking up fast)
Cooking with a giant fresnel lens [via]
The Straight Dope on the Ninja Death Touch (can I kill my enemies with one fatal blow?)
Cherrnobyl motorcycle story was partially fake (photos were real, but there was no solo ride)
"I chased you for 12 years around the world" (a "missed connection" of epic proportion)
Haughey on Boston Globe's misuse of the term "blog" (I loved blogging on BBSes back in the 1980s)
Leaked photo of the new Sidekick (due out later this year) [via]
Cereality, the cereal bar & cafe (I'd rather buy this than a Jamba Juice) [via]
Thousands may have human form of mad cow
John Woo to direct Spy Hunter movie (Midway to make a game based on the film based on the game)
Impossible Objects (the Rubiks Cube in a bottle is impressive) [via]
Bloglines Most Popular (link popularity tracking for the best web-based aggregator) [via]
Bill Gates backs blogs and RSS for business (Microsoft would love to crush Blogger under its heel) [via]
May 20, 2004
Flash: Tokyoplastic's AIWA Music Box (long download, but well worth it) [via]
Robot Protest (the robotic industry workers go on strike, with binary picket signs) [via] hosting every Grateful Dead bootleg (1,364 shows so far) [via]
3D CSS box model diagram
Scrollbar proposal for your browser history (I'd love to see this in Firefox) [via]
Wired News on Gmail Swap (the highlights list is getting interesting)
World's largest crossword puzzle (7 square feet with 28,000 words) [via]
Audio: Eric Idle's "The FCC Song" (upbeat ditty wailing on the FCC, Bush, Cheney, Condi, Arnie and more)
Guns shot in slow motion (I don't know why these videos are so compelling) [via]
Gamespy's Best of E3 (what, no Katamari Damashii?)
Drug addiction introduced into online MUD game (increased dexterity, but terrible withdrawal)
USA Today on the increase of TV trading online (with commercials edited out, naturally)
Cellular automata and music (algorithmic music with Java, with tons of great links) [via]
Disney to base new movie on Jungle Cruise ride (looks like my prediction may come to pass)
Anil is moving to San Francisco
May 19, 2004
Image: Hayden inserted into Return of the Jedi DVD reissue? (looks fake, but AICN is freaking out about it) [via]
Nellie McKay's songs about William Hung and P. Diddy (videos for VH-1's Best Week Ever) [via]
Weezer Exposed (Rivers Cuomo's hair band from the 1980s)
New Star Wars titled "Birth of the Empire" (they jumped the lava shark) [via]
Report finds that children pirate music freely (88% know it's copyrighted, but 56% do it anyway; user/pass)
TongueBoy SP, the tongue-controlled GBA for disabled kids (smart ass commentary on Slashdot)
Cliche Watch: "except rap and country" (they should try some Country Rap) [via]
Dear Overhaulin' (also: another example of the "I'm Feeling Lucky" effect) [via]
JBX, the high-end Jack in the Box concept restaurant [via]
Google plans desktop search tool (this could fill the searching gap in Longhorn) [via]
iRaq, subtle iPod poster remixes
May 18, 2004
DomainKeys, Yahoo's anti-spam proposal (may be a step in the right direction) [via]
Japan's Sammy buys Sega in $1.4B deal
iTunes social networks on college campuses (interesting use of iTunes on wireless campus networks) [via]
Gmail goes to 1 TB!? (hmm, that sounds like a dare to me)
Apple releases iTunes SDK for Windows [via]
Business 2.0 on Nick Denton and the Gawker empire (also: Nick's response) [via]
The composition of Planters mixed nuts (the packaging lies!)
Game-O-Graph, automated NBA point charting (or use the excellent espn2xml to do your own game analysis) [via]
Amazing 80-page transcription of Chris Ware/Ira Glass lecture (now I wish I'd attended the UCLA appearance)
GmailSwap (what would you give (or take) for a Gmail account?)
Paypal freezes Freenet's account
Asheron's Call bans eBay game auctions (silly company, real-world auctions are a sign of an economy's success)
Sippey archives Carl Steadman's Placing (here's the original announcement on from 1996)
Snarkout on the history of rock n' roll (here's a local MP3 of "Rocket 88")
Image: Paddington Station ads in 1874 (from this ad archive, they needed some sans-serif fonts back then) [via]
May 17, 2004
Roadsage, traffic-aware driving directions (finally, someone is working to integrate TANN with Mapquest)
Kazaa removed from (oddly, at the developer's request)
New Yorker on musician Nellie McKay (she's very good, highly recommended) [via]
Singing Science Records (full MP3s for five classic science-themed folk albums) [via]
Video: Official Catwoman trailer (compare to the leaked trailer, they're marketing it without any dialogue) [via]
Carnegie Mellon students develop new NES games (the games from the class are free for download)
Coolio Maximo! (in which Jeff embarrasses his daughter) [via]
Andy Kaufman's new blog (written as if he's back from the dead) [via]
Springs World 3D (like a 3D version of Sodaplay, but harder to use) [via]
Video: New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS
Celebrity faces used to collect discarded gum (like the urinal fly, it's UI with a purpose) [via]
Origami folding robot videos (it makes a decent paper airplane) [via]
Wired on PearPC, the first PowerPC emulator that runs OS X (albeit very slowly, but it'll get better) [via]
Vacuum Tube Agonizer (effects pedal that turns all audio into terrible noise) [via]
DIY ringtone software panics record labels (make your own ringtones from MP3s with Xingtone, user/pass)
Online gamblers and phone phreakers tampering with American Idol voting (text messaging is much more influential because it scales) [via]
Katamari Damashii FAQ and Walkthrough (gives translated information about the game) [via]
Sunflower, the character Disney cut from Fantasia [via]
May 16, 2004
The Waxy Effect? (15 pageviews in a half hour is closer to a "Slashnot Effect")
O'Reilly's Open Books Project [via]
Cameron charts the usage of "weblog" in the media (he's doing really great research)
Phatbot trojan suspect linked to HL2 code theft?
Fish's Russian photo manipulations (more from his homepage)
Ctrl Alt Del's "The Rainbow Goes Smoosh" (to relax, I bathe in ketchup)
The Spot is back (new season of the original web soap opera) [via]
Snarkout on oil commodities (it's a Mad Max world)
Final Fantasy XI's player census (half a million paying users, and other stats) [via]
May 15, 2004
Stalking the Bogeyman (a writer confronts the man who molested him at age 7) [via]
John Gruber's thoughts on Six Apart's two big mistakes (Mark Pilgrim and Jason Kottke have interesting takes, as well)
Cell phone ignites gas station fire (read the urban legend update on Snopes) [via]
New wave of identity cloaking P2P apps
Web thumbnails with VNC and Firefox [via]
Brad's thoughts on MT 3.0 (includes discussion of today's licensing changes)
Nintendo iQue, the N64 TV game (N64 console in the shape of a controller) [via]
May 14, 2004
Guardian UK interviews Ev (several good questions answered)
New trailer for Pixar's The Incredibles
P-P-P-Powerbook (an excellent tale of revenge on an eBay scam artist)
Electronic press kit for the Neverhood (you can download this underrated game of the early CD-ROM era)
May 13, 2004
RIAA's reported losses contradicts Soundscan sales (more details at Musicdish) [via]
Test audiences trashed the Friends pilot (Smoking Gun has the screening report) [via]
Sex in wartime propaganda (amazing German, Japanese, British and American examples from WWII, Vietnam, and the Korean War) [via]
Napster gags Ohio University from discussing music fees [via]
Google bug allowed Microsoft site to be removed (it's fixed now, but giving them a PR0 sounds like fun)
Video: Car commercial (the music is particularly peaceful) [via]
WaPo interviews eDonkey President (he answers reader questions)
eBay Yamaha seller gets owned (wait for the hotlinked images in the auction to load) [via]
Friends finale audio stretched to three hours (like 9 Beet Stretch for sitcoms) [via]
Movable Type moves to paid model (the new pricing, plenty of commentary in the trackbacks)
Long Half-Life 2 interview with Valve's Doug Lombardi (including a torrent for the new HL2 video) [via]
Passion and 21 Grams tops list of most pirated films last month (Finding Nemo and Shaolin Soccer (!) were the most pirated in the last year)
May 12, 2004
Google Adsense, now with images! (hey, Google: don't be evil) [via]
Google Groups beta UI (it lets you create your own groups) [via]
Duffers Golf, an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod (amazing what the engine is capable of) [via]
Local news channel's report on "Blah Blah Blogging" (creating nostalgia in real-time)
Rumsfeld dialogue set to music (you can download the tracks)
Save Chandan! (genitals are not tiny airports)
YouSendIt, send files up to 1GB (a more powerful Dropload, but can't possibly stay free for long) [via]
Google explains the "jew" results controversy (when will people grasp the concept of automation?) [via]
Economics of Final Fantasy XI [via]
George's running E3 roundup (I'll be adding my own after I attend on Friday)
Trebuchet must die (to be fair, I started using it before it was popular) [via]
Hymn Project, the Playfair project moved and renamed (strip the DRM off your iTunes files) [via]
The uncanny resemblance between Jimmy Corrigan and the Family Guy (was Chris Ware ripped off? probably not)
Five digital photography hacks (from O'Reilly's new book) [via]
Slashdot's roundup of E3 announcements (including the four player Mario 64 for the DS)
Interview with Suprnova founder (it's a miracle the site hasn't been shut down yet)
May 11, 2004
Realistic Zelda game announced (the Quicktime trailer is great) [via]
Sony PSP photos from E3 (the screen looks huge, more from Gizmodo)
GBAX 2004 competition results (homebrew games for the GBA and GP32) [via]
Internet Archive's Petabox (1,000 terabytes, or a million gigabytes.) [via]
Doom III released this summer (will it beat Half-Life 2 to market?) [via]
Moblogging from the front and the new Reformation (Shirky on how moblogs are changing the world)
Vonnegut's geezer rant on the state of the world (with the obligatory Eugene Debs quote) [via]
Breedster user e-mails (120 users frustrated with the first social software disease)
First Nintendo DS photo (Gizmodo notes that it resembles the old Game & Watch games) [via]
May 10, 2004
PearPC, OS X on Linux (pretty rad, where's the Windows port?) [via]
Official Google blog by Ev [via]
Number of film downloaders tripled last year (1.67 million people download films and TV shows) [via]
Carl Steadman's Freedonia is expired (personally, I miss Two Solitudes)
Image: Commodore MP3 player (the player holds ~1,541 times the capacity of the 1541 drive)
Videogame character threatens national security (an FBI tip reported the game character as real threat)
Los Angeles man goes to jail for camcording "The Alamo" (he was caught with night vision goggles) [via]
Sony's 1TB DVR with 7 TV tuners (if you have 7 shows that all air at the same time, you have issues) [via]
Cringely on the sale of virtual goods through Paypal (without physical goods, chargeback policies don't work well) [via]
L.A. Philharmonic plays Final Fantasy game soundtrack [via]
Info about the Disneyland 50th anniversary events (the Tower of Terror opened last week)
Blogger now publishes UTF-8 by default (so does MT 3.0)
MSNBC's interview with Madeleine L'Engle (the Wrinkle in Time movie airs tonight) [via]
ACME Novelty Archive (Kempa's excellent archive of Chris Ware work)
IGN's Half Life 2 hands-on review (Gamespy has a new preview, also)
May 9, 2004
Doug Bowman on the Blogger redesign (here's a list of all the new templates) [via]
Friendster's high school age crowd (the fakester teacher profiles are an interesting form of commentary)
Internet Archive's new Speed Runs section (still in development, as is the new Machinima section)
National Lampoon flashbacks (archiving old articles from the Lampoon)
GPS for the Gameboy Advance (this opens the door for all sorts of great gaming ideas) [via]
May 8, 2004
New version of Blogger launching tomorrow [via]
LA Weekly on Andy Kaufman returning from the dead (he just might appear at the House of Blues show) [via]
9-year-old leukemia patient helps create chemotherapy game (you can download Ben's game, thanks to Lucasarts)
Dissertation research of 46 celebrity blogs (only 7 of them had comments enabled) [via]
Hotelling on routers, IPv6, and the broken Internet (also explains why BitTorrent may be slow for you)
Xbox 1.6 modded (mmod community hacked the redesigned Xbox in a week) [via]
May 7, 2004
What's New, KHAAAN?! (IE-only, mashup between this and this) [via]
iPod Lounge photo contest winners [via]
Negativland's Mashin' of the Christ (distributed with BitTorrent) [via]
Metroid Cubed, isometric Shockwave remake of NES classic (someone should make an NES emulator that does this real-time) [via]
LA Weekly on the Erowid drug community [via]
Convert RSS to the `fortune` file format (useless, but plugs my new archives)
Image: New Zealand parking ticket defense [via]
Adventure Morality Fables for Boys #7 (sweet, delicious erasers)
Fake Tripadvisor reviews (try the Black Cock Inn cider) [via]
3 Mile wireless Gameboy Advance instant messaging (not too practical, but a cool idea)
Lovely Coachella 2004 photos (his work is much better than the media coverage of the event) [via]
Comcast fires TechTV staff (reporting from the blog front) [via]
May 6, 2004
Slashdot on pre-E3 highlights
Infinite Cat Project (cats watching cats watching cats...) [via]
Gmail stress test (blocks sending mail after meeting quota, but continues to receive)
French anti-piracy group paying P2P users to distribute fake files
Critiquing the design gurus' take on Greg Storey's PDB redesign (stemming from the WSJ story on the Better Tighty Whitey)
The Breedster conspiracy (the world is dying, so be the last bug standing) [via]
Flash: Badger Badger Bananaphone remix (it just gets better) [via]
Google Answers list of posthumously famous people (inlcuding the great Billy Tipton)
Google indexing TinyURLs (but only those that have been linked from elsewhere) [via]
NYT on camcorder movie bootlegs as video art (I'm a big supporter of the arts) [via]
Pizza Party, order pizza from a Unix command line [via]
The E3 Booth Babe-to-Sucky Game formula (they're hired to distract from the crappy gameplay and graphics)
Guardian UK pits Google against phone and library research (unlike the library, I can Google in my underwear) [via]
Breadcrumbs work, but not very well (some good research, including placement issues) [via]
NES controller belt buckle (nothing says geekcore like a spiked gamepad) [via]
Flash: Bananaphone Aftermath (have you been infected yet?) [via]
Uncensored text of Pat Tillman's brother's speech [via]
Reforming the 50 states by equal population (born and raised in the state of Los Angeles) [via]
Flash: Hey Hey 16k (goofy tribute to the early computer era) [via]
Brains turn gorilla suits invisible (try the videos yourself) [via]
May 5, 2004
Vizster, nice social networks visualization (M2M has more info) [via]
My Karate Kid Shower (recreating Daniel-san's Halloween costume) [via]
Bootleg fan-made Star Wars Lego figures (nicely done, and for sale)
Google asks Mehack to stop using Adsense in their RSS (good, it's why I don't subscribe to Mehack's feed) [via]
Fred Durst's Xanga journal [via]
Tribes 1 and 2 released for free download (there's a torrent for Tribes 2)
TIAA-Cref criticizes Google's share structure [via]
Wired on Newton moblogs
Disney forbidding distribution of Michael Moore's anti-Bush film? (or was it a PR stunt?)
Japanese RIAA to start IMing pirates (they'll send over a million IMs this month)
May 4, 2004
Bricolage 1.8.0 screenshots (the most powerful open-source CMS gets better)
Tomas analyzes the link spammer ( copies entire Radio weblogs to promote porn sites)
SF Chronicle eulogizes Pat Tillman (he sounds like a genuinely interesting person) [via]
Image: Funny Oprah complaint e-mail (from the Smoking Gun's FCC e-mails)
The Shining in 30 seconds with bunnies (see also: The Exorcist with bunnies) [via]
Pew Musician Survey (83% of musician provide free music online)
Gamespot's Doom 3 for Xbox preview (it will be playable at E3)
Photos of women in scuba, space, and deep-sea diving suits (just when you thought you'd seen every fetish) [via]
Gawker Media's Defamer launches later today (it's supposed to be an L.A.-centric version of Gawker) [via]
May 3, 2004
Gamespot's Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 preview (you get to build, and ride, all your coasters) [via]
Fun with White House search engine results (comparing word frequency in the last year)
City of Sound on Audioscrobbler (with some ideas for Apple) [via]
Pyramid, PVR for your cellphone
Half-Life 2 at E3 (hmm, "theatre" implies "unplayable demos") [via]
AudioPaint, generate sounds from pictures (also, Coagula Light and Adam's brief tutorial) [via]
GBAX 2004 Game Entries (homebrew Gameboy Advance contest) [via]
PDF: Academic analysis of the Dance Dance Revolution community (from Stanford's History of Computer Game Design class) [via]
"America's Next Top Model" Parking Lot (the guys are like vultures circling around the rejected)
May 2, 2004
Lucasarts engineer on real-time cinematic graphics [via]
Andre answers Dropload user mail (discussion continues in the comments)
Guessing the number of Google servers (educated guesses)
May 1, 2004
Ben Folds' "Late," a tribute to Elliot Smith (the entire concert is online)
Similar sounding songs, with MP3 samples (some of these are a stretch, but it's a good start) [via]
Pac-Manhattan (large-scale urban game reproducing the Pac-Man grid on NYC streets) [via]
Bananaphone (only the Web could make Raffi cool)