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January 31, 2006
The Cost of A La Carte Television (how much would it cost to replace cable TV with iTunes downloads?)
January 30, 2006
Blogs vs the NYT in Google (sounds like Winer has almost won his bet)
January 29, 2006
MP3: Kevin Long covers Fiona Apple's "I Know" (pure serendipity; from Hype Machine's most popular to this MP3 blog to his MySpace)
Congressional staffers authorized to change Wikipedia biographies (but lots of other trolling edits are coming from the House IP address) [via]
Jason Scott discusses an idea for a hackathon TV pilot (dubbed "Hardcoded," he's outlined a show I would easily watch every week online or off)
Long WaPo profile on the Great Zucchini (witty and moving profile of a kids' entertainer; don't miss the followup with the writer) [via]
January 28, 2006
Blizzard blocks GLBT guild in World of Warcraft (by being openly gay, Blizzard claims they'd incite harassment by other users)
A Comics Panel with Chris Ware, Seth and Ivan Brunetti (illustrated by Gordon McAlpin, who recounts comic-related events in comic form) [via]
World of Warcraft maps (what, no driving directions?) [via]
January 27, 2006
Tic-Frac-Toe (playable version of this visualization; requires Firefox 1.5)
Google removes help entry on censorship (it's one thing to censor to comply with local laws, just be open and honest about it)
Grandaddy split up (a good time to revisit Jed's Other Poem)
January 26, 2006
Image: Google China (man, this kills me)
Averaging Gradius (overlaying 15 game runs of Gradius into a single video; I want Pac-Man next!) [via]
eBaum's World gets TV show on USA Network (the controversial viral video site has some enemies) [via]
January 25, 2006
FeedLounge goes public (nicely designed web-based feedreader goes out of private beta)
Greg's Music Forum 2005 (aggregation and analysis of 75 "Best Albums of 2005" lists)
Fastr (fast and addictive Flickr multiplayer game) [via]
Reddit looking for investors as seed money runs out (one of Y Combinator's eight startups is still growing)
Tic-Tac-Toe as a fractal (a great visualization of all 362k possible permutations) [via]
Video: Wintergreen's "When I Wake Up" (music video about the true story of E.T. for the Atari 2600; also, a great interview with the game designer)
Google Code's Web Authoring Statistics (popular elements and attributes across a billion webpage sample set) [via]
January 24, 2006
8088 Corruption (full-motion video and audio running on the first IBM-PC) [via]
OGLE, the OpenGL Extractor (grab 3D models from games or apps for reuse, mashup, or 3D printing; badass!) [via]
January 23, 2006
The Most Downloaded Konfabulator Widgets (unofficial, created by Jon Aquino by scraping the official Konfabulator gallery) [via]
Finding a Beached Xbox (some theories on the Gizmodo thread)
Audition, a Korean massively multiplayer dance game (DDR with 50,000 of your closest friends)
January 22, 2006
The Waxy Cloud (Waxy Links tag cloud visualized using Ajax, the PHP5 XML DOM, and Yahoo Term Extraction API)
House of Cosbys Soundboard (still popular; I've served 215 GB of the House of Cosbys pilot this month)
"The city as an avatar of itself" (aerial city photos that very much resemble scale models)
January 21, 2006
Video: Tripod's "Make You Happy Tonight" (gamers get smooth)
Andy Samberg responds to Nick and Amelia's "Lazy Sunday" (Nick's response was "I'm exploding inside")
January 20, 2006
Disney may buy Pixar for $6.8 billion (Steve Jobs would sit on the board and be a major shareholder)
What technology will be like in 2001 (tech predictions from the October 1989 issue of Compute! magazine) [via]
C64S (web-based Commodore 64 emulator) [via]
Patriot Search (sly commentary on the US Government asking search engines for private search queries)
Schoolchildren recruited as copyright 'spies' in Hong Kong (remember kids, nobody likes a snitch)
January 18, 2006
Jason DeFillippo leaves Technorati to work on Metroblogging full-time (with Mumbai, they're up to 40 local blogs)
Top 65 Music Videos of 2005 (outstanding annotated list)
January 17, 2006
Google Robot FAQ from 2030 (sounds familiar)
Washington DC schools target Facebook, MySpace (won't somebody think of the children?)
Ted, torrent episode downloaders (Windows utility automates TV episode downloads from public trackers) [via]
Video: Dev2.0, "Whip It" (directed by Gerald Casale of DEVO for Disney Records) [via]
Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure (Zork meets the Washington Post)
Disaffected (videogame parody of working at a Kinko's store, sounds like Root Beer Tapper)
January 12, 2006
Kottke on the Digg vs. Slashdot effects (Slashdot still wields enormous traffic, even as Digg's influence grows)
January 11, 2006
Video: Live Action Punch-Out (not great, but I've been humming the Punch Out theme since I saw this last week)
The Prejudice World Map (silly fun with Google wildcards)
January 10, 2006
Apple's stock price closed at $80.86 today (cute coincidence) [via]
Steve Jobs announces Intel-based iMacs and new MacBook Pro laptop (MacBook 4-5x faster than Powerbook G4; new iMacs 2-3x faster)
Chuck Norris responds to the Random Facts (for some context, see the popular web meme)
Flickr's firstgoatse tag (not even Ron Jeremy could handle it)
Slashdot's CmdrTaco on their story moderation process (an uncharacteristic rant posted to the Slashdot homepage; some users want /. to be more Digg-like)
Mac Rumors Live (live coverage of the Macworld keynote, now with Ajax!)
January 9, 2006
Student Life on the Facebook (wow, incredible analysis of UNC's freshman class Facebook usage, including demographics and information sharing)
Nat Torkington on the Steve Mallette vs. Digg controversy (O'Reilly contributor accused of stealing templates for Digg clones, turns out to be unfounded)
Package Mappers (map the routes of UPS, Fedex, and USPS packages) [via]
The Aargh Page (tracking the popularity of various spelling permutations on the web) [via]
Video: Nintendo's holodeck prototype (a neat interactive floor display)
November 2005 social networking statistics (also: MySpace growing by 160,000 new users per day!)
Morning Becomes Eclectic to start video podcasting (great in-studio live performances)
Internet feud escalates between Ebaumsworld and its detractors (this time around a borrowed Lindsay Lohan animated GIF) [via]
Learn reverse engineering by hacking Windows Pinball (if nothing else, worth it for playing around with the backdoor cheat) [via]
Yahoo! acquires Webjay (if you haven't played with the playlist sharing community, try it out)
Create an e-annoyance, go to jail ("annoying" someone anonymously online is now a federal crime? Boing Boing readers say this isn't new) [via]
Google testing contextual ads in print newspapers (they're filling unsold ad space in the Sun-Times)
January 6, 2006
Newsvine beta released (I've been playing with this, and it's very well-designed; the story-specific live chat is great)
3D Japanese Google Maps (tech demo, only works in Firefox 1.5) [via]
January 5, 2006
Mike Elgan on the Push Music project (automatic wireless sharing of music with strangers based on recommendations)
TiVo adds transcoding video to PSP, iPod (also: TiVo Central gets Ajaxified and a peek at the HD TiVo Series 3)
Crazy (it's like a web geek litmus test; if you get it, you're a lost cause)
Bounty County (blog listing cash bounties for open-source projects)
January 4, 2006
Fark's best Photoshops of 2005 (some of these are brilliant, like The Temptation of Jedi and I Want to Make Believe)
Extra Tasty (Drinking 2.0 from the Threadless crew)
January 3, 2006
TechCrunch on AllPeers (outstanding looking Firefox extension for sharing files privately with BitTorrent)
The Decade the Music Blockbuster Died (crunching the numbers on best-selling albums by decade) [via]
Massively Multiplayer Personal Productivity (there's a seed of a brilliant idea in here) [via]
Second Life's virtual prison (they send you to The Cornfield)
Retrievr (search Flickr by sketching; impressive examples on Mefi) [via]
January 2, 2006
What's your dangerous idea? (The Edge's annual question for 2006 with answers from 116 professional thinkers and a real live Monkee) [via]
Windows WMF vulnerability hotfix (possibly the worst Windows hole ever, affects all versions, and spreading fast; install this now, as even viewing an image can infect you)
Horse sex story was online hit (because of web traffic, arguably the most popular story in the Seattle Times' 109-year history) [via]
January 1, 2006
Clive Thompson on the last days of Asheron's Call 2 (how do people behave when a game world is about to end permanently?)
Cory Doctorow leaves EFF to write and blog full-time (more Cory on Boing Boing is a good thing)