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August 31, 2010
All four issues of Daniel Raeburn's The Imp available for free download (highly recommended, covers Daniel Clowes, Jack Chick, Chris Ware, and dirty Mexican comics) [via]
Eclectic Method's 8-bit Mixtape (not particularly great music, but the visuals make it) [via]
Vanity Fair's glimpse into the day in the life of the President (long, must-read look at the insane complexity of today's political landscape)
Lanyrd, social conference directory (brilliantly executed social event discovery; it should be pronounced "La Nerd")
Copyrighting Fashion (a new bill would subject fashion to copyright, but at what cost?)
Tom Scott's Evil hack shows phone numbers exposed by Facebook users (culled from public "lost my phone" groups)
Unhear It (replace one earworm with another)
August 30, 2010
Stay Free's Illegal Art mix tape (the files all moved here)
Mads Peitersen's paintings of gadget anatomy (love the iPhone guts) [via]
Hark! A Vagrant's Nancy Drew covers (previously: the Gorey covers)
Markov chaining Kickstarter blurbs (this also doubles as a Kickstarter project idea generator)
Pomplamoose teams up with Ben Folds & Nick Hornby (Hornby wrote all the lyrics for Folds' new album) [via]
The Wilderness Downtown (an HTML5 music video for Arcade Fire with some fun geo integration)
August 29, 2010
Swarmation (like musical chairs for pixels) [via]
August 28, 2010
Disney remixes old cartoons into "Blam!" (truly awful)
August 27, 2010
PieLabPDX food cart makes customers play games to buy pie (they had to win a game of Rock Scissors Paper to get their choice)
Dirpy (convert YouTube videos to MP3s with surprisingly deep transcoding options)
Indie Game: The Movie interviews Adam Saltsman on Canabalt (every one of these shorts gets me more excited for the full-length film)
August 26, 2010
Jerry Stiller Unscripted (an adorable encounter with the owners of the Costanza house)
Members of Paramore, New Found Glory, and Relient K cover "Bed Intruder Song" (the original broke the Billboard Top 100) [via]
Happylife (prototype device ambiently shows a family's collective mood) [via]
"Learning to Be Me" by Greg Egan (a better-written short story with a similar theme as "Where Am I?")
"Where Am I?" by Daniel Dennett (short sci-fi story from 1978 about where consciousness resides) [via]
Icons of the Web (map of the top million websites' favicons, sized by popularity) [via]
August 25, 2010
Taliban Bike Gangs from Hell (from Ted Rall's awesome daily comic blog from Afghanistan; start here and page forward)
Zero Views (Tumblr devoted to undiscovered Youtube videos)
Portland bike lane turns Mario Kart (though it's not nice to throw turtle shells at passing bicyclists)
August 24, 2010
Scott Pilgrim vs. the Matrix (unusually well-done mashup) [via]
Wil Wheaton's response to a fan, 21 years later (the last official member of WilPower)
Silicon Valley's secret rock star (Sony exec rejoined the Stooges after 30 years)
TIME Magazine announces new version of magazine for adults (devastating satire by the Onion) [via]
Star Wars Uncut wins an Emmy (the entire film is now viewable, 473 15-seconds clips recreated by fans)
Searching for Me (voice actor searches for himself in the virtual world of Red Dead Redemption)
Vice interviews Cary Sherman, president of the RIAA (from their Anti-Music issue) [via]
August 23, 2010
Voting machine hacked to play Pac-Man on MAME (and without breaking the tamper-evident seals) [via]
Fortune on the secretive world of Trader Joe's (the well-loved chain is owned by Germany's Albrecht family)
Solipskier (addictive new iPhone game, along with The Incident and the free Piczle Lines)
The Slow-Motion Music Quiz (Josh Millard slows down 24 popular songs, Justin Bieber-style)
Imagesoak (Adam Mathes' new thing browses the web with images; I like the Infovis category)
E7, atmospheric Flash platformer (I also enjoyed Liferaft: Zero, though it's much more difficult)
August 22, 2010
Tila Tequila vs. the Juggalos (the A.V. Club has another good outsider first-person account) [via]
Watch Reformat the Planet for free (documentary about the NYC chiptune scene; at $34, the DVD/t-shirt combo is a steal) [via]
Polymaps (Stamen and SimpleGeo's JS library for gorgeous vector visualizations on map tiles) [via]
Auralization of sorting algorithms (the heap sort sounds like a 1960s sci-fi sound effect) [via]
August 18, 2010
Desperate Pandora employees struggle to find song area man likes ("At this point, I think he's just fucking with us.")
Kindergarten enrollment dates affect ADHD diagnosis rates (children born just after the cutoff date are 25% less likely to be diagnosed as those born just before) [via]
Hallowed Ground (photos of stuff the same distance from the WTC as the "Ground Zero Mosque") [via]
August 14, 2010
Journalism Warning Labels [via]
August 13, 2010
Paul Robertson's sprites for the Scott Pilgrim game (you really need to zoom in to appreciate the detail)
August 12, 2010
Unsuck It (translate obnoxious business jargon back to non-douchey English)
August 11, 2010
Paul Graham on the long decline of Yahoo (the Flickr acquisition had a halo effect too, but it was ultimately short-lived)
Project Springfield, 3D pixel art construction of Springfield (watch him build Springfield Elementary in the Kickstarter project video)
Everynone's "Words" (a collaboration with Radiolab) [via]
Documentary episode on the making of Future Crew's Second Reality (with home video and interviews with the team; from a new documentary about the demoscene) [via]
Five Philippines inmates escape while guard plays Plants vs. Zombies (I like to think they danced their way out) [via]
Numen Camera for the iPhone (incredibly useful application recreates any photo using tiny, naked pixel men) [via]
TechCrunch's postmortem on the Jenny "dry erase" quitting hoax (their publicist advised them to specifically target TechCrunch)
EFF's analysis of the Verizon/Google net neutrality proposal (a sound legal analysis without the handwringing)
August 10, 2010
Henry Jenkins on Inception (gamers are better equipped to understand the narrative structure than most)
The Ballad of Steven Slater (performed by Josh "Cortex" Millard, with lyrics from a Metafilter comment) [via]
Man Lives In Futuristic Sci-Fi World Where All His Interactions Take Place In Cyberspace ("until the day our world catches up with his, Royce will be out there on the virtual nexus, searching.")
Scott Pilgrim trailer recreated with scenes from the graphic novels (also for superfans only, the interactive trailer) [via]
Weeplaces, visualize your Foursquare checkins (though it makes your checkin history public by default, you can change it with the lock icon)
Trojan image reproduces itself on 4chan with user assistance (clever mix of social engineering and Windows exploit)
Yakuza 3 game fact-checked by actual Japanese yakuza (also, I love the design for these Boing Boing features) [via]
The Incident released for iPhone and iPad (I've been beta-testing it for months, pixel art by Neven Mrgan and chiptunes by Cabel Sasser) [via]
Chris Poole's testimony in the Sarah Palin hacking case (he was asked to explain rickrolling, newfags, and /b/tards to government prosecutors) [via]
OK Cupid on the impact of camera settings on attractiveness (more data porn, including evidence that iPhone users have more sex)
August 9, 2010
Blackstar Warrior, blaxploitation Star Wars trailer (found on Devour, Uncrate's iPad-friendly best-of-YouTube blog)
All Rubik's Cube positions can be solved in 20 moves (proven with the help of 35 CPU-years donated by Google)
Monotoning Music with Echonest Remix (related: The Swing Thing)
Chill Space (net art by Daniel Leyva) [via]
Kyle Pulver's Depict1 ported to Flash (like Portal, an unreliable narrator)
August 7, 2010
The Making of a 1k Javascript demo effect (more at the JS1k contest)
August 6, 2010
CaptchArt (4chan makes art from found CAPTCHAs) [via]
Maslow's Hierarchy of Robot Needs [via]
David Friedman finds a 1910 NYT article written about him (what will be of interest to future historians? you never know, so just keep everything)
How Jami Attenberg got her stolen bike back in Brooklyn (with help from Craigslist and the Brooklyn PD)
Chad Dickerson on scaling startups (specifically, how to scale an engineering-driven culture)
August 5, 2010
Massive censorship of Digg uncovered (a conservative group's been effectively manipulating Digg stories for over a year)
GearBox, robotic ball controlled with an iPhone (like Marble Madness in real-life)
NPR on Antoine Dodson and the Bed Intruder Meme (interviews with Kenyatta and Baratunde, and links to Antoine's new blog, Twitter, and YouTube channel)
Fata Morgana (Google maps without the map, by Damon Zucconi) [via]
August 4, 2010
Osmos released for iPhone (at $3, this is a steal; one of the best PC games released last year)
Google stops Wave development (worth re-reading: Anil Dash on the Web way vs. the Wave way)
Microsoft Street Slide (multi-perspective street panoramas from street view imagery) [via]
Racer, a physical racing arcade game (remote-control car in a cardboard track streaming to a sit-down arcade game) [via]
August 3, 2010
Achievement Unlocked 2 (like the original, but even more stupidly addictive)
Chris Hecker's "Achievements Considered Harmful?" talk at GDC (in short, he argues achievements only work well for motivating dull tasks)
Rdio opens to the public (like Spotify for the US, highly recommended)
Cyriak's Cycles (more insanity) [via]
August 2, 2010
Halo for the Atari 2600 (here's the creator's backstory and the ROM) [via]
The Birds and the Beedrills (geek rap uses all 151 original Pokemon names as sexual innuendo; the lyrics)
August 1, 2010
junkboy's collection of game demake mockups (modern games turned retro; look at the filenames if you need hints) [via]