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Memeorandum Colors v0.2, or How Not to Ask for A Bugfix

Memeorandum made some minor markup changes recently which broke Memeorandum Colors, a Greasemonkey script I wrote that colors Memeorandum based on linking behavior. (Read more about it.)

If you were using Memeorandum Colors, here’s the updated Greasemonkey script and Firefox extension. (Unfortunately, it won’t work in Chrome because they haven’t implemented cross-site requests in user scripts yet.)

Now, a funny story. On Monday afternoon, I was alerted that the script was broken by a guy named Pat, a political blogger in Detroit. He asked politely if I’d fix the script, and I promised to take a look at it. I fixed it last night and was cleaning it up for release this morning, when I saw this on Twitter:

I never looked at his site, so was totally unaware of his political leanings. I was just busy.

Enjoy the code, Pat! Sorry I took so long to fix the code you use and love, for free, every day.

Update: Pat deleted his three tweets (archived above for posterity) and, in an epic 17-tweet rant, offered me and five others “an ass kicking that you will never, ever forget.” He follows up with a threat to sue me for publishing his “likeness and words” — screenshots of the three deleted tweets above, posted in public, addressed to me, and reproduced for non-commercial commentary and criticism under the Copyright Act’s “fair use” provisions.

Update 2: And now his Twitter account’s gone. I saved an archive of his threatening tweets for posterity. If you want to get in touch, his new account is @RightBloggerPat.

August 6: Pat wrote a followup on his blog, with his perspective of the whole ordeal. He admits he jumped the gun and apologizes for the mistake. Case closed.