Texture — a WYSWYIG editor for making interactive fiction, simpler than Twine
Jason Kottke closes Stellar — it’s been touch and go for a while, and I miss it daily; thanks for making something great
I'm With the Banned — ferocious and sad Laurie Penny piece on MIlo, Trump, and weaponized insincerity
Multi Entry — Christina Xu’s project on the “creative young people of modern mainland China”
Field Trip to Mars — Lockheed-Martin’s school bus motion ride with real-time imagery based on geolocation
Who Is My Voice? — nice to see my representatives refused NRA cash
2016 AICP Sponsor Reel — mesmerizing motion capture and material rendering; this should be fun when the metaverse arrives
We R Cute Shoplifters — Good Magazine on the online subculture of shoplifting teen girls