Girl Talk's Feed the Animals: The Official Sample List

Last month, I dissected Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals using the list of samples lovingly collected by hundreds of Wikipedia users. But that was totally unofficial, a crowdsourced attempt to find musical needles in a giant mashup haystack.

Well, the official CDs were shipped out last week to everyone who donated more than $10. Inside, as promised, was the official sample list — a one-page insert with every single sample on the album. Steve Heil was the first to scan it and contact me.

Unfortunately, a huge block of printed small-caps text isn’t very useful for my kind of fun, so I tried throwing into several OCR engines on WeOCR to turn the image into text. Tesseract gave the best results, but it was still a mess that needed quite a bit of cleanup.

Anyway, here it is. The complete list of all 322 samples in Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals, available as a CSV, Excel, or Google Spreadsheets document.

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