Urban Jungle turn street view into post-apocalyptic overgrowth using undocumented 3D depth data #
Build a Bird make your own Flappy Bird clone; fun use of Tumblr #
Interviewly Reddit AMAs organized and reformatted as interviews #
Mini Metro design your own subway; early alpha, but still fun #
Nothing Seinfeld without people; it gets great at 3:30, when the music stops #
2048 addictive variation of the Threes mechanic #
Popcorn Time you'd be crazy to use this, but I think it's fascinating #
This One's for Me Frank Chimero's reflections on resuming life online after losing both his parents #
First Kiss 20 strangers are asked to kiss, magic ensues #
CV Dazzle like CAPTCHAs for your face #
XOXO 2014 it's official, we're bringing XOXO back to Portland this September #