User Onboarding — breaking down the UX of first-time users, and archiving site/app history in the process
Blogging on Medium — “The fundamental unit of the blog is not the blog post. The fundamental unit of the blog is the stream.”
Vicemo — see who’s buying drugs on Venmo
I Know This — game inspired by Jurassic Park’s Unix GUI, hold onto your butts
Places I've Never Been — John Green realizes he’s selling posters with a quote he never said, and makes it right
The Ghost in the MP3 — the Tom’s Diner video and audio with only artifacts remaining
HeartForth — emoji-based stack programming language; see also: Emojinal
InstaDoom — Doom mod adds Instagram filters and a selfie stick
I'm an Anti-Braker — I’m so sick of Big Automotive hiding the truth
Two Trains — auralization of income equality along NYC subway stops
Way to Go — beautiful web-based art/game pairing video with animation