Datalegreya — OpenType font that mingles charts with text
Holiday Hole — this feels like a metaphor for something, but I don’t know what
A Good Bundle — absurdly great bundle of 151 indie games, 100% of proceeds to ACLU and Planned Parenthood
in/ex troversion — short student animation visualizes the feeling of social exhaustion (via)
Winter in America — a road trip through Donald Trump’s America in the days before the election
Quick, Draw! — train Google’s neural net with your crappy drawings
Possibilia — an interactive love story set in the multiverse, directed by Swiss Army Man’s DANIELS (via)
Death and MetaFilter — Josh Millard on coping with death and loss in long-running, close-knit online communities
The Festival Floppies — incredible treasure trove of odd and beautiful DOS shareware, emulated in the browser
A-Painter — Tilt Brush clone in the browser, with simple sharing and saving of drawings
botsplaining — dudes arguing with a Twitter bot
Jackson Hole Town Square — over 1,600 people are watching this stream and chatting relentlessly; it’s like Deer in real life