SolarBeat — sonification of our solar system with the WebAudio API (via)
Short Trip — absurdly charming hand-drawn train journey; hold left or right to move
The First Web Apps — the stories behind five web apps that launched in 1995, with extensive research and interviews
AI Spy — absurdist “I Spy” with a very literal Google Cloud Vision
80s.NYC — street view of mid-80s NYC compiled from 800,000 city-commissioned building photos
Instagif Camera — copies the three-second GIF to a Raspberry Pi cartridge with its own display, fading in Polaroid-style
Hiveswap — the Homestuck adventure game, five years in the making, is out on September 14
Wick — open-source JS toolkit inspired by Flash animations
Mirage — annotating the real world with augmented reality
NONI NONI — draw pictures, convert to shapes with AutoDraw; try it on mobile
InspiroBot — “unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence”
Ten Years Ago — rolling ten-year-old snapshots of popular sites, courtesy of the Internet Archive
emu-coop — SNES hack makes single-player games into two-player games by sharing inventory over IRC
The Evolution of Trust — Nicky Case’s interactive explainer on how trust or distrust evolves in groups
17776 — SB Nation’s experimental mashup of football sportswriting and speculative sci-fi