Lobe — incredibly impressive visual tool for building deep learning models
SmugMug buys Flickr — they want to keep it going, but hard to imagine the archives staying online indefinitely
Joe Veix on YouTube Face — exaggerated facial expressions in thumbnails is “clickbait, attaining human form”
FontCode — embedding hidden information in text documents by slightly modifying glyphs
Sketch Machine — fun little looping animation tool by Casey Reas (via)
XOXO returns in 2018 — we’re back after a year off, kicking things off with four talented artists livestreaming an XOXO mural all day today
Kottke.org turns 20 — “kottke.org isn’t so much a thing I’m making but a process I’m going through”
Only Slightly Exaggerated — Oregon’s tourism board commissioned a Miyazaki-inspired animation blending magical creatures with real-life Oregon locations