Picotron a fantasy workstation from the creator of PICO-8 #
PencilBooth interesting new independent app for "visual email newsletters" targeting artists, free up to 100 subscribers (via) #
The Brewintosh Kevin Noki 3D printed his own working full-size Macintosh, detailed in an extremely chill voiceless video (via) #
The HTML Review 03 third issue of the tremendously good experimental webzine, "an annual journal of literature made to exist on the web" #
Moses Supposes dancing couple Trevor Tordjman and Jordan Clark get drawn into a musical number from 1953's "Singin' in the Rain" #
BreakTime Chrome add-on puts Breakout into Google Calendar and turns your meetings into bricks, cancelling them when hit by the ball #
Drawing for Nothing free fan-made e-book compiling art from cancelled/unfinished animated films, 470 pages and growing (via) #
Downpour v buckenham's charming free no-code iPhone/Android app for making sharable hyperlinky browser games (via) #
Full of Themselves analyzing "title drops" in 26,963 movies, when characters say the name of the movie they're in (via) #
Mastodon for the Apple II hilariously full-featured, including infinite scroll, 2FA, content warnings, and support for video (via) #
TinyLetter, in memoriam Phil Kaplan of DistroKid/Fucked Company fame launched it in 2010 and sold it to MailChimp a year later, who shuttered it on Friday #
DONOTREPLY.CARDS a proper home for Dan Hon's social media warning messages, with printed stickers on the way #
Weird Fucking Games since 2014, this new-to-me blog has tracked literally hundreds of strange experimental free indie games (via) #
Celeb Clock Matt Round made a real-time clock of celebrity schedules sourced from interviews, articles, and books (via) #
EMO: Emote Portrait Alive Alibaba model turns an image and audio source into videos with synchronized speech and realistic face/head motion #
Frog Chorus web app that uses your microphone/speakers to let your laptop or mobile device chirp with others nearby #
Textpattern turns 20 open source allows projects to live on long past their creators, as Dean Allen showed #
SDXL Lightning generate janky 1024x1024 images nearly as fast as you can type, try random strings and nonsense #
How Comics Were Made Glenn Fleishman launched the Kickstarter for his deeply-researched visual history of the comic strip #