AI generated artwork inspired by current events (via) #
Klifur charming puzzle climbing game reminiscent of Bennett Foddy's GIRP (via) #
Absurd Trolley Problems see how you compare to 750k others in Neal Agarwal's series of increasingly-absurd ethical dilemmas #
Book Exploder Song Exploder expands to literature on August 3 with host Susan Orlean interviewing authors about their work #
The Looker very funny parody of The Witness, free for Windows (via) #
Platformer Toolkit interactive essay to experiment with adjusting game feel in a simple side scroller #
Human Record Player the only way to listen to Weezer's new single is to spin around in a circle with your phone #
Filmot search captions from 528 million YouTube videos and 45 million channels #
robotsdraw Joshua Schachter's very funny plotter videos are a hit #
Sliderland minimalist coding playground to make animations with 64 HTML sliders, don't miss the music video (via) #
Who Owns 4chan? since 2015, the Japanese toy firm Good Smile has been its silent partner #