STRG.SNEK outstanding free VVVVVV-esque game that controls like Snake (via) #
A year of new avenues Robin Sloan pens a call to arms for online experimentation and invention in 2023 # "real-time hallucinatory music visualizer and networked culture explorer" from Nullsleep and friends (via) #
C64 2FA who needs SMS? use a Commodore 64 for generating two-factor authentication codes (via) #
Stable Diffusion 2.0 released trained from their new OpenCLIP encoder, with higher resolution, a 4x upscaler, and a new depth-guided img2img model #
ooh! directory Phil Gyford made a wonderful categorized directory of 852 (and growing!) active blogs #
Floor796 "an ever-expanding animation scene showing the life of the 796th floor of the huge space station" #
Ask My Book Sahil Lavingia made an experiment where you talk to a vocalized AI of him about his book #
CSS Puzzle Box the fact this is fully playable on Cohost is very impressive #
Abortion Bus fundraiser livestream of a Desert Bus-esque simulation of the 23-hour drive South Texans need to make to get an abortion #
Welcome to hell, Elon Nilay Patel points out the obvious and inevitable conflict between Elon's dreams and Twitter's reality #
DiscMaster browse and search's massive collection of 11 terabytes of vintage files, mostly from 7k CD-ROM compilations #