Big Tech’s big downgrade Google, Meta, and Amazon are focused on chasing trends to appease Wall Street, while letting their core products wither #
Chasing rainbows for The Verge, I wrote about my personal experience being colorblind and they did a beautiful job on the design #
AI and the American Smile "AI dominated by American-influenced image sources is producing a new visual monoculture of facial expressions" # Bert Fan made a lovely web-based BBS to play Legend of the Red Dragon; desktop browser recommended (via) #
Ice Ice Matrix Auralnauts started messing around with deepfake voices and lip syncing #
OpenAI announces GPT-4 all the visual input examples are wild, it scores 90% on the Bar Exam compared to 10% for GPT-3.5 with less hallucination #
Gourdlets charming free city-building sandbox (via) #
Val Town write snippets of JS that runs on their servers; Simon says it reminds him of "Yahoo! Pipes but with a code-first interface" (via) #
Lander perfect little browser-based Lunar Lander clone, add flips for a higher score or try getting the most spectacular crash (via) #
tldraw instantly syncing collaborative whiteboard/drawing app with no logins #
Godot 4 released over three years in the making, the list of improvements to the free 2D/3D game engine is intense #
Recreating ANSI Art from a screenshot loading the image into a canvas and iterating through every background color, foreground color, and character to find the right combo #
The Courtyard Cabel Sasser shines a light on a neighborhood artist's quiet handiwork #