Yarn Spinner a friendly web-based tool for writing branching game dialogue (via) #
Shader Park creative interactive 2D/3D shaders using a P5.js style library #
Itch.io Bundle for Ukraine the massive collection of 1,000 indie videogames, tabletop RPGs, books, and assets raised over $1.5M so far #
ProsePainter from the creators of Artbreeder, modify images with text-to-image AI brushes #
wilderness.land "a tribute to web surfing," an explorable pixel art spreadsheet map of interesting websites #
Map of Reddit just be careful exploring the large dark continent to the south #
Dictionar.io navigate between a starting and ending word by clicking linked words in their definitions #
Making It Work 2022 The Verge's article series on artists and creators dealing with commercial clones, counterfeits, and plagiarists #
burds! just a page of birds, that's it (via) #