P.R.E.S.T.A.V.B.A. (1988) teen hackers in communist Czechoslovakia made and swapped illegal protest text games on bootleg cassettes #
How Basecamp Blew Up incredible reporting from Casey Newton on the disastrous all-hands meeting that led to a third of the company quitting #
Web Curios returns after a nine-month hiatus, Matt Muir's link-laden newsletter is back and at its own domain #
Lena fictional Wikipedia entry about the first executable image of a human brain (via) #
Captain Yajima Worthikids uses Blender to flawlessly mimic the feel of stop-motion animation #
Snopes or Nopes guess whether Snopes fact-checks were true or not based on the article titles (via) #
The Yayagram charming Raspberry Pi project to send and receive Telegram messages to grandma #
Yahoo, the Destroyer Kaitlin Tiffany interviewed me, Jason Scott, Maciej Ceglowski, and others about Yahoo's casual destruction of internet history #
The Slander Industry Aaron Krolik and Kashmir Hill dig into the relationship between gripe sites and reputation-management services #
longARcat iOS app to make extremely long cats with augmented reality #
Zoom Jeopardy! amazing TouchDesigner mod to play archival or custom Jeopardy! games with friends over Zoom, get it before it's C&Ded #
The Nothings Suite Pippin Barr's collection of "hello world" anti-games in 14 engines #
GANcraft generate photorealistic imagery from Minecraft worlds #