The Facebook Files reported from leaked documents, WSJ's damning series on Facebook's failure to act on internal reports of social harm #
Shades of Doom 50 Years of Text Games on a pioneering Doom-inspired audio game for the visually impaired #
Twenty Is Myth as he has for the last 20 years, and maybe for the last time, Anil Dash reflects on September 11 then and now #
sheet-posting Glitch app turns a Google Sheets spreadsheet into a simple blog with RSS, remix it for your own domain (via) #
404PageFound a directory of active vintage websites created between 1994-1997 and last modified pre-2000, like (via) #
Casey Newton on Loot in six days, Vine/Peach creator Dom Hofmann's RPG inventory generator spawned an ecosystem and $180M market cap #
The Anti-Fan Phenomenon Fadeke Adegbuyi on the mirror image of fandom, online communities who find joy in hating together #
RaveDJ surprisingly competent algorithmically-generated mashup generator (via) #
multizork the classic text adventure adapted to telnet for up to four players (via) #
Ludotune musical toy for making looping songs from 3D block sculptures (via) #
Summer Grill another stunning Andrea Love stop-motion short made with felted wool (via) #
NYLONS a new short animation from Felix Colgrave #
OpenAI Codex these demos generating usable code in multiple languages with natural language instructions are blowing my mind #
Matches hypnotic stop-motion animation by designer Tomohiro Okazaki #