TET a short free game about cooking Vietnamese food from Swiss-Vietnamese illustrator Charlotte Broccard #
Summer Afternoon charming short multiplayer WebGL experiment, try to find the five secrets (via) #
Copy Dennis a fed-up web designer publicly shames the people who cloned his distinctive portfolio site (via) #
The Garden of Blogs charming reimagining of an RSS reader as a little garden; Waxy is the eyeglasses #
10 Typos new daily game to spot typos in a news story every day as fast as possible (via) #
RIP Jeff Beck one of my all-time favorite musicians, I'm absolutely crushed #
omg.lol surprising number of small but useful services for only $20/year, made by a single dev #
ChatGPT in DrSbaitso Bert Fan upgraded Creative Labs' classic 1991 speech synthesis chatbot that shipped with Sound Blaster cards #
leaving.live website that tells you how many people are also looking at it, when they leave, and that's it (via) #
LOL Verifier Brian Moore made a device that only lets you type "lol" if you're actually laughing #
Shift Happens excellent site promoting Marcin Wichary's upcoming book about keyboards; don't miss the interactive 3D view at the top #
Why Not Mars Maciej Ceglowski returns from hiatus with the first in a series on why sending humans to Mars is a bad idea #
Draw SVG rope with Javascript even if I never implement it, I love interactive explainers like these that explain how something's made (via) #
The Professional ridiculous pay-what-you-like game for Windows/Mac/Linux that's like QWOP attempting a jewelry heist #