Discriminator brilliant interactive documentary about facial recognition algorithms trained on Flickr's CC-licensed corpus #
Photopea web-based vector/raster image editor with native support for Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, and more #
Bo Burnham: Inside finally finished this and it's very good, grappling with the pandemic, mental health, and the internet #
Playdate Update full Season 1 game lineup, a delightful dock, a browser-based no-code game maker, and preorders start next month! #
9/11 and 1/6 Yale history professor Timothy Snyder on the big lie, anti-voter laws, and the end of free U.S. elections (via) #
Dynamo Dream: Salad Mug Blender virtuoso Ian Hubert's absurdly detailed CG-rich short film about a salad vendor in a cyberpunk city (via) #
Invisible Roommates Nicole He and Eran Hilleli's delightful AR prototype imagining the secret lives of smart devices #
Rublight from 2012, a very silly new-to-me Conan sketch that made me laugh #
QAmom a filmmaker makes some bets with his conspiracist mother #
Caught in the Study Web exploring the creative use of YouTube, TikTok, Discord, and Twitter for studying, built for and by students #
A Mind Is Born from 2017, a stunning Commodore 64 demo made in 256 bytes #
Uberduck using Tacotron, generate synthetic speech using dozens of famous voices, such as rappers, politicians, and cartoon characters #
Remain Seated Please short doc about two friends who illicitly explored every inch of the Horizons ride at Disney World #
New Session a collection of queer and trans works accessible only via telnet (via) #
River Runner follow a raindrop placed anywhere in the contiguous U.S. and see where it ends up (via) #
Beware the Copyleft Trolls photographers using Creative Commons and the courts "as a blunt object with which to coerce nuisance value settlements from unsuspecting parties" #
Preserving Worlds a "documentary travelogue through aging but beloved virtual worlds," interviewing people trying to preserve them (via) #