31 Days of Halloween for the ninth year, Laura E. Hall's popup daily newsletter of spooky stuff is posting every day of October #
HONK Cyriak made a new animation, his first in two years #
The Curse of Dialup World inside story of a wildly mismanaged dialup ISP in the late '90s , the billing process alone made me scream (via) #
Restoration Magic love this channel pointlessly "restoring" used objects, from old pencils and dollar bills to crumpled paper and Coke cans #
Eternal September from the creators of Incredible Doom, a new serialized comic about proto-blogging teens #
Conlextions if NYT's Connections game is too easy for you, try all of Lex Friedman's devious puzzles instead #
OpenAI announces DALL·E 3 integrated into ChatGPT, it can handle more complex prompts and will decline generating images in a living artist's style #
Dream Scenario trailer finally, a movie about the universal experience of having Nicolas Cage randomly appear in your dreams #