Is Anyone Watching Quibi? New York Magazine feature on the streaming platform, with plenty of cringe from Whitman and Katzenberg
Motto an interactive novella played on your phone using thousands of tiny videos
Responsively free browser to make responsive web app development easier
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Finger On The App MSCHF and MrBeast's real-time contest to see who can keep their finger on their phone the longest with a prize up to $25k
Black Artists for Freedom some of the most powerful voices in art and media call on cultural institutions to tangibly act to eliminate racist culture
Algonuts GAN-hallucinated comics trained on 18,000 Peanuts strips (via)
MakeSpace intriguing and creative new take on collaborative video, currently in private beta
Juneteenth, explained Fabiola Cineas tells the roots of the holiday, unknown to many Americans until this year (via)
Stolen Adrian Brandon's portrait series of Black people killed by police, colored in one minute for each year of life