LatentScape explore the latent space of images together with others (via) #
Lola Dupre love the work of this collage artist who primarily works with paper and scissors (via) #
The Cloud Under the Sea beautiful Verge feature on the invisible seafaring industry that maintains internet cables at the bottom of the ocean (via) #
Mario Meets Pareto a visual analysis of the 25,704 possible kart builds in Mario Kart 8 (via) #
The Playdate Story Cabel Sasser's GDC talk is a logistical and emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows, highly recommended #
Dark Visitors a list of known AI data scrapers and agents, plus an API/WordPress plugin for keeping your robots.txt updated if you want to block them #
world_sim a large language model prompted to act as a sentient CLI universe simulator (via) #
500 Mile Email a curated list of absurd software bug stories #
CARS Playables surprise-launched their followup to Plug & Play and KIDS, another delightfully weird monochrome art game #
Dog Poo Golf Matt Round made a very silly browser game inspired by Wii Sports with the music to match; can you beat my score of 5? #