Firefox Quantum is out — double the speed of previous versions, 30% less memory than Chrome
Story Speaker — ingenious interactive fiction for Google Home, games written in plain english in Google Docs
Engare — gorgeous new game inspired by Islamic art and architecture
Jazzari — make music with Javascript; try the Partly Purdie example
Echochamber.js — LocalStorage comments viewable only to the person who made them
Universal Paperclips — new game by Frank Lantz, in which you play an AI making paperclips (via)
Protanopia — free iOS comic that uses the accelerometer to change perspective
deeplearn.js — hardware-accelerated machine learning in the browser
SolarBeat — sonification of our solar system with the WebAudio API (via)
Short Trip — absurdly charming hand-drawn train journey; hold left or right to move
The First Web Apps — the stories behind five web apps that launched in 1995, with extensive research and interviews