Rememory record, edit, and playback layers of 3D captured video in augmented reality (via) #
Kalidoface puppet a virtual character with your webcam, supports P2P calling and uploading your own model (via) #
Among the Insurrections gripping on-the-ground reporting from a war correspondent that previously covered Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan #
The Greater Gatsby now that it's public domain, Brian Feldman rounded up some Gatsby remixes #
The Emoji That Nearly Weren’t Jennifer Daniel writes about how the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee used zero-width joiners to ship new emoji for 2021 #
Sea Shanty TikTok another delightful example of the creativity enabled by TikTok's duet feature #
The end of Mr. Boop after ten months, Alec Robbins wrapped his absurdist NSFW meta-comic about his very real wife, Betty Boop (via) #
TabFS mount your browser tabs as a filesystem (via) #
50 Years of Text Games each week this year, Aaron A. Reed will profile a text-based computer game from 1971-2021 #
Today In Tabs returns after five years away, Rusty Foster revives his excellent media newsletter on Substack #
MF DOOM, RIP he passed away on October 31, but his family waited to disclose it publicly #
PSX Party play PS1 games with friends in the browser with ROMs loaded from the Internet Archive (via) #