SDXL Lightning generate janky 1024x1024 images nearly as fast as you can type, try random strings and nonsense #
How Comics Were Made Glenn Fleishman launched the Kickstarter for his deeply-researched visual history of the comic strip #
POGI an insufferably twee AI virtual pet, the freeform text inputs can lead to some entertaining results #
LED Matrix Earrings making animated earrings from LEDs that are "so small, inhaling them is a very real danger" (via) #
When does a journalist become a hacker? Sarah Jeong on journalist Tim Burke, who is facing hacking charges for accessing unaired Kanye interview footage from a poorly secured video site #
Television Adam Lisagor brings us the future of television, a television you strap to your face #
AI search is a doomsday cult apps that summarize the web with AI are short-sighted and destructive, trying to solve a problem by making it infinitely worse #
20 Small Mazes charming free puzzle game for Windows, but works perfectly on macOS with Whisky #
Suite 2412 Josh Sucher recreated a miniature version of his dad's old law office in painstaking detail #
The Grannies short film about a group of Melbourne-based artists who try to break the boundaries of Red Dead Redemption 2 (via) #
Playdate is now widely available after shipping more than 70,000 preorders, the charming little handheld is in stock, opening to 20 new countries, and adding new games all the time (via) #
Social Media Warning Stickers Dan Hon made a series of tongue-in-cheek disclaimer images to manage replies, like "This Is An Observation: No Reply Necessary" (via) #
Special Fish can't believe I've never linked to Elliott Cost's charming four-year-old community of little personal webpages (via) #
Antonymph for desktop browsers only, a "pop-up music video" that manipulates the browser in interesting ways (via) #
GOODY-2 the world's most responsible AI model, guaranteed not to cause harm #