Welcome to the Hunt a little April 1 internet scavenger hunt from the creators of Emoji Mashup Bot
Ghost Crash Donato Sansone edits out the second car from car crash footage (via)
Life, Death, and Dinner from the head chef at one of my favorite local restaurants, a heartfelt post about the experience of shutting it down
Agent57 DeepMind made a deep learning agent that can outperform humans at 57 Atari 2600 games
gifcap turn screen captures into GIFs with cropping and trimming, entirely client-side in the browser (via)
Concatenation Donato Sansone's minute-long montage of overlapping stock videos (via)
Simulating An Epidemic outstanding video simulating how epidemics spread and the actions that are effective at mitigating them
The Last Best Time John Scalzi wrote about the experience being on JoCoCruise as Covid-19 started exploding in the U.S.
NBA.FM MSCHF is simulating the lost NBA season as "hyper-realistic audio gameplay broadcasts" live, starting tomorrow (via)
Some Good News John Krasinski doing his best Ze Frank, way better than I expected it to be
Shaderbooth interactive editor for making GLSL face filters with WebGL, click the arrows to see more (via)
How the Pandemic Will End well-researched feature on The Atlantic about what went wrong, where it's going, and what needs to happen next
Color Push collaborative artwork by Zach Lieberman lets you paint with your head (via)
Krisp simple app filters out incoming and outgoing background noise for online calls
Home Screen a playful new newsletter from The Verge's T.C. Sottek
Concealed Spaces José Manuel Ballester removes human figures from classic paintings
91-DIVOC the best visualization I've found so far to track country-by-country growth of COVID-19, updated daily