Mark in the Middle Casey Newton got access to months of revealing internal Facebook Q&As with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg #
Blacklight real-time website privacy inspector from Surya Mattu and The Markup, with accompanying pieces on why and how they made it #
RIP Longcat longcat was long 😭 #
Monster Mash playful sketch-based modeling and animating of 3D organic shapes in a 2D domain (via) #
Hope a free game about "learning to rely on others and fighting against hopelessness, together" #
windows 95 dreamscapes Louie Zong used made a bunch of 3D landscapes with Windows 95 programs and set it to a Windows 3.0 MIDI #
It’s A Bird Christian Cooper wrote a comic inspired by his racist encounter while birdwatching in Central Park, available free #
A Monster’s Expedition charming and chill new puzzle adventure from the creator of Cosmic Express and A Good Snowman #