this is the most colossal thing i’ve seen this week.

    thank you. a million thank yous. your children will be blessed, i’m sure.

    nice blog; btw.

    haha i love the Meow Mix mobile!!!! Its great!!!

    oh btw if ur ever in pennsylvania and u see MeowMix wriiten on something you’ll know I WAS THERE!!!!

    meow mix is currently running a commercial depicting a conestant (#63) the contestant coughs …and they say that they are through for the day ….I WAS THAT CONTESTANT !!!, i entered the contest and in my rendition of what ithoght a comercial could be i began coughing then continued on anyway i knew it would be used somehow now i feel they should at least have me do the comercial

    Hello, I would like see some old contestants fromthe summer of 2001 it was very very remember able

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