The Basic Idea

So, I’ve never really had a personal website. For the last seven years or so, I used the Generic Website as a placeholder for a site that never came. Sure, there were always little nooks and crannies hiding under that blank page, but I figured it was finally time for something a little more substantial.

I can’t promise I’ll keep to these, but here are the rules:

1. No journaling, unless it’s relevant to people who don’t know me. Example: “Today I went down to 7-11 and bought a Slurpee. Strawberry is my favorite flavor!”

2. No tired memes, unless I have something to add. Example: “Take this quiz and find out which Smurf you are! I’m Jokey!”

3. Be original.

Thanks to the close friends who, until this point, have put up with my endless links and web commentary in instant messages and e-mail.


    Did you hear about my new haircut? Well you see, the other day I was…

    Whatever you do, knowing you I’m sure it will be aces.

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