Heart of the Alien

This weekend, I found that there’s an obscure sequel to one of my favorite games from the early 1990s, Out of This World (released as Another World in Europe). Only released for the short-lived SegaCD system, Heart of the Alien (front/back cover) lets you play the original game as a second character, much like Opposing Force and Blue Shift allow you to see Half-Life from new perspectives.

The game is playable on the PC, but it’s a small pain in the ass. You’ll need the outstanding GENS SegaCD/Genesis emulator and the American Mega CD BIOS v2.00. Then download the 224MB ROM from The Underdogs. (Update: Here’s a guide to burning the ISO/MP3 archive to a CD for playing on your official Sega CD system.)

Unzip the ROM archive, then use WinRAR to unpack the RAR files inside. If you want sound and music, you’ll need to burn the BIN file to a blank CD-ROM, using a burning application like Nero. If you don’t care about sound, just point GENS to the BIOS file in the Options->Directories menu and then load the BIN. It’s just that easy!

Now, does anyone have a copy of Night Trap hanging around?


    where is the 224mb file, i can’t find it, and i really need to play this game. i’ve been looking for years for this game help me…. :0(


    this is bullshit, when i unzip the rom archive theres a bunch of sound files and another archive, when i unzip that theres like 20 bin files. what the hell am i supposed to do here. i have the emulator and the bios and ive got the bios directory set. but what file do i open to play the game, theres like 20.

    Hi to everybody. I wait more that 5 years to play this game, in fact today i finish it.

    How to play: the trick is uncompress it! (not work compressed!)… also de usa bios made a good work (usa bios 1)

    Oppinions about this game? (spoiler….) humm, WHAT THA HELL!! WHAT POOR BULL**** ENDING!.. he is deaaaad!.. not happy ending, not return to home.. not even a thanks pal) >_

    I got the Gens emulator, and the rom (it wasnt 224 mb though, it was like 41), and the american cd bios 1.0 because it wouldnt load (just a black screen) with 2.0

    I can play out of this world 1 fine, but I have a problem with out of this world 2. I’m in the beginning: I just got the whip, and went back to the chasm, but how the hell do I swing with the rope? There is a stalactite (that icicle looking thing) near the middle of the chasm, but I don’t know how to swing onto it. Is there a special control for swinging? I tried jumping, jumping and then whipping in mid-air, and I just fall to my death.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong here, or is it a problem with my emulator/bios/rom?

    yup it worked . . . thanks

    the game is kind of annoying with the controls.

    Anyway, i beat the game by now (and got 2.0 bios to work)

    i cannot get sound to work i used virtual drive loaded the ISO file in the cdrom it shows about 20 bin files as F: intro 1 2 3 4 and so on. only way i can get the game to work is to load the heart of the alien .ISO right from the program but i have no sound (actually i have sound no cinematics or music) .. how do you get all these Mp3 files to load? i assume thats all the music..There is no rar files..theres 20 mp3 files and one ISO file..total archive is 41 meg. step by step instructions would be great ..

    also when i open up f drive it apears to be all correct..i have SND files Bin files .mac files

    i assume this is how your drive should look?

    why cant i load it ..also there is no selection for F drive in the program???

    Have you tried burning the ISO to a CD-ROM, and loading the game from there? I was never able to get sound using the virtual drive or loading the ISO directly from the hard drive.

    Finally got it so i am gona post a through way to do it with deamon tools.

    1.download the 41meg achive and extract to one directory(mp3 files,and iso mines C:heartalien)

    2. Get deamon tools,install and under vitual cd load the heart of the alien.iso

    3.open up GENS and load the heart of the alien.iso

    the game will load with the cinematic soundz and game music.

    any problems mail me


    The animation & sound seem to move twice as fast.

    How do I slow this down?

    Is there an option to slow down the rate of animation & sound?


    I managed to get this game working *really* easily. All I did was:

    1. Download GENS and the American 2.0 BIOS.

    2. Unzip Heart Of The Alien into one directory on my hard-drive. I didn’t UNRAR the ISO file – I just put it in the directory with the MP3s.

    3. Loaded up GENS, set my BIOS path.

    4. Loaded up the ISO file from my hard-drive.

    5. It worked perfectly. Sound and music, without having to burn a CD or make a virtual CD on my hard-drive or anything.

    Ooh, then again, I’m just looking at the dates on this log, and thinking that I’m probably just using a much later, improved version of GENS that allows you to do this! Hehehe 🙂

    My name is Mark from Lima Peru, Im´n speak english very well.I try download “Heart of the Alien” from underdog but is too long and just download 50% of file heartalien.zip. Im fanatic from Another World 1, and I see pictures from Heart of the Alien, and want play now, BUT I CAN´T. Somebody can help me? please?

    i downloaded heartofthealien and the gen2.11 set my bio path but all i get when i click on laod rom is a pic of a planet and a moon and can’t go on from there.

    Q: do i need a controlpad to carry on?

    Q: what keys on the keyboard do i have to press?

    can ne1 help?

    I’m Mark from Lima-Peru, and don´t speak english well.

    Finally I’m play Heart of the Alien. Its very Easy! without burn Cd, or create virtual Disk, nothing!!!.

    Follow the next steps:

    1. Download Heartalien.zip from underdogs.com

    2. Download Gens Emulator V 1.6 (only work with

    this version)

    3. Download the bios for Gens Emulator V 1.6. The

    name file is “us_scd2_9306.zip”

    4. Uncompress the Heartalien.zip and

    “us_scd2_9306.zip” in a Carpet

    5. Execute the Gens emulator V 1.6

    6. Click in Menu Option,DirectoriesFiles, and put

    the path from the “us_scd2_9306.bin” in the

    box (USA BIOS PATH) required.

    7. Click in Menu File, Open ROM, and too put the

    path from the “US_SCD2_9306.BIN”, and click

    in open.

    <the emulator will begin to work>

    8. Click in Menu File, Open ROm, and now put the

    path from the “HeartoftheAlien.ISO”



    I am experiencing an earlier reported problem. When I load up the ROMS and the game starts I am presented with an image of a planet and a moon and a copyright for SEGA 1993 Ver. 2.00. I have left the program for several minutes but the image does not change. Any ideas guys? Have followed Mark’s instructions to the letter. I WANT TO BE TIRED OF PLAY HEART OF THE ALIEN!

    The .ISO file right? Have already unzipped the Heart Of The Alien file and it is when I open the Winrar file that I get the image of the planet and moon. Any ideas if it might be the ROM BIOS that is the problem?

    Hmmm, do you have the newest version of gens? (I use version 2.11).

    If yes, I can send you the BIOS I use via mail if you wish.

    i downloaded a dragonballz game which is an .iso file but i can’t play the game evn whit the emulator and i have tried nearly every emulator but i still can’t play the game. i seriously need some good help because it took me 5 hours to downloade the game and besides dragonballz is my favrouite thing. please help !!!!!

    The came works fine with Gens 211

    however I am unable to save and load state, has anyone been able to do so?

    I got it to work using hydra9’s method (btw that BIOS link is dead, I had to find it elsewhere). It works up until the “select game” menu. I can switch between games, but I can’t load any (I reset my keys like 10 times to make sure it wasn’t that). Any idea what could be wrong?

    Hey yall, i just got the game tonite, and it took me a while just to get to game going, now i cant get the sound going. I have followed most of yall helpful tips above, but im not computer wiz, so if you could send me a step by step email, then i would appreciate it. The email is [email protected]

    Can somebody just send me the complete game file with cinematic sounds included, because I have tried my best to get the sound working and it just isn’t working for me.My email is [email protected] I already have the Bios files, and the updated Gens emulator. It would really help. Thanks.

    hi, the underdogs file seems to be nonexistent, can someone possibly host this file on their own personal site? it will be greatly appreciated! i’ve been after this game ever since i read a review of it in a magazine all those years ago.

    All you wankers downloading the game should just buy it off of ebay for $25 or less. Sega CD owns the PC. Shining Force CD and Heart of the Alien = better than 99% of all games out today. Halo doesn’t even come close.


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