Identity Theft

I love it when people find the three-year-old blank checkbook you’ve thrown away, and start writing checks in your name. Fortunately my account has long since changed, so they didn’t get a dime, but it’s still unnerving to see someone else signing your full name.

Forged Check

Note to potential thieves:

I don’t sign my middle initial, and I don’t write like a girl.

Note to self:

Shred unused checks from now on.


    Woah, that’s creepy. When Emily and I came out west to look for an apartment this past summer, we spent the first and last night of our trip at her aunt’s house (a half aunt, closer in age to a grandparent..but i digress. Just before we left to catch our plane back east, I tossed some stuff from my pockets into a wastebasket in the room where we were staying. The day after we got home, her aunt called, and said she’d ‘found a bunch of receipts with my credit card number on them’ and that if I didn’t shred them up, ‘the bad men would find them’ …no joke. Well, now I realize that Martin Labrea is one of the bad men 🙂

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