Playstation 2 Emulation

A Playstation 2 emulator for Windows/Linux is being developed by the authors of PCSX, a Playstation 1 emulator. It only runs some simple demos at the moment, but it’s amazing that it exists at all. No word on a functional Xbox emulator yet…


    yikes. after reading about the proposed price drops (x-box to $199 in the next month, ps2 to follow suit..and gamecube to $149 by the fall), I was thinking about buying a console..but if i can play ps2 games on my pc, maybe i’ll just invest in a nice controller

    omg, wut is it wit a ps2 emulator, dere r so many fakes yet no real one’s at all. i downloaded one on kazaa (a waste of breath) and it wuz a fake, which deleted my kazaa and all da files. if sum1 finds a real one send me da link fer god sakes!

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