Free Blockbuster Rentals

Get free DVD/VHS rentals from Blockbuster Video until August 15. Just fill out this form, preferably using a temporary e-mail address from a site like Spamgourmet or Spamhole. They’ll e-mail you the URL for a free rental coupon. Repeat as necessary. Enjoy! (Thanks, Phil!)

Update: The promotional offer has long since passed.


    I just used one of the coupons to rent The Game on DVD. It worked fine, but only for five-day rentals (anything but spanking new releases). Thank you, you soulless blood-sucking corporation!

    Like the page says, the promotion’s no longer available. And each coupon could only be used once (it had a customized barcode on each).

    why is it so difficult to get a friggin coupon for renting, as much as we pay to rent, they should offer real REWARDS…


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