Living Room Parties

Back in the day, I used to tell my little sister about new music. Now she not only hears about new artists before I do, but she becomes friends with them. (See: photos with Momus, Mirah and Khaela, Phil Elvrum from the Microphones.)

So, at her recommendation, we went to a party in Pasadena last night at some-guy-named-Dave’s house. In the muggy living room, local band Katie the Pest and Katy Robinson from the San Francisco-based Dear Nora entertained 20 or so musigeeks with acoustic tales of hope, heartbreak and baby kittens. Best show I’ve seen in ages. (Thanks, sis.)

One thought on “Living Room Parties

  1. where was that? i live in glendale and went all the way down to san diego to see katy (and some other bands). she told me about that show and i guess i really missed out

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