Living Room Parties

Back in the day, I used to tell my little sister about new music. Now she not only hears about new artists before I do, but she becomes friends with them. (See: photos with Momus, Mirah and Khaela, Phil Elvrum from the Microphones.)

So, at her recommendation, we went to a party in Pasadena last night at some-guy-named-Dave’s house. In the muggy living room, local band Katie the Pest and Katy Robinson from the San Francisco-based Dear Nora entertained 20 or so musigeeks with acoustic tales of hope, heartbreak and baby kittens. Best show I’ve seen in ages. (Thanks, sis.)


    where was that? i live in glendale and went all the way down to san diego to see katy (and some other bands). she told me about that show and i guess i really missed out

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