Today Show Catfight

I’m probably going to regret this, but I found the full video clip of Katie Couric battling conservative psycho-pundit Ann Coulter on the Today Show. It’s been in the entertainment press recently, dubbed the Couric/Coulter Catfight. Needless to say, it’s uncomfortable and strangely compelling. Download the 8 MB Windows Media video, or the rushed transcript from Drudge. (If anyone can mirror this video, post the link in the comments. Thanks to Moatmai for the clip.)


    huh. for some reason i pictured ann coulter as an old hate-shriveled lady with a ann landers haircut.

    guess that makes me a uncouth bastard.

    i couldn’t watch the entire thing. it was too terrible.

    She looks all authoritative with her stern, serious demeanor. (And insert your own cheap shot about her telegenic blonde hair here.) But I’m amazed that she can believe the things she says.

    It all comes down to a facile device. No, my arguments AREN’T irrational. You’re only hearing TWISTED VERSIONS OF THEM. Even when confronted with her paragraph about forcibly converting people to Christianity, slippery Coulter argues she’d just meant forcibly converting those people who were celebrating U.S. casualties. See how much more sense it makes now?

    Then she downplays even that assertion, saying she’d only meant give them “some sort of hobby other than killing infidels.” Oh, I see. Darn that liberal media, for making her look all nutty….

    Oh, wait. Here’s the rest of that paragraph.

    “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war.”

    David and Andy, you are both ignorant. It’s about time somone spoke up and said what apparently you don’t like to hear. And what should be even scarier to you, is that her book is atop the NY Times Bestsellers List – that means someone MUST be buying it. Same with Bill O’Rilley’s boks and Bernie Goldberg’s masterpiece about Dan “I’m Centric” Rather; someone MUST have been interested enough to buy them too. If you’ve read Ann’s book, you’d know how she claims most liberals resort to personal attacks, such as “…insert your own cheap shot about her telegenic blonde hair here” when they get nervous and can’t seem to make a point any other way. Sounds like someone’s had their head up Bubba Clinton’s ass way to long to wake up and see the light. Say hi to Katie while you’re up there for me.

    What David Cassel refers to as a “facile device” is just Ann calling people on their usage of the straw man argument. Straw Man arguements are used all the time in the media. Its so simple: just misrepresent the person your attacking. Writing with irony and subtlety (which adds humor and wit to your writing) is often deliberately missunderstood and presented as the author’s meaning. This is just a more subtle straw man argument. Now the author has to spend time correcting the misrepresentation and never get to the real point. David does this in his own comment above.

    There’s something I don’t quite understand. In the column entitled “Don’t Just Profile. Deport.”, Ms Coulter indicated apparent concern about the possibility of terrorists “getting hazardous materials licenses and generally doing the things they need to do to nuke Manhattan.”

    And yet, in all the writings I have read from the fragrant Ms Coulter, I have always gained the impression that she would derive no greater pleasure in life than from that selfsame nuking of Manhattan – and all the horrid East Coast liberals she despises so much with it.

    Just one of a million puzzling contradictions in the dizzying logic of Ann Coulter.

    If only they’d kissed and made up at the end…it would have made the 10 mins I spent watching it worthwhile. Unproffesional journalism by Katie, and equal stupidity by Ann.


    Ann: 0

    Katie: 0

    i love katie – she goes after her and rightfully so.

    ann is plain and simple a bitch. so she misuses quotes here and there, but when one of her quotes get taken out context, she jumps all over it. i’ve never seen a better example of the pot calling the kettle black.

    I have never been a fan of Katie and to see her lose her cool during her interview on her show was very satisfying.

    You just have to love Ann.

    Katie is the biggest liberal Bitch ever and she should have been bitch slapped. The fact that all of you liberals and the liberal media complain about FOX News being “far to the right” exemplifies how left of center all of you are. FOX News is FAR from conservative

    Go Ann

    Here’s hoping Coulter and her

    fundamentalist ilk

    develop pancreatic cancer due to the stress after learning their offspring just came out of the closet on Jerry Springer with their transsexual lover and dog.

    Anarchy in the USA!!!!

    From the video one can see that Ann is intelligent and outspoken, while Katie is impatient like a child.

    However, Ann does so much misquoting and bullshit analysis in her book “Slander” that I wonder how she can berate Liberals for doing the same thing.

    Kill ’em all.

    Anyone given it a thought that Ann Coulter might be transsexual? Most of her ignorant rants appear to be testosterone fueled. She has the writing and logic skills of a stupid male redneck. Maybe they forgot to remove something in the surgery…

    I find Coulter’s comments equally contradictory. She stoops to childish name-calling and facile labelling (i.e her “Eva Braun” comment) while lambasting those who return the courtesy. She mocks Couric’s onscreen personality and overall characterization while sporting heavy make-up, a tan and flat-ironed peroxide hair. I have no doubt that there are gross liberal media distortions out there, but Ann merely represents the other side of the spectrum. She reduces every single issue (no matter how complex) to overly simplistic, linear, liberal vs. conservative conflicts. This not only represents poor journalism/commentary, but also demonstrates a sincere lack of understanding concerning important issues. I agree that liberals have made many great mistakes in the political arena over the years, but to conclude that ALL of the great bunglings of the past century have been made SOLELY by liberals seems to show ignorance and extreme naivete on her part. *On a personal note, for someone who seems so concerned with morality and the health of the national psyche, she appeared to have had little problem dating the pornography magnate Bob Guccionne (of Penthouse fame). She seems so filled with hate and loathing that I truly pity her. What a miserable existence … to be that angry all the time.

    — sarcasm on– As an evil conservative and fan of Coulter, I looked for this often without finding it (due mainly to frequent trips to NRA meetings and church), thank you for putting this on your site for me to view… Please thank my nephew Clay for writing this for me, see I never learned my letters… God bless!

    *hauls ax* Time to go chop up some none-white folks…

    — sarcasm off–

    Just because Ann is a conservative doesn’t mean she’s a fundamentalist PEOPLE!! Watching Bimbo Katie lose her professionalism on TV is hilarious!

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