2002 California Extreme Roundup

One week and 257 spam e-mails later, we’re back home from the trek to San Francisco and other points north. More on the rest of the trip later, but first: California Extreme!

This year, I played some older obscure games that were underappreciated in their day, along with some old favorites. Get your copy of MAME ready and try out these obscure gems, hosted here for your convenience: Rescue, Q*Bert’s Qubes, Pooyan, and Make Trax.

Like last year, there was an entire section devoted to old laserdisc games. Most of these full-motion-video games were pretty terrible — all style and no substance — but one game fails miserably on both counts: Gallagher’s Gallery, starring the inventor of the Sledge-O-Matic. If you can find a more irritating game, I’ll be impressed.

For a taste of the rest of the event, a selection of photos are available from the night before and Saturday afternoon. (I’ll add links to others as they appear.)

Thanks to Matt, Paul, Justin and Jane for the company and conversation.