Might and McSweeney's

If you live in San Francisco, do yourself a favor and drop by 826 Valencia, between 18th and 19th in the Mission. Founded by Dave Eggers, the project is part tutoring workshop and part pirate-themed store. Like David Byrne says, “Definitely one of the top five pirate stores I’ve been to recently.”

They’re currently displaying an exhibit by the Mekons, a mural by Chris Ware, and original proofs by some of today’s best writers.

Plus, they have almost every issue of Might Magazine for sale in pristine condition, for only $10 each! I now own a full print run of the magazine, including extra copies of their debut issue. If you’re a McSweeney’s fan, they have back issues, t-shirts, and various McSweeney’s books signed by their authors. Plus, my friend Mat volunteers there. It’s a neat place.


    I stumbled in there on a visit last month after moving from SF back in April. I hadn’t even heard about it, but knew immediately that it must have something to do with Mr. Eggers. The place is a dream, everything I would have wanted in a pirate store as a youngster, and seem to still have no end of interest in. I was entranced for close to an hour poking into all the little nooks and crannies. I will recommend a stop in there to anyone venturing towards SF. Hoo ha.

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